Sissy Thoughts & Pictures

Just a few sissy thoughts that have been cluttering my mind lately....

  • All of the sissy sisters are different, but it just dawned on me that i'm the only one who's in chastity.  i've never asked them how many orgasms they've each had this month.  i'll bet it's more than my one.
  • And yesterday, i discovered a really bad omission on my part when it comes to my blog.  Somehow, i never added my sissy sister Candi's tumblr blog to my "Sensual and Sexy Tumblr Blogs" listing.  Well, it's finally there so please make sure to check out Randi Candi soon.  Here's a taste of what you'll find there....                                                                                            
    Don't worry....Candi can be slutty too!
    • A recent anonymous comment on a post about my chastity commitment was quite interesting.  It read: " I've grown to like Paul.... And his little subtle Dominant comments which surprises Me considering how I felt in the beginning. :)"   The comment brought back memories about the initial reaction from some readers to one of my first meetings with Paul.  It was definitely a mixed reaction and i was a bit uneasy myself.  Thankfully, i trusted Diane throughout. 
    • And speaking of Paul, he sent me another intriguing note late yesterday afternoon that made reference to my hardly-used Victoria's Secret gift card.  "Are you ready for another shopping assignment?" was all the email said.  i submissively responded "Yes Sir, i am."  i haven't heard back yet but this time, i hope i get to buy something for myself.
    • Another thing about shopping.  It's been a long time since Diane and i have gone shopping together specifically for lingerie or any other feminine item.  i really miss it.                                    
    •  Time for a sissy photo don't you think?  See...i have this fantasy about me and my sissy sisters where.....
    •  i want to thank everyone who leaves comments here.  i don't blog to get comments, but receiving feedback is always welcome and i enjoy it very much.  i hope you don't mind my requiring approval of comments before they're published.  i only did it because of one person who left some very bigoted and comments once that i had to remove.  They were aimed at one specific individual who had left a comment.  Other than that, i've posted everything you've left.  So again, thanks very much.
    • Diane also brought up the comments the other day.  A long time ago, She made it a requirement that i answer each one.  Somehow, i stopped and She didn't say anything about it.  So a few days ago She said "Whatever happened that made you decide not to follow my rule?"   OUCH!  She hinted that a spanking might be in order and that maybe the rule should be put back in place..."Not that it was ever removed!"                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    • Finally, i hope everybody's NCAA bracket is still in relatively good shape.  For us, the tournament is always kind of fun to watch.  i just wish they showed the cheerleaders a little more!                                                                                                                                                  
    Think Kentucky will go all the way?


    sissy terri