Sissy Panty Pleasures

As i sit in the guest bedroom this afternoon all by myself waiting for Diane and Her lover Paul to arrive and make their way to the master bedroom for an afternoon of fun together, what better way to pass the time than to share some pictures of pretty panties with my readers?

Here's one that immediately ignites my long-standing and unfulfilled desire to play with another sissy?  i haven't talked about it often here, but it's something i've always wanted to do.  Sure, a Dominant Man is my first bisexual interest, but a sissy sister would be nice to  (especially if she's wearing lovely thigh highs like these :)

Of course, i'd be wearing those beautiful panties!

Lesbian Paradise

i love the color and pattern of these panties and what looks like a matching chemise.  i'd probably prefer a something with a bit fuller cut but then, these would be perfect to receive a lovely over-the-knee spanking from somebody special.  Both the panties and the spanking would put me in the mood to do "you know what!"

Luxury Lingerie Shapewear

 Doesn't the pink ribbon just make this so perfect?  i can just imagine myself surprising my Dom/me with this.  i wonder what they'd think?  Could a sissy make themselves more submissive looking?  i think not!

Sexy Lesby

And lastly, here's something that would drive any sissy suitor wild.  Just prance out in front of him in these pretty panties and i'll bet he'll find you irresistible! 


It's going to be a long afternoon waiting for Diane and Paul to have their fun.  After he's gone, i'm wondering if Diane will make me wait here very long before She calls me out.  With Her decision to forego the use of condoms with Paul has raised the intensity level of my cuckolding and submissive status.  

i also have to say i have mixed feelings, emotions and desires about my new role.  Part of me doesn't look forward to be called upon after Paul leaves to worship and "clean" Diane's fully pleasured and beautiful body.

However, another part of me would be very disappointed if i wasn't made to do it.


sissy terri

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Packing my Panties

i left early this morning for a very short trip to the LA area.  i'm here this afternoon and tomorrow and should be back home either late tomorrow night or at worse, late Wednesday morning.  Diane wants me back home in time for Her weekly meeting with Her lover Paul late Wednesday afternoon.  She wants me back so that i can be in the house while they're making love.  As i've done in the past, i'll be dressed and safely tucked into one of the guest bedrooms at the other end of the house. 

Prior to Diane's embracing our current lifestyle, we'd talked about downsizing here after our daughters were gone.  We haven't had that discussion lately until last night when She mentioned that having a large home has its advantages for things like this.  Her comment left me wondering  whether or not She would ever find a way to include me as the submissive cuckold in Her relationship with Paul.  i took the comment that it might no be on Her agenda anymore until She added that maybe someday i might be "a little closer to the action."

i've read fiction and blog posts about cuckolds being kept in cages, closets, basements or other places out of sight and probably even out of mind of their wives.  Compared to those i've read about, the accommodations i'll have on Wednesday afternoon while Diane and Paul have sex will be rather extravagant.

It only took me a few minutes to pack this morning for such a short trip and before putting my panties in the overnight bag i showed them to Diane and asked Her if they met with Her approval.  She thought for a moment before telling me that She wanted me to wear ruffled panties for each day of the trip.

"Wear some white ones today, yellow tomorrow and pink on Wednesday" She smiled. 

i obediently packed the ruffled panties shown here and wondered whether or not i'd be selected for an
extra security screening.  i made it through security this morning without a problem.  Hopefully i'll pass through easily on my return trip on Wednesday as well.

It's not as if it's a real problem, but having one's frilly panties seen by security personnel and possibly other passengers since the luggage isn't really screened in privacy can be rather embarrassing.  It could make for some rather interesting dinner conversation later in the day. 


sissy terri
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Panty Decisions

"Are these okay for me to wear today Mistress?" i mumbled humbly before i slipped into my panties this morning.

"Yes.  Very pretty." Diane answered with a smile.

That's the way She wants things from now on.  i'm to receive permission from Her ahead of time
before putting on my panties for the day.  If i'm headed to the gym later and will be changing, i also need to seek permission ahead of time on what panties i may wear later that day.

So far, She's agreed with all of my selections.  i'm quite sure that won't always be the case.

In any Female Led Relationship, many decisions are stripped away from the submissive male either right at the outset or incrementally over time.  In our situation it's been the latter where Diane has taken away more and more of my decision making authority.  She's clearly the Head of Household and makes all of the important decisions.  And of course, She decides which are the important ones. 

The major financial decisions are all Hers and She gives me an allowance every month.  The female clothing i buy is handled separately and i ask permission before buying anything.  When i'm given the authority to make a decision, it's usually something meaningless and trivial.  So trivial in fact that it's humiliating to even be given the authority to make it.

Looking back, i'm able to see that all of this took a long time to happen.  All of this transfer of authority couldn't happen all at once in my opinion.  It would be too much to handle.  The way Diane's done it has given me the opportunity to adapt into the lifestyle and appreciate it even more.

At the end of the day, despite many disappointments and grumbling along the way, i have to admit i'm happier this way.


sissy terri
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FemDom and Sissy Cuckolding

My oh my.  It's been a week and a half since i've posted and with no real good reason, other than probably a mix of emotions that come with being 1) a submissive male, 2) a sissy male, 3) a cuckold and 4) a "wife" to a Dominant Woman. 

Diane's Dominance doesn't waver anymore.  If anything, it increases incrementally in its intensity.  Gone are the peaks and valleys we've gone through in the past, where certain expectations would just fall by the wayside and be forgotten. 

Here's a good example.  Diane used to make me wear tampons and pads for one week each month.  She would determine when i was to start "my period."  We'd gone through this ritual for awhile before it seemed to be forgotten.  Last Wednesday morning, upset that i had forgotten to make the coffee and set the timer on Tuesday evening, we got into a little spat.  She felt i was being bitchy.

Diane's solution?  She dug out the tampons and pads, laid then out on my side of the bathroom and proclaimed that my period had started and i knew what had to be done.  i spent the three days with a tampon and pad and the following four with just a pad as per Her instructions. 

Diane and Paul have also raised the intensity of their relationship.  They met here yesterday afternoon as is their usual Wednesday routine.  i was out at the country club in the searing heat playing nine holes and enjoying a cold drink before i could return home at "4:30 PM promptly."  On my way home i received a text from Diane that said simply "Hurry up.  you've got some cleaning to do."

i got home within a minute or two before 4:30 and found Diane laying in bed reading her Kindle.  "Strip down to your panties and open the nightstand drawer" She said as she pointed to the nightstand on my side of the bed.  After stripping to my pink panties i opened the drawer and found a baby bib with different designs on it (pacifiers, toys, stars, etc.). 

"Come here and I'll put it on you" She said.  Tying it around my neck as i knelt before Her She added that "this is sort of a special occasion and I wanted you to look cute.  Now please me."  i didn't understand what She meant but when i lay down, put my lips to Her pussy and began to lick i understood fully.

Paul and Diane hadn't used condoms that afternoon and i could immediately taste and feel Paul's semen inside of Her. 

"Taste it?"  She asked.  i hesitated briefly but told Her i could indeed taste his semen.  "Like it?" She asked with a giggle.  i admitted that i did.  i was aroused and continued to lick Her. 

Diane can tell when i'm quite aroused, even though my penis was out of Her sight and encased in my pink panties.  Suddenly She told me to stop and knees in front of Her and between Her legs. 

"Ooooohhhh, a little excited aren't we?" She asked as She stroked my penis through the panty i was wearing.  "Does my sissy like it that Paul came inside of me?" She asked.   i responded "Yes" but it wasn't good enough for Her.  "Yes what?" was Her next question.  "Yes Mistress" i said and noticed some raised eyebrows so i then added "i'm happy that Paul came inside of You."

She continued the teasing, calling me a good sissy cuckold and made me thank Her for the opportunity to clean Paul's semen out of Her.  All of this while She continued to fondle  and i eventually came in my panties. 

"That's a good sissy" She told me.  "Now finish what you started."

It was the most submissively intense experience i've ever had.  As i cleaned Diane and She enjoyed Her orgasm, i realized that that afternoon, Diane's lover Paul had cum inside of my wife while i had cum in my panties.  How fitting. 
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Her Sissy "Gurlfriend"

Our return from vacation was marked by the typical catching up on things.  For me, there was plenty of laundry, errands and other various housework and domestic duties to tend to.  For Diane, even though She kept up with many work-related issues while we were away, there was still lots of catching up to do.  i also got called away for several days on a consulting job, something that wasn't supposed to happen until this week.  Now that it's done, i'm glad it's over and i can settle back and enjoy the summer at home.

For Diane, there's also lots of catching up to do with Her lover Paul.  They had ample time to do so while i was away last week and over the weekend.  Diane called my being called away on business "perfect timing" for Her to reconnect with Paul after an absence of more than two weeks. 

The two weeks away from Paul weren't totally sex free however.  The two of them had phone sex several times, two of which i was made to worship Diane while She talked with Paul.  i was told in no uncertain terms that i was to remain completely quiet so that Diane could maintain the ruse She's been playing since She's met Paul.   "The time isn't quite right yet" She says to let him in on my being Her "willing sissy cuckold."

i had an early morning dentist appointment today and was out of the house before Diane had left for the office.  When i returned i saw that She had left me a note with instructions on what She wanted done around the house today.  It's not unusual for Her to leave me a note like that if we haven't had a chance to talk much in the morning.  What was unusual was how She addressed the note.  Usually She addresses me as "sissy", "sissy terri" or "My sissy wife." Today's salutation was "My sissy gurlfriend."

i can't remember Her ever using that term before, but She did use it in a very endearing and loving way.  The tone and tenor of the message struck very accurately at my innermost feminine desires.

Diane always chooses Her words very carefully.  And when She puts them to paper, they're delivered with an even greater precision.  She reminds me of the aristocracy you might see on the PBS series "Downton Abbey", whose greetings, missives or comments are delivered so gracefully and never failing to miss their mark.

The salutation once again made me realize just how much i've changed, and how much She's changed me.  Despite being married to Diane, i play no real sexual role as Her husband in a traditional sense.  The sex we have together, as beautiful and real as it is, is like sex between two women, with one being dominant over the other.

i do tend to read too much into things but i hope i'm not just Her gurlfriend now.  i still want to be Her sissy wife.


sissy terri
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In a Very Sissy Mood

My sissy crush on  "Big Dave" hasn't gone away.  Quite the opposite. Since we've been on vacation i've missed chatting with him and i find myself fantasizing about being as feminine as possible for him.  As i wrote before, Diane thinks the crush is cute and has teased me about it a little more while we've been on vacation.  i've admitted to Her that i've missed my little exchanges with him.

i haven't been able to check my emails every day but when i did this morning i was excited as a sissy school girl to get a message from Dave.  He's a very busy business owner and i always feel so special when he takes the time out of his day to write to me. 

The written word can be very sensuous and sexy.  Some people have a knack for writing that way.  But it's also dependent on the frame of mind of the reader and their perspective.  What i find sexy might not have the same effect on someone else, even another sissy.  Here's just a little bit of what Dave wrote to me....

miss sissy...

It's not a one-piece, but i bet Dave would like it!
I'm covered up with work while you frolic with the Mrs. Bra and panty night... aren't you the sissiest thing ever? Very few sissies still have a bikini body past their 20s but I love the tanlines on a gurl. Guess we'll have to let you wear a one piece at the beach, but with a big bow in back and a slender plug to give you that special sissy walk....

Well, i have to tell you that this message sent me into the most feminine of sissy swoons!  Seems like
so many things that turn me on are all captured in those first few sentences.

No wonder i've got a crush on Big Dave :)


sissy terri

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