Sissy Silence

i'm terribly sorry for the silence here the past week.  It's not 100% intentional.  i'm in a bit of a confused sissy state right now and need to sort a few things out about exactly what it is i want. 

No, it's not so serious as to threaten my marriage to Diane.  Her love for me isn't, not has it ever been in question. 

It goes a little deeper than that and i'll share it with all of you soon.  i apologize for the ambiguity and vagueness of all of this, but before i write about it i have to make some decisions about how i want to proceed with certain aspects of my life.

In the meantime, enjoy a few lovely sissy pictures :)

You all know how much i love pretty bra and panty sets....

Frilly Lacy Love
And little girly panties....

My Lesbian Love
And panties with pretty backseams :)

Luxury Lingerie and Shapewear Collection

sissy terri