Looking for My Bull

One would think that if a man is looking to romance a woman sufficiently to take her to bed, he'd do his best to make a good first impression.  Or am I just being old-fashioned?

The ad I posted on one of the more popular "dating" sites for married women garnered more than 100 responses rather quickly.  They continue to come in but of the first 100 responses, here's a brief breakdown:

  • 27 men only "winked" at me - I assume they aren't interested and it was just their way of saying hello on the site.
  • 35 men only gave me access to their "private showcase."  I guess I was supposed to be impressed by the assortment of penises, hairy chests and firm buttocks that are out there to be had.  Not very intellectually stimulating.
  • 15 men actually replied with only one sentence or less - less than a sentence is something that was grammatically incorrect.
  • The other 48 actually wrote more than one sentence.
  • I've begun correspondence with three of these 48.
I was surprised that of the 48 who gave me something worth reading, 35 of them either didn't understand what cuckolding was or weren't interested in it.  Surprising because my ad specifically stated that I wanted to cuckold my husband.  So of the first 100, one could say that I have three potential leads worth pursuing.

All three seem to be intelligent and keenly aware of what cuckolding is all about.  Right now I've got no reason to think that before the month is over I will eventually meet the three for coffee or lunch and get to know them a little better.   Before then, I also hope to talk with them live. 

I've made it clear to all three that somehow my sissy wife will be involved.  Not all the time but most of the time she'll be involved either directly or indirectly in what we do.  They say they are all good with it, but before I get into an intimate setting with them, I have to do my best to be sure.  I suppose there is no fool proof way to find out and I'll just have to judge for myself based upon our initial meetings.  If I decide to move forward with one of them after my first meeting, I will include terri at the next meeting and see how the potential lover reacts.

I'm staying positive about this because so far, two of the men seem quite creative about how they see themselves in such a situation.  All of them however have expressed some concern that my "husband" is on board with this.  I can understand that.  I've also told them to rest assured, the "the sissy" is definitely on board. 

Her being on board is just one of the many reasons I love her.

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