Hello from the Road

I've been through a lot since I went home. Any hope of a rest from being feminized went out the window rather quickly. At the same time, I can't completely complain. I know you've heard about the handcuffs, and the ballroom dancing, and the photographs. However, Monday night was probably the biggest night.

Colleen chose Monday to lock me into what amounts to a modern chastity belt. I was tied up and helpless at the time, but she later gave me a choice to have it removed and I didn't. It's going to be part of the price for being with Colleen apparently.

She has told me that come this Fall, removal will require me to earn "Girl Points" and she has started that with me this week. I need 10 points to get it removed and I've earned exactly 3. 1 for going shopping on my own for new shoes, 1 for going out with an old high school friend while wearing my feminine underwear, and 1 for picking up an issue of Cosmo on my own to read. The belt is uncomfortable to wear and requires me to sit down to pee. I was doing that anyway, but I now have no choice. I am getting a bit used to it at least. For the next two weeks, don't expect me to get much chance to post. Obviously, there will be a lot to tell you when I get back.
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Going Home

Tomorrow, I see Wendy. I have no idea what she can do with this hair to make it look masculine or even unisex without losing a lot of length, but she assures me she is a miracle worker.

On Wednesday I go home and I'm so terrified just walking in the door. I don't have to have a bra on for the big hugging, but I will be putting one on soon afterwards and I will have hose and panties on at all time. I really worry that I will be bombarded with questions. Colleen assures me that her presence in things being introduced as my girlfriend will make my parents think it's nothing serious. I hope she's right.

Colleen isn't my girlfriend, but we have some kind of relationship going on. I know she's going to have a lot of fun at my expense when I go home, but I'm still looking forward to seeing her. Kristine and Elizabeth less so, but they will be far nicer to me than they are to Jill.

I'm about 15 miles from Colleen's house and close to 20 to Kristine and Elizabeth, so it isn't like they will be around me all the time, but they will be checking to make sure I'm pantied, hosed, I'm silky smooth, and my toes are painted the whole time I'm home. They will also be arranging excursions as Cindy that will require me to go to their place or some other private area to change. The list of things they want me to bring home is scary and includes handcuffs, a remote control vibrating butt plug, and a lot of lingerie as well as heels and makeup. I'll only be gone for a week, but this is a scary week. It will be nice to see my family again assuming I don't get caught and it will be nice to see Colleen again assuming she doesn't totally destroy me.
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The 6th Mistress

I have found it rather funny as I've watched people look for who will next join the group of mistresses. Sue is obviously the 5th Mistress. However, this whole thing started with 4 friends. You can add in Jill's ex and his sister Colleen who I confess to having a thing for myself. However, nobody has really talked about the woman who is actually our 6th mistress--Wendy.

Wendy is the woman who does our hair and has taken both Jill and me slowly from masculine hairstyles to rather feminine ones. She doesn't tie us up, post online, or do things like that, but make no mistake she enjoys the power to turn us into her projects. She's already requested pictures of Amber so she can see what she can do to her in the future.

I'm going to be going home in a couple of weeks. You can relax because I live close enough to Colleen and Kristine that they will be paying visits and making sure that I am following something of a sissy regimen, but I need to appear masculine and you know with my current hair that's pretty impossible. I talked to Wendy about it and she promised me she could make my hair look masculine without losing length and have it meet with the girl's approval on my return--her price silk wraps and extensions for a month when I return. I don't so much choice. Wendy is older and though she has made it to parties, she isn't involved in our day to day lives, but there is no question that she's running at least part of this show.
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Working Out

I've signed up at the gym. Heather wanted a workout partner and decided I fit the bill. She's actually working on a program for me--light weights and heavy repetition. She has warmed me that I'll be more toned, more flexible, and leaner. The idea is that my workout will just make me even more feminine. I don't know if it's possible, but I did notice guys checking me out when I was on the elliptical machine today. It seems like one more indignity. I see guys lifting weights and know that it isn't for me.
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Tom Update

Tom and I have settled into a rather odd symbiotic relationship. After that hot and heavy kissing at the dance, I'm basically serving as a girl to hang out with over summer with his girlfriend away. I can serve as his plus one and we just basically hang out so he's happy.

For me, he's a true gentleman. He's fairly safe and Karen basically told me, "you need to learn to carry yourself as a lady when you are with a guy. Do you want to stick with Tom for awhile or do you want us to set you up." I think Tom is the easier choice.

While the kissing is not as passionate, I am basically going out on dates with a guy who I am acting flirty and feminine for. The girls are thrilled that I am regularly being put in this spot.

This is obviously not an ideal situation for me, but the closest thing I've had to a girlfriend since this has begun is using the picture of me kissing him as her desktop supposedly. I guess it's working for everybody so far though sometimes I find it hard to believe I'm going through with it.
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Maid Questions

I mentioned that I was doing 5 apartments on a weekly basis as maid.

1. Our own
2. Peter and Dan - Friends of the girls. My first date with a guy was Peter.
3. Sheila and Karen
4. Amanda and Heather
5. Sue

These are the regular ones. There are a few others that I'll tidy up after a party or if a parent is visiting.

Q: I hope your barbecue was a success. I assume nothing blog worthy occurred.
A: No, nothing really major. Jill was going to write about it and other things came up. We had a lot of rain, which didn't help.

Q: You mentioned Karen's boyfriend treats you OK. Are you around many guys that are aware of your sissy status? Do any of them tease you or have the girls protected you from any abuse?
A: There are 8 or 9 guys who know and the girls do protect us to the point of threatening one of them with his own makeover if he didn't knock it off--it was funny who quickly he changed his tune. They do tease a lot, but the girls have been very careful with who they've let in on it--thank goodness. The guys who know are not neanderthal types.

Q: After reading Jill's latest blog, I feel there is quite a bit you aren't sharing. I realize it can be embarrassing, but this is a blog about sissies dominated by women.
A: I'll try. It's hard to admit everything.
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My Day Off?

As you know, Jill is working pretty close to full time it seems at the restaurant this summer, while I am serving as maid for 5 apartments and undergoing a crash course in femininity. I'm actually probably getting more instruction that Jill ever got. It's gone past doing my own makeup to being given a scenario and creating a look for that scenario. If I'm going to class in the daytime, I'll have a light fresh look, but an evening date will require me to spend a half hour just giving my eyes the right smokey look.

Today was supposed to be an off day without an apartment to clean. A brief discussion of a wedding that Amanda will be in later this summer, turned into a trip to the bridal shop for Amanda, Heather, Sheila and I where I played the part of a bride to be browsing wedding dresses and the girls were my maids of honor. They've done this before mostly with Jill, but last time Heather went home she borrowed her sister's engagement ring--bad breakup, cheap ring, so she was happy to give it to her. When I slip on the engagement ring, it sort of adds more credibility to the story. I don't think I've always been able to pass in the bridal shops, but people have always been most friendly as long as the girls don't crack up too much. This afternoon was spent browsing and trying on a lot of white lace. Not quite how I expected my day off to go.
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