The Sissy Experiment

i've been wanting to do this for a long time.  A very, very, very long time really.  And finally, with Diane's permission and the good fortune of finding three beautiful and loving sissy gurlfriends, i can now move forward.

No it's not a sissy pajama party (but that is definitely in the plans) but instead a collaborative effort to create a new blog called The Sissy Sisters.  The new blog came about as a result discussions the four of us have had amongst ourselves over the past several weeks.  It's really brand new and still evolving.  i don't expect it to be "fully operational" for another couple of weeks and it will be a totally separate entity from this blog.

The blog will be unique in that it will provide its readers with an opportunity to read things from four different perspectives.  Each of us brings our own ideas, style, viewpoints and most importantly our unique approach to submissiveness and femininity.  It will be a forum of sorts, one with plenty of diversity that will hopefully generate more interaction with its readers.

Bear with us while we're still in the "construction" stage.  We'll be posting and working on the blog at the same time.

Oh, and just who are my sissy partners-in-crime for this new joint venture.  Well, it's not exactly a secret but for now you'll just have to follow this link to find out who they are!


sissy terri