A Sissy Maid-in-Waiting

Later this afternoon, the house will be quieter than it's been the past several days.  Our daughters will be gone and so will the revolving door of friends who've been over to visit with them over the Thanksgiving holiday break.

It's not like there was wild partying going on, but there was plenty of entertaining and good times which to no one's surprise, left the house a lot less tidy than it was when they arrived.  The girls are mostly like their Mother; they like things clean and orderly.  Yet, they're not as obsessive about it as Diane, especially when their friends are around and everyone's having a good time.

Once their friends were gone, both girls expressed their willingness to help clean up the house, do laundry, etc. on several occasions.  Each time though, Diane, dismissed their offers to help and told them to just relax and enjoy themselves.  "Don't worry about it.  We'll take care of it" She would say.

The "we" part of that statement was incorrect and both of us knew it.  The cleanup would be my responsibility.  It wasn't anything we had to discuss beforehand.  It was understood and implicit in our relationship.

Diane's going to be taking the girls to the airport.  Their flights are about an hour apart.  While we live a suburb of the city where the airport is located, it's still about a 45 minute drive to get there.

Earlier this morning Diane gave me more specific instructions for this afternoon.  She expects me toget into a maids uniform as soon as She leaves.  There wasn't any indication that my getting all dressed up as a maid would lead to any "fun" when She gets back.  She mentioned She might even go shopping after Her trip to the airport.

i was hoping i'd get a chance to watch some of the Packers and Patriots game this afternoon.  It's unlikely.  Between all the housework (dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry, vacuuming, doing some floors, etc.) and getting dinner ready, i'm going to be pretty busy.

That's just the way it is when you're a sissy wife.


sissy terri
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The Sissy Baby Cuckold

Last night i had a rather intense dream.  Most dreams are forgotten by the time you wake up. But this one seemed to have happened just before i got up.  Maybe that's why i remembered it.  Or maybe it's because it's one of my darkest fantasies.

i've only written here about it once and it was almost two years ago.  At the time Diane was having a brief affair with Brian, an old classmate of hers.  She knew about my sissy baby fantasy and decided to have some fun with it, teasing me about being Her sissy baby cuckold.

In last night's dream i found myself in that exact role, sitting in a playpen in the middle of our bedroom dressed as a baby girl while Diane was in our bed with a lover, presumably Paul.  i remember the two of them having fun, giggling and whispering to each other.  i don't remember being bound at all, but for some reason, i kept trying to get out of the playpen and run away but i couldn't.  my struggles became more intense and i remember being scared and probably crying.

"Don't be a crybaby" Diane blurted out and Her lover laughed.  She got up and put a pacifier in my mouth and went back into the bed.

The scene is one i've read about on another blog a long time ago (can't remember which one).  i can't think of a more humiliating situation for a submissive cuckold to find themselves in. 

my own sissy baby fantasy/fetish isn't nearly as strong as some of my other desires, but it does crop up from time to time.  This time it did so unexpectedly in one of my dreams.  i guess you can say i like it, just not all the time and if it ever were to happen, it might be far, far less enjoyable than other sissy cuckold fantasies i have.


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Black Friday - With a Touch of Pink

One morning a couple of weeks ago Diane was getting ready for work (and an afternoon session with Paul) and slipping into a pair of black bikini panties that had just a touch of pink eyelet lace trim and a pretty pink bow in the front.  She looked so sexy and happened to notice my glancing at Her.

"You like what You see?  Or are You jealous of the panties?" She teased.  She already knew that i would answer in the affirmative to both those questions.

i find the combination of black and pink to be so sexy.  i don't have much in the way of that color combination in my lingerie collection (Diane insists that i wear mostly "sissy pastels") but i wish i did.  Diane likes the combo also.  The black speaks to Her confidence and dominance, while the pink is a reminder of Her beautiful femininity.

If i could add to my black and pink lingerie line, here are a few pieces i'd love to have!

Bet you guessed my first one would be a babydoll nightie right?

And my second....

Now to some sexy shape wear...

And who wouldn't want a black and pink corset with a pretty bow on it?

Oh how i would love to be laced like this!

This last one is my favorite.  Sure it's mostly pink, but then again, i'm more sissy than anything else!


sissy terri
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Thanksgiving - A Sissy's Day Off

i actually have the day off from my sissy wife duties.  Diane and the girls are preparing the turkey and all the other trimmings.  i get to relax.  It's only a temporary thing though.

i can still fantasize.  It might be fun to be a sissy maid on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


sissy terri
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A Sissy's Thanksgiving Break

With our daughters here for Thanksgiving our lifestyle has to take a bit of a break.  After a brief discussion last night, Diane agreed that the CB-3000 should be tucked safely and securely way until they're gone on Sunday.  No need to have to risk having to explain anything.

My submission to Diane doesn't change though.  Sure, the clothing i wear around the house won't be the same with the exception of my panties, but all else remains the same.

It's a break from the regular routine but not necessarily a welcome one.  i grown into my role as Diane's wife and enjoy it.  i've accepted who i am and who Diane is and in all honesty, it's brought pleasure to both of us.  i'm also surprised at how easily i've become accustomed to being in chastity.  Last night, Diane suggested that i sleep with my CB-3000 on since i wouldn't be wearing it for a few days.  i did and it wasn't that bad.  The discomfort was less that i had experienced the last time i tried to do it and what little there was served as a reminder of my status.

i hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  i'll try to post something over the weekend when i have some free time alone.  Until then, here are a few pictures that i posted on my tumblr sites.  Pictures that kind of make me thankful that i've accepted my role as a submissive sissy wife :)

As i mentioned earlier...acceptance of who you are is so important.

Aren't ruffled panties the quintessential sissy garment?

And when it comes to petticoats, i hope they make a huge comeback soon!


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The Office Sissy

i just returned home from dropping Jake off at the airport today.  He closed his firm at noon today, giving everyone the rest of the week off and had asked me if i could drive him to the airport.  i agreed and he told me to come on up to his office around 11:30 this morning. 

"Wear something pretty under you clothing.  It's time we play out that fantasy I told you about" he said. 

The fantasy?  my sucking his cock while he sat at his desk.

i was nervous all morning.  He not only insisted on something pretty, but i had to be wearing a bra.  i arrived at his office in stockings, garter, panties and a bra.  The bra was easily concealed under my shirt and jacket. 

His administrative assistant let me in to see him and it was evident she was getting ready to leave soon.  He told me to have a seat and take my jacked off.  "i prefer to keep it on i said" in a joking manner, a little concerned that Jackie, the administrative assistant would walk in and possibly see my bra or bra straps through my shirt.  "I said take it off" he said  in a stern manner.  i laid it over one of the chairs in front of his desk as sat in the other.

Jake made a couple of calls, both of them on speaker phone.  During the first call he walked over behind me and ran his hands over my chest.  It was more to feel if i was wearing the bra than any affectionate touching.  When he felt it i could tell he was pleased that i had obeyed, the groping turned into a softer touching with his fingers running along the outline of the straps as he continued to talk on the phone. 

As expected, Jackie did come in to announce that she was leaving for the day and wished Jake a Happy Thanksgiving.  Jackie, a very efficient looking 50-something year old woman, looked very nice in a greyish pinstripe business suit, white blouse and heels.  Jake saw me looking her over.  When she was gone, he said "I bet you'd like to be my secretary wouldn't you?"  We both laughed.

He then went over and locked the door.  "Show me what you're wearing" he said.  "Don't be nervous.  There's nobody left here.  Trust me."  With the door locked, i felt somewhat safe and began to strip. 
"All the boy clothes off" he ordered.  "Model for me" he said.  i slowly turned around to show him my lingerie.  My cock strained in the chastity belt.  It would strain for long time.

Jake dialed the phone and began to talk to a client in Wilmington Delaware, almost ignoring me while motioning that i stand next to him.  He sat there, rubbing my ass through the panties as he talked on the speaker phone.  He stood up and motioned to his crotch, indicating that he wanted me to loosen his trousers and start with his cock.  i did.

Soon, i was kneeling in front of him and kissing his crotch, balls, and cock.  He was put on hold briefly by the client during which time he had ma take his shoes and slacks off.  He stood before me and told me to start sucking him.  He finished the conversation in that position, wishing his client a Happy Thanksgiving and promising to touch base with him next week. 

There was one more call that lasted only 5 minutes or so.  I had his cock in my mouth the entire time, sucking but also trying to be quite with my slurps, kisses and licks.  By the time he hung up, he was rock hard. 

"Ready for a big load?" he asked.  i sucked and nodded at the same time.  "Beg for it."

"Please Daddy" i said in my softest and sexiest voice, looking up into his eyes. 

"No mess on the floor.  Promise?" he asked. 

"Yes Daddy, i promise." i said.

He grabbed the sides of my head and thrusted back and forth.  He went deep into my throat and i gagged several times, and i was careful that i caught the saliva mixed with precum that was dripping down my chin with my hands. 

Jake was farm more aggressive than usual - "I love it when you gag on my cock" he said passionately and immediately shoving it in deeper, causing another gagging reaction. 

"Ready?" he asked and without waiting for an answer shouted out "Here you go sissy!" 

Typically he enjoys cumming all over my face but not this time.  He did his best to stay in my mouth and i did mine to keep him there.  It was a totally different sensation, large spurts of his semen hitting the back of my throat and filling my mouth, only a small portion finding its way to my lips. 

i was proud, i don't think i spilled a drop.

We came down from our high, got dressed and made our way to the airport.  Naturally, there was no good bye kiss.  Instead, there was a slight caress of my thigh, with a "love tap" on my CB-3000.

"Be a good girl while I'm gone" he said as we pulled up to the curb.  "Some day, I'd like to have you bent over my desk.  Would you enjoy that?"

"Yes Daddy, i would" i said with a very content smile on my face.

It was a very, very, very sexy and gurly afternoon!


sissy terri
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Pink Friday

You can't go anywhere, read anything, listen to the radio or watch television without being inundated with "Black Friday" promotions.  Enough already!  i mean, isn't the real Black Friday a week away?  Why am i drowning in all the Black Friday hype?   And my inbox, well it's just overflowing with sales, coupons and other early shopping ideas.

Somebody's probably already thought about it, but i think the time is ripe for a "Pink Friday."  A special day for all the lovers of all things feminine and gurly!

Here's a couple of ideas to start your sissy shopping early that just happened to show up in my inbox today.

Bare Necessities seems to be offering a solution to every bra problem you've ever had.  Sound to me like its worth a little browsing to see if you can get that perfect fit!

And how can you go wrong with a $6 bra?  Well, maybe you can.  But at that price it's at least worth a look!

Check it out at Maidenform.com.  i think you can even get free shipping!


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Slips and Petticoats for Sissies

They're fashion statement from a bygone era.  It wasn't really an era i grew up in.  i missed it's heyday by a bit more than i decade i would guess.  But somehow, the feminine mystique of the petticoat and the slip seem to live on.  That's especially true with crossdressers and sissies like me who just happen to be in love with them!

Now and then, they do make an appearance as part of some new-look fashion statement, but for the most part full-length slips and full petticoats are sidelined as costume wear, square dance apparel and outfits for those of us who have such a fetish.

i know my mom wore slips, but i don't recall seeing my sisters in them.  Petticoats?  Only saw those in magazines or at square dances.

Fortunately they're still available to be had from specialty retailers and online stores, an indication that there's still a market for glamorous and feminine elegance.

They're also outstanding contributions to ultra or "ubersissy" outfits!

There's not visible petticoat here, but this dress sure gives the hint that she's got plenty of crinoline under that hem!

Now wouldn't you love to curtsey while wearing this pink petti?

Just look at the fulness of this petticoat!  And the corset just puts this outfit "over-the-top" sissy!

Every sissy should own a full length pink slip.

A pink half-slip and matching bra....just gorgeous!

All pictures courtesy of An Appreciation of Women in Petticoats and Slips.


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Chastity in Public

Diane and i attended a retirement dinner last night.  It was a combination celebration/roast of an esteemed colleague of mine who spent many years as a credit to his profession.  His departure was rather sudden considering his position and the many responsibilities he has.  His decision was his own and driven by his ultimate dedication to family.

For me, it was an an opportunity to chat with many colleagues i haven't seen in awhile and to wish the guest of honor a long and fulfilling retirement.  It was also kind of a melancholy.  Having retired relatively early in life from a profession that for the most part, bestows prestige and accomplishment upon those who remain well into their 60's and beyond, i felt a tinge of sadness.  How many people walk away when they're at the cusp of the peak of their profession?  By the same token, how many people have the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy that they've had for most of their lives?

i was greeted by many people curious to know how and what i was doing.  Questions like what i was doing with all my free time now, how my consulting business was doing, etc.  When Diane was close by She would often answer for me by just saying She was keeping me busy at home with a "honey do list."  It got a few chuckles.

Overall, the evening was kind of awkward for several reasons.  First of all, Paul was in attendance.  Even though he sat at our table (without his wife) we didn't socialize that much, nor did we go out of our way to avoid each other.  But sitting across from my Wife's lover who also happens to know that i'm submissive to Her and thinks i don't know that they're screwing around can be a little awkward. 

i also happened to be wearing my CB-3000 and was self-conscious about it.  It wasn't a formal event, more business casual than anything else.  i wore a blazer, button down shirt and dress slacks but felt that the CB was noticeable through my slacks.  i asked Diane if i could take it off before leaving and She dismissed the idea as silly, saying i was being paranoid for no reason.  i was nervous about if throughout the evening.  The worst part was when i got a hug from a few women i hadn't seen in quite a while.  One time, i swear one woman got close enough to me so that her inner thigh pressed against the CB.  i thought she gave me kind of a weird look.

Finally, i was bothered by that fact that Diane appeared indifferent to the possibility that someone could possibly realize i was wearing a chastity belt.  Again, She dismissed this idea as total paranoia and silliness on my part, saying that anyone brushing up against my CB might laugh it off and think it was just my being a little "excited."  Unlikely.  There's a big difference between an erection and a piece of hard plastic.

When we got home, our discussion about the evening was short.  It was late and She wasn't in the mood to talk much about it.  "You make it seem like everyone there was focused on your crotch" She laughed.  She also suggested that i enjoyed the many hugs i got from different women.  "You probably enjoyed all the attention you were getting" She smirked.

"You're right" i finally told Her.  "Maybe they did mistake my chastity belt for excitement."

"Would you rather they feel some bra straps on you?" She asked.

She was right.  The CB could be mistaken for an erection, but not a bra strap!

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Checking Her Panties

Disappointment is something a submissive sissy cuckold has to live with.  i can't say i get used to it, but i do accept it.  Diane let me know around 4:30 yesterday afternoon that She'd be working late and not to wait for Her to have dinner.  It's not unusual for Her to have to work beyond regular hours.  It's the nature of Her job.

i didn't doubt Her.  i'm certain She did have to work a few extra hours.  However, i also knew that She'd probably seeing Paul also.  i was correct.  She grabbed a quick bite to eat with him before heading home. 

When She called to tell me She'd be late, She made no mention of Her earlier plans to have a special night together since we were so busy over the weekend.  This apparent indifference to our original plans probably would be a big problem in most marriages.  In ours, it's only a minor one.  And only a problem for me, but one that i accept and move on. 

Diane was home around 8:30 PM.  Considering what She had to do at work i knew that She couldn't have spent much time with Paul.  But i was also quite certain that they did spend some time alone before parting ways.  Not enough time for sex, but definitely time for some intimacy.

In spite of my accepting my married sissy cuckold state, i still get jealous.  The jealousy is stronger at times like these, when i look forward to being with Diane and She ends up spending that time with Paul, short as it may be. Other little things that happen make the jealousy even worse.

For example, yesterday morning i walked into the bathroom and saw Diane putting Her makeup on before heading to work.  She was just in a black bra and panties.  She looked so sexy and in the mirror, She saw me gazing at Her from behind, and at her behind!  "Like what you see?" She asked.  i answered in the affirmative of course which led Her to say "Good, you'll be able to taste it tonight."  We both laughed.  i couldn't wait for Her to get home. 

Diane showered when She got home last night.  While She was in the shower i did something that i haven't done in a very long time.  i went into the lingerie hamper we have in our walk-in closet and pulled out the black panties She'd just taken off.  My jealousy/curiosity got the best of me.  They were very damp in the crotch..  No evidence of She and Paul having intercourse, but plenty of evidence of Diane's arousal.  The whole thing got me very aroused.

When Diane got out of the shower and dried off, She asked me if i would like a little treat.  "Would you like to play with yourself?  you've been locked up all day" She said.  Without waiting for my answer, She went and got the key to my CB-3000 an unlocked it. 

i had a hard time getting it off because of my arousal, but as soon as i did i was laying on the bed face up with Diane's beautiful ass covering my face.  She teased me verbally and told me to play with myself "like a good girl."  i came in no time.

i had to stay there though.  My job wasn't finished, until She said it was.  However, it didn't take Her long to cum either. 

After i had cleaned up the mess i had made on myself, i returned to the bedroom and lay next to Diane. 

"Sorry about tonight" She said.  "I would rather have relaxed here at home."

"You don't have to be sorry" i said.

"I know I don't" She said with all sincerity.


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Pretty Sissy Things

Good morning everyone!

i feel extra femme today and very chipper.  i'm ready to tackle housework with a very positive attitude and do my very best to make sure the house is neat as a pin when Diane gets home from work tonight.  She says it's going to be "our night" since it was a busy weekend with little time for intimacy.

That being said...here are some pretty things that, quite frankly, get me in the sissiest of moods!

First item...not only a beautiful maids uniform, but such a sexy and feminine pose.  Almost a curtsey but not quite!

Looks like she's getting to curtsey too.  i suppose it's just a natural reaction if you're wearing a dress this beautiful.  And yes, i would like to be her!

Don't you feel femme when you hold out the hem of your dress like this?

Is this a dress?  A nighty?  Does it really matter?

And finally, here's my favorite for today....

And yes....i' am ready!

All photos from My Sissy Pleasures.


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Sunday Sissy Shopping

Many years ago there were blue laws everywhere that prohibited most retail stores from opening on Sundays.  How times have changed.  These days, not only are stores open seven days a week along with major holidays, but you can shop around the clock online and buy anything you want from anywhere you want.

Online shopping has made life so much easier for crossdressers and fetishists of all types.  Sure the cyber world has taken away some of the thrill and sexy humiliation you might get when picking out those pretty pink panties at Norsdtrom's and paying for them yourself, but you can't top it for convenience and selection.

Earlier this week Sara E posted a comment asking about some of my favorite shopping sites.  i really have so many that represent a pretty eclectic selection of women's lingerie and other types of clothing.  However, one of my favorite resources and guides to shopping is a site called The Lingerie Addict.  Great name don't you think?  I have it listed on my "Of Interest to Sissies" Blog listing on the lower right hand side of my page.  The site is run by a woman named Cora who obviously has a passion for lingerie, as well as a keen eye for it!

What makes The Lingerie Addict so awesome is that in addition to all the great information about lingerie and links to other sites featuring beautiful intimates, it has a weekly list of all the great sales you can find going on that week.  Typically, there are dozens of these types of sales from lingerie sites
all over the world.  And when you visit the site for the first time, you can subscribe to Cora's newsletter that keeps you up to date on her site and all of these sales.

i recently bought a very pretty white chemise type babydoll pajama from Designer Intimates for only $36.00 that was regularly priced at $56.00.  Obviously you have to shop around and look for the best prices and those things that work for you.  But i doubt you're going to find one site that has as much information and this many resources in one place as The Lingerie Addict.  By all means, give it a try.  i've never had a bad experience buying anything from the sites i've found there.

Another site that's not as glamorous but offers a nice variety of lingerie is called Her Room.  This site, like a few others, offers various brands of lingerie.  For instance their panty selection offers brands like Olga, Jockey, Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Curvey Kate and many others.  It's the same with their other types of lingerie.  Nice one stop shopping and their prices are very reasonable.

Obviously i have other sites that i use like One Hanes Place, Etsy, and Bare Necessities.  And there are others that deal more with outerwear or other specialty items like corsets or hosiery.  But for lingerie shopping, these two are a great place to start. 

While real men are watching football in their "man caves", Sundays is a great time for us to do some sissy shopping.  After all, we all have a little "lingerie addict" in us don't we?


sissy terri
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Sissy Satisfaction & Sexual Frustration

An anonymous reader left the following comment/question to my post "Serve me...you sissy slut!"several days ago:

"I believe in one of your prior posts you mentioned Jake taking your man p***y. Does that still happen, or was it just wishful thinking on your part? We would love to hear about it when it does occur."
Here's how i answered it:
Yes, it does. i've always had a hard time writing about the more sexually graphic aspects of my intimate relationships. So i tend to leave that our or sometimes hint at it. In time, i may include more about it. Hope you understand...xox

i tried to keep the answer simple but obviously, there's some complexity to it.  i shouldn't find it hard to write about such things but i do and shortly after i started this blog i decided that i would keep it more R-rated than X-rated.   i suppose my reluctance and difficulty to pen these things here stem a bit from the embarrassment of it, some guilt and maybe even a bit of prudishness.  Who knows.  i've given up trying to psychoanalyze myself a long time ago.  i wouldn't even turn that process over to the experts!

i have enjoyed taking the full female role during sex with Jake in the past, and this time around we've done it again.  But now, it's quite different, fulfilling and even humiliating in a very kinky way. 

Yesterday's meeting with Jake was in a strange way, all encompassing of the many feelings i fantasize about as a submissive sissy.  That's were the "sissy satisfaction" comes in.

First, there was the anticipation of receiving a spanking for what i believed to be an unknown offense on my part.  Turns out, the spanking i received was just to prove that Jake could spank me anytime he wanted to.  i questioned him about, which only led to a more severe spanking.  "I owe you one because I can" was his explanation.

There was also his requirement that i be wearing a white bra, white panties and white thigh highs to greet him when he arrived.  Whether they are easy or difficult, sissies follow orders and derive enjoyment from doing so.

Then there was the housework i did while waiting for him.  He'd left me a list of things he wanted done with the final item simply stating that he wanted the house to look perfect when he got home.  i thought it did, but he hardly noticed or said anything.

Before any expressions of intimacy, there was the spanking.  Jake was more verbal than usual, at one point telling me to thank him for every swat on my fanny.  The spanking began as playful and became more intense though never being violent in any way.  Yet it was quite painful; the pain brought about by the length of time i spent over his lap.

My ass a shiny shade of red - "Go look at yourself in the hall mirror" he told me - he was ready to have me serve him orally.  i had to slip off his shoes, take his socks off, undo his belt, take his slacks off and fold them neatly, slide his jockey shorts off and wait for him to give me permission to take his cock.  Anticipation can be very arousing.

My serving him wasn't a rushed type of thing.  i didn't spend all my time on his cock either.  He wanted his balls paid attention to.  My preferences weren't important.  i just followed directions.

i was so looking forward to receiving a facial from him.  Honestly, i'd been looking forward to it since i knew we'd be getting together.  He knew it.  My desire was ignored.  i thought sure he was going to orgasm several times and somehow he was able to show the type of self control i certainly lack and continued to have me serve him.

The last time he did so he told me to stop and go into his bedroom, take the bed down and wait for him there.  i didn't have to wait long.  He had me take my panties off and climb onto the bed on all
fours.  My ass was reddened again, sensually lubricated and used for his pleasure.

So much sissy satisfaction.  Yet, there was plenty of sexual frustration.

My CB-3000 was on the entire time, without a chance of it being removed.  Jakes lovemaking was marvelous, skillful, sensual and dominant.  He had me assume several positions, a couple of which we'd never tried before.  i wasn't able to have an orgasm in chastity, though once i felt very, very close.

Perhaps a true submissive experiences no such frustrations.  They're 100% in tune with the desires and pleasure of their Dom/mes and nothing else.  Does such a submissive even exist?

On the other hand, the frustrations i experienced yesterday provided a perverse type of satisfaction.  The type only a sissy submissive might be able to understand.


sissy terri

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One of my loyal readers, Miss Raquel, commented a couple of days ago that she often wears long line bras.  She also made an interesting point that they are so "old fashioned house wifey."  What a cute comment.

Long line bras certainly have an old fashioned or retro look about them, but the fact is that they are still sold today and while they've lost some of their popularity, they're a hit with certain niche markets.

Here's a little something from Big Girl Bras, a site specializing in bras and other things for larger girls, that offers a nice explanation about long line bras:

What is a Longline Bra?

Do you have trouble with strapless bras 'sliding down' under the weight of your bust? Have a great dress you're dying to wear but you don't have the right bra? Want to look a little slimmer and more fit under your clothes? Check out the longline bra - it might be the answer to your problems!
A longline bra is an extended coverage bra that starts at your breasts, and typically goes down your stomach to end a few inches above your belly button. Longline bras come in different lengths, but they all extend down below where a traditional bra band would stop.
Longline bras are great for women who want more support for their busts, and they're often worn under formal and evening wear.
Women who have a hard time finding strapless bras that provide enough support for an ample bosom may find a perfect solution in a longline bra, because the extended structure of these bras helps to absorb some of the weight of the bust and provide support without slipping down under the weight of the breasts.
There's also follow up sections to the subject called  Who Should Wear a Longline Bra, When to Wear a Longline Bra and Our Favorite Long Line Bras

The site offers 43 different types of longline bras to choose from.  With such a selection, there's obviously a market for them today.  i'll be that market isn't just from women and girls, but from some of us gurls as well!
And of course, i'd be remiss if i didn't at least share with you my own personal favorite from the Big Girls Bras site.  i had a tough time making my decision, but this cute Carnival Bridal Splendor in Satin Torselette won out.  Maybe it was the heavy bridal emphasis that caught my eye.  But i do enjoy the fitted corset-like look, the satin and the detachable and adjustable garters.  
Wouldn't it look just dreamy with a pretty pair of lace top thigh highs and some sexy white heels?
Just thinking of it makes me dreamy as i head to Jake's for some housecleaning and an afternoon of fun....just hope my spanking isn't a real hard one!
sissy terri
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A Sissy Spanking

"I owe my sissy a spanking."

The words were Jake's and not Diane's.  They were spoken early last evening when Jake confirmed our next "date" on Friday afternoon at his place.  The immediately aroused me and i've been thinking about it ever since.

It's been a long tine since i was over his lap. Probably more than two years when, during our first fling together, he would periodically experience some of his more dominant moods.  This time he's not only more dominant but more consistent about it.

i asked him what i'd done to deserve the spanking and he simply told me he would tell me on Friday when we saw each other.  i can't think of anything i've done and if i've done something to upset him, i'm sure it's quite minor.  Perhaps, i've not done anything at all and he just feels like spanking me.  Or maybe, he'll make up some minor infraction that i'm guilty of and use that as an excuse.

He doesn't need an excuse.  I think he knows that.  Being made to take your place over another man's
lap and accept his punishment is a very submissive act.  Doing that is just as sexually stimulating, or perhaps even more so than the spanking itself.

The spanking makes all else that follows it even better.

Unlike the previous spanking at the hands of Jake, this time i'll be locked in my CB-3000.  Before, my penis, even though it may have been encased in some panties was free to experience the excitement of what was happening.  This time my penis won't be free.  It will be a first for me.


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Brassierres - The Basic Rules!

i saw a very interesting link the other day on Florida Dom's Corner, a blog that deals more with interesting sexual subjects than it does kinky stuff (which is one reason why i do find it enjoyable to read at times) and just had to re-post the entire article here, along with some of my own commentary of course.

It originally appeared in the Style section of The Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago.

The 6 Most Basic Bra Rules You Probably Didn't Know


If you've never been fitted for a bra by a specialist, you should speed-read this article, run to the nearest lingerie retailer and make an appointment.

Truth time: More likely than not, you're wearing the wrong size bra. Yes, bras are expensive and yes, they aren't the most comfortable article of clothing, but the perfect bra can have a profound effect on how you look and feel. That first-layer is crucial; it's worth it to spend the time and money on some quality lingerie.

After a recent fitting, we've come to realize there are a few general bra rules that most women probably don't know about.

Let's celebrate the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and revamp those undergarments! And hey, we bet your significant others wouldn't be opposed to some new delicates.

1. Bras will never be a comfortable clothing item.
They're not sweats, people. More likely than not, your bra isn't too tight. Its primary function is to support your breasts, so it's supposed to be firmly hugging your torso. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to stick no more than 2 fingers between your back and the bra strap.

2. Clasp those babies.
To preserve your bras, be sure to CLASP them while they live in your underwear/bra drawer. Leaving them unclasped allows other garments to get caught on the closures, which can potentially rip or pull both articles of clothing.

3. You should definitely have more than one bra.
Bras are like underwear -- you should have more than one pair and rotate them. Answer this: Do you wear the same pair of underwear multiple times a week?

4. Be aware of the gore.
The center of the bra that connects the cups in front is called a gore. The gore should lie flat against your sternum without any gaps between your body and the bra.

No dryers and no dry cleaners... there's no way around it, people. It doesn't have to be every day, but hand washing will maximize the life expectancy of your delicates.

6. Your bra size is subject to change.
You are most likely a different bra size at various undergarment stores. Just like clothes and shoes, bra sizes run differently.

So, i'll bet there's at least one thing some of you didn't know.  Otherwise, you're definitely a "bra expert!"

i've never been professionally fitted for a bra.  As much as it does sound like fun, i don't quite have the natural "equipment" that might be necessary.  However, i do have some silicone breast forms.  Shouldn't that suffice?

And here's a few thoughts on the rules...

Rule #1 Bras will never be a comfortable clothing item - Amen to this rule!  Strange as it may seem, most of the time i'm more aware of my bra being on than i am of my chastity belt!  Never thought that would be the case.  It's a nice feeling though and here's why:  My CB-3000 constantly reminds me of my maleness.  The bra i'm wearing constantly reminds me of my femininity.  That's what makes the "discomfort" a nice feeling.

Rule #2  Clasp those babies - Now this one i never knew.  Guess what?  Now all my bras are properly clasped and neatly lined up in one of my lingerie drawers.

Rule #3  You should definitely have more than one bra - Duh.  No kidding.  i have more than a dozen but like every other piece of everyday lingerie, we all have our favorites don't we?

Rule #4  Be aware of the gore - Well i didn't know this either.  i didn't even know what the "gore" was when it came to female clothing.  Sounds way to masculine a word to be associated with something so dainty as a bra.  i'm happy to report that the gore on the bra i'm wearing as i type this fits just like it's supposed to :)

Rule #5  HAND WASH YOUR BRAS - The hand washing of lingerie and other "delicates" is one of Diane's rules in our house, so all of our bras are handled with my personal attention and care.

Rule #6   Your bra size is subject to change - This is an interesting one.  At first glance, i thought that it was referring to physical changes a woman (or a sissy) might go through.  But it's also about how sizes can vary from brand to brand and store to store.  Does that mean we have to try them on?

And one more thing when it comes to "bra sizes."  Jake likes the lifelike feeling of my breast forms, but he's hinted that he would enjoy them being a little bigger.  Typical man.  i guess that means to please him, i'll not only have to get larger and fuller breast forms, but new bras too!


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More Sissy Outfits

Busy day today running around doing errands for Diane and a couple of other appointments.  i'm also going to be cooking a casual dinner for Diane and Her friend Linda tonight.  Linda knows most all, so seeing me in an apron won't be a big shock for her. 

Before you get the wrong idea, when Linda's around there isn't any kinky sex or anything like that.  The most "erotic" thing that could happen is a bit of teasing by either one of them.  However, at least i can be myself. 

Here's a little follow up on yesterday's post featuring some uber or super sissy outfits.  Here are a few things i received from an "admirer" of mine.  He lives thousands of miles away but always tells me what a wonderful sissy i am and how much he'd like me to serve him.

He tells me he would love to see me modeling these outfits for him. 

He obviously has a fondness for the sissy maid look....

And the bridal thing.....

And the "over-the-top-sissy" outfits too!

Well "Master W" i would definitely enjoy modeling these for you as well...xox

Gotta run.  Time to start planning dinner for the girls!


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"Ubersissy" Outfits

combining form
prefix: uber-; prefix: über-
  1. denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.
    "an uberbabe"

They're the outfits that are "over-the-top" sissy.  The one's that make up some of your most extreme feminization fantasies.  The outfits that, if you were seen wearing by certain people, you would absolutely die with embarrassment.

In my own fantasies, they're some of the outfits i'd be made to wear in front of Diane's lover,  put on full display as Her sissy cuckold.

i think you all know the type of outfits i mean.  Here are just a few that fit my own criteria as an extreme, or "ubersissy" outfit.

No sissy cuckolding would be complete without some maid service....maybe, the sissy maid might even be sent to clean the lover's bathroom???

The wearing of a corset is sissy enough...but adding a few other pretty things makes it even more deliciously humiliating.  Oh, and maybe Her lover may even help tighten the corset!

This cute little outfit can be used in many scenes; little girl, sissy maid, Little Miss Muffett, or anthing else they might desire.

"It's her new dance outfit" your Wife might say to Her friends or lover.  "Why don't you show us your sissy dance now?" She says. 

And tell me this one wouldn't find you blushing as you modeled it for them.

And finally, the black and white satin french maids uniform with full petticoats.  It might be humiliating to wear in front of your Wife's lover, but you love it so much it never fails to bring a smile to your face.

These are some of my favorites.  What are some of yours?  i'd love to hear about and see them!


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Staying Feminine

Things that used to feel so different, out of the ordinary, immediately arousing, somewhat humiliating and even kinky now come so naturally as my submission to Diane and acceptance of the role as Her "wife" are rather routine.

Even chastity, which is a very new thing for us, is now just another part of the daily list of expectations i have to follow.  Unless otherwise instructed, or when i got to bed at night, the CB-3000 is expected to be on.  Perhaps the ease with which this has happened is because i was already a "very well trained" submissive as Diane would like to take credit for.

One requirement which i happen to enjoy is that i keep my body smooth, especially my legs.  Diane is a stickler for this and is quick to point out if She spots some unsightly hair on any part of my legs.  It doesn't happen to often because, i love the feeling of very smooth legs.  It's just another thing that makes me feel submissive and feminine.

Diane's out and about for a little while this afternoon.  She's supposed to stop by and see Paul who happens to be on call this weekend.  Their weekends aren't back on their regular schedules yet because of some "switching" they had to do with other people.  He sent Diane a text earlier today letting Her know when he'd be "available"; meaning they would have some privacy.

Just before She left i headed out to the gym and upon my return took a nice hot shower, during which
i carefully shaved my legs.  i could have gone another day or two, but i love the silky smooth feeling when i'm done.

i also love "staying feminine", whether it's watching my weight, plucking my eyebrows or staying smooth.  i'm also a little excited because Diane told me to expect to have to serve Her when She gets home later this afternoon.  Her time with Paul, during which they're not likely to make love due to the time they have and where they'll be, will no doubt leave Her excited.

i'm happy She still counts on me to pleasure Her.  i love the anticipation of it too.  Perhaps She'll notice my smooth and sexy legs and compliment me on them :)


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"Serve Me....you sissy slut"

Yesterday afternoon's meeting with Jake left me very sexually frustrated.  However when i left his house to return home i felt so submissively feminine.  For that reason, i was more content than i'd been with Jake in a very long time.  The submissive psyche works in a very strange way.

Jake's "dressing instructions" were quite simple:  White bra, white panties, white thigh highs, white heels, pearl necklace, my wig and pretty red lipstick.  There would be no fantasy outfit like a schoolgirl or a maid.  The simplicity of it all excited me.  i love white lingerie.  The virginity and innocence it insinuates makes me feel and act more feminine.  Jake likes that.  So do i.

The directness of his order, and the absence of any dress or other type of garment to cover my sexy underthings gave me the impression that when he arrived, he would be ready to get down to business.  In other words, taking from me what he wants; making me service him in short order.

Before my final preparations, i cleaned his house as best as i could.  He's not that messy a person for a guy living alone now, but there were still things to pick up and put in order.  Picking up after a man also added to my submisively femme feeling :)  The cleaning done, i began to prepare for him.

i put a bit of makeup on and thought i did okay.  It's something i want to get better at.  i did spend lots of time putting the lipstick on, wanting my lips to be perfect.  When i was done, i waited for him to arrive.

He was late.  i suppose a dominant male enjoys making a woman wait for the privilege of serving him.  That part of it i enjoyed.  What i didn't like was that i had to be back home for a commitment by a certain time.  The later he was, the less time i would have together. 

As it turns out, it didn't matter.  The short but intense and sexually charged time we spent together made up for the lack of length.  i left knowing that i had pleased him immensely, and that he'd used me exactly the way he wanted to.

i made reference earlier about leaving sexually frustrated.  That's very true in the sense that i didn't get to enjoy an orgasm.  i was locked in my CB-3000 as i pleasured Jake and he used me.  i sometimes felt that had we had time and done other things, i might have been able to orgasm in the CB (i've read that it's possible).  Mentally, i seemed to be having many smaller orgasms :)

But the sexual frustration added to the scene.  Jake knows what pushes my buttons and some of the things i fantasize about and enjoy.  While still placing his own desires first, he was able to give me pleasure in certain ways.

"Serve me...you sissy slut" he said shortly after his arrival.  He sat in his favorite chair and i knelt before him.  He seemed to enjoy how i was dressed, his cock quite erect when i finally got to touch it with my lips.

i enjoyed hearing Jay talk sexy and dirty to me as i sucked him.  He talked with a dominant tone that was lacking in our previous meetings.  He left no doubt he was in control over me.  It added to the excitement and i focused solely on worshiping his cock.

He enjoyed running it all over my face, teasing me knowing i wanted it in my mouth....and deep.  He smeared my lipstick and laughed, telling me what a shame it was after all the work i'd put in to look so pretty. 

When he was almost ready to cum, i anticipated him cumming in my mouth and telling me to take it all.  It was then he surprised me by pushing me away and standing over me.  As i looked up into his eyes i wanted his cock so bad.  He smiled at me as he ran his cock all over my face.

"Here's your treat" he cried out as sprayed my face with his massive load of cum.  His manly groans of bliss were matched by my own sissy feeling of submissiveness as his warm cum landed all over my face, in my eyes, on my nose, cheeks, etc.

i tried to keep looking up at him so that all of the cum would stay on my face, not wanting it to drip onto the floor or anywhere else.  When his orgasm was over, he began to scoop up the cum with his fingers and fed it to me.  It was perhaps the most dominant thing he's ever done to me.  i loved sucking his fingers that way.

i did it until all the cum he'd left on my face had been scooped up and fed to me.  After than, i got to suck his cock again.

i know this post is a little out of character for this blog.  Most times i hint at what i've done with Jake (or even Diane) so the graphic nature of this one is different.  Please forgive me if it offends.

i guess my sissy slutty nature just got the best of me.


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"Licking" While Locked

Diane absolutely detests the term "licking" when it comes to the attention i pay to Her privates.  i'm been corrected every time i use it, sometimes the correction is more severe than others.  i've been trained to use the term She prefers; the correct term which of course is "worship."

However today, in an effort to promote some alliteration and assonance to my literary endeavors, i've been granted an "exception" by the powers-that-be.  In other words, Diane said i could use the term "licking" in the title of this post. 

It's not always this bad!
Since my CB-3000 arrived, Diane's discovered just how much She enjoys having Her pussy worshiped while my own private parts are safely secured.  While my "clitty" is caged, Her vulva and vagina are void of any such restrictions.

With Paul being absent from the scene longer than She'd like, Diane's made use of my lips, tongue, mouth and face more than usual.  Each time, my own excitement has been carefully compacted and confined to the cramped conditions of my cage.  Ouch.

i left a comment at the blog Under Contract to My Wife where Mick, the submissive, wrote about licking his Mistress as she recounted the time she had spent with her lover earlier that day.  Diane loves to talk to me as i do my own worship while never expecting (or allowing) a response from me.  i've tried to interject but have been told to just keep worshiping.  Her teasing talk continues until She's just about ready to explode into an orgasm.  The lull in Her chatter indicates She's focusing on the orgasm to come.

In the meantime Her caged cuckold, continues to lovingly lick.......oops....i mean worship :)


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A Sissy on Short Notice

It's been a far busier week than i anticipated for both Diane and i.  It's left us both a little grumpy.  Diane's especially cranky because Her Wednesday afternoon rendezvous with Paul had to be postponed.  She's hoping to see him this weekend sometime.  i hope She does.  It puts Her in a better mood after She's "been with a real man."  Those are Her words, and i'm in agreement.

i also haven't seen much of Jake, though we are meeting at his place tomorrow afternoon.  Like a good sissy, since he's given me a key, i'll be there early to do my housecleaning and wait for him.

Maybe Jake wants to see me as a schoogirl?
This second time around with Jake seems to be working out better.  Even though i worry that this just might be one of his moods where he craves the attention of another man, only to lose interest for several months before it crops up again, this time he does seem much more dominant and aggressive than he was before. 

For example, he's going to let me know via email tomorrow morning how he wants me dressed.  i told him it give me short notice to prepare but he just responded that "sissies have to learn to adjust quickly to their Master's needs."  That's a far cry from the way he would have acted last year!  He could be just trying to make me happy, but i do get a sense that he really enjoys taking charge and using me for his pleasure. 

It certainly works for me :)

Now, i'm left wondering what i'll be wearing for him tomorrow!


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