Ruffled Panties

"I want you in ruffled panties when I get home" Diane told me just a half hour ago.

It was one of those calls I get from Her from time to time; an indication that She's in the mood to dominate me and possibly use me as a woman.

i'm all too happy to oblige.

"Is there anything else You want me to wear" i asked, hoping there would be more direct orders and specific instructions.

"No, nothing special.  Whatever you want.  Just make sure you have ruffled panties on" was all She said.

Now my imagination has gripped me.  i'm fantasizing about Her walking in with Her lover Paul and making me show my panties off to him.

"See why i need a real man" She would say.

As usual....a gurl can dream right?


sissy terri
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Another Sissy Date - In a Dress

Last Friday was one of the most femininely fulfilling times i spent with Jake.  Wanted to write about it earlier but i had to go out of town for some consulting (something i thought was over and done with) and just returned yesterday. 

Jake must certainly "be in the mood" for me again because he said last week that he wants to try to make this Friday afternoon get together as regular a thing as possible.  And, given how last Friday went, i wish we could do it even more often.  He was even concerned that i wouldn't be back by today so that he could "use" his "little sissy girl."  Wow.

Last week the pleated skirt i chose to wear pleased Jake and was the perfect piece of clothing for what he had in mind.  After sitting down on the leather sofa in our living room, he ordered me on my knees and had me kiss him between his legs with his slacks still in place; a type of teasing he hasn't used with me very much.  i wanted him so bad, but he was making me wait.

He then ordered me to stand up and lift the navy blue pleated skirt i had on to show him my "girly ass."  i was wearing some white tights/pantyhose over some pink panties because i didn't like the way the thigh highs looked with the skirt.  Little did i know that Jake was really turned on by the pink panties under the white tights!  He took me over his lap and spanked the crap out of my ass!!!  It was the most forceful spanking i'd ever received and put me in the mood for all that followed. 

i felt as submissively feminine with him as i ever have.  He was aggressive as i pleased him and talked to me soooo dominantly.  i loved having him in my mouth as he talked dirty to me.  One thing i love is getting a facial from Jake and he usually obliges.  Not last Friday.  Everything was his way and i was told to make sure not to spill a drop of his juices.  i felt like, and was, such a slut.

Today, he's said if i was good he might let me have a facial.  i'm hoping he does.  There's something so sexy about the humiliation of it.

And, he wants me in a dress.  i wish i had more sissy dresses.  Maybe a vast collection of the most sissyish dresses anyone could find.

Don't you think these would be a good start???

You can find these and other feminine finery on my tumblr site A Married Sissy.
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A Sissy Date - In a Skirt

It's been a long time.  Weeks actually.  Finally i am seeing Jake this afternoon.  He called me early this week and said he might have time off Friday afternoon and asked if i were available.   i used to get upset over these long periods where i don't see him because he probably doesn't have "the urge" to be serviced by another man.  i'm mostly over that.  i understand it.

i also know that phone calls like this make me feel even more submissive, like i  need to be available when he wants me to be his little slut.  So yes, i told him i was pretty sure i'd be available.  In fact, i'm very available.  Diane won't be home until around 7 PM so i have all afternoon and then some to be available for him.

Jake called this morning to confirm and sounded very horny.  i am too.  "Can you put on a skirt for me?  A short one?" he said.  My sub sissy side would have preferred he simply said "I want you in a short skirt when I get there."  Don't ask me, just tell me and expect me to follow orders.  But nothing is perfect right?

i wish i had a skirt like this to wear for him, because of the bow.... 

i love bows, and i'll have to look for one like this.

But i do have a lovely pleated one to wear, and i'll be wearing it when he gets here.  i'd love to crawl to the front door and open it for him while on my knees.  That might be a bit much. I'll wait until he gets inside the house :)


sissy terri

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Sissy Halloween Ideas #2

Today's a holiday and Diane's office is closed so we're spending some time together, doing lunch and maybe even a little shopping for something pretty for both of us.  Been awhile since we've done that.  She's also expecting a call from Paul later today, a not-too-subtle reminder that i'm a cuckold, even on holidays!

Here's a follow-up to yesterday's post about possible sissy halloween costumes....

This outfit has plenty about it that i like, not to mention that it has a retro look as well.  There are pig tails, knee socks pink shorts and even the bubble gum gives it a lolita or bimbo type look!  Now all i have to do is learn to roller skate a little better.


sissy terri
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Sissy Halloween Ideas

Halloween is coming soon and i can't help about think of what i'd love to be this year.

This is what i feel like today...

...but i still have more than two weeks to change my mind :)


sissy terri
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A Cuckold in Babydolls

Diane's lover Paul was on call last night but i was still surprised when he called Her some time after 10:30 PM.  The call came on Her cell of course and we were in bed reading; i in a pair of summery pink plaid babydoll pajama set and She in some navy blue silk pajamas.  After answering, She took the call in an adjoining room upstairs that we share as an office.

i later found out that Diane had told Paul he could call Her if he wanted.  As a reminder, Paul's unaware of our lifestyle and that i know about their relationship so he naturally expresses concern about either he or Diane "getting caught" or raising unnecessary suspicions.  Since Diane also has a loose professional relationship with Paul, She explained to him that She could easily dismiss any call he made to Her outside of normal work ours.  If Paul only knew how easy it is for Her.

As i lie in bed in my girly pajamas while my Wife was in another room on the phone with Her lover, i thought about how my relationship with Diane has progressed to where it is today.  Some would call it a regression, but all in all, even though the road has sometimes been bumpy, we've made progress.  i know that personally, i've become more accepting of my role and understanding that cuckolding isn't always what you read about in fictional fantasy.  And if it was, i might have a difficult time dealing with it.

i also thought about how long it's been since i went to bed in something other than a nightgown or other feminine sleepwear.  i think it's approaching two years or maybe more, but who's counting?


sissy terri
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Sissy Cuckold Outfits

Last night i thought about how humiliating it would be to be made to dress up to greet Diane and Her Lover Paul. 

The most humiliating outfits i could think of would be those that symbolize a stark difference between Her Lover's masculinity (the reason She finds him so sexy) and the cuckold's lack of same.

For instance, here's one that i believe fits that description:

When i see this picture, all i can think of is a sissy cuckold being called downstairs to meet her wife's lover, and i'm the cuckold.  Diane's already selected what i'm to wear and laid it out on the bed for me.  When they're ready, i'm called downstairs to meet Paul for the very first time, dressed like a little sissy girl.

Just another one of my dreams.


sissy terri

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The Devoted Cuckold

i'm sitting here waiting for Diane to get home.  Ever the obedient sissy cuckold wife, i've dressed to look pretty for her, prepared dinner so that it will be almost ready when she arrives, and chilled Her favorite bottle of wine.

She may be a few minutes, half hour or maybe even an hour late.  Sometimes, She and Paul spend a little time together after regular office hours.  Knowing that my wife is enjoying the company of another man, a real man, excites a sissy cuckold like me.  The fact that She looks forward to coming home to me after being with Paul also excites me.  Diane likes the attention i give Her.

This weekend, She confided to me that She loves the attention i give Her even more after She's spent time with Paul.  When i asked Her why, She thought about it for awhile and said that it mad Her feel more loved.  "Your devotion to me turns me on" She added.

i love being a devoted cuckold.  i love Her too. 
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Cuckold Outfits

Just a thought as my wife Diane is on the phone with Her lover Paul.  i know what i'm fantasizing about is not likely to ever happen but.....

i would love to be made to dress like this in front of my Wife and Her Lover....


sissy terri

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Sissy Cuckold Dreams

i woke up this morning in a very aroused state.  i have a very difficult time remembering my dreams with even the most minor level of details but all i know is that it involved my being in one part of a very large room while Diane was in another part.  The room was full of people and i could see Diane talking to a group of people, both men and women and pointing over in my direction.

i couldn't make out the faces of anyone except Diane, but yet they all looked over at me when She pointed, and i became extremely self-conscious, yet i made eye contact with Diane and She jus smiled. 

i lay in bed for awhile and my arousal didn't go away.  i thought about a regular fantasy of mine, being a sissy maid for Diane and serving Her and Her friends, be they male or female.  Perhaps She'd throw a dinner party, maybe even a coming out sort of party to introduce Her new lover Paul to Her close friends.

The party might also served to introduce everyone to Her new husband-turned-wife-and-sissy-maid.
Of course, i'd be wearing the most feminine of sissy maid uniforms.  It would be pink satin, with ruffles, a petticoat and all the most sissyish accessories Diane could find.

A sissy cuckold can dream can't she?   i wish i knew where we could buy this!


sissy terri
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Another Sissy Spanking

Diane gave me another spanking last night.  It was similar to the one She administered on Saturday with one of my black leather belts.  It's an accessory which i rarely wear these days, unless we're going to a formal event or i have to wear a man's suit.

Diane gave me the spanking for no specific reason.  To the contrary, She noted how happy She's been with not just how well i've been completing all my "wifely duties" but on how improved my overall attitude was.  "I like spanking you and I think we should do this more often" was Her explanation.

i just couldn't leave Her comment alone and wanted to know more, like what caused this increased interest in spanking.  i asked Her if it had anything to do with Her new lover Paul.  Diane was a little coy in Her answer telling me that She wasn't quite sure why She now seemed to enjoy spanking me more but that it could be related to this new romantic interest of Hers. 

"I'm enjoying the diversity of having a man who's a little dominant and another who's very submissive" She went on to say.  "The difference is more pronounced and visible than it was when I was with Brian.  Lately, you've been more submissive and obedient and Paul's more dominant than Brian ever was."

Her frankness and openness about Paul, along with the fact that She clearly enjoys it, is one of those things about being a cuckold that makes it very uncomfortable and causes me anxiety.  As much as we (submissive males) fantasize about being a cuckold, the reality of your wife submitting to another man and relinquishing control to him in a D/s or BDSM context can be worrisome and bothersome.

Again, i felt i had to ask if She had ever received a spanking from Paul.  "Yes, a couple of times.  Once with his belt too" She said.  Diane broke the silence that followed by reassuring me everything was safe and fun.  "There's nothing over the top that takes place.  And, I promise to tell you everything we do from now on."   Her reassurances made me feel a little better,  but it was still a difficult topic to deal with.

"You know, all women have at least a little submissive streak in them.  You should know that!"  She had a big smile on her face. 

She's so right.  my own feminine side has a very, very strong submissive streak; far stronger that Hers.


sissy terri
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Extremely Sissy

On Sunday i posted pictures of a few outfits that i thought portrayed "ES."  A sissy named Alicia wrote to me suggesting that it's not only the femininity of the outfit that makes one appear extremely sissified, but the circumstances surrounding why you're wearing it.

Alicia wrote "For instance, if you're only wearing a pair of simple pink panties, but your wife is making you wear them in front of her mother, sister, friends or worse yet, boyfriend, to me that would be extreme sissification..."

Of course, Alicia brings up an excellent point.  Any outfit can evoke high levels of humiliation and sissification depending on the surroundings, circumstances, audience, etc. 

However, there are still some outfits or makeovers that can heighten anyone's femininity.  Take this one......

Does anyone know where i can get a Barbie necklace like that?

And how about being a bunny girl for your wife's lover and his friends?


sissy terri
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