Batter Up

I always feel a bit embarrassed when I have to do something femininely that I can do quite well as a guy. We weren't playing ball inside, but even picking up the baseball bat I had to stick my butt out and act clueless.

Work has started for me, but I haven't worked long enough to have a huge opinion about it. Unlike Jill, I've worked a lot over the past 5 years so it's a little less of a shock to my system. The girls are demanding, but not particularly mean or anything. I'm learning a lot about women's clothes and I guess I'm going to have to learn a lot before they will let me actually wait on customers. I usually ring them up at the cash register and stock shelves so far. There will be a lot more posted on the new job when I have more to tell you.
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New Job

I got a new job. They tried to do with me what they failed to do with Jill, namely give me a job that would embarrass me. I think they have succeeded although there won't be any guys involved. I will be working at a woman's clothing store whose name will remain our little secret. The boss knows I am a guy, but believes I am a transsexual. She has seen me and has told me as long as I maintain a professional and feminine appearance we won't have any problems even if somebody reads me. As is the case with Jill, there are several girls there who know the truth and know me from when I was just starting to build up my wardrobe. They have assured Colleen that they will report anytime I am less than 110% feminine at work and have promised me that we're going to have a lot of fun on our lunch breaks and in general. It took a long time to find a job. I was looking for awhile now.
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Happy Labor Day

This is a real busy time. Classes are starting up, college football games are starting up (and it's not just about sports, but parties), and even sorority rush is starting up. Not only is Colleen thinking of going through it, there is a possibility that the girls' friend who is in a sorority may have a plan for us.

Classes are going well. I've got at least one of the girls in each of my classes. Somebody asked about me passing as a guy. Yes, it is harder now than passing as a girl. I have to dress practically 24/7 already, but honestly if I was just running to the drugstore or something I'd probably just touch up my makeup and throw on a skirt. It's a lot easier than trying to figure out how to make my hair and eye brows look masculine. There also is the matter of smell. Using feminine body wash, shampoo, and perfume, has all three of us smelling a bit girlish.

Amber is doing a bit better. She's definitely getting used to things, about as well as anybody can. She's still scared to death of going to class as a girl though.
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