Feeling Better

Sorry, I haven't posted lately, but I've been sick for over a week. I'm finally feeling better at least. Work continues. They still want to bring Xiu into the shop when I'm working, but my illness kind of delayed things. Classes are going well. I guess I'm used to showing up in a skirt now because I'm focusing regardless of what I wear. I don't have a whole lot to report other than being sick isn't much fun.

Getting Lost in Girl? Yeah, I think it could happen. We're not transsexuals. We're also not guys putting on a dress for Halloween and that's the end of it. Living 24/7 as a woman is tough for women, even tougher for us. There are times when being a guy, even if I'm wearing panties, hose, and a bra is nice. Some people obsess over gender, but it isn't that huge. It's easier to say that this year when I have Colleen around, but we all eat, sleep, talk with friends, work, study, want to be loved--male or female.

Am I a Girl in the Bedroom? Yes, sometimes. It changes depending on mood. I'm not going to write too much about it for fear of torturing Jill, but I've been male and extremely female in my relationship with Colleen.
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The Stripper

By now many of you have seen the picture of me with the stripper at Sheila's party. For the most part, the party was OK. I was very nervous around the stripper though and not really excited to have a guy wearing barely anything in that kind of proximity. Yeah I've kind of made out with guys before, but never had them that undressed.

I remember a time when I was the hot sissy. Jill said when she saw how I looked all dressed up, she was actually a bit jealous, but first Amber and now Xiu really put me to shame. Xiu's reputation preceded her, but she's just so small and delicate. It is kind of a mind trick I've learned. When I dress as a guy, I don't want to look unisex, I want to look manly. However, when I'm dolled up there is a bit of competitiveness. Especially, having a girlfriend who enjoys me being pretty.

Here's the work photo everybody wanted. I really needed a lot of Fall clothes so the discount is coming in handy. Xiu will be able to take advantage of it too when she needs a wardrobe. The job is a bit embarrassing, especially when a girl drags her boyfriend or husband and they look so bored while I have to ramble on excitedly about our merchandise. I am learning a lot about putting an outfit together and how to shop.
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