Sissy Silence

i'm terribly sorry for the silence here the past week.  It's not 100% intentional.  i'm in a bit of a confused sissy state right now and need to sort a few things out about exactly what it is i want. 

No, it's not so serious as to threaten my marriage to Diane.  Her love for me isn't, not has it ever been in question. 

It goes a little deeper than that and i'll share it with all of you soon.  i apologize for the ambiguity and vagueness of all of this, but before i write about it i have to make some decisions about how i want to proceed with certain aspects of my life.

In the meantime, enjoy a few lovely sissy pictures :)

You all know how much i love pretty bra and panty sets....

Frilly Lacy Love
And little girly panties....

My Lesbian Love
And panties with pretty backseams :)

Luxury Lingerie and Shapewear Collection

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The Sissy Waiting Game

It's been a weekend of "waiting."  Waiting is a pretty common activity for submissives i would say.  i did plenty of it this weekend and am still doing it.

Diane took advantage of my absence on Saturday to schedule a date with Paul at their usual location:  our house and bedroom.  It's not that She needs my permission or has to wait for me to be away to invite Paul over, it's just that She knew i'd be gone for most of the day.

i played in a charity golf tournament that had an 8 AM shotgun start.  It was a four-man scramble with a total of 144 golfers; two teams on every hole.  If you've played in something like that you know it's going to be a long round.  It also included lunch, door prizes, raffles, etc.  i wasn't ready to leave until close to 3 PM.  Problem was, i hadn't received Diane's permission to return home yet.

i stayed at the club, showered (careful not to reveal my panties in what was fortunately for me a deserted locker room), watched some college football in the bar area and waited for a text from Diane.  It came a little bit after 4.  "Hurry home" is all it said.  No more than twenty minutes later i was down between Her thighs, completing the obligatory cuckold cleaning that happens after the lover's gone.  my own pleasure had to wait until Diane was totally pleased, both sexually and with my cleanup of Her privates.

There's also another piece of waiting going on.  Diane hasn't yet given me permission to get together with Jake.  This morning She assured me Her decision was imminent.  "Don't be so impatient" She said with a laugh.  i have he feeling She is going to let me see Jake.  At least that's how She's acting.  She just seems to be enjoying the "waiting game" She's making me play.

In the meantime, Jake's been peppering me with saucy and sexy emails, hinting that he can't wait to have me put a lovely lipstick ring on his cock!  Those type of things drive me crazy and test my patience.  He's also hinted at some spankings, light bondage and even more.  i hope Diane's decision comes soon....very soon.

Here's a collection of very pretty panties i just re-posted on my tumblr page.  Think Jake would like to see me in some of these?  i know i'd love wearing them :)


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My Bisexual Sissy Urges

It's been months since i've been with a man but my bisexual urges and fantasies haven't lessened at all.  If you recall, Diane decided that She didn't want me to be having an "affair" with Jake or any other man.  When that happened back in February, i was growing frustrated with Jake and his "on again off again" need for bi sex.  When he was in the mood it was very good.  When he wasn't, i wouldn't hear from him for weeks.

Just prior to Diane's decision i was also corresponding with a man named Howard.  He seemed like a great guy and the type of Dom i was looking for.  Unfortunately, i couldn't proceed with Howard and told him so.  i even told him why.  Howard thought i was a very lucky submissive. 

A couple of weeks ago, Jake contacted me again via email and asked me to give him a call.  i used to see him at the gym once and awhile but i hadn't seem him there in months either.  i was reluctant to call him and procrastinated about it.  i decided i would but thought it best that i let Diane know first.  She had no objection to my calling him in response to his email.

i talked to Jake for more than an hour when i finally called.  A couple of things have changed in his life, giving him more free time to play golf and do other things.  And naturally, once again he's interested in meeting with me like we used to with assurances that this time it would be different.  He says he's had the urge for awhile, and it's not going away this time.  i have reason to be doubtful but, i also have reason to want to give it another try....if only i could.  "Let me think it over" is how i left it.  However, we both left the conversation very aroused.  He certainly knows how to make me feel sissy and femme when he wants to.

i talked to Diane about our conversation and Jake's request.  "Are you asking for permission to see him?" She asked.  i told Her i wasn't sure, but that if i wanted to, knew that i would need Her permission.  She told me to let Her know when i decided what i wanted to do.

We had a follow up discussion about it last night and i told Her that i'd like to give it another try with Jake and asked for permission.  i wasn't totally surprised that She said "yes" though i was certainly prepared for a "no" answer.  But with Diane, nothing is as simple as it seems.  She's going to allow me to see Jake, but not just yet.  "I'll let you know when you can start seeing him" is what She told me.  In the meantime, i'm supposed to tell him i'm still mulling it over if he asks. 

i don't know how long Diane is going to make me wait, nor do i know why She's doing so.  If i didn't have to wait, i would probably call Jake and invite him over today.  i'm home alone and would dress in anything he wanted.  i'm aching to please him. 

i'm hoping that he's going to be as dominant and as charming as he sounded on the phone when we talked.  i know he can be.  i want to feel his hands roaming over me.  i want him to put me over his lap and spank me.  i want to drop to my knees and please him.   My list of wants is long, very long.

i hope Diane doesn't make me wait too long.


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Accepting my Submission

It was an up and down weekend for me.  i did some wonderful "wifey" things for and with Diane and had some awesome intimate time with Her.  It was more time than i would have expected considering it was Her weekend to be on call. 

Diane didn't get to spend any face to face time with Her lover Paul, but they did get a chance to talk a few times over the phone.  i was privy to  two of those conversations.  During one of them, i was giving Diane a pedicure and when it was over had to sit patiently at Her feet until their phone call was over.  It lasted nearly an hour.

The phone call weaved back and forth between highly erotic talk and work-related talk.  Sometimes the two subjects blended and there was also small social talk.  Diane's insistence that i listen passively and remain still and quiet throughout just added another layer of submissiveness to my already highly sub nature, or whatever you want to call it.  i've done this before but on Sunday, i found it more difficult than usual.

What happened later in the day was difficult for me as well.  The two of us were in bed together and i was thoroughly enjoying the taste of Diane, relishing Her reactions to my kisses, nibbles, licking and sucking between Her thighs.  She was definitely enjoying it more than She usually does and that got me even more aroused than i usually am.

She had several mini orgasms before a wonderful climax.  Her satisfaction was evident and She went out of Her way to thank me for being so attentive to Her needs.  All of this made me want Her so much.  i was highly excited and eventually did something totally out of character.  As i knelt between Her legs holding my penis (which i had slid out of one of the leg openings of the panties i was wearing) i smiled at Diane and slowly let the tip of it slide back and forth over the lips of Her vagina.  "May i" i asked Her.

Before i tell you what happened, let me say that it's been more than three years since i had intercourse with Diane.  My readers have probably assumed that it had been a long time and know that i don't make love to Her that way anymore.  So it's not news but it's still difficult to admit.  i periodically do have those "regular male urges" but am not allowed to act on them.  Sunday was no different.

Diane was quick to rebuke my masculine advance and even quicker to remind me of my status as Her "wife."  "Wives don't act that way" She said as She pushed me away lightly.  "You know you're not allowed there anymore.  What's gotten into you anyway?"  i apologized and felt foolish.

"You can stroke yourself softly and squirt on my tummy like a good sissy" She said.  The sex ended with my ejaculating onto Her smooth skin and cleaning it all up. 

Later as i was preparing a light dinner, Diane came into the kitchen area and handed me one of myfrilliest aprons. 

"You need to start looking more like a wife" She said with a smile.  "I think it must be time for your period.  You seem a little moody.  Check the calendar.  You must be due to start."

She was correct.  She had already circled Monday as the day i was due to start my period. 

Diane's immediate rejection of my request to make love to Her like a "husband" would was not unexpected though it may come across as shocking to some readers.   When you are caught up in the heat of passion such rejections are difficult.  They sting and it sometimes takes a few days to get over.

However, emotionally i always seem to resolve things with myself; happy that i'm submissive to a beautiful wife who loves me for who i am.


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Just Like a Good Wife

Diane is on call this weekend so She's not going to be around that much.  Earlier this morning, just before She left for the office She suggested we stay home tonight and have a quiet evening together.  This was contrary to what She'd decided last night when we planned to go out for a movie and late dinner. 

The tone in Her voice was unmistakable.  She was strongly hinting that She wanted a romantic evening together.  A romantic evening between a normal couple and one between a Dominant Wife and Her sissy cuckold husband are very different and similar at the same time.  Their differences are quite obvious and so are the similarities.  In our case, they're probably identical with the exception that the roles are reversed.

Diane's tone may have been unmistakable, but She went one step further by telling me that i could choose the strap-on i wanted Her to wear and to have it ready when She got home. 

"Get yourself ready too.  Nice and pretty for me."  Those were Her last instructions. 

i've written about "sissy primping" before, and i'll be doing plenty of that this afternoon.  i haven't decided what to wear but i'll have several options ready to go.  i'm hoping Diane gives me a call or sends me a text this afternoon when She has a moment or two.  If She does i'll probably get some idea of how She wants me to dress. 

She might want me to be immediately ready for a quick getaway to the bedroom, or maybe relaxing together with a glass of wine in just a pair of bra and panties.  Maybe She'll want me totally dressed, or in a swimsuit for a splash in the pool before we fool around.  Those are my immediate thoughts, but there are many other possibilities as well. 

Whatever She wants, or whatever i'm allowed to decide on my own, there will be plenty of sissy primping on my part.

It's something i enjoy and look forward to.  Having a Dominant Wife to primp for is the dream of every sissy.  Maybe not every sissy i'm sure it is for those of us who are married.  Some of us also fantasize about what it would be like to do all that primping for a man.  Just like a wife does for her husband.

Here's a pretty picture of a woman doing just that...

Domesticated Wife

  i enjoyed the picture but was also smitten by the beautiful comment that was added beneath it:

"Taking care of my general appearance, my grooming and all the little details that make a woman desirable, it is an obligation and not only a pleasure or a sign of vanity.

It must be this way to be always pleasing to the eye of my husband, to make him feel good and he’s proud of me.

Whether you're doing it for a Dominant Wife, a husband or any other partner, do it as best as you can.  i will.  i want to be the best wife i can.  


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Sissy Cuckold Wednesdays

In addition to being "cuckold day" here on Wednesdays, it's also the day that our recycling is picked up by Waste Management.  The recycling truck comes pretty early, sometimes as early as 6:45 AM.  Naturally, it's been my job to roll it out to the end of the driveway the night before and roll the recycling bin back into the garage after it's been picked up.

It's one of the few times i wished that we had a shorter driveway.  It's length and the seclusion it provides does have benefits in a lifestyle like ours.

At least Diane doesn't make me wear heels to put out and return the recycle bin!


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Mothers and Sons

my last post left me wondering about many things that happened during my preteen and teenage years.  i mentioned that my Mom "must have suspected" about my interest in crossdressing and never said anything.  My mother was a very smart woman and i can't help but think that her decision not to confront me about it was the right one.  Making a big deal out of it at that time might have had very negative psychological effects on me. 

Society was not so understanding in the 70's and 80's.

As smart as she was i know she knew.  Perhaps her decision to leave me alone was because other than my crossdressing urges, i didn't exhibit any other type of feminine behavior.  i never played with dolls
or other girls toys and played more sports than most all of the boys my age.  It wasn't until later in life that i really started having bisexual urges.

When i first realized that wearing women's lingerie gave me sexual pleasure, i became worried that deep down i was gay.  i was petrified.  i tried to convince myself that the reason i got aroused by lingerie was because i liked girls so much, that even their clothes aroused me.  How silly was that?  Much later, i read a scholarly article (i think it was in Psychology Today) that touched on the subject of "Transvestism" (now there's a word you don't see much anymore) and studies had shown that the majority of men who crossdressed were not homosexual.  What a relief!

One fantasy i did have back then had to do with "Petticoat Punishment."  It's a very, very popular fetish or fantasy among CD's and i was no different.  i'd have fantasies about being made to wear my sister's clothes for getting in trouble.  What type of trouble i got into didn't matter, it was the
punishment i fantasized about.  Sometimes, it would be an aunt who would make me dress like their daughters' and force me to play outside with the girls.

It's all fantasy and very contrary to anything my Mom would have done.  Her common sense and well adjusted approach helped me turn into a successful young man and find a lovely Wife.  One could easily argue that i'm not very well adjusted, but i know one thing - i'm a happily married sissy :)


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Early Sissy Reading

Growing up with two older sisters while simultaneously discovering my interest in crossdressing and other feminine things made for some interesting situations and wonderful opportunities.  i'm sure my Mom suspected but never came right out and said anything.  She never made a big deal about the few times a pair of my sister's panties were found in one of my drawers, though my sisters did tease me about it. 

i was careful about it and would do my best to return everything i ever "borrowed" to its rightful place.  i also did it when i knew i'd be alone for a decent period of time.  Those opportunities became more frequent when both sisters were off to college.  Whatever was left behind was mine to enjoy to the fullest whenever i could.  Their school uniforms were some of my favorites!

Another source of sissy sexual excitement for me was Seventeen Magazine.  i don't know if it's still around in print but it is available online.  Back then, it seemed to be the most popular magazine for teenaged girls and i wonder how many other sissies like me enjoyed it as well?  There were always plenty of copies around our house because believe it or not, my parents allowed each of them to have a subscription in order to keep the peace and reduce the number of arguments between the two of them.  i never said anything but i would have also liked to have had my own subscription!  The pictures of all the pretty girls in the magazine were my favorite but believe it or not like a true sissy, i actually read many of the articles!

Today's sissies have access to so much sissy or femme-related material on the internet it just doesn't seem fair.  How did we ever get by in the 70's and 80's without it?  We've made plenty of progress haven't we?  i can only imagine...i mean fantasize....about what the future will hold.  Perhaps a "sissy
version" of Seventeen?

Well, here's a little peak into the future courtesy of As The Worm Turns, one of Stana's lovely little blogs that looks at things with a rather progressive eye!

What sissy wouldn't want to know how to select the right bra size?  Develop a cute butt or how to hide that annoying little "boy bulge?"

Now that's what i call progress!


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Backseam Panties

Doesn't everyone have their preferences when it comes to panties?  Whether it be the panty you're going to put on or the one you're going to see on someone else, we all have our favorites. 

i'm not just referring to women or sissies either.  i'm pretty sure straight alpha males like to see certain panties on their women, and bisexual alpha males certainly have their favorites when it comes to their own sissies.

i can attest to that.  When i was with Jake, his favorite were the ones that had a seam up the backside.  When he finally mentioned it to me i started searching high and low for them and eventually bought a few.

Now, i just love this type of panty and i'm without a man to wear them for!  Go figure.

All i can say is they look beautiful and sexy on butts of all sizes. 

Hope you enjoyed :)


sissy terri

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Just One of the Girls

i kept myself busy over the Labor Day weekend, mostly with girly and sissy stuff.  In addition to housework, running errands, doting on Diane and even Her friend Linda on Sunday and Monday, we also spent plenty of time on the phone with our daughter planning her wedding even though it's still months away.  Diane teased me about bringing another "feminine perspective" to the wedding planning process even though i'm really the father of the bride.

Linda came over for dinner on Sunday and ended up spending the night because of a an extra vodka tonic or two.  Not a coincidence that she stayed in the same guest bedroom i'm going to be in later this afternoon when Diane hosts Paul in our master bedroom.  It is Wednesday of course and a day that Diane looks forward to every week.  This one's special since She hasn't seen Paul in awhile.

Linda arrived around mid-afternoon on Sunday to enjoy some time by the pool.  She was a little subdued because of the sudden death of one of her cousins and was making plans to travel on Tuesday or Wednesday to attend the funeral on Thursday.  Her mood did lighten up a little and Diane let her know that i'd be joining them in my new one piece swimsuit.  Linda's been absolutely great when it comes to making me feel at ease when it comes to my crossdressing.  Sure she joins Diane with a few teases here and there but i've become more comfortable being myself in front of her.

i was in charge of dinner and Diane made sure that i changed into something more appropriate for cooking and serving.  A maids uniform wasn't appropriate because i would be grilling some fish and asparagus outdoors so i changed into a pair of white shorts and a pretty pink top that i covered with a very feminine looking apron.

i also did my best to set the table as expertly as possible, with some fresh cut flowers and perfectly
placed silverware.  i'm amazed at how much i enjoy doing these things.  These little tasks are what real men would identity as "women's work" and that probably adds to the intrigue of why i enjoy it.  Doing them as service to others, to impress them and taking pride in the tasks also adds to my enjoyment.

Just before serving dinner Diane got an unexpected call from Paul.  He had some time alone and decided to call Her.  i went about my business as Diane talked with Paul right in front of Linda.  Only at the very end of the conversation did She move out of earshot to have a little privacy.

As i reflect on the weekend i see how bizarre and strange it might seem to many people.  At the same time i'm happy that it all seemed to be very natural to me, Diane and even her friend  Linda!


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