Cuckolding - Points to Ponder

If you haven't read Ms. Vanessa Chaland's latest post over at Fetish Furniture Factory on Dominant Women and submissive men, then you're really missing some keen insights into FemDom cuckolding.

No one can explain FemDom relationships and cuckolding quite like Ms. Vanessa.  In this short but powerful posts, She brings forth several important points to ponder.  Here are just a few....

You both understand that emotional attachment can not be overlooked or minimized, but jumping into bed with superior men can be dealt with. Sexual betrayal is not the same as emotional betrayal.

 Your wife is talking to men she sleeps with about how to "handle you" and vice versa. As in maybe how to dominate and/or humiliate you....and whether or not you have to "handle" his dick....or more......should either demand it. 

Sexual cruelty does not mean an absence of love.
Ms. Vanessa's posts are all wonderful, but this one is particularly important.  It's been especially helpful to me.  And to Diane.


sissy terri
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Sissy Cuckold Frustration

i hate thongs.  Yes, they look very sexy on many girls but on a sissy (even ones with the tiniest of clitties) i just don't think they look nice.  And since i don't think they look nice, i don't like wearing them.  And since i don't like wearing them....well, so on and so on.

Diane knows all this and after what happened yesterday, it's safe to assume She shared this information with Her lover Paul.  The information along with some plotting on their part made for a very frustrating and humiliating afternoon for me.

It all began when i received a response from Paul to my daily Chastity Report email.  Here it is verbatim:


You'll be happy to hear I'll be over this afternoon at 2 PM sharp.  And you're probably even more excited to know I have another errand for you to run where you will get to spend a little more of your Victoria's Secret gift card.  Like that?  

Today's shopping list is small, just like the things you're going to buy.  You're to buy two lacy thongs.  One for Diane and one for you.  Her thong in black and yours in pink.  Make sure you buy the right sizes, we don't want those pretty things to go to waste right?

I expect you back with the thongs before I get there.


The email came in shortly after 10:00 AM yesterday not long after I had finished yesterday's blog post.  Paul's noting to buy the right size was an obvious reference to that post.  And the requirement to buy each of us a thong?  Certainly Diane must have let him in on my distaste for them. 

I had a couple of other things to do and when I looked at the time, realized that I would have to get going soon if I wanted to be back in time.  I mentioned the email to Diane and She suggested that "you get your pretty little ass in gear and go shopping."  i was gone in about 10 minutes.

i did my other errands first before i went to Victoria's Secret.  i was my regular nervous self but found what i was supposed to buy and got the usual courteous service from the sales personnel at the store.  It was before noon and the store wasn't that crowded.  i'd be home before one in plenty of time before Paul's scheduled arrival.  i even stopped at a Starbuck's drive thru for a coffee.

Wasn't i surprised when i pulled up the driveway around 1 PM to see Paul's car parked in front of Diane's garage door.  My sissy cuckold mind imagined Paul himself pulled up right behind Diane in our bedroom, just like the front of his car had pulled up next to Her's by the garage.  My imagination wasn't that far off.

Paul and Diane were already in bed together.  It was 1:05 PM.  The bedroom door was closed with a note taped to it that read "Do Not Disturb!  We'll call for you P."  i could hear some soft moans and giggling behind the door.  They knew i was there, our security system has small chimes that go off (one of them is in the master bedroom) when certain doors to the outside are opened.  i had entered the house through one of those doors. 

i waited until 1:43 PM before i was called.  Diane opened the door and called down to me to come up and bring the thongs.  When i entered the bedroom both Paul and Diane were nude, She standing near the bed and Paul laying on it relaxing.  "Strip down and join us for a little while" Diane said then gave me a kiss. 

Stripping down to nothing but my CB-3000, even though Paul's seen it before, was more humiliating than ever.  Probably the circumstances of the whole scene made me feel this way.  While i stripped Diane had gone into the bathroom to retrieve some small scissors to cut the tags off the thongs.  She held them each out and inspected them, taking Hers and holding it in front of Herself while doing a little sexy dance while facing Paul.  He liked what he saw and chuckled. 

"Why don't you slip Diane's on for Her?" he suggested.  It was more than a suggestion and i did it.  Diane handed me the thong, i knelt in front of Her and guided the garment up Her lovely thighs so that it fit nice and snug.  She grabbed my head and pressed it against Her crotch.  i kissed it.  She held me there long enough for me to get an appreciation for Her wetness, probably the result of some heavy foreplay but i didn't think Paul had made "full love" to Her yet.

"Sexy! A perfect fit too." Paul said.  "You're turn, put the pink one's on."

i put the pink one's on quickly and felt silly.  The front of the thong didn't cover the CB-3000 real well.  my stiffled erection was a non issue since it was confined in the plastic dungeon and the back of the thong felt uncomfortable as it nestled between my ass cheeks. 

"Cute!" Diane teased.  "Turn around and show us your pretty little butt."

i did and Diane quickly gave me a swat on the ass. 

"Thank you" She said.  "You can go now.  Go check the laundry room.  There's some ironing to do."

That was it.  i was shocked, embarrassed, humiliated and then some.  i went to pick up my clothes and Diane stopped me.

"No no.  Just like you are now.  Scoot."  There was another slap on the ass.

i left the clothes there and hurried out of the room.  i was alone with my thoughts doing some ironing for some 45 minutes.  There was a pile of clothes in a basket that Diane had taken out of Her closet to be ironed.  Tucked in the middle of the pile were a pair of Paul's slacks that I hadn't seen at first.  Ironing his slacks became the most humiliating cuckold task i've done to date.

my ironing was interrupted when i heard Diane call out.  "Did you get to Paul's pants yet?  He has to leave soon."  i replied that i had and Diane told me to bring them up to the bedroom.  i did and when i got up to the bedroom She was at the door  waiting.  She kissed me, took the pants and closed the door.

i was in the laundry room when Paul left.  He didn't say good bye or anything.  Soon after he walked out the door Diane told me to meet Her upstairs.

i was finally physically involved.  Paul was gone, but had left me a reminder of his presence there that afternoon.


sissy terri
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Panty "waste" and Pantywaists

Every sissy remembers their first visit to a Victoria's Secret.  i felt that i'd never been surrounded by so much feminine finery in all of my life.  The lingerie chain will always rank high on the list of my favorite stores.  As often as i've shopped there, i still get butterflies in my stomach when i go in there to buy something for myself or Diane.

But to be honest, i've never had a bad experience there.  The staff is always smiling, pleasant and helpful.  i get the feeling that they even enjoy helping and selling to crossdressers.  It wouldn't surprise me if many of them even enjoy buying panties and other unmentionables for their boyfriends or significant others.  But i digress.

Yesterday i found this interesting article from "Business Insider" magazine about Victoria's Secret.  What Happens To Victoria's Secret Underwear When You Return It  isn't necessarily a shocking revelation, but considering how many sissies out there who are reluctant or too shy to go in and buy panties, it certainly seems like a "panty waste!"

And for you sissy "pantywaists" reading this who might be in the shopping mood, do i have a sale for you!

Zulily is offering a six-pack set of beautifuly bras for only $34.99!!  That's not a misprint.  And the colors and selection are simply to die for.  There's plenty that are very sissy looking too, including my own personal favorites.  At first glance i thought they were polka dots (i have a thing for polka dots) but they're not.  However the houndstooth style is pretty similar and oozing with femininity.  Naturally, the pink one is my favorite!

Sunday is typically my favorite shopping day.  And even though we're not planning on heading to the mall today, i'm definitely going to take advantage of at least on online sale.  With Diane's permission of course.

Her lover Paul may even stop by today.  If he can't, he told Her to be ready for some phone sex.  That would be nice too.  We both really enjoyed it the last time!


sissy terri
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A Sissy Spanking

Diane doesn't use corporal punishment on me that often.  In fact, She's already received many more spankings from Paul as part of their sex play and the mildly submissive role She plays with him than She's given me in years.  Her domination and punishment is usually of a different sort, less physical and more emotional. 

And lately, because of the positive behavioral effects of my chastity, there's really been no instance where my actions have warranted any discipline.  Since i've been in chastity starting January 1, i've been even more docile, obedient and doting on Diane.  Diane's even commented on how i've become a better "sissy wife."  But, i suppose there's no such thing as the "perfect" sissy wife. 

After a rather contentious meeting with a potential client (they're not potential clients any longer) and a drive back into town i wasn't in the best of moods.  My allergies were also kicking in earlier than usual this year and i was just irritable.  i would be getting home a little later than i'd planned and still had to pick up some fresh fish for dinner. 

Once all the preparations for dinner were done i felt a bit better and just settled in and waited for Diane and watched some basketball.  Diane texted me that She would be at least an hour late.  i asked if She were with Paul and She simply responded "No."  Later, another text added another hour to Her estimated time of arrival. 

i suppose She would have also been in a better mood if Her tardiness was a result of spending time with Paul, but it wasn't.  After expressing Her frustrations when She got home, i responded with what in retrospect was a rather snarky remark about my long wait.  That didn't go over very well and before She put an end to the exchange, i had obviously crossed the line.

One of the benefits of a relationship like ours is that little things rarely become big things.  Before they do, Diane immediately calls a "time out" and reestablishes Her authority.  She doesn't really call a time out per se, but She simply says the discussion is over and i get the point.  Then i get the crop.

i went upstairs to retrieve the crop and was ready to bring it back downstairs when Diane met me at the bedroom door.  "We'll do it here" She said.  "Here" meant me bent over the edge of the bed with my ladies shorts and panties down to my ankles while She swatted me with the crop.  There were forty swats, with short breaks after each group of ten.

Diane decided on the number.  i had to count each one, and during the short breaks i had to apologize to Her for being surly.  i don't know whey She decided on forty swats and never asked.  Each one hurt.  And when it was over, my bottom was red, warm and stinging.

We finally ate the grilled fish last night.  It was a lovely night and we ate outdoors. 

It was also a lovely dinner, albeit delayed by Diane's late arrival, my sissy spanking and time spent worshiping my beautiful Dominant Wife. 

And since we're counting, She did have two orgasms as a result of that worship.


sissy terri

p.s. - Coincidentally, my sissy sister Jo got her own comeuppance  yesterday!
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Tallying Orgasms

A few days ago Mick from Under Contract to My Wife left a comment to my post on Orgams Inequality.  The post was about how, as a result of my being locked in chastity, i've only been allowed to have one orgasm this month while Diane up to that point had enjoyed fourteen days on which she had one or more orgasms.

Mick was shocked that Diane had only had four orgasms through twenty-one days.  Here's his comment:

I'm wondering how Diane can only have 14 orgasms in 21 days? Mistress Molly rarely goes a day without 1 or 2. Is Paul restricting her orgasms the way she restricts yours?
i really can't leave Mick's question unanswered, nor could i respond appropriately without talking to Diane about it.  First, i needed to know if i Diane had told me about every orgasm She had (those that She might enjoy with Paul when i'm not present are conveyed to me and i put then on the Chastity Report) and second, i wanted to get Her thoughts on having "only 14 orgasms in 21 days."  And we also talked about Paul and if he'd ever restricted Her orgasms.  It was an interesting discussion.  And lastly, i also did some research over at the Under Contract to my Wife blog to verify Mick's claims.

Let's start with my research.  Admittedly, it wasn't exhaustive (the blog has been around for awhile and probably has more than 1500 posts.  But with few if any exceptions, Mick's claims appear to be quite accurate with little exaggeration.  His Mistress Molly seems to be a sex machine, an-orgasm producing dynamo that puts even very sexually active women like Diane to shame.   "Two-a-days" as they're referred to over there are routine.  Some of the orgasms even take place in Mick's office at lunch time.  Really.

Diane was even impressed but did admit that "there was at least one orgasm" She failed to tell me about "and maybe another."  She also put up a slight defense for Her meager number compared to Molly's:  "I have a very busy full time job and schedule you know.  I think my numbers are pretty good.  And it's not like I have access to Paul every day either."  That last comment kind of hurt a little.

"You do know that i'm always available" i added.  i couldn't let that last comment just hang there.

"Not always.  Sometimes you're gone and the timing with Paul isn't good.  Maybe I should do the solo thing like you used to before we got that under control."  OUCH.  It's true that my masturbatory habit has come to a dead stop since January 1st, but She didn't have to put it that way.

Diane does have plenty of toys to play with (yes, i'm one of them) and could certainly find something to suit Her if neither Paul or i were around.  So why not suggest it?

"That's not a bad idea.  But I still don't think I could match those numbers."  We both laughed which put the conversation in its proper context; sexy, fun and under Her control.

Last night when Diane got home from work i was told to go get a specific toy out of Her closet.  i think it was called a "rabbit vibrator" or something like that.  It has a funny little protrusion at the tip and it can also rotate in circles among other options.  "Just lay it on the bed and I'll be up in a few minutes."

Diane did use the toy for a bit.  But in the end, it was "old reliable" that sent Her swooning.  She tasted so good.  Another green day on the Chastity Report.


sissy terri
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Cuckolding Postponed

The semi-regular Wednesday afternoon tryst between Paul and Diane never materialized yesterday.  A big disappointment for them and likely on a smaller scale, a disappointment for me as well.  i think the longer time span between the meetings between the two of them in which i'm involved, the more my anxiety builds.  If they were to meet more regularly and i was always involved, i would be less nervous and less anxious. 

Diane may have been disappointed but wasn't upset.  She was busy as well and they both have jobs that can be highly stressful at times and yesterday was one of those days for the both of them.  "Why should I be upset" She said, posing a rhetorical question of sorts and before I could provide any response added "when I have my own orgasm-producing machine right here" as She touched my lips with Her pointing finger. 

It was a very dominant statement and gesture and sent a little tingle down between my legs.  The tingle turned into arousal which in turn, given my chastised state, turned into discomfort.  i stayed uncomfortable for a very long time because She immediately went up to the master bedroom.  i followed and used those sensual lips between Her legs. 

It was another greed day for Her on the chastity report.  Again, there was no pink for me despite Diane's best efforts with the strap-on.

At dinner, Diane hinted that Paul might be free this weekend and able to stop by on Saturday or Sunday.  "Would you like that?" She asked me.  "Not as much as You would" was my answer.  "You're right" She said with a chuckle. 

i did get this from Paul in response to my Chastity Report email this morning.


Sorry to disappoint yesterday.  I'll try to make it up to both of you soon.

Another tease, yet nothing set in stone.  That's fine because i haven't made any set plans for this weekend.  Diane makes them for me anyway.


sissy terri
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Cuckold Frustrations

Today is Wednesday, better known as "Cuckold Day" here at our house.  It's the day that barring any scheduling conflicts, excessive workloads or any other of life's distractions, Diane gets to spend some late afternoon time with Her lover Paul here in our home. 

When it comes to their Wednesday afternoon "dates" there's not much that i'm told ahead of time.  Information is fed to me in pieces if at all and as Diane put it once before, it's "on a need to know basis."  Obviously, there's very little need for me to know. 

Now that my cuckolding is out in the open with Paul, the lack of certainty and all the ambiguity about what's going to take place on any given Wednesday can be very frustrating.  i'm beginning to think it's even more frustrating than it was before, when the full aspects of of my submission to Diane was revealed to Paul. 

It's just a little past noon here and i'm not even sure if Paul and Diane are coming over later this afternoon.  Diane wasn't sure this morning when She left, indicating that both She and Paul had very full schedules today but that i should go about my day as usual, planning for them to be here around 3:00 PM or shortly thereafter.

"My day" as Diane puts it is a rather full one.  The list of things to do is longer than usual, even though it doesn't include a trip to Victoria's Secret that Paul alluded to in an email to me a few days ago.  That's another frustration, since he hasn't corresponded since.  i've also got plenty of laundry to do, a pile that includes many of Diane's "summer clothes" that were taken out because of the warming weather.  Much of it has to be ironed as well.  There were errands to run which i completed this morning so that i could change into my maids uniform for the indoor domestic duties. 

And so i wait.  There's still plenty to do and it's unlikely i'll be done by the time they arrive if they come at all.  The workload makes me wonder if Diane planned it that way so that when they were here making love in our bed, Her sissy wife would be busy doing chores in Her maids uniform - a heavy dose of sissy cuckold humiliation.  Or maybe She wanted to keep me busy in case they didn't show up.

i always over-think these things.  It's my personality and it's who i am.  And part of it is my craving for attention.  All submissives need it i suppose.  Diane says it's my poorly-disguised attempts to "top from the bottom."

Whatever it is, She takes full advantage of it.


sissy terri
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Housewife or Househusband?

Traditional gender roles continue to blur.  Nothing is simply black and white anymore, or even male and female.  Women in authority are more prevalent in the workplace and at home, the roles are even more confusing. 

But if you're a married male and responsible for all the housework and domestic duties at home, and you do them while dressed, then face the music...your not a househusband.

You're a housewife.  Or at a minimum, a sissy wife.  Just enjoy it.


sissy terri

P.S. - Did you see my sissy sister Leeane's "confession" yesterday in a comment to my blog post?  If not, make sure you read it here.  i'm so happy i'm not "alone."
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Sissy Thoughts & Pictures

Just a few sissy thoughts that have been cluttering my mind lately....

  • All of the sissy sisters are different, but it just dawned on me that i'm the only one who's in chastity.  i've never asked them how many orgasms they've each had this month.  i'll bet it's more than my one.
  • And yesterday, i discovered a really bad omission on my part when it comes to my blog.  Somehow, i never added my sissy sister Candi's tumblr blog to my "Sensual and Sexy Tumblr Blogs" listing.  Well, it's finally there so please make sure to check out Randi Candi soon.  Here's a taste of what you'll find there....                                                                                            
    Don't worry....Candi can be slutty too!
    • A recent anonymous comment on a post about my chastity commitment was quite interesting.  It read: " I've grown to like Paul.... And his little subtle Dominant comments which surprises Me considering how I felt in the beginning. :)"   The comment brought back memories about the initial reaction from some readers to one of my first meetings with Paul.  It was definitely a mixed reaction and i was a bit uneasy myself.  Thankfully, i trusted Diane throughout. 
    • And speaking of Paul, he sent me another intriguing note late yesterday afternoon that made reference to my hardly-used Victoria's Secret gift card.  "Are you ready for another shopping assignment?" was all the email said.  i submissively responded "Yes Sir, i am."  i haven't heard back yet but this time, i hope i get to buy something for myself.
    • Another thing about shopping.  It's been a long time since Diane and i have gone shopping together specifically for lingerie or any other feminine item.  i really miss it.                                    
    •  Time for a sissy photo don't you think?  See...i have this fantasy about me and my sissy sisters where.....
    •  i want to thank everyone who leaves comments here.  i don't blog to get comments, but receiving feedback is always welcome and i enjoy it very much.  i hope you don't mind my requiring approval of comments before they're published.  i only did it because of one person who left some very bigoted and comments once that i had to remove.  They were aimed at one specific individual who had left a comment.  Other than that, i've posted everything you've left.  So again, thanks very much.
    • Diane also brought up the comments the other day.  A long time ago, She made it a requirement that i answer each one.  Somehow, i stopped and She didn't say anything about it.  So a few days ago She said "Whatever happened that made you decide not to follow my rule?"   OUCH!  She hinted that a spanking might be in order and that maybe the rule should be put back in place..."Not that it was ever removed!"                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    • Finally, i hope everybody's NCAA bracket is still in relatively good shape.  For us, the tournament is always kind of fun to watch.  i just wish they showed the cheerleaders a little more!                                                                                                                                                  
    Think Kentucky will go all the way?


    sissy terri
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    Orgasm Inequality

    As i prepared today's Chastity Report for Diane and Paul, i added another green block to Diane's "Orgasm Column" and couldn't help but notice the growing disparity between Her green column and my pink one.  Of the twenty one days in March, fourteen have green blocks.  Only one has pink. 

    The pink block represents the one, singular orgasm i enjoyed this month. On the other hand, Diane's green blocks rarely represent just one orgasm.  Like yesterday, She most often enjoys multiple orgasms during lovemaking, many times even insisting upon it.  Some women are multi-orgasmic.  Many men are not.  That's especially true of sissies in chastity.

    Diane saw Paul briefly yesterday and it's unlikely She had an orgasm while they were together.  i didn't ask and She didn't tell.  When She got home we watched our local college team move on to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament and once the game was over, i was led immediately to the bedroom.

    As i pleasured Her, i had many sissy thoughts on my mind which added to my arousal.  When i'm like that i wonder if Diane can tell by how i provide Her pleasure.  Does my arousal make me do a better job?  Does She wonder why?  My arousal was heightened yesterday by several factors and with my CB-3000 preventing any full erection, it seemed like my sexual frustration was mounting.

    As Diane enjoyed Her orgasms (one was especially powerful) it was obvious my condition was of no concern to Her.  Nor should it be.  i'm the submissive.  There for Her pleasure.  It's not the meant to be the other way around.  Yet when it was over and She told me to get Her strap-on and harness, for a moment i sensed an expression of concern, or at least interest, for my sexual frustration.

    "Get the strap-on and stuff.  Let's see what we can do" She said.  There were no instructions to remove the CB-3000.  It would stay on.  "Let's see what we can do" meant She was going to try to give me an orgasm while i was locked.  Something that has yet to happen.

    i've read that orgasms while in chastity are possible.  While i've yet to experience one, i've come very close so i believe it can happen.  From my personal "close" experiences, i believe they come about as a result of a combination of things.  The eroticism of what's taking place at the time is obviously important, as is the mental state and thought process of the individual trying to experience the orgasm.  Sensual touching, teasing, verbal and other stimuli also play a role. 

    Yesterday, i came close....very close.  Diane made sensual love to me with Her strap-on and seemed to say all the right things that put me into deep subspace and sissy heaven.  A couple of times i thought i was going to cum and even seem to feel a little bit of precum leaking out.  i came close, but didn't come.

    Diane enjoyed our little session and made it a point to tell me.  "It's fun to use you this way" She said, "even when you don't cum" She laughed.  "Especially when you don't cum" She added in Her own teasing way.  "Don't worry about it" She said, "It's going to happen sooner or later."

    i could have easily had an orgasm.  All Diane had to do was unlock me and take the CB off.  i would have exploded in less than a minute.  But that would have been the easy and simple thing to do. 

    Chastity is the new reality here.  My orgasms aren't going to be easy and simple.

    Neither are they going to be equal in number to Diane's.


    sissy terri
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    My Chastity Commitment

    i spent much of yesterday doing some volunteer work, a situation that precludes me from wearing my chastity belt.  i could wear it, but it's better than i don't. So i spent a little less than 10 hours unlocked, bringing my monthly percentage down slightly.

    The effect that chastity has had on me has been profound.  How i've handled this and the effect it's had on me has surprised both Diane and i.  For instance yesterday, as soon as i got back home the first thing i did was to get back into my CB-3000.  i've become very good at putting it on and i was locked in a matter of minutes.

    The urge to "cheat" (or please myself like a sissy) was there and several months ago i would have no doubt succumbed to that urge.  But now, with almost three full months of chastity under my "belt" - thought you'd like that one - that same urge is overpowered by my commitment to chastity.

    Last night shortly after pleasing Her and adding another orgasm in Her column on the Daily Chastity Report, i mentioned how i'd gotten back into chastity immediately upon my return from the volunteer assignment.  "That's what you're supposed to do isn't it?" was Her response.  Not that i was expecting a compliment because She's right, it is what we agreed upon and what i'm supposed to do in such situations.  i was just hoping She would share in my amazement at how well things have gone.  Eventually She did, sort of.

    "Don't worry.  I don't take your chastity for granted" She said.   i wasn't quite sure what She meant by that, but was certain that it was said with much affection and love.

    i sent out the Daily Chastity Report to Diane and Paul early this morning.  Diane was still sleeping and i'd forgotten that Paul was on call and possibly up and working this weekend until he fired back this quick response:


    Your time in chastity this month is impressive despite yesterday's minor setback.  Also nice to see you took my earlier instructions to heart.  See you Wednesday?


    The note surprised me and for a moment, i wasn't sure what he meant by his "earlier instructions."  Then i remembered that last month, he sent me a brief note telling me that my time in chastity for February needed improvement.  Paul's subtle display of his dominance in the note along with his teaser about this coming Wednesday has me aroused.

    Coming from my Wife's lover, it's also pretty embarrassing.


    sissy terri
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    Cuckold & Housewife Duties

    For most men (real men) three days away on a business trip doesn't mean they return to a few days worth of housework.  Maybe for some, but not many.  It's different for a submissive who's in a situation like mine.

    There's plenty to do.  There's a few days worth of laundry, some ironing, dusting and plenty of errands to run.  i have to go to the grocery store, the hardware store and the dry cleaners.  The trip to the hardware store isn't to pick up anything that would require manly skills, unless changing light bulbs falls into that category.  No, none of my tasks today remotely resemble anything masculine.

    It may not sound like too much to do, but it's compounded by the fact that i'm going to be gone most of today because of a monthly volunteer commitment.  The housework will be waiting for me when i get home.

    There's one particular task however that's always more "significant" than the others.  It's significant because of the powerful symbolism it carries.  It speaks volumes about our relationship and my status.  And it's a task i've already performed because Diane insisted i get it completed last night.

    The task?  Changing the sheets in our bed.  i do it regularly so it's no big deal.  But having to do it after Diane and Paul have made love in our marital bed is a big deal.

    This time, i changed the sheets a full day after they made love on Wednesday.  Since i was away i couldn't do it on Wednesday evening.  Diane purposely waited until i returned so that i could change the sheets.

    Diane could have done it herself.  She used to change the sheets but it's been a long time since She's done it.  As a Dominant Wife with a submissive sissy wife of Her own, She doesn't have to.

    i believe Diane enjoys the significance that the task now carries.  With Paul making regular visits, it's likely i'm going to be the only one changing the sheets in our bed.


    sissy terri
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    Babydoll Fantasies

    My fondness for babydoll pajamas began many years ago when i spotted a pair of my sister's that she had bought to attend a pajama party.  When i saw them i wanted nothing more than to wear them and eventually i did.  Unbeknownst to her or anyone else in the house.  At that time, those babydoll pajamas were the most beautiful and feminine things i'd ever seen.

    This fondness got stronger and i guess you can say it grew to an obsession.  The majority of my early fantasies involved my wearing babydoll pajamas.  As my fantasy repertoire expanded, other items of feminine finery were added to the mix, but throughout the years, the babydoll always held a prominent place.

    i thought of this as i slept in my flowered babydolls last night, one of two pairs i brought along on my trip.  i'm not sure how many pairs i have at home.  Suffice to say i have many.

    Anyways, i was just thinking......

    Don't you wish babydoll pajamas grew on trees?

    If they did, i would plant an orchard!


    sissy terri

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    Sissy Cuckolds, Jealousy & Bubble Baths

    A combination of things, all of them very minor, seemingly irrelevant and unrelated that took place over the last couple of days have put me in a rather blah and melancholy mood.  Diane merely chalks it up to my "sissy hormones" kicking in during my "time of the month."  That's possible.  If so, then i should be feeling better within a few days.

    Yesterday i flew to Atlanta for a couple of meetings today and will be heading back home tomorrow.  As most of you know i'm semi-retired and by choice, haven't been doing much consulting over the last year.  When i do take on a job, it means that sometimes because of travel, meetings and the like, there's a "break" in the submissive lifestyle we have.  i've grown to enjoy my life as Diane's submissive wife and cuckold and as such, any break makes me a bit sad.

    Also, i made the flight while wearing my CB-3000.  Instead of the little brass lock i wore a numbered lock.  There were no issues at security but as you might expect.  There was plenty of angst and anxiety.  i did this at Diane's insistence.  Even though there are no body scanners at the terminal i would be using, that didn't help reduce the anxiety.  For the return trip, Diane's given me permission to take off the CB. 

    Diane's demand that i wear the belt for the trip and my total obedience reinforced just how submissive and compliant i've become.  Sure we discussed it, but there was very little resistance on my part as i replay the discussion in my mind.  The thought of standing my ground and refusing to wear the CB never crossed my mind.  Yes, this is the lifestyle i've wanted and fantasized about yet this little travel incident makes me a bit sad also.

    Then there's Diane's meeting with Paul today.  They will be making love at our house this afternoon, probably around the time i'll be headed out to dinner with some clients.  i'm jealous about it.  Sure, feeling jealous comes with being a cuckold but this is different.  I feel more jealous now that i've been "outed" to Paul and become more involved in their play.  Before, when Paul didn't know that i knew there was jealousy and envy but not nearly as much as i feel it now.  If i were there with them, even though they might put me through some rather humiliating paces, perhaps i'd be less jealous.

    This funk kind of started yesterday during my flight.  i tried to put myself into a better mood by taking a relaxing bubble bath in my hotel room last night.  i've always looked at bubble baths as a very feminine and gurly thing to do.  They're relaxing in a sensual and luxurious sort of way.  i went to a high end department store that's just a short distance from the hotel i'm staying at and bought some lavender scented bubble bath.  i shaved my legs while taking the bath and enjoyed myself.

    The bubble bath did put me in a better mood and i had a surprisingly good night's sleep (in some pink babydolls of course).  This morning, i was perked up and ready for my meeting. 

    Knowing that Diane and Paul will be enjoying themselves without me later today isn't going to help my mood any.  Thank goodness i have plenty of bubble bath left.


    sissy terri

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    St. Patrick's Day Sissies

    Everyone is Irish today (or so they say) and with the obligatory wearin' of the green, sissies should take at least one day off from their favorite pastel color or colors and slip into panties that befit the day!

    Over at The Sissy Sisters blog, our sister Penney pays a special tribute to green panties and the like with a "parade" of her personal St. Patrick's Day panties.  And most of those panties come adorned with some pretty bows which, if you read about their significance on Penney's panties on this post, you'll understand why Penney is always so happy!

    And speaking of our new blog, i'm absolutely elated to announce the addition of another beautiful sissy sister to our editorial staff.  This sissy comes with one of the most extensive resumes when it comes to sexy, sensual and sissy blogging.  Effective today, Leeanne Montgomery has joined The Sissy Sisters and we're elated and excited to have her join us.  Leanne and i are kindred spirits with nearly identical fantasies and lifestyles.  The way she expresses those fantasies in unparalleled in the sissy blogger world.  i'm sure her posts on the new blog are going to arouse and excite you.  Thank goodness i'm in chastity!

    Welcome Leeanne....hugs and kisses to you!!!

    There's a bit of a downer when it comes to my own cuckolding situation this week.  i'm going to be away from home on Wednesday when Paul comes over to be with Diane.  It's been awhile since he's been here and despite all my past anxiety and nervousness, i was looking forward to once again serving the two of them.  Instead, i'm experiencing pangs of jealousy.  i'll be in a distant city while Paul provides Diane with the pleasures She can only get from "a real man."

    In the meantime, i've got my green panties on (sorry, no bows on them) but realize i should have
    planned ahead for this special day. 

    i'd feel much prettier (and like a bigger sissy than i already am) if i had ordered a pair of these beautiful St. Patty's green ruffled panties with a beautiful sissy bow.

    Definitely next year!


    sissy terri
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    Chastity Update

    We're on our way back home in a short while and remarkably, while on this mini-vacation, i've remained in chastity throughout.  And even more surprising is that barring any "emergencies", by the time we get back home later this afternoon, i will have been in constant chastity for more than a week, with the exception of when i'm allowed out to bathe or shower.

    i would never, ever have thought that i would ever be able to accomplish that.  Diane is very proud of me also.  Above all else, that's what is most important.  A Domme's satisfaction with their submissive is hard to quantify.  Even more difficult to explain is the submissive's own pleasure that is dervived by the Domme's satisfaction.  In a way, it's a cycle that pleases the other exponentially.

    my percentage of time in chastity this month is in the high 90's.  And even though the year-to-date percentage barely moves each day as the numbers grow larger, it does creep up as i progress.  i know there will be setbacks and times where i just can't be in chastity.  Those times will make me more committed to the lifestyle when i can be locked.

    The whole thing makes me wonder just how high the expectation will be in the future.  Will there be any changes?  Great demands?  Or maybe, something totally unrelated to chastity that will be expected of me.  Crazy thoughts, but that's how a sissy cuckold's mind works.  At least it's how mine does.


    sissy terri

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    The Phone Cuckold

    Some things are kept secret between a wife, her lover and her cuckold.  In many cases, it's all secret.  The unsuspecting husband is a cuckold and the poor guy doesn't even know it.   That's one scenario of several scenarios.

    As our own situation evolved, Paul became fully aware of my knowledge of his and Diane's affair.  He also knew about my submission to Diane and eventually, all the other things that submission entails.  Sexually, there's little he doesn't know.  And since then, i've become involved in some of their intimate activities.

    There's still however, some things that go on between Diane and Paul that i'm either not involved in or fully aware of what's transpiring.  Sometimes Diane tells me, other times She doesn't.  It's totally up to Her.  There's also some things they discuss they i don't know about.  Thought it's difficult to accept at times, this intrigue is what also makes the situation so satisfying for a submissive like me, as perverse as it may sound.

    Late yesterday afternoon, shortly before we went out for the evening, Paul called Diane and asked if She was in the mood for some phone sex.  He was, and not surprisingly that put Her in the same mood.  After their immediate schedules were coordinated, they agreed that Paul would call Her back in a half hour.

    i assumed that i'd be asked to step out to give Diane the privacy She deserved.  i was wrong.  "I want you here" She told me.  i was told to strip and go put on a bra and panty set.  i hadn't brought any fancy matching bra and panty sets on this trip but managed to put on a white bra and some pink panties.  Diane didn't seem to mind my choice.  Then i waited for Paul to call.

    i've often been with Diane in just bra and panties but this time i felt pretty silly.  i was there just waiting for Her lover to call, standing or sitting their in the bra and panty She wanted me to wear.  There was little conversation between Diane and i while we waited for the call, strangely adding to my embarrassment.  There was no foreplay, just the wait.  In chastity, i began to feel myself getting a bit bigger, the silly feeling was a humiliating one and that excited me.

    Finally, Paul called and Diane went to lay down on the bed.  She was totally naked.  i stood there waiting for instructions.  She told Paul that "the sissy's here too.  Hope you don't mind."  Apparently he didn't.  She proceeded to tell him what I was wearing then in an apparent answer to a question about my chastity status said "Of course she's locked."  More humiliation.

    Diane continued to talk to Paul but at the same time directed me onto the bed, summoning me with the pointing finger of Her right hand.  She spread Her legs, laid back onto a big pile of pillows and pointed between Her legs.  i began to kiss and lick Her there, where there was already a significant amount of wetness.

    What came as a surprise was that after a few minutes, Diane, at what was definitely Paul's request, put Her phone on speaker.

    "Good afternoon sissy" Paul's voice boomed over the speaker.  It was loud and i was fearful that guests in the hallway would hear.  Diane, also surprised at the volume, quickly adjusted the volume.

    "No need to answer sissy.  Just continue what you're doing" Paul said and without skipping a beat continued talking to Diane.  Though i was now privy to their entire conversation and lovingly pleasing my wife with my mouth, i felt very insignificant to what was going on.

    As they conversed, with Paul doing most of the talking, i could sense which words and phrases turned Diane on the most.  It was easy to tell.  i could feel and taste Her juices flowing, feel Her body twinge and hear Her reactions to his voice and his commands.

    This wasn't one of those conversations that would be kept a secret to me.

    i'm not allowed to share what was said by either Paul or Diane.  It's a secret.  But it was a secret between the three of us, not just the two of them.

    Paul, with my help of course, was able to give Diane two orgasms during the phone call.  He was gracious enough to thank me, saying "it sounded like you did a real good job."

    Admittedly, i did do a good job.  But i have to say, so did he.  It's obvious he really knows how to push Diane's buttons.


    sissy terri

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    The Sissy Bridal Expo

    Just a couple of months ago, our city's annual "Bridal Expo" was held at one of the swankier resorts in town.  As usual it was very well attended, almost exclusively by soon-to-be brides, their mothers, their bridesmaids and the like.  i doubt very much there were any sissies with bridal fantasies in the crowd.  Maybe, but very unlikely.

    Like me, they probably just stayed home and fantasized about....

    Posing on their special day in a beautiful gown like this....

    Or this.....

    Or maybe, they fantasized about what it would be like to go shopping for a bridal gown....

    And just how much fun their wedding day would be....

    And of course, their wedding night....

    Bridal fantasies....we all have them don't we?

    All pictures courtesy of The Sissy Brides and The Transgendered Bride.


    sissy terri
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    The Sissy Experiment

    i've been wanting to do this for a long time.  A very, very, very long time really.  And finally, with Diane's permission and the good fortune of finding three beautiful and loving sissy gurlfriends, i can now move forward.

    No it's not a sissy pajama party (but that is definitely in the plans) but instead a collaborative effort to create a new blog called The Sissy Sisters.  The new blog came about as a result discussions the four of us have had amongst ourselves over the past several weeks.  It's really brand new and still evolving.  i don't expect it to be "fully operational" for another couple of weeks and it will be a totally separate entity from this blog.

    The blog will be unique in that it will provide its readers with an opportunity to read things from four different perspectives.  Each of us brings our own ideas, style, viewpoints and most importantly our unique approach to submissiveness and femininity.  It will be a forum of sorts, one with plenty of diversity that will hopefully generate more interaction with its readers.

    Bear with us while we're still in the "construction" stage.  We'll be posting and working on the blog at the same time.

    Oh, and just who are my sissy partners-in-crime for this new joint venture.  Well, it's not exactly a secret but for now you'll just have to follow this link to find out who they are!


    sissy terri
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    Just Sissy Dresses

    With minimal activity (just some silly phone sex and kinky sexting) going on between Diane and Paul, there's not too much to report here when it comes to cuckolding.  Of course, i remain a cuckold despite the geographical distance between Diane and Paul.  It's a feeling that just doesn't go away.

    But in following with this week's "Fashion" theme, here are a handful of pretty dresses that seem just right for a variety of sissy occasions!

    If you're in a hot pink mood and like a few extra crinolines, you can't been this cute little sissy number.  Prom maybe?

    And what about that special cocktail party you've been invited to?  You know, the one She wants you to go all dressed up for!

    Feel like taking a step back to the late 60's early 70's?  You'll be the perfect feminine fit in this cute little outfit!

    Invited to a summer cocktail party?  Drinks around the pool maybe?  They'll be spilling drinks all over you if you're wearing this!

    And at the end of the day, just because it's time for bed doesn't mean  you can't wear a dress.  Head to the bedroom dressed like this and you'll be certain to have some fun...especially with the cuffs!

    Have a favorite?

    i still can't make up my mind!


    sissy terri
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    Bra and Panty Specials

    As i mentioned in yesterday's post, we're out of town for the next several days.  No work (well, hopefully) and for Diane, no Paul (sadly).   Sexually, there are ways in which i cannot replace Paul, even if i were allowed to try.  However, there are ways that i can pleasure Diane that he cannot.  That's the way it often is with wives, their lovers and their cuckolds!

    So following this week's "sissy fashion" theme, today's post features some of the more unique bra and panty sets (Diane and i love matching bra and panty sets) that i posted on my tumblr site during the month of January.

    This first one isn't typical because it features a long line bra and lovely full cut panty.  i love the satin and white lace trim too!

    For many, this next set might have too many ruffles.  It depends on what you have in mind for the wearer doesn't it?

    A floral print, ruffles and bows....why no lace trim?  Ok...femme enough as is!

    Here's another long line bra and full cut panty in what appears to be a shapewear type material.  It shapes this model perfectly!

    Bows, little swiss dots, lace and a very pretty pink.  i need it NOW!

    Aren't they all nice to look at?


    sissy terri
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    Sissy Fashion Week - Petticoats

    We're leaving tomorrow morning for the remainder of the week and should be back home Sunday.  Diane was off to work very early this morning to catch up on a multitude of tasks and told me not to expect Her until some time this evening.  No doubt one of the tasks is to spend some time with Paul.  A Wife who cuckolds can't be expected to be away from Her lover for too long right?

    While i'm away, and Diane and Paul are apart, i thought it might be a good idea to highlight some sissy fashions that i enjoy throughout the week.  It's probably a little more mundane than some of my posts, but i promise you if anything exciting happens (like say....the key to my chastity belt is lost) then i'll make sure to share it with you!

    So without further adieu, let's move on to today's fashion feature....the petticoat.

    How many sissies can relate?  Whether the fascination was with the woman who was wearing a petticoat, or with the garment itself, it was real and it was powerful.  Flaubert's quote applies to both situations doesn't it?

    The petticoat is as beautiful an expression of femininity, in and out of the bedroom....

    While my first infatuations were with the full, multi-layered versions with rows and rows of crinolines, i quickly realized that fullness wasn't necessary to express femininity....the shorter versions worked quite well!

    The plain white petticoat will always be one of my favorites.....

    With corsets, the shorter the petticoat, the better!

    Shouldn't we have more dresses that are made to be worn with petticoats available today?

    Have a petticoat fantasy or story to tell?  Please share!


    sissy terri
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    My Chastity Secret

    i wouldn't call it a nightmare, but the dream i was having caused me to wake up startled, a bit disoriented and afraid of what would happen next.  A few seconds later i realized where i was and suddenly felt relieved.

    Rarely am i able to recall my dreams with much specificity or detail except in very small snippets.  When it comes to any "plot" or "storyline" to the dream, forget it.  Usually the little snippets i do remember come with very little context; nothing about what happened before the memorable incident. 

    In this particular dream one of our best friends somehow either brushed up against my crotch, with her hand no less, and felt the bulge of my CB-3000.  Our friend Valerie immediately turned, looked at me and said "Oooohhh....Wow!" and smiled.  My immediate reaction was that Valerie thought it was an erection but when i saw Her whispering to Diane and giggling, i thought my chastity had been "outed."

    All of this took place at "dream speed", a matter of moments where all these thoughts and things happen at once and then i woke up.  Before i was fully reoriented to my surroundings i had a strong urge to take off the chastity belt out of embarrassment.  Instead, like any submissive husband who wakes up in an aroused state when in chastity, i went to the bathroom and sat down to pee, waiting for some relief from the pressure within the restrictive cage.

    The seeds for the dream were likely planted several weeks ago when Diane and i planned a vacation with our very best friends Rhett and Valerie.   After we'd done so, i mentioned to Diane that the vacation might be another week where my time in chastity might not be as high as usual.  She just laughed it off and said "We'll see."

    We've very close to Rhett and Valerie and we've been friends for a very long time.  It won't be the first vacation we take together.  We've done it just the four of us and with our kids as well.  We're not swingers or anything, but we're very dear friends.

    One of my initial concerns about being in chastity so much was whether or not it would be noticeable to others?  It didn't take long for Diane to convince me that it really wasn't.  i agreed.  Someone would have to be staring at my crotch for a while to detect anything different.  As a result i've become more comfortable wearing it most all the time.

    The dream brought back concerns about the possibility, accidental or not, of someone feeling the very rigid shape of the chastity belt.  The panties i wear, or any type of underwear for that matter, provide no real protection to avoid discovery by touch.  Personally, i don't think it's easily mistaken for an erection.  If that happens, then what's next? Will they expect some sort of explanation?  What will they think?  If they question me, what am I to say?  It's all pretty unlikely, but it's been on my mind the past couple of days.

    Right now, the only people who know that i'm in chastity are Diane, Paul and Diane's best friend Linda.  Of course, my "sissy sisters" know but that's different.

    If someone were to discover my secret, i'm sure i wouldn't be the first submissive sissy it's happened to.  However, i'd much prefer my chastity remain a secret.


    sissy terri
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    Women's Work - It's For Sissies Too!

    It's going to be a pretty busy weekend, one made busier by the fact that i was away at a conference most of the day yesterday.  It was right here in town so i at least i didn't have to travel, but it took time away from my "housewife" duties.  We've also got a few things going on over the next couple of days which will also detract from my housework.  No matter how busy we get, those duties remain my responsibility and i have to get them done.

    Two recent and rather significant additions to our lifestyle, chastity and my involvement with Diane and Her lover Paul, seem to have taken up most of the space on this blog and for good reason.  They were both very emotionally challenging issues to deal with.  Far more difficult than hand washing the lingerie, ironing, laundry, dusting, washing the bathrooms and vacuuming! 

    A few years ago when i was recently retired and we were at a cocktail party, Diane said to no one in particular how nice it was to have a husband who was retired. "The house is always nice and clean when i get home and all the housework's done" was how She put it.  One of the men in our circle grumbled "Ahhh....that's women's work.  I'd have to find something else to do!"  His wife then joked that he'd rather trip over his own clothes on the floor than pick them up.  There was a little laughter before we moved on to another and far more interesting topic, but there was also a loving look and smile from Diane.

    i suppose in many of today's modern marriages domestic duties are shared equally among both spouses.  As such, the term "women's work" might seem very outdated, old-fashioned and sexist.  i'd have to agree.

    i like the term though.  i also think that in many ways, ours is a modern marriage also.  It's one where traditional spousal roles are eschewed for something different.  One where i as the male embrace the challenge of taking on what used to be viewed as exclusively the woman's responsibilities.

    But in the midst of all that's happened here the past several months, i've continued to fulfill my domestic responsibilities.  All the woman's work i have to do is far less exciting and sexually thrilling
    than the cuckolding, chastity and other aspects of Diane's domination over me.  As routine as it is, it never becomes totally mundane.  i always get to wear something feminine and pretty to do housework.  It's a reminder of who i am and the role i've lovingly accepted.

    i also have "wifey" responsibilities in the bedroom.  i get to dress pretty for those too!


    sissy terri

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    Office Intimacy

    Not every cuckold is as lucky as i am.  i get to share in my Dominant Wife's pleasures in a very intimate way.  True, my in-person active and passive participation with Diane and Her lover Paul is rather recent but there was also plenty of "sharing" before this began a month or so ago. 

    My knowledge of their affair and Diane's willingness to share intimate details and more with me helped feed my submissive cuckold urges.  Of course, Her needs were met as well.

    In addition, the sex and intimacy between the two of them was not limited in scope to what took place in our marital bed.  Both of them have offices that afford them the space, privacy and safety where their sexual needs and desires can at least be temporarily fulfilled until they get to play in a more comfortable setting. 

    Last month some time, Diane had me notate the days on which each of us enjoyed an orgasm on my daily Chastity Report.  The days Diane had orgasms are highlighted in green while mine are highlighted in pink.  It's Her own creative way to keep track of such things.   Yes, there's far more green than pink. 

    Diane "worked" a little later than usual last night.  We were going to a local college basketball game and instead of coming home first She called and told me to meet Her near Her office where She usually parked Her car.  We'd go to the game together. 

    As we drove to the game making small talk, Diane casually reminded me to "make today green for me" when i filled out the chastity report.  She did so with a smile on Her face.  She didn't have to say any more.

    Her comment brought visions of She and Paul together in one of their offices.  i didn't know exactly what took place other than it resulted in Diane (and possibly Paul) enjoying an orgasm.  i think Diane often refrains from telling me specific details of Her office encounters with Paul to tease me and let my imagination run wild.  It works.

    It was a short drive to the game from Diane's office, but one filled with thoughts of Diane and Paul playing passionately.

    Cuckolds have vivid and lively imaginations.


    sissy terri
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    Cuckolding Aftercare

    By the time Diane's lover Paul "visits" here again, it will have been three weeks since the last "live cuckolding" episode.  Paul was unable to make it this week and next week Diane and i are away for several days.  The break is a bit of a disappointment to both of them, however they're still able to see one another every few days for some privacy and yes, some intimacy.

    The break also gives me some time to reflect on the past few months during which so many things  have happened, seemingly at breakneck speed.  Diane's decisions to put me in chastity, include me as part of Her affair with Paul, reveal the blog to Paul and establishing a hierarchy amongst the three of us where he's clearly the Dom was a lot to handle.  Diane's skill in managing the situation, Her planning and understanding of all of our needs was key to making it work.

    After Paul's last visit here (see the blog post Wearing Diane's Panties), Diane and i had a very intimate and loving conversation that evening.  i shared some of it with my sissy gurlfriend Candi who by the way, had a very beautiful post here (It's a Beautiful Thing) last Saturday.  The conversation i had with Diane was both loving and emotional; an opportunity to share our deepest feelings about how things were going. 

    In the BDSM community, the term "aftercare" refers to the time spent attending to the needs of a partner (typically the submissive i would think) after some rather intense physical or psychological feelings related to a sex scene involving D/s or BDSM.  Though not true practitioners of D/s as a lifestyle, some of the activities we partake in do put me into "subspace" at times.  Diane's recent meeting with Paul where i played some part as Her submissive cuckold are a good example of this.  It follows that there's a benefit to spending some time to discuss what took place.

    The intimate discussion with Diane was a good example of "cuckolding aftercare" and a living and beautiful expression of Her love and concern for me.  i'll share more of this and other conversations we've had in future posts, but for now i'd like to focus on one of the things that Diane shared with me while discussing among other things, the "differences" between Paul and i.

    That particular discussion began in a very teasing and fun-like manner but turned quite serious when Diane put it into the context of the types of relationships She has with each of us; Paul being Her lover and i being Her spouse.   She told me how She views each of them, and just how different they are.  Her explanation was beautiful in its simplicity.

    "The relationship I have with Paul is sexy and fun.  I love it"  She said.

    "The relationship I have with you is a lifestyle.  I love it and we live it" She said, staring right at me with as serious a look as i've ever seen on Her.  She continued.  "I like Paul an awful lot, both as a lover and as a person, but I love you.  He knows that and I want you to know it."

    Cuckolding is an activity that evokes a wide range of powerful emotions, particularly in the cuckold.  That's evidenced here on the pages where i seem to go on and on, over and over, again and again, about the anxiety i feel so often.  One would think i'd get over it eventually.  However, cuckolding combined with a female led lifestyle is a very powerful force.

    i'll probably always experience some level of anxiety before, during and after cuckolding scenes where i'm allowed to play a part.  For that reason, i'll always welcome a little aftercare from the Woman who loves me.


    sissy terri
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    Routine Femininity

    i was up a little earlier than usual this morning, the result of an early morning erection that was causing me discomfort.  Prior to January 1st of this year, morning erections caused no such discomfort.  i guess you could say the erections still don't cause the discomfort.  Rather, the true "cause" is the CB-3000 that i've been wearing to bed almost every night.  Diane would probably not agree with my assessment.  It matters not.  My chastity has become quite routine.

    After a quick trip to the bathroom where i sat on the toilet in a feminine way, i washed my hands, put on my pink slippers and fluffy floral pink bathroom and made my way down to the kitchen to turn on the coffee i had prepared the night before.  The coffee, made to Diane's exact specifications with freshly ground beans, takes about 9 or 10 minutes to brew.  When it was done, i poured myself a cup, did some reading while waiting another half hour or so before delivering a hot cup of the coffee to Diane.  There was a kiss and a "thank you honey" after i laid it on the nightstand as Diane rolled over for another forty winks.  This too has become quite routine. 

    Late Monday afternoon just after She got in from work, Diane wanted to make love to me.  She was in a very amorous mood, the aggressor so to speak but not in an overly dominant way.  It was more in a role reversal sort of way, the "horny husband" coming home and wanting "some action."  It felt nice.  It felt feminine. i really felt like Her wife.

    "Get yourself pretty" She told me.  i giddily went upstairs and debated over which nightie to wear.  i must have debated too long because Diane was soon upstairs and choosing one for me.  It was a
    simple floral patterned babydoll from Vermont Country Store.  She didn't bother to hand me the panties.

    i assisted Her with the strap-on, tightening the leather laces on the back of the black leather harness.  my assistance is something She insists upon most all the time and is actually part of the foreplay before our actual lovemaking.  There's a submissive sensuality about the whole thing as She transitions to this altered state of femininity, one that allows Her to pleasure a sissy wife.  That was followed by my worship of Her strap-on as She stood over me.  All so routine yet never less arousing than the last time we've done it.

    "Gotta practice for Paul don't we?" She said.  i simply nodded my head in the affirmative. i've done this many times over the years and it is a routine part of the foreplay as well.  Now however, there's a sense of realism as i really am practicing to please Paul as well. 

    When She felt ready Diane had me lay at the edge of the bed on my back with my legs spread, bent at the knees and held back towards my chest.  Before preparing both the strap-on and me with adequate lubrication, She produced the key to my CB-3000.  There was some minor difficulty removing it due to my aroused state but those were easily overcome. 

    It was the best lovemaking i've ever experienced.  Diane felt perfect inside of me.  She seemed to go deeper than ever and as She made love fell on top of me and kissed me deeply.  i had my arms and legs wrapped around Her as i moaned in the most ecstatic of pleasures.  It was my first orgasm in a long time, and probably my most intense.  Certainly not routine.

    i felt so feminine as Diane held me in the aftermaths of my "Big O."  Shortly thereafter, i was back in chastity, getting dressed and donning an apron so i could Diane dinner.  i moved about the kitchen getting things ready and Diane did some work in Her office.   It all seemed so natural.

    i'd never felt so much like a sissy wife as i did then.

    i also felt very satisfied....and loved.


    sissy terri

    P.S. - Diane's not going to be seeing Paul here for the next two Wednesdays.  He's away for a couple of days this week and we're gone most of next week.  There's no doubt She'll miss what he has to offer.  But by the same token, i know i have certain skills that She enjoys as well :)

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    Chaste and Feminine

    Yesterday marked the beginning of my third month in chastity.  As required, early in the morning i sent Diane and Paul a copy of the daily Chastity Report that included a monthly and year-to-date summary of the time i've been in chastity.

    In February i spent 81.62% of the time locked up in my CB-3000.  Year-to-date, the percentage is a bit higher at 85.29%.  February's drop in percentage was driven by our hosting guests for a two week period and the various activities that surrounded that time.

    Diane is very happy with the percentage of time i've been locked up.  Similarly, i am pleased but also proud of what i've been able to accomplish.  The percentages are far greater than either one of us thought they'd be and are driven by the fact that almost every night, i've slept in chastity, despite some morning discomfort.

    i still find it surprising and remarkable that this has worked so well.  If you recall, Diane was never a fan of chastity, insisting that the whole thing would be too much work.  She prefers a "low maintenance submissive" and in that regard  She's trained me quite well.  The chastity has turned out to be pretty low maintenance and as i get used to it, should be even easier for Her.

    In addition, the "results" of this effort aren't only manifested by the hard data She and Paul see every day.   Sure, those numbers represent concrete and easily measurable results, but they fail to take into account other intangible benefits that my chastity has provided.  Among these are a more submissive demeanor (i know, that's hard to believe i could be more submissive), greater obedience, a calmness that comes from accepting my sex life is under Diane's total control and even greater commitment to  my role as Her sissy wife.

    Finally, chastity has at times made me feel more feminine. Yes, i am in panties 24/7 and very often wearing more than just lingerie, but the pink CB-3000 also enhances my submissive femininity.  Even if i'm wearing just a pair of panties, or even nothing at all, the cute little pink cage and lock between my legs reminds me of my sissy wife status!

    However, it's always nice to get really "gurlied" up while in chastity.  Maybe a cute pink corset like this.  Do you think it's feminine enough?

    The photo is courtesy of my sissy gurlfriend Jo Bradford.  Kisses Jo.....xox!

    And for those of you who guessed that the last pair of panties shown in yesterday's post were my favorite, you guessed right!  But let's be honest, i'd be happy to wear any of them!


    sissy terri
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    A Parade of Panties

    Last Tuesday in my post titled Gagging a Sissy, i wrote about Google's new Blogger policy to prohibit blogs with adult content that show sexually explicit content or graphic nude images and video.  i noted that the move could be related to the pending FCC ruling on net neutrality that was set to come out last Thursday.  In a strange turn of events. just a few days later and just about the time the FCC issued its ruling, Google reversed its policy and now we're right back where we were.

    Like most bloggers, i'm pleased with Google's decision.  At the same time i believe there will be more attempts to silence and remove adult content blogs in the future.  For now, i'm happy i can keep things the way they are right here :)

    Last Wednesday's session with Diane and Paul is worthy of much more discussion and comment than i gave it on my post this past Friday, Wearing Diane's Panties.  So much happened in what seemed like so little time.

    In addition, Diane and i spent much more time than we usually do discussing what happened later that night.  It was time well spent.  i'll write more about that later this week.

    For today, i'm keeping it on the light, sissy and feminine side with an array of panties that i find absolutely adorable!  i love them all, but can you guess which one is my favorite?

    You all know i love bows right?

    And polka dots....

    Then there's pink with a touch of lace....

    And more polka dots.....

    i also have a soft spot for panties with lace trim along the bottom....

    And these...well, that backseam is so sexy!

    And you can't forget ruffles....

    And this last one has plenty of interesting characteristics!

    Too many choices?  If not, there's plenty more on the tumbr site masajevia where all these pretty panties came from.

    So..tell me which one is your favorite and see if you can guess mine!


    sissy terri
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