Married to a Crossdresser?

Having been married to Diane for a number of years and with two well adjusted daughters in their twenties, i think i can speak with a little bit of experience when it comes to the subject of being a married crossdresser.

In our case, Diane knew about my interest before we were married.  We dated for a long time and i can't really remember how i broke the "news" to her because to be honest, it was something that just kind of came out during our intimate discussions, foreplay and finally sex.  i do remember finally being open about it and telling her straight out that i liked dressing, but by then it was something She already knew and accepted.

i can imagine that discovering that your husband is a crossdresser after you've been married a little while can be quite difficult for a wife.  Fortunately, we never had to go through that.

i wanted to share something i read today that discusses the subject with a great sense of humor.  It's from the website "Blogher.com", a blog that covers a variety of subjects of interest to women (and in turn, someone like me).   The ariticle is called "10 Best and Worst Things About Dating a Crossdresser."  The author isn't dating the crossdresser, she's actually married to him.  So this article will certainly resonate with my married readers.

It's a lighthearted, funny and interesting take on the subject.  i'll let you read it yourself but here's one of the "best things" that i just have to share with you:

"Better Sex- That's right, I said it. It really should be number one, but I didn't want to scare you off. Men who cross-dress want to feel pretty, just like you do, so they know which buttons are the right buttons to push. Ahem. So to speak. If maybe once or twice they dress up before-hand, the turn-on for them when you don't turn away, when you embrace them for who they are, is huge. HUGE, I say."
 That's way too funny!!!  Better sex?  And HUGE?  My goodness.

i guess that makes sense.

Unless of course, your husband is a cuckold :)


sissy terri