WIves Who Cuckold - Domme and Sub?

i'd been thinking of writing on the subject of today's post for a long time.  But after a discussion i had with Diane last night which broached the topic, i thought today might be a good time to share at least a few of my thoughts on it.  There's definitely more to share and i'm looking to expound on it more in the future.

What i'm referring to is what appears to be a common theme that seems to run through most all of the cuckolding blogs i've ever read - the wives who cuckold have a dominant streak with their cuckold husbands, but enjoy some form of submission to their bulls or lovers.  In other words, or in D/s terminology, they're "switches."

My favorite blogs,  some i believe are true classics in the cuckold genre, all have some aspect of this phenomenon.  Here are a few (in alphabetical order):

All Hers - Wish they posted more, but Bev's wife Linda rules the roost, but enjoys giving herself up to real men.

All Mine - i keep my sissy fingers crossed that someday this classic blog will return.  Suzanne might not seem to have a submissive bone in her body, yet it was evident she loved submitting to her lover.

Cuckold Scenes - Here Judy has her chastized cuckold James doing whatever She wants, yet she submits to her "Black Master" Stan.  Last posting though, seems like Stan is out of the picture.  Hot blog.  Hope they find a replacement soon!

The Cuckolder - Marc (The Cuckolder) loves to tease and torment Janice, while she relishes in her teasing and tormenting of her submissive, who always remain kind of nameless.  Marc refers to him as "the cuckold" all the time.  Seems pretty demeaning, yet he does show compassion for him as well.  Again, Janice loves the submission to Marc.

Fetish Furniture Factory - Ms. Vanessa doesn't have a regular lover, and is probably the most dominant of the cuckoldress' you might find on the web, but her exploits with real men appear to help feed an inner hunger of hers to submit.  By the same token, like a real Domme, she's using them too!

Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse - Here's another blog that disappeared totally, but i just have to mention it here even though you can't link to it.  Slave scott was as submissive as can be, and wife Emma used him accordingly.  Likewise, she submitted to her dominant black lover.  i hope they make a return.  

Under Contract to My Wife - Mistress Molly here controls slave Mick's time in and out of chastity and demands daily worship while seeming to enjoy raucous and somewhat submissive sex with her lover Jay.  They're both a lot of fun and certainly seem to have things together. 

Of course there are more blogs, but I think you get my point.  And you can add my own to the list where Diane's submission to Paul has become an increasingly important part of their play together.

Last night Diane happened to mention how similar each of our roles were; She with Paul and i with Jake.  Jake's been more dominant with me and Paul has become enamored with Diane's willingness to be his"secret slutty submissive", an term he used endearingly refers to Her as.

"I do what he wants and you do what Jake wants" She said, "how does that make you feel?"

These are hard words to digest, and they evoke even harder feelings to accept.  It doesn't matter that i'm an accepting submissive sissy cuckold.  Yes i do feel inferior, but thanks to the complexity of a submissive psyche, the humiliation of it all arouses me at the same time.  It's not worth trying to figure it out.  i just accept it. 

O/our shared desires
Diane's regular Wednesday afternoon meeting with Paul was shorter than usual because of other commitments each of them had.  According to Diane, its brevity didn't result in any less intensity.  "I was the recipient of quite the spanking."  There was still some light hints of Paul's work on Her bottom.  "And like you with Jake on Tuesday" She continued, "I knelt in front of him and he used my mouth pretty good."  More stinging words to hear from your spouse.

i view myself as someone who's really as close to being 100% submissive as one can get.  So to me, it's implausible that someone as Dominant as Diane is with me could enjoy being as submissive as She is with Paul.  Again, it's not worth trying to figure it out.

She never was quite this way before.  i told Her that perhaps it's just a passing fancy, a phase She might be going through and maybe She'd eventually lose interest.

"I hope not" She answered, leaving no doubt She enjoys it.

Similarly, i hope She never loses interest in being Dominant as well. There's no doubt i enjoy that.


sissy terri