Friday, May 28, 2010

When You're The Other Woman

Every woman dreams of having a man of her own. She hopes that when he puts his arms around her or kisses her passionately, that she's the only one on their mind. Men are not something to be shared. Unfortunately, both Jill and I find ourselves cast in the roll of the other woman--tempting a man and leading him astray.

In my situation my man has a girlfriend. He's been seeing her for 3 years and they have built something. We've talked about the situation on our second date last night. They have an understanding that they can see other people when they're apart over summer, but if it ever gets serious they need to talk. He hasn't mentioned me to her, but he's apparently come close. After, a very passionate first date, things were a lot more innocent last night with some hand holding, and a kiss tonight, still his hand was resting on my knee for part of the night. Even innocent gestures seem so much more when you are the other woman.

Jill is in a decidedly different position, having been asked to be the temptress and lead Sue's man astray. How will it feel for her to kiss him, knowing that she's kissing Sue's man or knowing that she will ultimately be leading him to his doom. I don't know how any man could resist Jill's charms. That is of course how I wound up in this situation in the first place.

I've read up on advice for being the other woman. The main things are to have an escape route planned, not to put down his wife or girlfriend, to live in reality and not expect him to leave his life for you, and not to be doing the chasing. I think I can handle that and I'm sure Jill will since she knows what she's gotten into already. Life sure has gotten complicate for these two sissies.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Restaurant

Training wasn't too bad.   I expected that it would be Susan that trained me, but I guess she is usually at the front placing customers in sections.   She pulled me aside and asked if I would rather wait on more guys who would most definitely flirt on me or more women who would be more likely to see through my disguise.   I told her I wanted to wait on guys.  Of course, I had to repeat "I want to wait on guys who will flirt with me two more times before she accepted my request.

Speaking of being read, the girl who trained me yesterday did figure it out.  She told me it wasn't until 4 hours in that she noticed some of my mannerisms.  I was so embarrassed and scared that I know a couple of tears were rolling down my cheeks.  She told me it was no big deal if I was happier this way and that it took her four hours being right next to me to figure it out.   She said customers won't figure it out in the little time I'm with them.

My feet were sore, but not unbearably so.   Sarah commented that I should get something better for standing, but I told her that I was so used to heels they didn't bother me at all.  No new rules were added yesterday, but more may be forthercoming.
There was some confusion on our pantyhose rule.   It doesn't matter of we wear pantyhose or stockings, but pantyhose are cheaper and tend to be more day to day wear.   I don't find either more comfortable than the other.  With the heat of summer, I'd prefer to have my legs bare, but the rule on bare legs is that I can only have them with permission or when the outfit I'm wearing works better without them. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Last Day of Freedom

Today was my last day of freedom.   Tomorrow, I'll start training and then I'll be working as a waitress.   I'm excited about being a working girl and meeting my coworkers and making summer memories, but I'm also going to hate giving up the life of luxury.

I got up this morning about 10:00.  I took a scented bubble bath and shaved before heading outside at 11 to soak up some sun.   I painted my toes and finger nails a bright red and read the latest issue of Cosmo Girl.  That reminds me, the Gossip Girl Guy I would date is Chuck Bass. 

I came inside and put on a yellow top and black floral skirt with a pair of 2 inch heels and went over to meet Sheila and Heather.   We stopped for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes where we pigged out before getting me some clothes appropriate for work.   Both girls used to be waitresses and their advice to me was to wear clothes that could conceal spills and to make sure I have comfortable shoes.  They said that last bit with a laugh knowing what Sue has imposed for my dress code.

After shopping we came back home, where I collapsed in our spotless apartment that Cindy had cleaned from top to bottom while I was out.   Tonight, we're going to practice some karaoke singing so that we can impress the girls.   She's doing Material Girl and I'm doing Should Have Put a Ring On It.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why I Love Kissing Boys

Let's face it. When you go out with a guy one of the first things you want to know is, "what kind of lover will he be." Nothing is a better indication of his prowess in the sack then his ability as a kisser. Is he shy or timid? Is he aggressive and forceful? Does he rush through things or take his time? Kissing a guy is the ultimate chance to size him up to see if he's going to meet your needs. Kissing is also something more. I love old movies and the scene at the end when the guy and the girl are finally one, they seal their affections with a kiss. Kissing is about as romantic as far as they go and I think a lot of my ideas about romance came from watching movie stars like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.

Kisses can be sweet or they can be passionate. For me, I like to start the evening off with a sweet kiss and then build the intensity as the evening goes along. There is nothing like fixing your lipstick because you know that soon those lips will be intertwined with your date's. You smooth and delicate lips and
face provide such a contrast to his rugged good looks. You smell his cologne and you move in for the perfect romantic kiss.

I have only dated two guys. Peter was a perfect gentleman who knew my little secret. He told me that he was nervous and apprehensive at first, but that I did a wonderful job of putting him at ease. He was a timid kisser, but I think it may have been because of our circumstances. I still see him from time to time and he never fails to compliment me on my appearance. He's definitely on the sweet side rather than the passionate side.

I just went out with Kevin for the first time this weekend. Kevin was not aware of my little extra, but if this were to be a long term relationship I would be telling him immediately. I was actually doing him a favor. He needed a date for his fraternity's Spring Formal and I gave him some arm candy. We kissed a few times during the evening and he told me at one time that I was a "great kisser". His kisses were more passionate than Peter's, though they were definitely still on the sweet side. He was a perfect gentleman throughout
t the entire evening though he didn't neglect romancing me, which was great. He would hold my hand or put his arm around me. At one point when we walked outside, he gave me his jacket to keep me warm. He will make some girl a fantastic boyfriend I am sure. They say you have to kiss a lot of toads to find your prince, but so far I've been very lucky in the caliber of guy that I've locked lips with.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Hair

This has been an incredibly difficult week.   I went to see Wendy, the girl who does my hair.  I had an appointment on Monday and I was able to get in when the shop was very empty.  After my second trip to see her back in January, she was told the truth--that none of this was my idea.   Her reply was if we kept it quiet from her bosses that she was fine with that.  I was kind of taken aback because she seemed very nice to me during both cuts.

Today as she cut my hair she warned me that her bosses may be watching her at anytime when I'm getting my hair cut and for that reason I was going to have to not only look thrilled with what she was doing, but be sure to gush and act excited.  She warned me that if I didn't I'd be walking around with a pink or blonde perm and she'd get her friend to put gel nails on me as well.   I promised her that she wouldn't have any problems with me and then she went on to making small talk again.

I still am doing wigs a lot, but when the weather gets hotter I actually will be glad that my own hair is feminine.  It's just that it no longer looks like a guy's hair cut in anyway.  She assured me by August that wigs will not be necessary anymore.  Cindy  is going to start seeing her now too.   One of the things Cindy will be going through that I didn't have to is a dye job.  I guess I count myself lucky to be the brunette of the group.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finding Your Sissy Dream Home

Finding a dream home is every sissy's dream.  If we're life size barbies, well what's a barbie without her dream home?  When you buy, obviously you need a very sissy exterior, but oftentimes when renting, sissies make the mistake of looking for an already feminine place.   Just like boys, apartments can be very easily feminized.  Things like a pool or a health club are wonderful if you're in a big complex, but there are other things just as important:

1. Location - We're within walking distance of the lakeshore and a lot of night life.
2. Color - Most landlords are happy to get a free paint job as long as you don't make the apartment look bright orange or something.
3. Closet space - If you're like me and you have a huge wardrobe, you're going to need someplace to store it. 4. We even saved a large walk in closet for when one of us gets in trouble and needs a time out space.
5. Make your apartment homey - Little doodads, posters, and such will make your apartment feel more like a home.
6. A private sunbathing area is great - Our balcony lets us tan without worrying about passing in a bikini.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Sissy in Bondage

Earlier this week, Heather had to go on a trip with one of her classes. The students had to get dressed up and travel for nearly an hour, but the whole thing turned out to be a waste of time. Heather had a huge test the next day and really resented going on the trip when she could have been studying. She came to visit me at my apartment carrying everything she needed to study. She immediately changed into some of my sweats before considering me and asking me if I had all my homework done. I told her that I did. She said that since she was wearing my clothes, it was only fair that I wear her things, so I changed. Her shoes wouldn't fit me so I put on my own white pumps.

She had me stand and she walked around inspecting me. She then said, "Oh dear you're wearing white shoes and it isn't Memorial Day yet." She proceed to hog tie me and leave me in the most awkward position I've been tied in yet. I don't think it was really to punish me as she wanted to study without me bothering her and instead put me on the floor like a faithful puppy so she could take occasional study breaks to watch me struggle.

Bondage is a part of being a sissy I guess. Each of the girls treats bondage differently and has their own bondage style:

Sheila - If Sheila ties you up, it's a punishment pure and simple. She'll tie you securely, but nothing fancy.
Heather - Heather doesn't tie up nearly as much as Sheila and it's usually because she wants to amuse herself. She can find very bizarre positions to put you in and tickling and teasing inevitably follow.
Karen - Karen tries to tie Jill and I up all the time. She's just not very good at it. When a sissy is in trouble, she always defers to Sheila and Heather.
Amanda - Has only tied me with others there. She can tie a secure knot and will do it when you're in trouble.

Escaping is usually impossible unless Karen did the tying. If she did do the tying, you may not want to escape if it's going to lead to more severe punishment. Usually, the best choice for a sissy is to just wait to be released. After all, if we were strong enough to avoid being tied we wouldn't be sissies now would we?