Her Sissy Princess & Cuckold

An unexpected business trip kept me from blogging this week.  i'd committed to spending less time doing consulting but when an old client (and friend) calls, it's very hard to say no.  But my absence from blogging, and from home, did provide a special opportunity.  Just not for me.

i left Monday afternoon and didn't get back until just a couple of hours ago, leaving Diane with the house to herself Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  As a Wife who cuckolds Her husband, Diane took advantage of this opportunity so that She wouldn't be home alone all of the time.

Her lover Paul was over on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for awhile, Diane convincing him that it was completely safe and that i was more than a thousand miles away.  From what Diane told me,  Paul didn't seem nervous or anxious at all and "he performed as splendidly as ever."

Diane took the opportunity to playfully tease me a few times on the nights Paul was around.  The first text i got from Her read "Having fun but miss my sissy princess."  What kind sissy cuckold wife wouldn't appreciate receiving a message like that?  Only an ungrateful one. 

There were more texts, including one with instructions to call Her in about 15 minutes.  Doing as i was told She answered after several rings and it was evident that i'd interrupted something pretty strenuous.  Typical Diane -the entire scene  perfectly arranged to tease me and reassure Paul that Her spouse was clueless.  Ignoring my side of the conversation, She simply said what She wanted to say and let Her little ruse play out. 

"You caught me on the treadmill" She laughed.  A little small talk and She closed by saying "Why don't you let me finish my workout, shower and I'll call you in a couple of hours?"  Sounded like a plan to me so i agreed.  "You are such a sweetheart" She said with another sexy giggle.

Diane's confident personality, Her ability to play both Paul and i perfectly and Her desire to have a kinky kind of fun throughout often makes me nervous at times.  She on the other hand seems to thrive on it. 

As accepting i am of my status in this relationship and assured of Diane's love. instances like this are difficult to deal with.  The emotions i experience and the arousal are even more difficult to explain.  i doubt i'm the only cuckold to feel this way.


sissy terri
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Nothing Doing - Something Brewing?

A rather uneventful weekend has left me with little to blog about today.

How's that for a captivating opening sentence?

Diane hasn't seen Paul this weekend (although they've talked at least twice that i know of) and Jake was out of town until late Friday night, so i wasn't able to see him either.  A kinky married couple left without their lovers for a weekend.  How depressing.

Diane's thinking about inviting a handful of friends over for a Super Bowl party.  Neither one of us are die hard football fans, nor do we have any interest in who wins or loses the game.  i think Diane just enjoys being social and hosting, knowing She has a "built-in" hostess for a spouse.  She also wants to invite Paul along with a handful of other couples and friends.  It would be the second time Paul's attended a party here.

Discussing the party, Diane mentioned it was an opportunity for both Paul and i to get to know one another better.  We share a common profession but moving beyond professional banter and small talk is sometimes difficult for me, especially when the person i'm talking to is having an affair with my wife and he doesn't know that i know!

i've come to know Diane better and better over the years and i can usually tell when She's got something up Her sleeve.  But She still surprised me when She mentioned that if "we" were ever to get me involved with Her and Paul as the cuckold, i'd have to start getting to know him a little better! 

i'd pretty much given up on that whole fantasy.  Diane seemed entrenched in her position that it was better for everyone that "we leave well enough alone."  Now this all of a sudden. 

Despite Diane's insistence that it's "just a thought, and unlikely to go anywhere" i know Her well enough to believe that She's already a step or two ahead of me in this thought process.  She swears She hasn't discussed this with Paul and i believe Her.  But there's definitely something that happened between them that's caused Her to change Her mind. 

Diane's idea has made me a little anxious.  She's probably right that it might not progress any further than where She and Paul are right now.  But the fact that She brought it up indicates She's thinking about it. 

"Don't get overly concerned about it, please" She said.  "I'll keep you in the loop.  You're not going to be blindsided by anything."

Blindsided?  Maybe not.  But i've already been surprised.


sissy terri
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Married to a Crossdresser?

Having been married to Diane for a number of years and with two well adjusted daughters in their twenties, i think i can speak with a little bit of experience when it comes to the subject of being a married crossdresser.

In our case, Diane knew about my interest before we were married.  We dated for a long time and i can't really remember how i broke the "news" to her because to be honest, it was something that just kind of came out during our intimate discussions, foreplay and finally sex.  i do remember finally being open about it and telling her straight out that i liked dressing, but by then it was something She already knew and accepted.

i can imagine that discovering that your husband is a crossdresser after you've been married a little while can be quite difficult for a wife.  Fortunately, we never had to go through that.

i wanted to share something i read today that discusses the subject with a great sense of humor.  It's from the website "Blogher.com", a blog that covers a variety of subjects of interest to women (and in turn, someone like me).   The ariticle is called "10 Best and Worst Things About Dating a Crossdresser."  The author isn't dating the crossdresser, she's actually married to him.  So this article will certainly resonate with my married readers.

It's a lighthearted, funny and interesting take on the subject.  i'll let you read it yourself but here's one of the "best things" that i just have to share with you:

"Better Sex- That's right, I said it. It really should be number one, but I didn't want to scare you off. Men who cross-dress want to feel pretty, just like you do, so they know which buttons are the right buttons to push. Ahem. So to speak. If maybe once or twice they dress up before-hand, the turn-on for them when you don't turn away, when you embrace them for who they are, is huge. HUGE, I say."
 That's way too funny!!!  Better sex?  And HUGE?  My goodness.

i guess that makes sense.

Unless of course, your husband is a cuckold :)


sissy terri
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A "Normal" Sissy

i'm certainly not a reader of Esquire magazine.  You're far more likely to catch me reading Vogue :)

But yesterday a follower of mine sent me a link to an article from Esquire entitled "Are You Normal? - An Examination."  The article talks about what's "normal" for men.  It also came with a 20-or-so quiz to take to see just how normal, or weird, you are!

Well, i know there are plenty of CD's, sissies, submissives, etc. out there but it's likely we don't make up the majority of the male population.  So i took the quiz and not surprisingly, here's what i got back:

You're Officially Weird
Or, to put it another way, you exhibit very few of the behaviors or beliefs that are typical among other American men.  Or, to put it in another, another way, Steve Jobs, Carrot Top, and countless other men who do their own thing.

Maybe it was my answer to the question that asked when the last time was i had a manicure?  Or the one that asked if i used a moisturizer?  Come to think of it, there may have been a few others too :)

If any of you care to take the quiz yourself (just click here), i'd love to hear about your results!

i only took the quiz once and didn't bother going back and trying to behave in a more macho manner,
but i'm wondering if i got the same answer everyone else got?

Probably not.  Not too many men enjoy a nice pair of pink panties with a little bow on them :)


sissy terri
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Things a Sissy Cuckold Loves to Hear

We're winding down from a wonderful three day weekend where Diane and i had an opportunity to head north for a couple of nights and be together. 

For a kinky FemDom couple into cuckolding, it was almost all i could ask for!  Diane's lover Paul wasn't around but that was okay with the both of us.  Diane made "full use" of Her submissive sissy wife and conversely, Her wife was also very satisfied :)

Diane's dominance this weekend and Her sexual aggression with me had me briefly wondering why Jake couldn't be like that with me.  It was a fleeting thought, one best ignored and not dwelt upon.  The real dominant force in my life is my partner and She loves me deeply.  What can be better than that?

i was told beforehand that i'd better be "ready" for Her as soon as we arrived at our destination.  Once our luggage was delivered i prettied myself up while Diane took care of Her own preparations.  When i came out i was surprised to see Her already in Her strap-on, sexy black heels with hands on hips.

What She said next was music to a sissy's ears.....

It was the perfect way to start the weekend.

When we got back home a couple of hours ago Diane asked me if i had a good time.  i told Her it was one of the best weekends we've had in a very long time.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it" She said.  "But this week it's going to be my turn to get fucked nice and hard."

That, was music to a cuckold's ears!


sissy terri

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Sex Between a Wife and Her Sissy

Often enough i get questions via email from followers of either this or my tumblr blog.  i do my best to respond to all of them privately unless they're just downright nasty and crude.  i haven't really made a habit of answering any of them here but as i thought about it this week after getting an email from a regular reader of this blog, i decided it might not be a bad idea to share some of these with you.

The question that prompted my decision came from a reader named "Tom" who discovered my blog a little while ago.  Tom asks:

"When is the last time you had "normal" sexual relations with your wife? Or do you?  And if you do - do you still have "normal" sex? 
If you have posted about this, I couldn't find it. Your thoughts on this topic I think would be very interesting to share."
Tom's question is one i've received before but it did make me stop and think, trying to remember the last time i had "normal" sex with Her, sex where i actually had intercourse with Her using my penis.  Try as i might, i couldn't remember exactly when it was.  i'd have to guess it was almost two years ago.

i'd be lying if i said that i didn't miss it.  There are times where i feel i really want to, especially when we're in bed and being intimate, when i'm worshiping Her and pleasing Her orally.  After She's had an orgasm, i would try to get between Her and suggest that i make love to Her like a man would his wife and she would very casually and teasingly rebuff me by simply saying "Uh-uh....that's not for sissies." 

While Diane hasn't come right out and said this, i believe She finds having sex with me as a man of little interest to Her.  This is especially true as Her relationship with Her lover Paul has blossomed.   Diane and i still have sex together.  Quite a bit actually.  It just doesn't involve intercourse in the "normal" way.  

i love pleasing Diane and our sex together always puts that pleasure of Hers first.  She also knows how to please me and thoroughly enjoys taking the active, aggressive and dominant role with me in bed.  Knowing Her other, more "traditional" female desires are satisfied elsewhere.  Again, that comes with putting Her pleasure (and how She gets it) first.  

To a submissive male who's looking for a dominant woman all this might sound like "submissive heaven"  It isn't.  Sometimes when i get those urges being rebuffed by Her is difficult.

However, the urges don't come as frequently as they used to.  As i've  become more comfortable with who i am, and especially who i am in my relationship with Diane, i'm dealing with it better than i used to.   

Despite the lack of traditional male-female sex, Diane's never once stopped reassuring me of Her love for me.  That's the most important thing to me.

After all, ours is not a "traditional" marriage.  Why should we have traditional sex with one another?


sissy terri

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Submissive Sissy Feelings

My last post left me feeling down.  i came off like a selfish submissive whining about a sexual partner who doesn't get it.  Don't even mention being a submissive who wants to "top from the bottom."  i should be happy with what i have:  A Dominant Wife who cuckolds me, treats me like her wife and a lover who loves being serviced sexually without any reciprocation.  If you're a submissive sissy that's not a bad situation. 

Sissy Nina left a comment to my last post writing "....I cannot understand why there seems to be such an impasse in communication between you and Jake about your desire for a kinkier, sexier love life with him. I mean, he is already quite "out there" with having a secret tryst with a sissy to begin with, what could be the obstacle to addressing him about your needs to have a kinkier experience together?..."

Her question brings up an excellent point.  i tried to answer it in my reply where i said "....i can understand where you're coming from. i'll try to post on this subject a bit more. i try to tread carefully when expressing my desires to him. i don't want to scare him away or somehow be rejected. Make sense?..."

My answer to Nina doesn't cover the whole range of feelings, emotions and insecurity that i feel when it comes to communicating with Jake.  i think we've made progress but it's been a slow process.  i went through the same thing with Diane as our lifestyle changed and She took control more.  We'd talk about our fantasies and i always seemed to be a bit insecure about things, thinking that She was just doing things to please me or fulfill my kinky fantasies and not enjoying it Herself.  Looking back, those insecurities inhibited the growth of our relationship. 

In some ways it's the same with Jake.  i'm having a hard time being fully open not just from a fear of rejection but that he'd do the things i asked but wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as i would.  i want him to be more dominant but i think the bottom line is that he has to want that too.  i think He understands where i'm coming from and i think if it's in him to be dominant with me, he'd express it more on his own.  

Being a submissive and having things the way you want it is in direct conflict with the way things should be between a Dom and a sub.    When the Dom/me takes full control, there are inevitably things the submissive doesn't enjoy.  

The past couple of days in my life are the perfect example of that.  Diane's been very demanding about things she wants done around the house and errands she needs to have done.  It's kept me very busy and i kept me from blogging yesterday.  It's not until just a little while ago that i've finished all the housework and errands She demanded of me.  

Even though i had on a pretty apron while taking care of my "wifey" duties i wasn't happy.  i'd rather have been doing something else.   When i took on the role of being Diane's full time "wife" the uniqueness of the whole thing fulfilled many of my fantasies.  

As time has passed, the novelty of what i've been doing has worn off, it's become routine and the excitement seems to be gone.  

 But being "happy" shouldn't be a priority for a submissive sissy.  Their priority should be to please their Dom/mes.  

The sooner i learn and accept that lesson, the "happier" i'll be.  


sissy terri 
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Sissy & Kinky Thoughts

Let me start off by thanking my gurlfriend Candi for an absolutely beautifully written post!  i loved how she discussed the various positions on the "spectrum of male femininity."  i'm sure many of you who read the post thought about where you would fit on this spectrum.   In my opinion, there's nothing better than a thought provoking post on a blog like this.

For years i struggled with my inner self, trying desperately to convince myself that i fell into the category of a totally heterosexual male who just simply enjoyed wearing female lingerie.  Those years weren't time well spent.  You can often convince others of a falsehood (let's call it a lie), but you can never convince yourself.

The more i dressed, the greater the urges became to be with a man, to be submissive to him and ultimately to be there for his pleasure.  Coming to grips with my bisexuality and its urges has made me a happier person in so many different ways.

By the same token, when i'm not dressed and forced to be in a totally male persona, i have absolutely no interest in being sexual with another man.  i've never done anything with another man unless i've been dressed.  That doesn't mean that i'm not bisexual.  It's just that my bisexuality is driven by my femme side and only expresses itself when that comes out.

So...thank  you Candi for such a beautiful post!!!  We can't wait until you write again.

My much anticipated meeting with Jake on Friday went well, but not as sexually exciting as i was hoping.  His request that i wear some of Diane's lingerie had my mind racing in so many different directions. 

Jake was a little late and we were pressed for time which didn't help things.  i did feel kinky wearing Diane's bra and panties and later a nightie, but i don't think Jake appreciated or took advantage of it like i would have wanted him to.

He also presented me with a little belated Christmas gift - a lavender babydoll pajama set and a gift card from Victoria's Secret!  Pretty hot, even though he admitted that he bought them while he was there shopping for his wife!  i would have found it exciting if he told the sales girls the items were for his girlfriend....lol.

The bottom line is that i really want Jake to be more dominant with me.  In so many different ways.  i want to be there for his sexual and other pleasures.  i'd love to be his maid, his submissive wife, his slut, his whatever-he-wants-me-to-be!!! 

While i was on my knees and sucking him the other day, the television was playing and he was laying back on the leather sofa.  It was such a submissive feeling.  i would have loved him to be more verbal with me or ignore me by channel surfing or talking on the phone!  Or maybe even tell me to stop and go into the kitchen and get him a beer! 

i'd obey, return with the beer and return to my sissy duties.  It would also be sexier if he didn't even say "Thanks."

i wish our sex was a little kinkier also.  Maybe a few more spankings?  How about some light bondage?  A little rougher when he uses me orally?  i've already told him how much i love it when he talks dirty to me and is verbally dominant.  A submissive sissy can stand a little verbal humiliation. 
He doesn't have to worry about that.

And speaking of gifts.  Some day it might be nice to open one and instead of finding a cute pair of panties or some other naughty piece of lingerie, i'd see a cute pink ball gag.

Maybe i'll buy him one of these for his birthday.  Think he'd get the hint?


sissy terri

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The Woman Inside...

Hi there, this is Candi again.

One of the problems of being somewhat intelligent (and people tell me I am, so it must be true :-) is that I think a lot - probably too much! And one of the things I think about is why I love being a sissy so much - what I get out of it.

Now I don't want to get all psychological on you (there is a place for that, but I don't think it's here), rather I want to try and describe how it feels to me to want to be a gurl, and why it is so pleasurable. Why I spend a lot of my waking hours thinking, wanting and scheming about girlie things.

Perhaps I should first talk about where I think I am on a spectrum of male femininity. I'd say that spectrum runs from the heterosexual (possibly married) man who likes the feel of silk and lace, but has no real desire to be a girl. He's not interested in men at all, and perhaps enjoys some cross-dressing play with an understanding wife. Then, at the other end, there is the MTF transexual, who wants to be a girl for a different reason - and one that is not really sexual. She wants to be a girl because that's who she is. Her body is not congruent with her internal vision of herself, how it feels to be her. That in itself is tremendously interesting to me, and goes right to the heart of what gender might mean - a large, wonderful topic that I don't propose to dig into any further here (yet! :-).

Then there is me (and really, it is all about me, isn't ? :-). I do hope that smiley conveys the right sense of how much I am joking here!). After a lot of searching, I feel very comfortable identifying as an androgyne, the Native American 'third sex'. I truly believe I have a soul, a center, a Self, that is both male and female. For the longest time, I wondered very much if I was transexual, but finally realized that I wouldn't want to be a girl full time. I don't feel stuck in the wrong body - what I do feel is that there is a very large and important part of me that is female, and that I must express to be fully human, fully whole. In a world that still identifies gender with sex (i.e. a male or female body) that presents somewhat of a challenge.

So for me, I think the first and most basic thing I get from transforming myself into a girl is a sense of wholeness. I don't want to reject my maleness - I do treasure it, and enjoy my yang, male life: my job, doing, producing, manifesting. But that does not fully satisfy me, it is not the complete picture of who I am. A large part of my psych is yin, soft receptive, nurturing - being, not doing. And it is this part that is satisfied, expressed and explored by Candi, my feminine face (I should also add that was not always so, and has changed over time. This, in itself, is also interesting to me. Perhaps I'll make it the subject of a later post...)

As Candi, I am also sexual, and again, sexual in a very yin, feminine way. I love being submissive, I love the feel of a strong male presence, guiding, leading, dominating me. The strength of his desire allows me to let go, to fall into a dark, fecund feminine place, where my heart is filled, and I can stop thinking and doing, and simply be. Ironically, when a man decides to have me, direct me, objectify and use me, I feel incredibly safe, loved and wanted. It has to be the right man, and done in the right way (I don't want to be raped - except, perhaps, in a role-play! :-), but when that happens, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

My desire to dress is ultimately a prelude to this. I want to be beautiful, a desirable object, and the act of dressing and decorating myself is a prelude and an invitation. It generates the same sense of safety and love. All the details of dressing, make-up, lingerie, accessories, clothes are props to propel me into this other part of myself, where I can fully feel my body and my heart, and feel the full flow of life and love through me, unencumbered by the need to do, control and manage.

In the end, this is just another way of expressing that female part of myself that 'normal' society frowns upon - simply because I have a male body, I am not 'allowed' to be fully who I am. So girls, love yourself. Use your creativity and energy to express that part of you that conventional society tells you is deviant. It is not. You just have a much bigger mind and soul than other 'straight' people. A soul that has both male and female parts.
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Sissy Satisfaction

i haven't seen Jake since before Christmas but that's about to change this afternoon.  Our semi-regular Friday afternoon meetings are back on.  That makes me a very happy and i hope, soon to be satisfied sissy!

His phone call this morning got me immediately thinking about what i should wear when he interrupted my thoughts with "I have a special request for you.  I hope you don't think it's too kinky."  Too kinky?  Like, what have you been waiting for!!!

Jake proceeded to ask me if i could wear something of Diane's.  i'm sure he knows i wouldn't fit into just about any of Her dresses (my shoulders are a too broad) but i could easily slip into some of Her lingerie.  Naturally, i told him "of course" but really wanted to ask Him why.  He was pressed for time but i am definitely going to ask Him. 

This would be perfect!
i went over the possible reasons he wants me to do this in my own mind and there are more than just the obvious one - Jake fantasizing about Diane.  And, if that's the case then here I am Wife who's cuckolding me and my own lover who might want to do the same! 

i had to call Diane and ask for permission to wear something of Her's (i chose a white negligee and some other lingerie) and discussed what Jake had asked me.  "Whatever he tells you, leave well enough alone" was what She said.  Diane thinks Jake is handsome but Her interests obviously lie with Paul.

i'm happy to leave well enough alone.  Keeping Jake all to myself isn't that bad :)


sissy terri
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Something for Everyone - Especially Sissies

i don't remember when i first stumbled onto the website Tumblr.  It was probably a little more than three years ago.  i didn't pay much attention to it at first but once i discovered the virtual treasure trove of sissy fashion it contained, i just couldn't stay away!

Tumblr may be just another one of those social media type of sites that burst onto the scene and then fade away, but i tend to doubt it.  It seems to have something for everyone.  Whether your tastes run from cooking to crossdressing, Tumblr has a multitude of sites that probably suit you perfectly.

Just about the same time i started blogging here (January 2012) i also began a Tumblr blog by the same name.  A blog like this one can be a lot of work as evidenced by the many who over time slow down their posts or just disappear completely.  Posting a blog like this requires a commitment to post on a regular basis and an effort to make it interesting to readers.  In my case, it also requires a willingness to share some personal thoughts with your followers.

Now where else could you find something like this????
A Tumblr blog requires less time because it's mostly a "re-blogging" of photos you like.  You can add comments, links, etc. but it's nowhere near the work a blog like this is.  You can also queue up photos to be posted to keep your blog consistent and fresh.  The photos you re-blog are an expression of your own desires, fantasies, dreams, lifestyle and so many other things. 

This past year, my own Tumblr blog "A Married Sissy" saw its number of followers just skyrocket.  Like this blog, it really doesn't get into the porn aspect of FemDom, Crossdressing, Cuckolding and other related subjects.  Instead, i try to keep it sort of "PG-rated."  Sometimes i do slip and it might move up to "R"!!!! 

A Married Sissy on Tumblr now has more than 3,500 followers!  There are many, many blogs with far more followers, but i think that it's refreshing to know that there are many more of us out there who enjoy expressing our feminine sides. 

And by the way, there are probably almost as many men out there who enjoy and fantasize about sissies like us!

So stop by my tumblr blog and take a peek.  Stroll through the archives and see if there's something you like.  Believe me when i say if you sign up and start surfing around, you won't be disappointed.


sissy terri
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Lingerie For us "Gurls"

One of the sites on the web i check out once and awhile is Lingerie Talk (geez...i wonder why i would do that?).  The site recently had a story about their most read articles in 2013. 

One of the articles was about lingerie company called Chrysalis, that promotes itself as "a lingerie brand created specifically for the Women of the Transgender Community."  You should definitely check out the site.  There doesn't seem to be a wide selection of items, but that's understandable if you read about the difficulties they had when they started up.   The owners described the launch as "bittersweet" because of the uproar their fashions caused in the transgender community!   Read about the uproar here.

It's still January (the longest month of the year by far when you're in some parts of the US this year!) and there's plenty of time to get some "Sissy White Sale" shopping done.  i find classy white lingerie to be so sexy!!!

Here's a few things that i'd love to slip into just before i'm getting ready to meet Jake!

How about this beautiful corset decorated and enhanced by those gorgeous pearls?

Or this little cute dress?  Girly enough?

Or maybe a something a little retro?

None of these would keep you warm, but they would definitely help heat things up!


sissy terri
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Food for Thought - Sissy Thoughts

 i ran across the following on tumblr the other day.  It was written by the author of a tumblr blog called "My Life of Shame as an Emasculated Sissy" and was left as a comment to the picture shown.

i thought the comment was worth sharing...

"Most sissies are not naturally gay. 
Quite the contrary - their lives of femininity is so great that they want to go beyond having the women the so  more admire.
Sissies want to BE those women.  To wear what they are wearing, act like they act and feel what they are feeling.
That creates a serious conflict for a sissy, in that the logical extension of this is tat the
sissy must host other men's - real men's - cocks in its mouth and in its loins.
Although I am aroused by the intense humiliation of having a real man fuck my painted face or empty his manly juices inside my loins, for me, it is not a physically pleasant experience.  In fact, I find it quite unpleasant.
But I know it comes with the territory.
I know that is what a sissy is expected to do.  Even though I have now been fine with real men so many times, I can still relate quite strongly to how this sissy feels as it chokes on a real man's fluids.
Shame and humiliation are what life as a sissy is all about." 

This sissy can definitely relate to much of this comment.  Sure, there are very sexist connotations to the statement and humiliation isn't always a turn on for sissies, but for the most part my feelings are very similar.

i can't seem to be aroused by sucking a man's cock unless i'm dressed en femme.  And the more i thought about it, the act of being taken by a man or having his cock in my mouth isn't in and of itself a very physically pleasurable experience.  i love doing it, but the pleasure satisfies me emotionally more than it does physically.  The physical act does bring shame and humiliation i suppose, which in turns fulfills the sissy's emotional needs.

The photo, along with the comment and my own short discussion is a bit of a break from what you'll usually find here.  i don't intend on turning this into a porn blog for sissies, but i also think topics like these that touch on some of the feelings we experience as sissies deserve a forum like this blog.

Would love to read your comments!


sissy terri
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A Warm and Sissy Welcome!

i can't tell you all how excited i am to have candi join me on this blog.  We've talked about it for a long time and it finally came to fruition.  i just loved her first post and can't wait until she posts again, especially as she continues her search for a truly dominant man.

Welcome aboard sweetheart....xoxoxox!

i did some sissy shopping today and it was something that Diane "mandated."  This morning She told me we were running low on Victoria's Secret Body Wash.  It's something we both use and it's my responsibility to make sure we don't run out.  i usually buy six bottles at a time and we were down to our last two.  When i suggested i pick some up this week, Diane insisted that i get it done today.

i've grown more comfortable shopping at Victoria's Secret the last couple of years.  The more you gothere the easier it becomes.  Believe me when i say that.  i still get a little uncomfortable buying some of the more intimate pieces of lingerie (especially bras) but that too doesn't bother me as much as it once did.  And i still get a rush of feminine excitement when i get a special offer from Victoria's Secret in the mail in my name!  i wonder what the mailman thinks????

i did try to find something to go with my "Sissy White Sale" theme this month but nothing caught my eye either at Victoria's Secret, Macy's or even Nordstrom's.  i am a very picky shopper and i didn't want to waste the whole day shopping for lingerie.  Well, maybe i did but i had other things to do.  While most men where sitting on the couch sipping a beer and watching the NFL playoffs, i was out there doing my sissy thing.  Loved it :)

Would have been awful nice to find something like this to wouldn't it?  Then i would have had to go shopping for matching shoes and other accessories.  i can think of worse ways for a sissy to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The afternoon wasn't a waste for Diane either.  While i was out on my errand She spent about a half hour with Paul on the phone.  They have a standing agreement that he can call Her cell anytime.  She tells him if She can't talk then She won't answer it.  That rarely happens.  When i know it's Paul, i've got my orders to be very quiet.

And i always do my best to obey Diane's orders.  


sissy terri
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A new voice!

Hi everyone, this is candi. terri has generously asked me to write some posts for her blog, and I'm looking forward to contributing on a regular basis. While we have much in common, the idea is to vary the content with a distinct voice that has a similar point of view. i hope that's not a contradiction (but then i am blond, so anything could happen!)

And we do have many similarities. i'm also a submissive, bisexual cross-dresser/sissy, who loves manifesting the feminine. We both love men, and especially *dominant* men. And this, dear reader, is my subject for today: what exactly *is* a dominant man?

i've met many men (not necessarily in a sexual context) who think/say they are dominants. But often they are not. They seem to fall into two categories, the angry ones, and the ones in denial. Many men confuse anger (at women, or men) as sexual dominance. It's not. Dominance is not driven by a need to demean, abuse or criticize a sub (although they can be excellent *tools* for expressing dominance). Dominance, i think, at it's heart, is the willingness to take on responsibility for another subject, and impose your will on that subject in a way that ennobles and pleasures both of you. Anger clearly has no place in that. In fact, i would say that being a true dominant is a *very* generous act. It requires a commitment to understand your sub, understand what they need, and translate and merge it with your own. It is a delicate balance between an extreme application of your rampant ego, and an understanding that a subs subjectivity can only be stripped so far.

Confidence, intelligence and a wicked sense of humor are fundamental ingredients (for me) of a good dom. Add psychological insight, a basically kind heart, and i'm there! Add to that a beautiful smile and a lovely endowment and - well, i'm quivering!. i will pretty much do *anything* for you! :-)

The other kind of faux-dom is the one who is really just fooling himself. They are the ones who actually want to be taken care of, not caretake. They are often actually submissive themselves, and (in this context) cross-dressers who have not really accepted or contacted their more genuine self. i have nothing against this, and in fact have a lot of sympathy for this situation. It took me quite a time to really accept my inner femininity, so i have some understanding. But in relationship to us sissies, i just wish they could find the clarity to know who they are, and stop confusing themselves - and us.

For me, a true dominant knows what he wants and knows how to get it, in a manner that pleases us both. He is the ultimate seducer. He knows how to modulate and apply his desire, he is in control of his emotions, and he understands how i need to be led, cajoled, and properly pushed into surrendering to him. He wants to own me, and knows how to manipulate and seduce me into wanting to be his property. He shows me with his actions and words that i can fall into his human hands and let go, and still be safe. His dominance and control of me, his intelligence, the power of his personality, his use of me as a sex object allows me to let go, makes me feel wonderfully, erotically vulnerable - but ultimately safe.
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Sissy Whites

It's Friday and i'm not going to see Jake.  A real bummer.  It might have worked out but one of my daughters is still around because of the flight delays in many parts of the country.

Looks like my meeting with him will have to wait until next week.  i hope he has plenty of energy and kinky urges that he wants to release by then.

In the meantime, i think i'll try to find something sexy to wear for him.  Something white, girly and maybe even virginal. 

How's this?

Makes me want a spanking.  And a few other things!


sissy terri
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A Sissy New Year

i want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope that 2014 brings all of you health and happiness.  Prosperity is nice but it doesn't guarantee or replace happiness :)

i'm excited about 2014 for so many reasons.  i've never felt as comfortable with who i am as i do now.  My marriage with Diane, as unconventional as it is, has brought fulfillment to both of us.  i strive to fulfill all of Her Domme fantasies with my submissiveness and understand what Her lover Paul provides.  It's not the "fantasy cuckold" relationship i think about, but it's working.

Jake's also brought much into my life.  Our time together is more regular and things are headed in the right direction.  Sure, there will be bumps and disappointments but i'm far better prepared to handle them than i was before.

Also, i'm confident that you'll like some of the changes you'll see to my blog this year.  Some of these include:

  • A new contributor who should begin posting soon.  i'm sure you'll enjoy this lovely submissive gurl's viewpoint!  
  • More pictures, commentaries and articles about "sissy fashion."
  • i'm still considering this, but maybe a few more R-rated posts about my time with Jake
  •  A revitalization and possible reformatting of my blog listings.
With all that being said i hope i can keep the blog interesting and make it even better for everyone.  And please feel free to email me some suggestions.  i'd love to hear them.

Finally, January is the time where department stores all run their "White Sales."  i was thinking this morning that wouldn't it be nice if there were January White Sales for sissies?  Sales that would provide the most beautiful feminine finery and all in white!

i know pink is just about every sissies favorite color, but white lingerie and other pretty articles of clothing exude femininity!

Throughout the month, i'll try to post some pretty white items that have caught my attention.  Some have even sent me on a search for where to buy these lovely items.

Here's my favorite for today...a lovely white corset with (what else) ruffles and bows and gorgeous thigh highs!

i know Jake would find me irresistible in this.  i wonder if he would like to lace me up?


sissy terri
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