Another Little Black Dress

I wear things besides little black dresses, I really do. Things with Colleen and I are going much better. We had a heart to heart and I know where things stand. I can't help, but feel a bit sorry for Katie and Xiu as though I love her to death, I know just how devious Colleen can be and they do seem dead set on not only feminizing Katie, but also punishing Xiu. Jill and I had to kiss and make out some, but Xiu and Katie have taken it to a whole nother level.

Wendy's wedding is coming soon and I'm scared to death about this. Her wedding is going to be very nontraditional, but families and such will be there. Within a week or so, Wendy wants us to come in so she can practice our wedding hair styles. This is going to be one bizarre bachelorette party I can say that.

One person asked about passing as a male--I can do it, but it takes a lot of work. I don't have to do it much fortunately. It's very weird to be in this situation, but I hope to eventually be in a situation like Jill is. She looks male all the time now, except when she dresses up and while she might not be quite as pretty as she was when she did it full time--she's still a very hot woman.
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Am I Crazy to be Jealous of Katie

The first six months of being a sissy were the hardest part. My God, every time I turned around, I felt like I was losing the final scrap of my masculinity only to lose another scrap the next day. Katie, like my beginnings, is not thrilled be be undergoing this transformation, but feels powerless to stop it. So why do I feel jealous?

Colleen had a talk with me before she even began dressing Katie and told me that we filled two different roles. I was her lover, her girlfriend, and at times her boyfriend. Katie was her doll and a chance to do something she's really wanted to since she found out about her brother--feminize a guy. I was pretty much already a finished product when we met.

Still, seeing her all excited about Colleen, is giving me those feelings an older sibling gets when a new baby is born. Colleen is so excited about Katie. I hope when things calm down, it'll be a bit different. I got a lot of questions last time so I thought I'd go through them.

Katy Perry - Very hot in my opinion. Very bland music that I neither hate nor love. I think her look is part of where Colleen came up with the name Katie from.

Chastity - I haven't been in it in a while except as an occasional punishment. It was really uncomfortable. It served Colleen's purpose though of reminding me who controlled me completely.

Moisturizer - Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. Clinique counters are everywhere.

24/7 - Not quite, but 21/7 I'd guess. I am able to look like a guy, but it does take more work than looking like girl does now. I think this is a place where both Colleen and I are happy. Unable to look like a guy is not something I'd be happy with, but she likes that it's work for me.

Breast Forms - They're pricey for the good ones http://www.thebreastformstore.com/breast-forms-store-gold-seal.aspx
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Colleen is Such a Kink

Colleen is such a kink. I don't think she can help herself. That day that I came to the realization that the more feminine I was the more excited she was. It's weird because she had absolutely nothing to do with the decision to feminize her brother in the first place--though she certainly approved. While Jill has basic freedom to dress how she wants, if Colleen is around, she'll assert her authority to send him back into a dress. Oscar night, she came over and we all found ourselves digging out our closest approximations to Hollywood glamour to watch the show, while she sat there in jeans smiling the whole time. Aaron has become a new favorite target of hers and while he's not technically being feminized, she has no trouble using her authority over him to torment him. I asked her what drew her to putting guys in dresses and she told me she loved the power most, but the fact she had such a hottie for a boyfriend had benefits too before kissing me square on my lipsticked mouth. Yep, she's a kink alright.
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