Sissy Summer Fun

The privacy we enjoy in our home makes being a sissy much easier for me.  We're not necessarily secluded, but because of the elevation of our property, the angle of the house and its style, no one can really see into our backyard unless they were using some binoculars or a telescope!  Now that's a thought.

Because of this privacy, whenever  i go into the pool i'm usually wearing a ladies swimsuit and they're usually a one piece.  Even though i'm pretty slim, i like the one piece styles that have a slimming effect on me.  Yesterday, a suit i ordered from "Spanx"arrived and i'm looking forward to wearing it this weekend.

i thought it was going to be an extremely quiet holiday weekend but Diane's already made a couple of plans.  One of them is having Her friend Linda over on Sunday for dinner.  i'm out to Linda as Diane's submissive and she's also seen me dressed several times.  This weekend won't be any different as Diane expects me to prepare dinner - "nothing fancy" - and to join them for drinks when they lounge by the pool.  "A nice time to show us your new swimsuit" She said.

Sure Linda's seen me dressed and knows most everything about our relationship, but i'm still going to experience some self-consciousness.  Just thinking about it gives me some angst and yet there's some arousal.  The bathing suit fits nicely and is really form fitting.  i hope it's restrictive enough to hide whatever arousal happens when i'm wearing it in front of Linda!


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Sissy Femininity

My being away for the day seems opportune for Diane and Paul to have the house to themselves today, but Paul is out of town.  Diane's cravings for a "real man" might have to wait as much as another week.  i understand i can't and won't fill that void, but She knows i'm available to provide Her with pleasure as best as i can, in the ways that i can.

In the meantime here are a few pictures that, when i first saw them, made me think about how sissies like me (raise your hand out there if you're like me...lol), might view femininity differently than the real women in their lives, or even real men.

There's plenty that's pretty about this picture.  i love the matching bra and panties but i'm also intrigued by the pink phone.  Which one would make the more significant sissy statement in your home?

i love being a sissy wife and doing all the domestic chores that come with it.  The chores can become quite tedious at times though.  What if we were required to use a clothesline instead of a dryer?  Putting our femininity on display for the neighbors to see could be pretty thrilling!

Sometimes i see a panty that catches my eye.  This panty is one of them.  Anything with pink catches my attention but maybe it's the pink/black combo along with the lace and ruffles that make these special.  Whatever it is, i'm sure i stared at them longer than any woman would!

High heels and little girl ruffled anklet socks?  Whew...very sissy.


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Living as a Wife

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that for the most part i live as my Dominant Wife Diane's "wife."  i do most of the housework, laundry and cooking (everything that is not done by our housekeeper who comes in once per week) and our relationship is set up so that i defer to Her on all household decisions.  i'm Her submissive sissy cuckold.  Our relationship is not much more complicated than that.

What makes everything complex is me and my emotions, fantasies, bisexual cravings and various fetishes.  i love being submissive but have a difficult time dealing with the emotional roller coaster that sometimes comes with it, especially when it comes to cuckolding.  Relinquishing all authority to my Wife also restricts my ability to fulfill my bi fantasies, and that's a big thing.  Diane understands and hasn't ruled out allowing me to see a man that meets Her approval.  But right now i'm not free to do that.

i'd love to dress just to please a Dominant Man
Just today, a follower of mine sent me the following note on my tumblr email.  i absolutely loved the note because it describes a situation i've often thought about:  being a submissive wife to a dominant man.  Here's what the note said in part....

"I think you would love to become the housewife of a man and every part of your life organised and devoted to pleasing him with no thoughts to your own pleasure. Even what you wear is no longer your choosing. It will be selected in advance some smart, some humiliating some kinky and some down right degrading but all to gain pleasure to your man." 

The more i read the note, the more i realize that it's 100% correct, so strong are my bisexual urges.  However, i'd never want to leave Diane for such a life.  That's the inner struggle someone like me, a submissive bisexual sissy, lives with most days.  i want, but can't have, the best of both worlds.


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If They Could See Me Now

It's a very "housewifey" type of day today.  Some laundry, errands, grocery shopping and a little housework.  Even though we have a cleaning lady that comes in once a week, some things remain my sole responsibility. 

As i strut about in my dress, pump and aprons going about my duties, i sometimes wonder what some friends of mine would think if they saw me this way.  Especially friends from the past that I've remained in contact with even though we're now more than two thousand miles away.  Those that remember me from my childhood years or as a young professional when i wasn't nearly as submissive as i am now. 

Being "outed" for who you really are is a difficult thing.  Other than Jake, the only person i've been totally outed to is Diane's friend Linda.  i suppose i should qualify that.  Linda knows i dress, that i'm submissive to Diane and that i know about Diane's relationship with Paul.  i don't know that Linda knows all the inner workings of our relationship, like that i'm now having my "period" and am wearing a tampon!

It was difficult when i was first outed and when Linda saw me fully dressed.  No matter how much you prepare for it it's hard to deal with.  But i got over it.  Diane told me i was making a big deal about it for nothing and as usual, She was correct. 

i have no intention of living full time as a female, nor do i want people i've known for a long time to find out about our private life.  But people who would disown you as a friend over something like that are probably not the type of people you want as real friends anyway. 


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Altoids, Riding Crops & Tampons

i had to take a few days off from blogging because of an unexpected business trip to the west coast.  i also stayed there an extra day to visit a former colleague of mine who is now retired and living just outside of San Diego.  i got home last night, just in time to start my period.  Diane had the tampons and pads waiting for me when i arrived.  Any escape i have from being Her sissy wife is always temporary and never a return to full masculinity.

While i was away, Diane and Paul did have an opportunity to get together here yesterday afternoon, with the whole house to themselves, much as they did on Wednesday afternoon while i was out playing golf with some friends.  It was a hot afternoon on the golf course, but probably even hotter in the master bedroom back home.

i came home immediately after Diane texted me.  "Coast is clear" She wrote, meaning that Paul was leaving or had already left.  i was about 15 minutes away enjoying a cold drink in the club.  i excused myself and promptly went home.

Unless you've gone through the experience, it's hard to describe the emotions that run through you when you return to your house, enter the bedroom and view your wife along with the remnants of the lovemaking She's enjoyed with Her lover.  There's the sheets strewn all over the bed, pillows on the floor and your Wife laying there on the bed that may contain one or more wet spots as evidence of their lovemaking.

There are other things that might even be around that provide evidence of the kind of sex they had.  Prominently displayed on the nightstand was a riding crop.  It's a toy we've had for a long time, a toy that Diane's used on me.  This time i knew that Paul had used it on Diane.  i didn't have to see (although i couldn't help but notice) Her beautiful bottom with red swats on it to know She wasn't the one wielding the crop.  Diane had submitted to Paul that afternoon, making me feel even more submissive than usual. 

Next to the crop sat an opened and half empty box of peppermint flavored Altoids.  The powerfully flavored candies weren't used as breath mints; that much i knew.  Diane told me Paul likes the feeling they provide after She's had a few of them and puts his cock in Her mouth.

It was now my turn to have a few of the mints.  Diane loves them as much as Paul does when i lick Her.  Despite their strong minty taste, the taste of Paul's semen was still present and powerful; another reminder of my cuckold status.  i finished my duties by kissing and licking Diane's reddened bottom for a very long time. 

"It's been quite a satisfying afternoon" Diane said after enjoying the second orgasm She had from my oral attention.  She also allowed me to cum while i licked Her bottom.  Slowly moving my sissy clitty back and forth against the sheets while i tongued Her butt led to my own orgasm.

Satisfied with me, Diane got up and showered while i changed the bed sheets.  There were several wet spots on the sheets.  At least one of them was mine. 


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A Look Ahead

One of the blogs i check out on a regular basis is Stana's Femulate, a tremendous resource to the CD and transgender community.  And once and awhile i check out some of the blogs on Stana's blog list, especially if the title of a blog's latest post piques my interest. 

Well, Stana's got another blog called As The Worm Turns which features "Notes and artifacts from the Post-Patriarchal era."  How can this NOT be interesting to sissies.  Here's a picture of what appeared in her latest post. 

Don't you just love it?  i guess there's lots to look forward to.  Thanks Stana!


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A Sissy Love Note

i went to the gym rather early this morning and Diane had already left for the office when i got back home.  When i got home, the first thing i noticed was that She had left me a note.  Notes like this always make my day.

Good morning my beautiful wife,
I left out some panties for you to wear after your shower.  Have a good sissy day!

Short and very sweet.  i think it's little things like this that help make what's a rather "different" relationship work for us.


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It's a Sissy Summer Day

i know some of the country is experiencing bad weather today but here, it's sunny and warm.  Also a perfect day to try on some very feminine summer dresses......

You can never go wrong with anything that's pink and has a bow!

Or a pretty pastel skirt...

This little sun suit with puffy ruffled sleeves oozes femininity!

And finally, a lovely short little sundress that would also make me feel so sexy!

All photos taken from the tumblr site Lover of all things feminine.


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FemDom Sex

As an avid user and poster on Tumblr i get to see many pictures every day that are related to Female Domination.  Many of these photos depict sex acts between a Dominant Woman and her partner.  Good photography often allows the viewer's imagination to run wild, even though the picture often captures a discreet and specific event. 

Personally, i tend to view all of these pictures as the Domme being married to the sub She is playing with because i myself am a married submissive.  In other words, it's my own personal frame of reference for that type of thing. 

So much of the FemDom shows some pretty brutal treatment by the Domme over the sub.  Strap-ons that look like over-sized zucchini's used on a poor submissive whose bottom has been beaten to a pulp.  i'm not passing judgement on it at all in this post.  It's erotic for many into the D/s lifestyle and i'm sure even enjoyable.  Some of it also gets my submissive juices flowing at times...most of the time in fact :)

However, i think that most sex in a relationship like i have with Diane isn't like this.  It can be soft and sensual as well.  And it can also be done in a way to provide pleasure to only one partner while denying the other.   What happened last night between Diane and i is a good example of what i mean.

Diane was in a mellow mood about to enjoy Her second glass of wine when She got a text from Paul.  Usually, when he texts Her outside of normal working hours or on the weekend, it means he's free to take a call from Her.  i was getting things ready to give Her a pedicure when the text came in.  When i got to the den where She sat on the sofa ready for Her pedicure, She had Her cell phone by Her side and asked "You don't mind if i call Paul do you sweetheart?"  Both of us knew there was only one right answer.

A wife talking on the phone with Her boyfriend while Her husband gives Her a pedicure is one of the classic cuckold humiliation scenes some might fantasize about.  But let me try to explain how it feels in real life.  It does arouse me but not always in a physical way.  The erotic submission that was happening as i tried to quietly tend to my tasks took place between the ears.  It's difficult to focus on what you're doing, especially something like applying nail polish to Diane's beautiful toes, when She's telling Paul how much She enjoyed their time together last Wednesday.  The more intimate the conversation became, the more difficult it was for me to give Her a proper pedicure.

The pedicure took longer than usual and i was satisfied with my work.  The important thing was that Diane was also.  Not only had i done a very respectable job with Her toes and feet, i had done it very quietly with Paul not having any idea i was privy to most of their discussion.  Pleased with the pedicure, Diane smiled and made a motion with Her hand that i was dismissed.  i went and put everything away and gave them their privacy.

About fifteen minutes later, Diane summoned me back to the den and told me to go the linen closet and get a bath towel.  When i returned, She had taken off Her shorts and Her panties and told me to slide the towel under Her buttocks to protect the sofa from Her juices.  "I'm very wet right now and plan to get wetter" She laughed. 

She sat down as i knelt in front of Her and between Her legs.  There were no verbal commands.  i knew what i had to do.  As i leaned in to start by placing a kiss on Her vagina She stopped me and slid Her panties over my head through one of the leg openings.  "There, now you have a panty bib" She giggled.  i was now able to begin.

Diane was wet indeed.  Her conversation with Paul must have been a very sexy one.  i sensed that it would take long to get Her to orgasm and i was correct.  She had one of the more powerful orgasms that She's ever had, holding my head tightly in place as She came telling me repeatedly to "Suck, Suck, Suck!"  Diane loves to have Her clitoris sucked when She's cumming.  She also screamed that She loved to 'fuck my face.'  She doesn't use the "f word" that often and when She does it during sex, it's an indication that She's quite aroused.  The orgasm lasted a long time and when it was over, i thought my duties between Her legs would be over also.  They weren't.  i had to lick Her to a second orgasm.  It was a highly sensual and erotic scene, yet one where She was as Dominant as ever.  At least that's how i felt.

Sure, there are times when Diane turns my ass red and then takes me aggressively with a strap-on sometimes just to show me who's in charge in our house.  There are other times where She'll put a face strap-on on me and ride my face aggressively while i just lay there passively as She enjoys Herself.  But sex in a Female Led Relationship isn't always about hard core fucking, bondage, discipline, etc. Sometimes it's just about who's in control and being selfish about their own pleasure.

i wasn't allowed to orgasm last night yet my submissive desires were satisfied in a very sensual, pleasurable and emotional way.  Besides, Diane said if i was a good gurl, She would allow me to cum in my panties this weekend.

i appreciated that very much and i thanked Her.  It gives me something to look forward to.


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Her Princess

Last night was a little emotional for me, not in a real bad way but just a bit.  Diane spent more time with Paul than She usually does yesterday afternoon while i waited for him to leave.  It turns out that something that happened between them led to a discussion about our relationship (Diane and i) and She shared with Paul that She was dominant over me.

i won't share the specifics of what led to the discussion.  i'm hoping Diane will do that soon since She could relay the story far better than i could.  She was there and anything i would write would by definition be hearsay.  So for now, i'll leave out those details.

Diane feels that Paul's knowledge that i'm submissive to Diane is a big step towards becoming more open with him about my being Her sissy cuckold and eventually, letting me become a part of what they do.  It's something we've both wanted but when the reality hits you about what he now knows it's challenging to deal with.  And besides, i can be a very emotional sissy.  Just imagine if i was on hormones.

When i get a little emotional like this Diane usually hugs me and says "Don't worry princess, everything will be just fine."  She did that last night.

So with that thought, let me share a few sissy things with you.  These types of pictures always make me feel better :)

Saddle Shoes and Spankings
This little sundress would really brighten my day!

Princess Chloe
And finally, today i had a lovely conversation with another sissy cuckold who i've become friends with.  Sharing what happened with her really helped.  i felt like giving her a nice gurl on gurl kiss!

Princess Chloe

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A Sissy in Heels

So "the cat's out of the bag", or at least part of it is when it comes to knowing that Diane's affair with Paul is not quite of the plain old vanilla variety.  i've hinted at it before here but for rather strange and personal reasons never felt quite comfortable sharing such details with my readers.  Yes, it is embarrassing to me.

i guess most cuckolds suffer some form of humiliation ranging from the mild to the extreme.  Others are probably not humiliated at all by it and may not even be submissive in how they approach it.  The embarrassment and humiliation comes with being a submissive and no doubt, much of it is desired and fantasized about.  Strange, but even though we crave the humiliation when it does happen, it's hard to deal with and causes embarrassment.

Such was the case yesterday after Diane's surprise post.  When She got home it led to an interesting discussion  and culminated with some very intimate submission on my part where i spent a very long time pleasing Her orally in every conceivable way my lips, mouth and tongue could function.  Her teasing about how much i enjoy the embarrassment added to the "fun."

Being a feminized sissy cuckold can be embarrassing enough, but when your Wife and Domme willingly submits to another man, an "Alpha" male as Diane calls Paul, it adds to the humiliation. 

During last night's discussion i told Diane that i never realized that Her desire to be submissive to a man was so great.  Her response was quite enlightening.  She told me She never realized it was such a burning desire either until She met Paul and then added "as a submissive, how could you realize it?  you've always seen me or wanted to see me as your Domme, and there's no way you could even act the part."

i'm paraphrasing Her answer, but that was the gist of it.  She's correct.  i've never viewed Her as submissive, least of all being submissive to me.  And even if i could act the part of a Dominant, how could She even get into the role of being my submissive?  Even if it was just a game, i doubt very much after how much She's dominated me, it could even arouse Her.

Diane should be here with Paul in about an hour.  Their meeting is definitely on.  i'd be shocked if there was any type of cancellation or even a delay. 

i'm going to be taking out a black short nightie for Her to wear for Paul and laying it out on our bed.  It's what he wants Her to wear.  She's also chosen a dress for me to wear and wants me in high heels the whole time Paul is in the house.  She was quite detailed in how She wanted me to dress.

Her specificity had me quite concerned and i had to ask Her if She had anything planned.  i explained that i know She's trying to reveal our lifestyle to Paul at the right time, but i begged Her that when the time comes She lets me know what's going on and doesn't pull any surprises.

"Don't worry I wouldn't do that" She told me before giving me a kiss.  Then She joked that my "coming out" party wouldn't happen this afternoon.  "A special event like that would need plenty of planning anyway.  I want you in heels this afternoon because I'll probably be wearing some black heels too.  Paul loves me in heels."

i love Her sense of humor and i love Her deeply, but the thought of Diane in our bed wearing some beautiful heels while She's with Her lover Paul does cause me to turn red a bit :)


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Mostly Domme

I can't believe it's been more than four months since I've posted here.  I really thought it was about two months ago so I guess it's time I make a contribution here.

First let me say that I'm quite pleased with the way my wonderful sissy wife has grown into her role as my submissive sissy cuckold.  It's mostly because of her efforts (and my guidance of course) that this whole thing works as well as it does.  She's learned to effectively manage the domestic aspect of the household while I hold down a full time job and keep a pretty active love life on the side.  Isn't life wonderful?

I never thought this would work by the way; at least not this well.  I was filled with doubts, my own and some of my wife's.  Her doubts always troubled me more than my own.  I wondered just how she'd react to being a real cuckold.  So far so good.  The true test will come when I decide the time is right to let Paul know "the real story" of how I want terri involved and all about our lifestyle. 

I've dropped a few hints here and there and I think he might be starting to paint a picture in his mind.  A few more hints and we might soon be discussing next steps.  Soon is a relative term though.  I'm a very patient person.  Paul's dominant nature and love of kinky sex could make this happen sooner rather than later :)

I also want to briefly discuss a comment that was left by one of the blog's readers last week.  There were two comments actually, both of which have been removed by the person who posted them.  The comments were a direct shot at me for how I treated terri last Wednesday by failing to let her know that I wouldn't be showing up at our house with Paul for my regular Wednesday afternoon sex session.

I'm far from perfect.  However, in a Female Led Relationship which unless you're missing the point, is the type of relationship terri and I are in, the woman calls the shots.  It's pretty simple.  What part of that don't some submissives get?  I could have called terri sooner but I didn't.  Whether I chose not to or got carried away and forgot isn't the point.  It was up to me to do what I wanted.  I don't consider that being disrespectful of my submissive.  The sooner a sub learns these lessons the happier they will be.

My fun with Paul continues to be pretty kinky, something that terri doesn't mention here on this somewhat "PG-rated" blog.  She avoids mentioning that Paul is quite the Dominant lover and I love the different type of sex I get to enjoy with him.  Rare are the times that we're together that I don't get my bottom spanked!  There's also some light bondage and other types of discipline that make our sex together very hot.

I'm not bringing this up to intentionally embarrass my husband-turned-sissy wife, although it very well may.  Not everyone can enjoy different types of sex and play different roles.  Some of us can switch (with the right person) and others are just natural "fits" for either the Dominant or submissive role.   And just so you know, I think Terri's on her way to becoming an excellent submissive.

In closing let me just share with you what prompted today's hurried posting.  Just about an hour ago, my sweet wife sent me an email with the following picture and asked me "Is this why you married me?"

Terri has many more excellent qualities about her than her tongue and I love her dearly.  However, her tongue is the most useful sexual organ she has.  And I plan on putting it to good use tomorrow after my Wednesday afternoon sex session with Paul!

Ms. Diane
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More Sissy Primping

Diane was on call this weekend and despite not seeing Paul at all, seemed to be in a rather pleasant overall mood.  We went out to dinner on Saturday night and She looked very beautiful.  Perhaps it's because of my cuckold status, but i can't help but notice how many men look Her over very closely.  The looks She sometimes gets makes me a little self conscious and then i start wondering if others just think i'm a lucky husband or suspect that i'm a cuckold?  Strange how a submissive sissy's mind works isn't it?

Here's a follow up to yesterday's post about sissy primping.  i love the feeling of putting lipstick or lip gloss on and i also love how it feels on my lips.  i used to love putting my pretty pouted lips on Jake's lovely cock head.  i miss those days.  Enjoy.

Grateful Girl

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Sissy Primping

From Merriam Webster:

primp  verb \ˈprimp\

: to try to make yourself more attractive by making small changes to your clothes, hair, etc., especially while looking at yourself in a mirror 

transitive verb
:  to dress, adorn, or arrange in a careful or finicky manner
intransitive verb
:  to dress or groom oneself carefully <primps for hours before a date> 
i find myself in a very feminine and reflective mood today.  When i get like this i often daydream and think back about my childhood and the many little "brushes" i had with femininity and the impact those had on who i became.  
My mother was a very attractive woman and always did her best to look nice.  She was a very proud woman and always well dressed.   i wouldn't say she was vain in a bad way, but never seemed to have a hair out of place when she was out in public.  

All of that took some time and it wasn't unusual to see her in curlers in the privacy of our home before she was "going out."  Seeing her that way had an effect on me, a feeling of intrigue and maybe even jealousy.  i sometimes wanted to experience the feeling of being in curlers and wearing some of the pretty things she owned.  

Curlers seem to be a thing of the past.  I'm not sure why and i guess if i asked Diane She'd provide me with a good answer.  i suppose it's because of all the various types of curling irons and other things available to women these days.

Nonetheless, today's one of those days where i'd really enjoy having my hair in curlers in anticipation of a date with a man.  Doing my best to look pretty for him and to make myself desirable.  

Wouldn't it be really sissy like to enjoy your morning coffee in curlers?

Wicked Naughty Diva


sissy terri 
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Sissy Cuckold Disappointments

My Wife Diane's planned meeting with Paul on Wednesday afternoon never took place.  The "non-event" made for an emotional day, for the both of us.

i had been out of town and hurried home to make sure i'd be there in plenty of time to get dressed and assume my position as the sissy cuckold in the guest bedroom at the far end of the house.  Like i've done before, i would wait there while Paul and Diane arrived for their afternoon of fun, make their way to our master bedroom and enjoy each other in a sexual way for a few hours.

i waited with the usual anxiety i have when it comes to things like this as the hours passed so slowly by.  i began to get a little concerned when, thirty minutes after they should have been there, they hadn't arrived.  Finally, after another hour i called Diane on her cell phone and immediately got a text message that said "Sorry I'm busy now.  I'll call you back."  It was one of those automated options that comes with smartphones these days.

Diane's call came back an hour later and She asked me what was up.  I asked Her if everything was alright and if She was still planning on coming over with Paul....

"He had an emergency this afternoon and couldn't make it"  She said rather curtly.

"Oh. Hope everything is okay.  I was worried about you" I told Her.

"Everything's fine.  It was a work emergency and I decided to get a few things done here.  I've got to run.   I'll call you on my way home"  She said before ending the call.

i looked at the clock on the nightstand and realized i'd been waiting there for more than three hours.  There was no apology from Diane for not having called me to let me know Her date with Paul was cancelled.  Not even a "Sorry, I forgot to call" or a "I should have called."  i was left to wait there and worry.  It was obvious that on this day, Diane's sissy wife was an afterthought.

The incident didn't put me in a very good mood, i felt both humiliated and angry.  i wanted to change out of my feminine clothes, put on male clothes and prepare myself for a discussion with Diane.  i opted not to, deciding it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

Paul's cancellation didn't put Diane in a very good mood either.  That was evident when She got home.  i finally decided to tell Her that "i wished You would have called me.  i was worried."   Her response reflected both Her foul mood and how She viewed Her responsibilities in such situations.

Phone Sex
"Well, I didn't call" She said and added sarcastically "And I didn't know I had to."

The rest of the evening had an air of tension.  Later, She got a phone call from Paul and within a minute or two made Her way to our bedroom and shut the door.  She returned nearly an hour later and seemed to be in a better mood, even though She didn't say anything.  Finally, i was the one who apologized for being upset about the whole situation.

"Don't worry"  She said with a grin, "I'll find a way for you to make it up to me."

"i'd like to make it up to You now" i said with a smile of my own.

"Oh really?" She smiled.  "Another orgasm for me?  Why not?  Let's go upstairs."

i followed Diane to the bedroom fully realizing that She had just enjoyed some steamy conversation with Her lover Paul which led to an orgasm.  While She was in the bedroom talking to Paul, i wondered if She was having phone sex with him but dismissed the idea because of Her lousy mood.  i thought instead they might be sorting some things out.  i was wrong.

Evidence of my miscalculation was Diane's wetness when i put my lips between Her thighs and began pleasing Her.  She was still very damp from Her chat with Paul.

It didn't take Diane long to have an orgasm.  As i kissed and licked, i wondered what they had talked about that changed Her mood.  When She came, i wondered what She was thinking about while i was licking between her legs.

These emotional roller coasters aren't very easy to deal with but, it comes with being a married sissy cuckold.


sissy terri
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