A New Blog & A Frustrated Wife

my Wife Diane and i have been into FemDom for awhile, but it's really only been recently that we've ratcheted up our lifestyle into a 24/7 relationship that even includes Her cuckolding me.  Before that, She was always the Dominant partner, but becasue of many real life situations like children, our careers and other things, it was more of a fantasy thing.  It was a life we could slide in and out of at our convenience.

Similar to that, it's easy for a submissive sissy male to fulfill many of his fantasies sexually by slipping on some lingerie, dressing en femme, or somehow getting his "fix."  There's not much permanency to such a solution and the needs always return.  Wearing feminine lingerie, especially at the direction of someone else can be powerfully symbolic of a power dynamic that exists, but even that can disappear just as fast as the panties come off.

i discovered a new blog the other day that has me quite interested.  The blog is called As She Pleases and is written by a young couple who are engaged to be married.  They both seem to be professionals and Nicole, the dominant partner seems quite confident in what she wants.  Her submissive, Gerald who goes by the feminine name of jennifer, seems like he will do anything for Nicole.

Recently, Nicole has insisted that Gerald/jennifer change his surname to hers when they are married.  Naturally he is struggling with it and why wouldn't he?  It's very unusual to see a man change his last name to his wife's.  Doesn't something like this have all the permanency that so many of the other D/s activities lack?

i'm sure there are things that are probably more extreme symbols of showing one's submission to another.  But in my opinion, this has to be one of the more powerful things that could happen in a FemDom marriage.  The fact that i view it that way, and i don't think i'm alone, only goes to show how our society still is very male-dominated.  Check out the blog.  It's new, and some blogs fade away pretty quickly.  i hope this one continues.

Here, Diane is frustrated by not hooking up with Brian before we leave tomorrow for several days.  She'll be attending a conference and i am going with Her.  Her friend Linda will also be there.  Brian couldn't free himself last night or tonight, so they won't see each other until next week at the earliest.  She's not happy.

"Make sure you pack your head harness and my favorite dildo" She told me before She left this morning.  Looks like i may be trying to fill in for Brian, in a sissy sort of way. 


sissy terri
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Submissive Pleasures

i was planning on spending a few hours with Jake here on Friday afternoon.  He was taking the afternoon off and was going to stop by before heading to his son's baseball game at 4:30 PM.  i was all dressed and ready to greet him by around noon time when he called to tell me that he was going to be late.  i was mildly disappointed, but at least the afternoon wasn't completely cancelled.

i waited patiently for what turned out to be more than three hours.  During that time, Jake texted me several times letting me know that he was in a meeting (one that he called by the way) and that he would be here to see me as soon as he could.

The waiting for him to arrive made me feel very submissive.  i knew that the longer i waited, the shorter our time together would be.  As the afternoon wore on, it became apparent that if he came at all, it was going to be for a real "quickie."  The final text i got came at 2:33 PM - "Leaving now.  Get ready for my cock."

i waited before i responded.  i was upset that he himself had scheduled a meeting knowing that i was waiting for him.  i didn't know the circumstances and i'm sure he had a good reason, but it made me feel used.  However, all the things that upset me and the negative feelings were minimized by the powerful submission i felt.  i texted Jake back with a simple "Yes Sir."  It was the first time i used that term in a text with him.

Jake called when he was minutes away and told me to be on my knees waiting for him.  It was about 3:30.  i knew he'd have to leave by 3:45 to be on time for his son's game.  We'd have about ten minutes.

Jake arrived at 3:35 and left just before 4 PM.  i had time to pleasure him twice.  Not once did i think about my own pleasure in the form of an orgasm, my submission was so strong and the feeling itself was pleasure enough for me.

Jake was especially dominant, wasting no time in telling me to take his cock into my mouth.  He held my head in place with both of his strong hands and made sure that i swallowed everything when he came the first time.  There was quite a bit, and I gagged several times.  i think my gagging made him even hornier.

His second orgasm took a little longer but was just as satisfying; to both of us.  He pulled out and came all over my face.  His warm semen felt wonderful, so did licking it off his fingers when he was finished cumming.

Before i knew it, he was putting his pants on and looking at his watch.  He apologized for being so rushed, and told me he would make it up to me.  Before he left he told me how awesome i was today.  "A real good girl" was what he called me.

He thanked me and was out the door on the way to his son's game.  When he thanked me i said "You're welcome" just out of habit.  i should have actually thanked him for making me feel the way i did.


sissy terri

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A Cuckolding WIfe's Frustrations

It's been more than a week since i've posted, mostly because there hasn't been that much of interest going on around here, much to Diane's disappointment.  i also had to go away for a couple of days this week on a consulting assignment and just returned late last night.   At least some of that's about to change.  i'm seeing Jake on Friday, hosting him here in the afternoon.  i'm looking forward to it with more than the usual excitement.

Brian's inability to hook up with Diane last week and this week has left Her very disappointed.  She understands that his situation is far different than Her's.  Brian's affair with Diane needs to be kept secret from his wife, so he can't just meet with Diane anytime he wants.  However, Diane's quick to point out that even though She understands, Her understanding does nothing to relieve Her sexual needs.

Even though i've fully accepted my role as Her submissive wife, those words still sting at times.  i know Diane loves me and She reaffirms that love every single day, reassuring me often that as much as our marriage has changed, She never wants to be without me as a partner.  She also understands how i feel at times.

The bottom line is that when Diane expresses Her disappointment and bemoans Brian's absences from Her sex life, She's also dismissing my ability to fulfill Her sexual desires; those She would expect from a "real man."  i used to fantasize about hearing those words from Diane, and those fantasies never failed to arouse me.  Now that i finally hear them once and awhile, it's a far different feeling.  The immediate arousal isn't there.  It's replaced by a deeper more emotional evaluation of what my role is in our marriage.  Strangely, even though the words are difficult to hear, they're an important part of my emotional fulfillment as Her submissive.

We're going away for a few days next week.  Diane's attending a conference and wants me to come along.  Her friend Linda will also be going but without her husband.  Diane's hoping that she'll be able to see Brian before we leave Wednesday afternoon.  That means he'd have to be in town either tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday.  Weekends are out for him for obvious reasons, although they've talked about a weekend in late May when his wife and kids will be away and he might be able to visit her.  One thing i know for sure:  Diane's not willing to wait that long!

i also want to thank everyone who's sent me notes or commented on my tumblr blog.  i couldn't believe that a few days ago i went over 1000 followers!  That blog complements this one in some ways.  You're typically not going to find any nudity there (maybe just a little) or graphic pictures of sexual acts (although i do fantasize about those too!).  It's more or less a collection of pictures, artwork or general thoughts about things i find feminine and sexy.  i love photographic or artistic expressions of all types of women in beautiful femininity!

  Stop by and take a peek :)


sissy terri
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A Happy Easter & Bunny Girls

i hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  The visit from our two daughters turned out to be quite an exciting weekend for all of us.  There was one particular moment that i have to share with you that made both Diane and i feel so very proud.

Our oldest daughter has been going out with a very nice young man for nearly two years now.  Diane and i knew that it was pretty serious but didn't harass her about it and minded our own business (at least i know i did!).  On Easter morning the phone rang at our house and Diane answered it.  It was our oldest daughter's boyfriend and after Diane and he exchanged Easter greetings, He asked if i was around so that he could wish me a happy Easter as well.

He wished me a happy Easter but he also had a question for me.  You probably guess it by now, but he asked me for my oldest daughter's hand in marriage!  i was just floored and flabbergasted!  i didn't think kids did that type of thing anymore.  To say i was impressed would be an huge understatement.  Naturally, my daughters were in on this all along and once i had given him my "permission" i handed the phone to my daughter for her to formally accept the proposal.

The surprises weren't over.  After the phone call, my daughter went back to her room upstairs and came back with a small box that had her engagement ring!  She had brought it with her and waited until the boyfriend had called to tell us on Easter morning!  Both Diane and i were filled with tears of joy.   Naturally, the rest of their stay here was spent planning the wedding, deciding on a date (nothing confirmed yet but we are shooting for the fall depending on availability of certain venues) and just spending as much money as possible! 

One woman alone can spend plenty of money.  Three of them together?  It's frightening!

Things just got back to normal around here a few hours ago.  Both our daughters had departing flights today and i'm back into my usual housewife role.  Diane went into the office this afternoon while i brought our youngest to the airport.  When i returned home, i changed into my feminine attire and was soon staring at plenty of housework, laundry, ironing and errands that should keep me busy for the rest of the week.   I'm wearing one of my prettiest aprons and ready to get to work.

On Easter Sunday, i used my tumblr site A Married Sissy to post pictures of cute "Bunny Girls" throughout the day.  The website allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and that's what i did.  i didn't spend as much time on the project as i should have, but i was still able to find a nice assortment of girls dressed in bunny costumes, as playboy bunnies and others with an Easter bunny theme. 

i've always found such outfits exciting and overly feminine.  They seem to add an element of sexy submissiveness as well.  So my effort on tumblr was just a way to express one of my sissy fantasies.  i'll bet i'm not the only sissy who has such a fantasy!

Diane spoke with Brian a couple of times while our daughters were here but only briefly.  She seems a little disappointed that She won't be seeing him this week but understands.  We're still so happy about our daughter's engagement that little could dampen our spirits this week!
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