The Good Little Housewife

"Aren't you the good little housewife?" Diane said to me the other night, her comments dripping with sensual and sarcastic domination.  i was wearing one of my prettiest aprons when she got home from work and had a lovely dinner all prepared for the two of us.

It was sort of a special occasion, a corny anniversary of sorts.  Not a wedding anniversary but a date that we've always remembered for romantic reasons.  Just because things have changed so much for us was no reason to stop our little tradition.  Diane was glad i remembered, and i was happy She was pleased. 

Although i did all the preparation and serving of the dinner, when we sat down and toasted with a glass of Her favorite wine, i almost felt like Her equal as opposed to Her submissive.  Even though i was dressed in a very pretty housewife-like  print dress with a pearl necklace and matching earrings, we talked intimately and enjoyed dinner very much. 

Diane seemed to enjoy the dinner so much She even told me She felt guilty about not having lifted a finger to assist in its preparation and volunteered to help clean up.  I refused Her help and told Her to just relax and i would join Her soon.  "That's the good little housewife in you" She said and after pausing added "that I love so much."  She just smiled and went into the living room to finish her second glass of wine.  She made a couple of calls on Her cell while She was there, but i couldn't really make out who they were to.  One of them could of been Brian but i just couldn't be sure.

i joined Her later and sat next to Her on the sofa.  She reached over and kissed me softly and it felt so nice.  "I really don't know how to reward you for such a wonderful dinner and evening" She told me, "everything was absolutely delicious and just right."  i told Her there was no need to repay me at all, just to continue loving me.  "I'll always love you.  You'll never have to worry about that."  It was beautiful the way She said it.

"But I do need to reward my good little housewife in a special way.  I want to do something special for you, something very, very significant" She said as She smiled at me.  "Would you like that?"

i told Her i would love anything She would do for me.  "I know you would sweetheart" She said.

Somehow, i think She knows exactly what that special reward is, but isn't prepared to share it with me. 

On another note, i haven't been able to blog much lately because of my consulting job.  It got busier than anticipated and the next few months are going to be the same.  i'm making more money than i thought i would and as promised, it is turned over to Diane and i'm given an allowance.  It's a pretty generous allowance, but the fact that i turn it over to Her makes me feel more submissive.

i am seeing Jake tomorrow here at our house. He doesn't have much time but i want to see him very much.  i don't like being rushed but it's either that or not see him until next week or the week after.  i'm going to do my best to look as feminine as possible for his arrival and do my best to please him. 

Diane is working tomorrow morning and we leave in the afternoon to fly to New York for a wedding on Long Island Saturday.  We're also going with Diane's friend Linda and her husband.  It's a funny feeling, especially that Linda now knows that i know that Diane is having an affair with Brian.  She knows i'm a cuckold, just not the whole extent of it. 
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One of the "girls"

i haven't been able to post for several days because i've been busy dealing with a family issue out of town.  Diane was also here for a couple of days and things are slowly getting back to normal.  i'd like to get back to posting on a more regular basis pretty soon.

Last night as i lay in bed i got to thinking about what it would be like to just be "one of the girls."  You know, do girlish type things and get into 'girl talk' type conversations.  Unlikely something like that is going to happen with real women, but it might be fun trying to meet other men with similar fantasies to my own.  God knows they're out there!!!!!

i love being with Dominants like Diane and Jake, but sometimes fantasize about just being myself with another sissy; a married sissy that would be willing to share their thoughts, experiences, insights and feminine feelings.  Even better, maybe a group of married sissies!
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"Marking" a Sissy

This is going to be a very unusual post for me.  With few exceptions, my posts typically avoid graphic sex scenes, explanations or accompanying pictures.  i've always tried to focus on my inner feelings, attempting to express what's going through my mind and how my relationship with Diane affects our lives.

This break from routine is a result of my meeting with Jake yesterday.  We hadn't seen each other in awhile and even thought there wasn't a tremendous amount of pre-meeting planning, it was clear from the time we saw each other that we were both very horny.  i was aching to suck his cock and he was looking to be pleased by me.

i dressed in a short red nightie and some black heels after his phone call that instructed me to wear something sexy.  i told hime that the front door would be unlocked and to come right in and lock it behind him and come upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms where i would be waiting for him.  When i heard the front door open, i decided to stand in what i thought was a seductive pose at the head of the stairs.  My sissy penis was already "tenting" the nightie with excitement.  i also had my dirty blonde wig on and a light touch of makeup.

When Jake got upstairs, he didn't even wait until we got to the bedroom.  Right there in the hallway, he forced me down to my knees and immediately took out his cock, rubbing it all over my face.  i was ordered to keep my mouth closed until he told me otherwise.  He continued to rub his cock all over me as it got bigger and bigger.

Then, he turned very, very dominant.  More dominant than he's ever been with me.

He slapped me with his hard cock.  Hard.  Real hard.  It hurt.

"You're going to suck me like a good girl" he said, "and when I'm ready I'm going to officially mark you as my sissy."

The words almost made me cum.  If i had been stroking myself, i'm sure i would have.  "....officially mark you as my sissy.."  i loved it.

"Now suck me" he ordered, and i obeyed.  i'd never felt more submissive, sexy or feminine.  All i wanted to do was please him.  i felt like his sissy, his slave, his bitch.  i couldn't wait for him to cum.  He talked dirty to me.  He held my head in place.  He pumped back and forth and there were several times that he made me gag.  i loved it all.  Then he slowed down and told me what a good girl i was.

i knew he was going to cum soon and couldn't wait to feel his cum all over my face and to taste it.  He took his cock out of my mouth and told me to close my mouth and eyes.  I looked up at him, closed my eyes and obeyed, waiting for his warm manjuice.  He unloaded on me....big time.

Jake's given me facials before, but this one was the best.  When it was over, he told me not to move and keep my eyes closed.  He wanted to admire his handiwork.  Again, the feeling of his cum on my face, his 'official mark', was a feeling i will never, ever forget.

When i was told to open my eyes, Jake used his fingers to scoop up his sperm and feed it to me.  i licked his fingers eagerly, making sure i got every drop.  He called me "a hungry little girl."  i was, but i was horny as well.  He knew that.  When i was done, he let me masturbate in front of him....like a sissy.

i guess it's official now.  i belong to Diane, but i'm also marked as Jake's sissy. 
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Assisting with Phone Sex

It's been nearly two weeks since i saw Jake and a little less since Diane's seen Brian.  An odd situation isn't it?  A Dominant Wife is missing Her lover while Her submissive cuckold loving is missing her boyfriend.  Too bizarre for most people i would think.

i'm planning to see Jake on Friday and Diane is probably not going to see Brian until at least next week.  Even though they haven't seen one another, She still talks to him nearly every day and during some of those conversations, i'm expected to play the dutiful quiet cuckold and listen to one side of what is sometimes a very steamy conversation. 

Such a conversation took place last night after dinner.  Brian found himself alone and called Diane, who promptly told him She happened to be alone also; a cue that She was ready for some erotic talk.  A few hand signals from Her and i was kneeling between Her legs while She sat on the leather sofa in our den.  Another hand signal and i was in the linen closet down the hall getting a towel for Her to sit on after She removed her slacks, panties and knee high hosiery. 

i wasn't allowed to touch or kiss Her at first.  Instead, she talked with Brian while She used Her own fingers on Herself, something that drove me absolutely nuts.  When She was ready, She simply lifted one leg and put Her foot behind my head and pulled me closer until She could reach my head with Her hand and hold it against her very wet vagina. 

Between Brian's lusty comments, including some mild bondage and spanking fantasies where Diane submitted to him, and my licking Her, it didn't take long for Her to orgasm.  But She wanted more and held me in place; definitely a non-verbal command that i wasn't done and neither was She.  There were two more orgasms in rather rapid succession before i was dismissed. 

When it was over i thought about the conversation i had just heard between the two of them, and how certain things they talked about, and specific things that Brian said turned Diane on more than others.  Even though i could only hear portions of what Brian said, i did hear most of it and was easy to make out the conversation between that and Diane's own responses.

When you're close up like i was, it's easy to gauge the effect of certain things that were said on Diane.  Her moans, verbal responses, twitches and yes, most of all, how much wetter she got at times.  They were specific responses to the verbal stimuli Brian was providing.  Knowing that another man is physically pleasing your Wife like a real man should, and hearing how he can also verbally please Her is quite an experience.  i'd seen it before, but not as intense as last night. 

After Diane hung up, She asked "You like that didn't you?" 

i was hard, and the little bump in my panties was clear.  How could i deny it.  She knew i wanted to play with myself and let me masturbate like a sissy.  She let me cum on her pretty feet and made me clean it up telling me what a good sissy i was.  The submission was deep but as soon as i came, i felt like i did when i masturbated as a teenager with a pair of my sisters panties.  i felt like a freak of some sorts and so inferior.

Eventually i got over it.  i know i'm not a freak, but just a very submissive cuckold. 
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Cuckold Feelings

A man who's married to a dominant wife gets used to being submissive in a variety of ways.  In fantasy, those ways are all sexually related.  In real life, they're not.  You defer to the wife in virtually all things; financial decisions, decisions about the home, domestic tasks, etc.  i could go on and on.  It doesn't always start out that way but at least in my case as Diane became more dominant, She used that leverage so that She eventually had total control.  It's not always easy.

The tradeoff of course is the pleasure a submissive gets from being sexually submissive to his dominant wife.  When you discover those kinks, fetishes and fantasies with which you feel so comfortable, it's a special feeling.  i'm comfortable with myself, living as Diane's "wife" or sissy husband.  She enjoys it also.  But again, since Her pleasure is what is of utmost importance, this too is not always easy.

When FemDom in a marriage evolves and the next step involves cuckolding, the dynamic changes dramatically.  The first time i was a cuckold, i didn't even know about it.  Diane was just plain cheating on me.  We survived, and i'm glad we did.  This time, it's totally different in the i know all about Her relationship with Brian.  Brian just doesn't know that i know.  In some ways, Diane is using him just as much as some people here think She's using Her submissive husband.

i had a difficult week emotionally.  i'm not in depression or anything like that, but just the same i am struggling with how this has evolved.  i'm jealous of what Diane has with Brian.  She tells me it's Her way of being satisfied by a real man, even though She loves what a sissy like me can provide for Her.  While i'm jealous, i also want more.

i read some cuckold blogs where the submissive husband plays a much more active role in their wife's pleasure.  They aren't hidden away like a crazy uncle in the attic when visitors come over.  As much humiliation they endure it seems like in the end, they enjoy their roles.  i want that.  i am craving it right now.

i enjoyed another creampie from Diane this week.  This time, i waited patiently at home while She and Brian made love in a local hotel room.  Rather than have him come over, She said it wouldn't work and that he would have to get a room.  She also told him she couldn't spend the night.  She could have if She wanted to, but She said She wanted to be with me instead.

When She got home Wednesday night, She made me lick Her wet panties.  There was a trace of Brian's juices on the panties but not that much.  i got to taste more of it when i was made to clean Her.

i'm glad She spent the night with me and not because i got to clean  up another creampie.

i'm happy because She wanted to be there.  She had a choice of staying in Her lover's room and making love throughout the night.  Instead, She chose me:  Her sissy cuckold husband who would also make Her feel good, but in a totally different way.

It made me feel special and important.
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