jaran goyang



Hi, I really enjoy reading about your experiences with Jill and Cindy as I am currently undergoing sissy training myself. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find Jill's blog on sex n the sissy or elsewhere. I would really be grateful if you could direct me to her blog or any other forms of media she or Cindy has. I love reading about all of your experiences from Cindy and the ladies' perspectives, but would love to know more about Jill's experiences. I feel like hearing more about the girls' experiences could help prepare and inspire me to be a better sissy. Thankyou. -sissylexi720@gmail.com


I forgot to mention, I’d love to speak over email if you don’t mind, I’d love to ask you some questions about how I can be a better sissy. My instagram is sissylexi720, I am a huge fan!