Sissy Stocking Stuffers

More than a week has gone by since i last posted.  My absence is reflective of just how busy the holiday season can be for everyone.  All the running around and excesses we seem to partake sometimes put me in a lousy mood but i change quickly once Christmas eve rolls around and the family is gathered together. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, i do hope you all had a very happy holiday season and that you were able to do something nice for someone. 

Once our daughter's arrived here last week, things turned a little "sexually quiet" for both Diane and i.  Diane's only seen Paul a few times and strictly on a professional basis, with the exception of sneaking away for a passionate Merry Christmas kiss and maybe a little more.  i'm not going to see Jake until after New Year's.  He did email me and asked if i was "up for a round of golf" on Friday of next week - that's his way of saying he's available for some fun.

Although the week's been less sexually active than usual, it hasn't been totally quiet.

It's been a family tradition since the girls were old enough to go to midnight church services and when we returned home we would open our gifts.  We did that this year and by the time we were done it was almost 3 AM.  Just before we were ready to get into bed, Diane opened her drawer and handed me a small gift wrapped package.  "It wouldn't fit in your stocking with all the other stuff in there" she said.  "Open it."

The package contained five pairs of simple but very feminine hi-cut panties (size 6) in a variety of pretty colors.  All the pairs were the same, with a bit of lace trim around the waist.

"I thought they were perfect housewife panties.  Not too fancy and just sissy enough" Diane said with a smile.  It was a loving smile too.  She hugged me and we kissed as passionately as we have in a very long time.

As i took the plastic wrapper off the package, Diane surprised me when She told me to take a picture of the panties to post on the blog and to do it right away.   So i lay the package down on the bed and snapped a picture with my phone.

"Why the rush to take the picture?" i asked her as i was about to put them away in the drawer with all my other panties. 

"Because i want you to model a pair for me before you come to bed." She said.

As She took the bed down, i took out a pair of panties (the blue ones to surprise Her) and struck a couple of my best modeling poses for Diane at the foot of the bed.

i didn't model for very long.  She called me into bed after only a minute or two. 

"Time for you to thank me" She said and gently pushed my head between her thighs.

It was a beautiful way to start Christmas day.


sissy terri
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Sissy Christmas Stuff

It's been quite a busy seven days since i posted last Thursday.   i spent most of last Thursday, Friday and Saturday getting ready for our Christmas party on Saturday night.  Let me gloat for a brief moment here.  The party was a smash!

At one point in the evening Diane when got everyone's attention for a Christmas toast, She thanked them for coming and before She had a chance to offer the toast, many people chimed in to say what a wonderful party it was.   Diane responded by saying "Well, I barely had to lift a finger.  I owe it all to my wonderful stay-at-home spouse!"  Everyone cheered and thanked us.  i wondered if anyone noticed She used the word spouse instead of husband.  Maybe it's my paranoia that picks up on these little things, but i was at least relieved She didn't slip and use the term "wife!"

Like She had promised, before everyone arrived Diane had me put something pretty on under my mostly male clothes (we wore matching women's Christmas sweaters, red sweaters with white reindeer and snowflake patterns).  She apologized for not having purchased something special for me to wear for the party.  "Let's pick out something cuckoldy" She said, the same term She used last week when discussing what i should wear.

My undergarments for the party carried more significance because Her lover Paul would be there as a guest.  One of my many instructions for the evening was to make sure Paul and his wife Laurie were having a good time.  i was to introduce them to some of the guests if Diane hadn't done so, make sure their drinks were fresh if they wanted more and to just look after them.  "Just think of yourself as their personal maid or servant" Diane said.

So to make me feel like a sissy cuckold, Diane decided that i would wear a pair of white ruffled panties and a white sports bra (one of hers).  She definitely wanted me in bra and panties for the night and thought a regular bra would probably show through the sweater which was just a little tight.  There was also the possibility that with the many hugs that would be exchanged throughout the evening, someone might feel the bra under my sweater.  Diane does want to keep what we do discreet, with the exception of Her friend Linda who knows about our relationship.

i did get a chance to chat with Paul and his wife which seemed a little awkward.  i did my very best not to give him even the slightest hint that i knew about him and Diane.  Diane was pleased with my effort.  She saw Paul this week and told me that he's very assured now that i suspect nothing about their affair.

Diane's best friend Linda was also at the party and was a big help to me. Linda's recently divorced and attended the party by herself.  She was the first to arrived and helped me with many things.  She was kind of a co-hostess for the party.  i'm glad the whole thing is over and happier that it was such a success.

i did get a chance to spend some time with Jake last Friday.  He left work early and it gave us a chance to spend nearly two hours together.  i had worked hard all day and was as caught up as i could
be.  The two hours we spent together were as intimate as any since i've known him.   At his suggestion, we ended up in bed together after i slipped into a pretty baby doll nightie.  Jake took charge, and really made me feel like a woman....a submissive woman.  I hope you catch my drift :)

i'm seeing Jake again tomorrow afternoon.  It will be the last time we see each other until the new year.  We won't see each other for two hours, but i'm going to do the best i can to make his time with me special!


sissy terri
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Party Time - Sissy Suggestions

i want to thank everyone who provided suggestions for our Christmas party on Saturday night, either through my regular or Tumblr email.  Some certainly wouldn't be acceptable at the type of party Diane is planning, but i have no doubt that at least a portion of the guests might enjoy it.  Let's be honest, many people have kinky fantasies don't they?  LOL!

Here's a few cute suggestions i received.  The first is from "Ellen" who says:

"Every sissy should look their best for their parties if they're the official hostess.  You should either have your hair done or put it up in curlers yourself.  Have the curlers on when the caterers show up."

You might not have guessed, but this suggestion actually got me a little aroused!  The idea of having my hair and curlers and being seen that way adds more than just a tinge of "sissy humiliation!"  Thank you Ellen!

"tatty" (maybe it's short for Tatiana) sent me a link to the following picture and asked if i thought it was a pretty outfit to wear to a Christmas party.  What do you think?

KPF Manere Classy  

I love it.  So classy.  Just wish the green were a little darker and the blouse a little darker shade of pink, making it more "Christmassy."

And finally another sissy friend Jen wrote that every Christmas party needs a Santa and that i should play that role.  She even suggested a way that i do it without getting totally dress.  "Wear this pink Santa hat" she said.  "All you have to say is that it was the only color you could find."

Awesome idea!  Now all i have to do is find a pink santa hat.  i wonder what Diane's lover Paul would think when he saw me in a pink santa hat?  He's cuckolding me but doesn't know that i know.  Think he would catch a submissive vibe or two?


sissy terri
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Sissy Housewife Stuff

With our holiday party only a few days away, i've been one busy girl!  Most of the food items are being catered but Diane insists on having some things homemade.  Guess who's responsible for whipping these things up from scratch?  The little housewife of course.

So if you don't see me posting regularly the next several days, rest assured that i'm busy making sure that our holiday party is a success.  i certainly don't want to disappoint Diane.  It's also important to Her because Her love Paul will be there as just another guest to most everyone in attendance.

It's still early to start the cooking and baking of the few items Diane's entrusted me with preparing, but when i do that the task is made just a little bit more enjoyable when i slip on one of several pretty aprons i have for housework and other special occasions.  Unless you have feminine feelings like a sissy, you might not understand why baking cookies can be so much fun!

Since the party is on Saturday, Friday is going to be a pretty busy day.  i'm trying to make time for Jake and he's also trying to make time for me tomorrow.  It's a really nice feeling knowing that he looks forward to our weekly meetings and the pleasure i provide him.  i wonder if he looks forward to them as much as i do. 

Last week i asked him if he looked forward to Fridays.  He just smiled and said "I'm here aren't I?"  i was kneeling in front of him and just starting to fondle and kiss him when i popped the question.  His answer was brief and he simply guided my head back down between his legs, an indication that he didn't want me to waste any time.  i loved it.

Jake was also very impressed with the slutty look i had for him, especially the lip gloss i had on.  He enjoyed seeing my pantied lips on his manhood.  There was little doubt about that!  i think he enjoyed that more than the see through blouse i had on with the black bra underneath :)

As i pleasured Jake as he sat on the leather sofa in our house, i had this thought about feeling like a housewife who was cheating on her husband, inviting her lover to the house and having an afternoon of fun.  That's pretty silly in a way, because such a wife would be cuckolding her spouse and in reality, i'm the one who's the cuckold!


sissy terri
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Holiday Party Planning

It was a weekend devoted mostly to Christmas shopping and decorating our house for the holidays.   Last year, most all of the shopping and decorating was my responsibility.  i remember Diane saying to me "That's what stay-at-home wives do."   This year She's playing a more active role in the shopping, decorating and the planning of the annual holiday party we host. 

This year's party is being moved up a week to next Saturday night.  Diane made that decision weeks ago and i sent out the invitations the week before Thanksgiving, giving people plenty of time to put it on their calendars.  When Diane decided to move the party up a week She said the following weekend was going to be to close to Christmas.  Last night, i realized there was probably another reason.

Diane is "on call" the weekend before Christmas, and so is Her lover Paul.  That made having the party on that night a potentially risky situation.  Moving it was safer, and it also gave Diane the opportunity to invite Paul and his wife to the party.

Diane did that last Friday.  He wasn't on the original list of invitations i sent out because Diane wasn't sure he'd feel comfortable.  Their affair is discreet and other than the two of them, Diane's friend Linda and i are the only two people who know what's going on.  And he doesn't know that i know.  

"Does that make you feel more like a cuckold" Diane asked me last night, "hosting my lover at our holiday party?"

i told Diane that in some ways it did.  i wondered if other people knew, or suspected of their affair, people who would be at the party.  That would be a very indirect form of humiliation to me.  Even if they viewed me as the innocent and unsuspecting husband.  What would they think if they knew the whole story?  Just imagine!

My thoughts were interrupted when Diane said "We'll have to make sure you're wearing something pretty under your boy clothes that night.  Something very cuckoldy!" 

"Cuckoldy?"  Hearing that term was a first!


sissy terri
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Women in Boots

Both Diane and i grew up and went to school in cold weather climates.  Later, we began our professional careers in the Northeast where winters were rather harsh and summers way too short.  Later, opportunities arose for both of us so we relocated to the Southwest where the climate is much warmer.

We've been here awhile and i can't help but notice that some women here just can't wait to wear their boots.  The first sign of the temperatures dropping into the 70's around October brings out their boots.  They're in the minority of course, but there are still quite a few of them.   For someone who's lived in the Northeast, i have to say that it looks kind of funny.

i can't help but think that those women that do wear boots when it's really not that cold have more than just a "fashion reason" to do so.  i wouldn't be the least bit surprised that they have some sort of fetish (mild or otherwise) related to their desire to wear the boots.

The other day Diane called and gave me a short list of errands to run.  Temps here were in the high 60's and sunny.  i stood in line at the Post Office to buy some specific Christmas stamps she wanted for about ten minutes.  I noticed a woman at the counter being served by the clerk who was wearing some very nice looking brown leather boots that went right below the knee.  With her lovely white
slacks and a light brown sweater, she looked quite sexy.  i couldn't help but stare at her from behind as she leaned over the counter.  i admired both from a male's and sissy's perspective (jealous of the outfit).

A moment or two later i just happened to notice that the woman directly in front of me had a pair of lovely high heeled knee length black boots and a very tight pair of jeans.  I estimated her age to be mid to late 40's.  She looked even sexier than the woman at the counter.  She had a rather stern and dominant look which made her even more exciting to me.

Soon it was my turn and the women with boots were gone.  Walking out with the stamps for Diane I noticed another woman walking in wearing boots with even higher heels.

The women in boots helped the time in line go by faster.  It also got me to thinking that there are probably more potentially dominant woman around that i thought there were!


sissy terri

P.S.  - had a lovely time with Jake yesterday afternoon.  More on that next week.
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Slutty vs. Sissy

i think most men who have a thing for crossdressers tend to prefer the "slutty" look as opposed to the "sissy" look.

Jake's like that.  Even though i don't really dress "slutty" for him i can tell from our conversations that he would really like to see me dressed like that. 

But Jake also knows from our recent conversations where we've been more open about our fantasies that i love being dressed like a sissy for him. 

i know a submissive sissy's job is to please her man and i fully intend to do that.  i also know that Jake's has at least some interest in my being more "sissy" for him from the tone of our conversations and the questions he's had for me ("Have you ever wanted to dress like a little girl?"....duh!!!!).

i think eventually, we'll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.  

But this afternoon, i'm going to try and look at least a little bit slutty with a white see through blouse (so he can see my black bra!), black skirt, thigh highs, heels and a heavy dose of lipstick when I see him for about an hour.  Plenty of time to please my man like a good sissy/slut.

i love Fridays.

sissy terri

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Girl Talk

This morning i had an absolutely wonderful conversation with a sissy friend i met through the blog many months ago.  When "Jane" (as in Jane Doe) originally reached out to me via email, she seemed like a wonderful person who had many interests that were similar to mine.  i was very hopeful that our correspondence would continue and that we'd become friends. 

Well, i am happy (giddy actually) to report that we've become regular girlfriends despite the distances between us. 

Today is a special day for Jane.  She's finally getting to meet a man she's been corresponding with and talking to for months.  Because of their work schedules and travel, it's taken this long for them to get together.   Even though she's not going to meet him in drag (of course she'll have lovely lingerie underneath her male clothes...more on that below) it's still an exciting event the first time you meet a man who's interested in you as a woman!

i just had to call her today to wish her luck and to find out how she was doing.  Jane's brimming with girly excitement.  She knows the man is smart, articulate and seems to be the dominant type she's looking for; one who understands her needs and apparently how to meet them!

We all know how "Mr. Right" is hard to find.  We laughed this morning about how many men we've corresponded with who say they're dominant and all, then we find out that they're just as interested in sucking our cocks as we are in sucking theirs!  Not what a true submissive girly-gurl is looking for right?

i naturally had to ask her what she was going to be wearing under her boring boy clothes and Jane said that for sure, she was going to be wearing some black thigh highs and either a black corset or
other black one-piece control garment.  i was surprised when she told me she might not wear panties and when asked why she said it made her feel "more submissive and available to him."  Wow!  Pretty sexy.  This opened up a whole other conversation about not wearing panties as part of being "objectified" by a dominant man. 

If things work out this afternoon for Jane, she and her new friend may get a chance to meet tonight where she can dress fully for him.  Obviously, i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am for her.

She's promised to let me know how things went as soon as she can.  i'm so happy for my girlfriend.  i hope she's not disappointed, but instead, finds the Man of her dreams!


sissy terri
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Sharing Sissy Fantasies

The little funk i was in yesterday afternoon predictably didn't last very long.  After reflecting on what i'd written and how i felt, i understood that it was just another instance of a submissive selfishly wanting things to go their way instead of being satisfied simply serving their Dominant partner and doing what they're told. 

i guess it's called "topping from the bottom" in the D/s world, but i don't necessarily like that term because to me it has too much of  sexual implication.  i'm probably wrong on that, but whenever i hear it i think of a submissive trying to direct a BDSM scene or calling the shots sexually.  My own feeling is more in tune with lifestyle issues and day to day happenings between Diane and me.

Last night Diane called while on Her way to meet up with Paul.  She wouldn't tell me where they were meeting but did tell me later when She got home that he'd gotten a room for them at an out-of-the way hotel.  He couldn't stay long but their time enough together was enough to extinguish Diane's "female fires" for a little while.  Those were the words She uttered a little after 9 PM when i was told that her "pussy needed some soothing attention."

Her demand seemed too much of a coincidence after yesterday's blog post.  i waited until after i'd satisfied Her to ask if She'd read my post earlier in the day.  "No, why?" She asked.  i told Her i was just curious and admitted later that the post was an attempt to describe my being a little down because of not being involved with Her as much as i would have liked, especially when it came to being Her cuckold. 

Perhaps She did read it, but judging from Her reaction to the oral attention i gave Her i think Her decision to have me worship Her was spontaneous and something She really wanted.  In the end, i felt real good about what had happened.

Something else took place before Diane arrived that made me feel better.  i called Jake late that afternoon and told him that i would be free until around at least 7 in the evening if he wanted to call me. 

Jake called around 5:45 on his way home from the office and we had a wonderful conversation.  Surprisingly, Jake said he wanted me to be more open about my fantasies, hinting that i must have many more that he doesn't know about.  The conversation went back and forth with me saying i would also enjoy learning more about his own fantasies, even those involving real females.  "I have plenty of those" he laughed.

Jake's drive home wasn't long enough for us to get into any fantasies at length.  We agreed that the next time we were together we would each share one of our fantasies and also ask each other a question about something sexual to see if the other has any interest in it.  So really, it's like sharing two fantasies!

Talking with him had me very excited as i thought about what i wanted to share with him and ask him.  Somehow, i want to get cuckolding in there along with finding out if he has any interest in becoming more dominant and in what way.  i also can't wait to hear what he has to say. 

What started out as a downer of a day ended up splendidly.  i performed like a good sissy cuckold for Diane, and fantasized about so many submissive things that could be on the horizon with Jake.

Somehow, i have to let Jake know how much i love ruffled panties.  Maybe he'll get the hint and have me dress as his little girl once and awhile :)


sissy terri
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Holidays and Sissy Cuckolds

i hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Both our lovely daughters were here, one with the fiancee and the other with the boyfriend.  Diane teased me afterwards that i was a shining example of how husbands should help out their wives when it comes to domestic duties.  i hate to disappoint everyone but all the help i provided was done without my wearing an apron or other visible femme clothing!

i've always felt a little melancholy around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It seems to get worse as i get older.  There's so much poverty around us and to know that some young children go to bed hungry through no fault of their own bothers me very much.  Since i've retired i've done some volunteer work which sometimes brings me closer to such situations and it seems to be on my mind more and more.  Sorry to be such a downer but it's prominently on my mind at this time of year.

Diane wasn't able to see Her lover Paul at all this weekend but let me know this morning before she left for the office that She was seeing him late this afternoon.  There were very little details other than Her telling me she would call me to let me know about dinner.   The conversation was short and quickly changed to what She wanted done around the house today.

Being excluded from her affair with Paul the way that i am also has me in a down mood.  Her affair with Paul is much different than the one She had with Brian.  Even though i wasn't present often when they made love, Diane found many ways to include me in what was going on.  The humiliation was intense at times and this may sound very strange but i appreciated the effort She put into it!

It's just not the same now.  There's not even that much sex after She's been with Paul (something She seemed to enjoy after every session with Brian).  The last few times Diane's been with Paul She hasn't insisted that i worship Her at all. 

i've asked Her if there's anything wrong, or if She still enjoys having me please her after sex with Paul and She insists that all is well, She loves me, still enjoys it and not to worry.  i can't help it, but i really want to be included more than i am.

My apologies for the gloomy state of this post.  i'll perk up in a day or two :)


sissy terri
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