A Bra and Panty Night

I've written before about how Diane and i would sometimes enjoy a "bra and panty night."  It would just be a relaxing evening where we'd both relax, She enjoy all the tactile attention i was giving Her while both of us were dressed in nothing but bra and panties.  Usually, we were wearing a pretty bra and panty sets.

Before we left for vacation Diane told me to make sure i packed a couple of bra and panty sets so we could enjoy at least a couple of bra and panty nights.  We did so last night. 

It's a very sensual and erotic feeling making love to her that way.  Naturally, it's not lovemaking in the traditional male-female sense, but it's lovemaking just the same.  Whenever we're intimate that way, Diane's told me that She views me as a girlfriend as opposed to the submissive sissy husband that i am.  Knowing She's enjoying me as a "female lover" of sorts makes the intimacy that much more erotic.

It's also nice that we both enjoy beautiful bra and panty sets....very much!

Here's a few oldies but goodies from my tumblr site....enjoy!

Any favorites?


sissy terri
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Sissy Swimsuits

The waters on Long Island Sound can be pretty cold even at this time of year.  The sun is warm but when you dip your toes into the ocean...yikes! 

And once you stroll into the water, there's always "shrinkage", as if our little sissy clitties aren't small enough already!

Here's some swimsuits that i'd just love to wear this summer!


sissy terri
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Plenty of Pretty Panties

The panty is is likely the first piece of lingerie any young and inexperienced sissy ever wore or owned.  The panty they slipped on might have belonged to an older sister, their mom, a cousin, neighbor, etc.  Eventually, and probably years later, they built up the courage to buy a pair of their own. 

Here's a little pictorial tribute taken from my tumblr blog's archives to "The Panty" - a lovely feminine undergarment that some of us are lucky enough to slip on every day :)

 But your absolute favorite panty is probably the first pair "She" ever gave you :)


sissy terri

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Pretty Babydoll Pajamas

With vacation and escape from the summer heat on the agenda for the next couple of weeks, i thought i'd sprinkle in a few "pictorial posts" about some of my favorite things.

In between, i'm hoping that Diane will find the time to post a thought or two of Her own.  She's promised to do so, but Her enjoyment and relaxation on this vacation comes first.

So, here are some pictures from my tumblr blog of some adorable (in my opinion) babydoll pajamas....

This was my first babydoll tumblr post on May 3, 2012!

Then, just a few days later there was this cute little piece of sleepwear.....

Soon, i was on the lookout for babydoll pajama photos, especially those that brought back the memories of yesteryear.  This one had an obvious Valentine's Day theme, but i posted it in May anyway!

Even in black and white, these short little nighties are lovely to look at.  Here some might focus on the fishnets but not i, oh no not i!!!

And lastly, here's a beautiful piece of artwork featuring a sheer babydoll that just oozes femininity!

Is it really any wonder that most nights i like to go to bed early?


sissy terri

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Sissy Cuckold Instructions

As planned Diane is hosting Paul in our home this afternoon, likely the last time She gets to have private time with him until we return from our vacation in a couple of weeks.  When She left for the office this morning, i was given specific instructions to follow for the afternoon and even given a choice of what to do with myself, though Diane did offer a few suggestions.

Being home all week i've been able to do housework and Diane gave me a list of things She wanted done today including some fresh flowers in the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom. 

i was also instructed to put fresh sheets on the bed and to take the bed down so that it was ready for She and Paul when they got home.  She wants it taken down just so, with extra pillows positioned at the head of the bed and two of them sitting perpendicular to the others  but in the very center of the king sized bed. 

i wondered what Paul would think when he saw the bed taken down since both he and Diane usually arrive at the same time.  Wouldn't he wonder who took the bed down and prepared it that way i asked her.  "I'll just tell him the maid did it" she laughed, "and I wouldn't be lying."

The placing of those last two pillows  leaves little to the imagination as to why Diane wanted them that way.  "It just makes me more comfortable in that position" was all She said.  It was more than enough for me to know exactly what position She'd be in to receive Paul.  i've always found it to be a very "submissive" position for a woman to be in, especially when the man is taking her that way.  

The picture of Diane and Paul together that way has been on my mind since She first mentioned it The Sissy Cuckold Perspective" sometime last week.
and more so now since i've just completed taking the bed down and putting the pillows just the way She wants them.  Obviously, Diane's instructions were a reinforcement of my cuckold status but it also made me think about erotic pictures like that which i've seen where i have a yearning to be the woman in the picture.   The feelings are similar to the one's i touched on in my post "

Diane's given me the option of staying home while they are here, but safely tucked away in one of the guest bedrooms, going shopping or playing some golf.  "It might be best if you weren't here this afternoon but it's totally up to you.  He might stay a little longer than usual" She said.  She asked that i just text Her and let Her know if i'll be home or not but that if i left, She wanted back home no later than 6 PM.

i've decided to head to the club and play some golf.  It would be the best way to pass the time in my opinion.  i know i won't be able to get the thought of Diane and Paul together out of my mind completely.  In fact, it will be quite prominent most of the time.

Being a cuckold can be very rewarding for a submissive male like myself.  It's difficult to explain and i'm quite sure most people would never understand it, but the things that make it so rewarding are usually the same things that make being a cuckold very emotionally difficult at times.  Today is one of those times. 


sissy terri
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A Sissy and Her Romper

i'm home this week and tying up some loose ends from my recent business travels.  We're also going to be leaving for a two week vacation soon and Diane is already bemoaning the fact that She and Paul will be without each others company for a few weeks.  i doubt very much they'll let anything get in their way of postponing this week's regular Wednesday date.   But all that's for another time.

My recent "sissy crush" has me wondering just how much fun it would be to dress for "Dave" in the privacy of our home.  Dressing for someone who appreciates my efforts to appear submissive and feminine would be far different that what i did for Jake.  While Jake said he appreciated it, his interests were clearly on other things.

Our backyard here is very private.  We're elevated and even though there are neighbors close by, no one can really see into our yard.  The perfect opportunity to slip into something cute, pretty, feminine and summery to serve Dave by the pool.

Some items of clothing just make me feel more femme than others.  One of those would be a pretty little romper.  i just know Dave would appreciate seeing me in one.  i'd make sure my legs were as smooth as could be, all nice and tan and maybe slip into a pair of nice summery heels.

i think Dave would find me just perfect in a romper.   Probably a pink one too.  It would make me look even more sissy and sexier for him.  Hopefully, he'd be aroused but not so much that he'd be in a hurry for me to please him so that he could leave.

i think he would rather stay and enjoy the sissy show i'd be willing to put on for him!
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Wanton Wednesdays

Wednesday afternoons have become a regular thing for Diane and Her lover Paul.  Their schedules are such that most weeks they have those afternoons free.  What better way to spend them then to have "great sex" with each other. 

Like other men who are having an affair, Paul usually tells his wife that he's either taking the afternoon off to play golf, stay in the office to catch up on a few things, or make up some other commitment he has to meet.

Unlike most other women who are having an affair, Diane simply tells Her submissive sissy cuckold what She's doing.  It's a much simpler and more honest approach that eliminates most all possibilities of "problems" on our end. 

Just as i was boarding a plane to return home late on Wednesday, Diane was probably kissing Paul good bye in the foyer of our home after another satisfying afternoon of carnal activities.  By the time i got home several hours later, Diane's afterglow had subsided but She was still in a very good mood.  Her demeanor, attitude and disposition was evidence that sexual satisfaction certainly does help keep some people happy. 

i've also found that recently, the sex Diane has with Paul hasn't diminished Her appetite for the type of sex She enjoys with me.  In fact i think it's made Her want it more.  She wasted little time last night telling me that She wanted "a worshiping."  i wasted little time in in providing Her with one.

After i'd pleasured Her and Her orgasm was complete, She told me how She'd really love it if i could do this to Her while She was having sex with Paul.  She's talked about this in some ways before but most of the time it's been while She's teasing me about being Her cuckold, cleaning Her after or during sex with Paul and other similar type fantasies.  This time She was more direct, telling me it's become Her biggest fantasy. 

There was a bit of an uncomfortable silence after She said this.  i felt She was waiting for me to say something.  i was thinking about how it was also a fantasy of mine, but also wondering about how i could go through with it in front of Paul.  He's someone i know through our professional relationship.  Finally i broke the silence and asked Diane if She thought it would ever happen?

"Working on it" She answered in a very businesslike manner.  "Good things take time" She said and after a pause added "Great things take a little longer."

Knowing that this is something that Diane really wants, if the situation ever presented itself and both She and Paul are ready to move forward, i'd fall in line and do whatever She wanted.  i just love Her so much.


sissy terri
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Vintage Femininity

If some of you follow my tumblr blog "A Married Sissy Cuckold", you might know that i have a fondness for vintage feminine fashion.  i'm particularly fond of those styles that were popular in the 50's and 60's, even though i wasn't alive in the 50's and too young to appreciate any of the early 60's.  Just the same, i'm old enough to appreciate the feminine elegance that was on display during that time.

As evidenced by the many tumblr blogs that show photos from that era along with some of the blogs and aother writings you can find on the internet, i know i'm not alone.  There are others like me who are likely around the same age or older who love that look.

My musings today deal with the question of the younger crossdressers who are out there and whether or not they also have a fondness for those types of fashions or, because of their age difference, view the fashion in later decades the way i view those of the 50's and 60's?  For instance, do they yearn for those of the 70's and even 80's? 

This picture of a hot pink maribou peignoir set from the 1960's is what got me to thinking about this question.  Oddly enough, the information on the tumblr blog where i found it,  Miss E Normuss, might have provided at least a bit of insight into the answer.  On the blog, Miss E briefly describes herself as a 21 year old UK housewife.  That would mean she was born around 1993, a few decades after this pegnoir set was in fashion!

i guess it proves that in the eyes of many, beautiful feminine fashion is always something to admire, even if it has gone "out of style."


sissy terri

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The Sissy Cuckold Perspective

Viewed through the eyes of a straight alpha male (the type of man boys who grew up in my generation were always expected to emulate) the beautiful woman on the right ignites feelings of lust and more.  The alpha male wants her badly.  He wants to take her and do naughty things to her.  He wants to make love to her, have intercourse with her and hear her screaming his name, begging for him to enter her.

The picture generates feelings of lust in the sissy cuckold as well.  However, it's lust of a very different kind and sometimes very complex.  There's the jealous kind of lust where if you're like me,
you want to be her.  You want to be this gorgeous piece of eye candy for your man or, any man who might happen to see you dressed this way.  Like her, you want to feel the lust he has for you and fantasize what he wants to do to you!

There's also the jealousy of wanting to have the gorgeous lingerie she's wearing.  The alpha male is turned on by the woman, the sissy is turned on more by what she's wearing.

If you're a cuckold, there's often other things that come to mind when seeing this picture.  The cuckold may think of his wife dressing this way especially for her lover.  She's wearing the finest and sexiest lingerie for him.  You relate with her femininity, her desire to be his eye candy, just like you want to be.   In many ways, you want to be in her shoes with a man of your own. 

This post was courtesy of a very beautiful woman i saw today while having lunch at an outdoor cafe.  She was dressed elegantly with a rather short summery skirt and heels.  i wanted to wear what She was wearing.  Moments later, her lunch date arrived and she greeted him with a kiss.  They looked like lovers instead of a regular couple, even though i noticed a wedding ring on both of their hands.  Who knows, maybe she was cuckolding her husband with this very handsome man. 

That was my perspective anyway, seen through the eyes of a married sissy cuckold.


sissy terri
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A Sissy Crush & A Chastity Discussion

Having a Wife like Diane who understands my fantasies, submissive demeanor and sexual needs, along with my own understanding of Her own fantasies and needs makes communication between the two of us much easier and more open.  There's certainly an upside to that but...there are times when the honesty each of us displays leads to a little angst, especially on my part.

i've been away on the road for the last ten days and also took the opportunity to visit some family in another part of the country while away from home.  My time away has given Diane plenty of free play time with Her lover Paul (not that She needs me to be away from home to carry on Her affair) but we still miss each other and talk every day, most times more than once.

Our conversations aren't all about sex by any means, but neither is the topic absent from just about every call home i make.  Diane's honesty about Her feelings and what She and Paul have done
together and have planned to do while i'm away aren't always the easiest things for a cuckold to hear.  It's the whole fantasy vs. reality issue; fantasizing about your wife with another man is far different than knowing it's actually happening.  That's especially true when you know it's not just casual sex, but an intimate and lasting relationship that fulfills your Wife's emotional and sexual needs, the needs She has to be with a "real man."

During last night's phone call Diane asked me if i missed Jake (the man i was seeing last year from time to time).  i admitted that i did but that it wasn't the ideal situation for me.  i still fantasized about being with a more Dominant Man, even though i understood She was prohibiting me to do so.  i also admitted to Her that i'd been communicating with a man i'd met on tumblr.  It's been a very innocent exchange but one that's been sensual and erotic in a different way.  This man, who i'll call Dave, really seems to understand me and my feminine needs.  i was up front with Diane and told Her that i really enjoyed our correspondence and i'd developed kind of a "crush" on Dave.

Diane thought my "crush" was pretty cute and laughed a bit when i told Her.  Her comment and reaction caused me to blush and feel a little embarrassed, even in the solitude of my hotel room.  As i felt my face redden a bit Diane added that "maybe it's time we think about chastity again.  After all, you're gone so much and i need to be able to trust you!"  Diane's comment was said in a teasing
manner but i did sense a hint of realism to it.

Up to this point, Diane's lack of interest in keeping me in some form of chastity stems from the amount of work it is on Her part and Her not being bothered by my masturbation habits.  She's told me before She thinks "it's cute that my sissy wife plays with herself for satisfaction."  That comment and those thoughts add to my own submisive feelings.

"Maybe i can keep you in chastity just when you're here at home" Diane said later, adding that it would be especially erotic to know that i was locked while She was enjoying Herself with Paul.

After i had hung up and was left alone to ponder the whole chastity thing, i thought about how i might feel if Diane allowed me to be with a man of my own, but only while i was in a chastity device of some sort.  The idea of making myself available to please a Dominant Man while i myself was prohibited from any physical pleasure myself got me quite aroused.  So much so that i slipped into a pink nightgown and lay on the bed, fantasizing about being with Dave and making him happy, all the while locked up in a chastity belt knowing that His pleasure was all that counted. 


sissy terri
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