The Sissy Baby Cuckold

Last night i had a rather intense dream.  Most dreams are forgotten by the time you wake up. But this one seemed to have happened just before i got up.  Maybe that's why i remembered it.  Or maybe it's because it's one of my darkest fantasies.

i've only written here about it once and it was almost two years ago.  At the time Diane was having a brief affair with Brian, an old classmate of hers.  She knew about my sissy baby fantasy and decided to have some fun with it, teasing me about being Her sissy baby cuckold.

In last night's dream i found myself in that exact role, sitting in a playpen in the middle of our bedroom dressed as a baby girl while Diane was in our bed with a lover, presumably Paul.  i remember the two of them having fun, giggling and whispering to each other.  i don't remember being bound at all, but for some reason, i kept trying to get out of the playpen and run away but i couldn't.  my struggles became more intense and i remember being scared and probably crying.

"Don't be a crybaby" Diane blurted out and Her lover laughed.  She got up and put a pacifier in my mouth and went back into the bed.

The scene is one i've read about on another blog a long time ago (can't remember which one).  i can't think of a more humiliating situation for a submissive cuckold to find themselves in. 

my own sissy baby fantasy/fetish isn't nearly as strong as some of my other desires, but it does crop up from time to time.  This time it did so unexpectedly in one of my dreams.  i guess you can say i like it, just not all the time and if it ever were to happen, it might be far, far less enjoyable than other sissy cuckold fantasies i have.


sissy terri