It's a Beautiful Thing!

Like many of the readers of terri's blog, I've been avidly following the wonderful new developments in terri and Diane's - and now Paul's - relationship. Personally, I just love the way terri writes about their developing connection, and their adventurous exploration of this new intimacy, and I want to send all three of them my admiration and congratulations.

On re-reading terri's posts so far, I notice two things, and it is these I want to write about today.

The first is about how wonderful it is when both partners fantasies are in sync. Exploring them together involves lots communication, sharing of private feelings and thoughts, and looking deep into ones own interior. There is an intrinsic vulnerability to this process. And it turns out this is an *amazing* way not only create deep, lasting pleasure for each, but also to build incredible intimacy, and a continually deepening bond. It feels emotionally risky, because of the revealing of inner self that it requires (and it is - no doubt about that!), but done slowly and carefully, it is immensely powerful - and quintessentially human.

And this happens, with the caveat that the fantasies don't involve lasting harm to anyone, *no matter what the fantasies are* - no matter how 'kinky' they may seem, mutual exploration of this synchronicity seems to always lead to greater intimacy, greater love. Two - oh, sorry, *three* :-) - people find each other and can create this private world where together they reveal and manifest their deepest psychological and sexual needs.

Which is a very, very, very beautiful thing!!! 

So-called 'deviant' sexaulity, judged by the 'normal' world as depraved, leads to the same, deep - perhaps even deeper -  human connection that 'conventional' sex is supposed to foster. I find that just so thrilling.

Secondly, it just became even more apparent to me how pivotal to this whole thing Diane is. She is the one who orchestrated this, had the overall vision, and got all the parts to fit. Even Paul, who *appears* to be , and is many respects *is*, the top dog here, has been subtly manipulated - perhaps that is too strong a word - shall we say 'directed', 'guided' or 'led'- into playing his part in Her overall plan. It's really quite something, and I have to say the Dom in me is in admiration of her skill and tenacity. It's taken a lot of planning, persistence, patience and intelligence to pull this off. She's a remarkable person - but I'm sure you know this already. Diane, you have my deepest respects!

Diane, Paul, terri - congratulations to all of you. It's a beautiful thing!

Love to all,

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Wearing Diane's Panties

Diane insisted "it" was Paul's idea.  If it was, then Paul certainly "gets it" when it comes to humiliating a submissive sissy cuckold like me.  If it wasn't, and Diane had at least something to do with it, then it's just an innocent little white lie on Her part.  And there's not doubt She "gets it."  More about "it" later.

Wednesday's little tryst between Diane, Paul and i didn't last very long.  i didn't look at the clock when they arrived, but Paul was certainly there less than an hour.  The brief encounter was announced by a phone call from Diane when they were probably 10 minutes from our home.  The phone call was to tell me how to dress (nothing but some pink slippers, my strawberry shortcake apron and of course my chastity belt) and what to do (take the bed down but leave the panties and crop there and wait for them in the kitchen) and to let me know that Paul wouldn't be able to stay long since he had a meeting that evening.  i sensed some sort of surprise was coming.  i was correct.

The two of them wasted little time in heading to the bedroom.  There was a "hello sissy" from Paul and "we'll call you when we need you" from Diane.  i stayed in the kitchen for fewer than 10 minutes before i was summoned by Paul.  "You can come in now sissy" was all he said.

When i walked into the room the first thing i noticed was how bright it was.  We have a very large picture window on one side of our bedroom that faces the back patio and a view of the desert.  Despite it's privacy (no one can really peek into it the way the house faces and because of the elevation) we usually keep the window shades down.  On Wednesday, they were wide open with a full view of our pool and large patio.

Now, let me get to "it."

My eyes quickly adjusted to the brightness and i saw Diane kneeling on the bed, face down buried into a billow, legs spread and with Her beautiful bottom raised up.  She was wearing nothing but the panties i had bought at Victoria's Secret earlier that morning, following Her's and Paul's specific instructions.  The panties looked far better on Her than they would have on me.  Diane didn't move at all when i came in, nor did She say anything.  Her face just stayed buried in the pillow.

Paul stood at the foot of the bed naked and holding the riding crop.  Diane's white panties lay crumbled on the floor at his feet.  "And you were so worried about how the panties would look on you" he said with a sarcastic smile on his face.  "Don't you think they look nice now?"  i was able to come up with a "Yes Sir" as i stared at Diane's beautiful frame on the bed, Her ass on full display toward the wide open window.

My dreamy state was quickly broken by Paul.  With the end of the crop, he picked up Diane's panties from the floor and handed the to me.  "Here, put these on.  But before you do, feel how wet the crotch is."  i took them and immediately felt the dampness of the crotch.  They hadn't been there very long and Diane was definitely aroused when She took the panties off.  Either that or they had purposely wet them in the bathroom.  i think it was the former and not the latter that got them wet.

"Diane wants you here for her spanking" Paul said.  "Kneel over there like a good sissy" he said pointing to the front side of the bed.  i knelt on one side of her while Paul stood on the other with the crop.  It was as intense a scene as i've ever been involved in, kneeling there in chastity, in my wife's panties and watching Her as She awaited a spanking from Her lover.

Paul began by teasing Her with the crop, running it up and down Her inner thighs and using the flat leather at the end of the crop to tease Her vaginal lips.  "She gets wet so easy" he said looking at me then gave Her a little slap on the ass with the crop.  "Are you ready honey?" he asked Diane.  "Yes Paul" She said and then, no doubt on queue added in a very submissive sounding voice "Please spank me."

"You're such a naughty girl" he told Her as he began to swat Her.  As the swats became more intense, He asked Her why She was being spanked.  "Because I wet my panties" was Her reply.  Paul laughed and continued the spanking, he would only stop to use the end of the crop to massage Her pussy.  When he did, Diane would moan in pleasure.  He did this often and once, set the crop down, pulled Her panties aside and used his finger to probe Her.  i wasn't sure, but i thought She might have had a mini orgasm when he did that.  He then resumed the spanking.

There was plenty of verbal teasing which i thought was obviously for my benefit but after seeing and hearing how Diane responded to it all, there was definitely pleasure all around.  "Bet you'd enjoy having a patio full of friends to see you get spanked eh?" Paul asked Diane.  She loved the teasing. 

And Paul? By now he was totally erect, clearly pleased with how things were progressing.  The spanking lasted until Diane's bottom was bright red.  There were no welts or serious marks, as if Paul knew exactly when to stop to avoid such things.  He'd accomplished what he wanted.

He pointed to the panties She wore with the crop and told me to "take them off."  i slid them down with Diane's cooperation.  When they were off, She got back in the original face down ass up position, her reddened backside waiting for more. 

"Would you like to get me ready for Diane?" Paul asked me.  i told him i would and he laughed and said "Maybe next time when I have more time."  Maybe he sensed my disappointment, or maybe he had it planned all along but he then said "But you can at least kiss it."  i submissively planted a kiss on the head of his cock.

"You can go now and come back in when I leave" Paul said.  i left them alone for the remainder of their lovemaking.  It was short but intense.  i could hear their moans of pleasure.  There was no faking it. 

Not long after, i was called in again but this time by Diane.  When i got up to the bedroom Paul was dressed and giving Diane an intimate kiss.  "She's all yours now.  Enjoy" he said.  "Don't worry, I can let myself out."

i did what a cuckold does after the lover's left.  Diane had multiple orgasms, surprising since She'd had at least two with Paul.  i could taste and feel Paul in Her, which made it that much more intense and satisfying for both of us. 

i'd never seen Diane so submissive and yet so aroused.

i never did get a chance to wear the panties i bought that day.  Funny, but wearing Diane's made me feel even more submissive.


sissy terri

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A Quick Cuckold Update

This certainly isn't meant to be a tease of any sorts but rather just a short post to let you all know that things went very well yesterday, but certainly not as i would have expected.

Because of an unexpected "commitment" i have to head out of town for the rest of the day, but promise to post tomorrow.  i just felt obligated to let my readers know.

One of yesterday's surprises?  i spent the entire time Paul was there wearing my "Strawberry Shortcake" apron.  Diane felt that the pink polka dotted would highlight the contrast between Her sissy cuckold wife and Her alpha lover.

She was right, it certainly did.

More tomorrow.  i promise.


sissy terri
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Cuckold Date #2

Shortly after dropping our guests off at the airport this morning, i obeyed Paul's "Panty Shopping Instructions" and headed to the mall to purchase a single pair of panties (a panty or pantie) at Victoria's Secret, using the gift certificate he and Diane had given me for Christmas. 

There are a few Victoria's Secret stores in the metropolitan area where we live.  Considering my task and how self conscious i felt about doing it, i would have preferred to carry it out at the store located in the mall furthest away from our home and nearer to the airport.  However, Paul was very specific in his instructions, telling me which mall he wanted me to by the panties at.  Even though the mall is about 15 miles from our home in the foothills, i'd be more likely to run into someone i know there than at the other locations. 

Diane also added her own specific requirements to the task this morning.  She wanted me to buy a medium hip hugger style panty, something that had a bit of pink in it and if possible had a Victoria's Secret logo or other type of marking highlighting the VS brand on it. It was a simple instruction but one specifically intended to cause me future humiliation this afternoon.

Diane knows that i prefer panties that hide my male privates.  Skimpy panties like the hip huggers She was insisting upon don't do that very well.  Fuller cut panties, even in a medium size, fit me much better and hide my maleness.  i asked Her if i could at least buy a large size hip hugger and She said no.  "You wear medium sized panties often.  They'll be fine" She said.

i started to mention the bulk of the CB-3000 and Diane just laughed.  "What?  Are you trying to hide your chastity cage from Paul?" She asked with a big grin on Her face.  That just made me feel more self conscious about what i was going to do, and how i was going to look this afternoon.

"There's one more thing" Diane added.  "Take the bed down when you get home, take out the crop, lay it on the bed next to the panties you buy and take a picture for the blog.  Just to make it pornographic okay?"  The last comment being an obvious reference to Google's new Blogger guidelines.  Compared to the other things i had to do, and would likely have to do later in the day, this seem to be the easiest of the tasks.

Purchasing the panty was indeed a bit embarrassing.  i had to wait a few minutes for the store to open, sipping on an overpriced cup of coffee and strolling around the mall.  i found a panty that met Diane and Paul's requirements and brought it to the check out counter where a young woman in her mid twenties waited on me.

"These are really pretty and popular" she said with a smile as i handed her the gift card.  Not knowing what to say i smiled back and said "That's nice to know.  It's just a little surprise for the wife."  i immediately thought how stupid my statement was, especially since i was paying with a gift card that had $250 on it for a panty that was around $8!

"Well I'm sure she'll love it" the girl said, handing me back the receipt, the gift card and the panties in a cute Victoria's Secret bag and adding "looks like you'll be able to buy her plenty more with that card."  i blushed, thanked her and made my way to the parking lot.

So now i wait for Diane and Paul to arrive this afternoon.  With our guests gone, there's plenty of housework for me to catch up on and that will keep me busy.  i'm anxious and nervous again about this afternoon's "cuckold date" of sorts.  i hope it all goes as well as the last one.


sissy terri
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Gagging A Sissy

Catchy title eh?

Don't worry, i haven't choked on anything just yet.

Ten days ago i wrote about how Diane used Her worn panties that She had me retrieve from the panty hamper  to gag me while She took me with Her strap-on.  The gag wasn't just a symbol of Her dominance but also a way to make sure any of my sissy moans were muffled enough so that our guests wouldn't hear.  The gag helped make an already sexy and intimate moment even more erotic.  Her lovemaking led to my first, and thus far only, orgasm for the month of February.

Now, i'm on the verge of being "gagged" again.  This time in a far less erotic manner.

Like many other bloggers who use Google's Blogger i got the following message personally delivered to my gmail account:

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this policy. Also, we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing blog to comply as soon as possible, so that you won't experience any interruptions in service. You may also choose to create an archive of your content via Google Takeout (https://www.google.com/settings/takeout/custom/blogger).

For more information, please read here (https://support.google.com/blogger?p=policy_update).

The Blogger Team
i'm not quite sure how i'm going to proceed.  i've explored a couple of options, including Google's own suggestion to allow people with whom i've "shared" the blog to see it's content.  i assume this means people need to be "invited." 

my blog probably contains some (very, very little) "sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video."  In fact, i've made it a priority to avoid that over the years.  Perhaps i can remove a few pictures and everything will be fine.  i just don't know.

However, i believe a much more important issue is at stake.  With net neutrality very much in the news and the pending FCC decision just around the corner, perhaps this is some preemptive move by Google.  Net neutrality has a myriad of issues with "data discrimination" being somewhat at the forefront.

Now Google's quickly getting into data discrimination. 

i don't like it.  You shouldn't either.


sissy terri
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My Pretty Sissy Gurl Friend

Several posts ago, readers here were treated to a beautiful post by my loving (and lovely) sissy gurl friend Candi.  Candi also treated us to a beautiful photo of her modeling her new sissy maids uniform new sissy maids uniform.  She looked absolutely gorgeous.

With guests still hanging around and limiting my time to blog, not to mention putting a crimp in our regular lifestyle, i want to share a picture of another cute sissy friend of mine, Jo Bradford.  Jo's also been a contributor to this blog with a beautiful sketch i used for the post sissy terri meets Paul.  Jo has other beautiful artwork that will be shown here soon...so stay tuned.

But on Sunday, Jo sent me this picture of herself with this cute little snippet:

Just a little photo of me,

Looking the way I'd rather be.

Jo, please take this as a conpliment, and i'm sure my readers would agree....you look like the absolutely perfect sissy!!!!!

And we'd all rather be looking that way :)


sissy terri
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Sunday Sissy Shopping

No, i don't have time to shop today, but that doesn't mean you can't!

Sundays are a great day to dress in your favorite outfits and browse online for the best lingerie sales available.  And the best place to start is at Cora's wonderful blog, The Lingerie Addict.

Cora features the best of the best when it comes to sales around the world.  You'll fall in love with all the feminine finery for sure!

The Lingerie Addict  
Unfortunately, because our guests are still here for a few more days, i'm unable to dress in my feminine attire around the house.  It hasn't prevented me from being in chastity while Diane and Paul both enjoy getting my daily Chastity Report.  It's all still very surprising since Diane never seemed interested in the chastity lifestyle before.  Now, She just loves it!


sissy terri
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Panty Shopping Instructions

It was awful naive of me to think that i'd be given total control of how i spent the Victoria's Secret gift certificate Paul and Diane gave me for Christmas.  It would have been kind of fun.  To be able to spend $250 any way you want to at that store would be pleasing to any sissy.  i don't have total control over much of anything, so this is no surprise.

As a reply to yesterday's Chastity Report, this is what i got from Paul:


We've decided it's time you start spending your VS gift certificate.  To make the whole shopping experience more enjoyable for you your first purchase will be a simple one.  On Wednesday after bringing your guests to the airport you're to head to the Victoria's Secret at the ..... mall and purchase one pair of panties.  Or should I say "panty" or "pantie", you have me so confused now!  LOL.  Just one.  Nothing else.  Diane will give you more specifics about the style and color.

We want to see the receipt also and will look forward to seeing you in them on Wednesday afternoon.

Shopping for lingerie has become a bit easier for me over time but most of it is done online which doesn't bother me at all.  Those times that i've done it in person, i've always bought more than one item. This is different.  i know i'm going to be embarrassed by purchasing just one pair of panties.

i'll also have to walk through the mall with that cute little pink bag.  
i'm a little anxious again, but aroused at the same time.

The instructions i received also make it clear that Paul and Diane continue to have discussions about me when they're alone.  i'm not surprised.  It makes me feel special in a way, and even more submissive.


sissy terri
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Missing my Cuckolding

It's been more than a week since my cuckold introduction to Paul.  Nine days to be exact.  With all my anxiety, nervousness and preparations leading up to the big day, it was like i was running as fast as i could on a treadmill that just suddenly stopped.  With the arrival of our guests last Thursday things have slowed down quite a bit, at least for me.

Diane has seen Paul a few times, none of which have been situations where they've been able to make love like they do here in our bedroom.  But there's been enough intimacy to make Diane happy, and to keep the cuckolding fire alive.

Despite our guests being around and more golf than usual, i've still managed to maintain a respectable amount of time in chastity.  i'm not in the mid 80% range like i was in January, but i believe once they leave next week i'll be able to end the month at near 80%.  Paul continues to receive the daily Chastity Report and responds with an occasional comment.  His inclusion in this intimate piece of correspondence between Diane and i makes me feel even more submissive.  i sometimes wonder how much more submissive i can become!

Diane informed me last night that i'd probably enjoyed my last orgasm for the month of February.  It was yet another affirmation of my submissiveness.  When She said it, it was a tease meant to arouse me, especially since it was combined with some very tactile affection.  "It's not that bad" She said, "February is such a short month!"  i always loved Her sense of humor.  Perhaps She'll change Her mind and i'll be allowed some pleasure before March comes along.

Our guests leave on Wednesday morning of next week and the plan is for Paul to be here with Diane that afternoon.  Am i anxious about it?  Just a little :)


sissy terri 

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Penney Panties' Punishment Predicament

Every FemDom marriage or Female Led Relationship is unique and beautiful in its own way.  This is especially true with the partners have a deep love for one another.  Their rituals, symbols, means of communications, etc. become rich in tradition over time and help to strengthen the relationship.

Penney, my submissive sissy gurl friend just happens to be fortunate enough to be in such a relationship with her loving and Dominant Wife.  Last Sunday (the day after Valentine's Day), Penney wrote to me and closed her email with this very brief note:

"Last night I got a bit testy before, dinner so I was told to be at the door on my knees naked, her crop in my mouth when she arrives home from church. I am to expect a sound spanking for my poor behavior."
Having to bring a punishment implement to Diane has always been humiliatingly erotic to me.  So has having to kneel or stand in the corner and wait for Her.  Penney's brief but incredibly descriptive email combined both those two elements and even added a third.  The third element?  Objectification.  Not only did Penney have to get the crop and wait, she also served as nothing more than a "holder" for the crop until her Wife got back home!

i wrote back to Penney and let her know that i had the privilege of having Diane's panties in my
mouth on Valentine's Day while She made love to me with Her strap-on.  i told Penney i found it interesting, and slightly coincidental. that two sissy gurl friends, many miles apart, each with an item of their Wife's choosing placed in their mouths.

i want to share with you Penney's response to my email, in which she describes what ensued when her Wife returned home and later on that evening:

I was to be kneeling with her whip in my teeth, actually a riding crop, as I waited there for her. This is her favorite punishment implement. She has a few but this about the only one she uses these days. When she returned home she left me there for a little while blindfolded while she went about her business. I was getting pretty nervous by the time she removed the wip from my mouth.

She brushed the business end gently across my bottom a few times then let go with some ass stinging swats. I didn't count them, she doesn't make me do that, but I'd guess around twenty. I was sorry for my actions of the day before, now I was quite sorry and I told her so. I think we both felt much better for it.

Later she put me in very frilly pink panties, and we went to see the Imitation Game. She bought me several new peasant dresses and a sweater. I think she felt bad that she had to punish me. I think she had also planned to add a bow to the panties, but the evening got late. I never ask or say a word about such things; it is always her choice.

i found Penney's description of the scene to be most erotic.  i read it several time.  Each time, i found myself becoming more aroused, as if i was the one who was receiving the stinging swats of the crop and being put into pink ruffled panties afterwards.

i think you'll agree that Penney's punishment last weekend is a beautiful expression of the love that exists in the relationship she has with her Wife.

We're both lucky sissies.  Very lucky ones.


sissy terri
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Panties, Panty or Pantie?

Submissive sissies drift off into their own little world at times.  It happens more often at some times than others (you can probably guess when those times are), but when it happens to me i quickly get lost deep in thought about some strange philosophical or hypothetical question or self-created dilemma. 

Here's an example of one that's been gnawing at me for a few months now.  It's a question of which term to use when referring to those pretty things we use to cover our genitals and backside?

Let's use this sentence as an example:  "This morning i slipped into a pair of pretty pink panties."

Simple right?  Well, maybe not.

Does it sound better if you say or write?  "This morning i slipped into a pretty pink panty."

The word panties can be used to describe one or more pair, while the word panty is very specific to one pair.  Maybe it's its specificity, but there's something about the word that makes it a bit more feminine in my opinion, even dainty!

Then there's another option i've seen:  "This morning i slipped into a pretty pink pantie."

Of the three, i think this one is the most feminine.  Like panty, it's specific to a singular pair.  In addition, ending the word with "ie" adds more femininity to it in my opinion.

It's not confusing, but faced with so many choices you can see the dilemma a sissy (or should it be "sissie") faces!

Lately, i've been going back and forth, undecided on what term to use.  i'm leaning toward panty.

But when i feel really, really, really feminine and submissive...i think i prefer pantie.

But i may change my mind though.

After all, isn't that a woman's prerogative?


sissy terri

p.s.  Anyone have an opinion?
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The Panty Hamper

Snuggled into the corner of my side of our walk-in closet off the master bedroom sits the panty hamper.  It's just a small wicker basket with a cover on it, but it's where Diane and i put our panties, bras and other lingerie that i must hand wash.  i don't write much about it, but it's one of my "wifey duties."

Diane went into the office early yesterday morning to catch up on a few things and also to see Paul.  i took that opportunity to hand wash what lingerie we had in the panty hamper and let it dry on a rack in our bathroom.  By mid morning i was off with our house guess to play a round of golf.  After the round, our guests decided to head into town to do a bit of shopping and a couple of touristy things while i headed home. 

It was a little after 3 PM and Diane was in the shower after a trip to the gym.  i greeted Her, got ready to take my own shower and retrieved my chastity belt which i had removed (with Her permission) to play golf.  She left the water running and i jumped right in after Her, leaving the CB right beside the shower so i could reach it and slip it on comfortably with plenty of warm soapy water. 

A few minutes later the CB wasn't where i had left it.  i opened the door to peer around the corner to see if it might have fallen or if i'd left somewhere when Diane appeared.  She was naked and holding Her strap-on and harness.  "You won't be needing your little pink cage for a while" She said.  i began to stiffen immediately.   "Hurry.  We don't have all afternoon" She told me.  i was out of the shower quickly.

"Put on a babydoll top and get my panties out of the hamper" She ordered.  There were only two pair of panties in the hamper; the black ones She'd worn to the gym, and the pink one's i'd worn to play golf.  i did as i was told and went into the bedroom with Her black panties.  She already had the lubricant and was slipping into the harness.  i tightened the laces in the back for Her.  She turned to face me and pushed the strap-on into my mouth.

Little was said as She watched me suck the strap-on while She held me with both hands.  By then, i was rock hard and dropping deeper into subspace.  "On the bed" She said "and on your back."  She lay a towel on the edge of the bed and i laid on top of it, with my legs spread, bent and pulled back to my chest.  Diane lubricated the strap-on then my bottom.  She was skillful and made sure there was plenty of lubricant.  "Ready?" She asked. 

Before even waiting for an answer She quickly told me to open my mouth.  She took the black panties She'd worn to the gym, rolled them up into a tight little ball, and stuffed them into my open mouth.  "Just in case you get a little loud.  You never know when our guests will get back." 

There was a little teasing, but it didn't take long for Her to penetrate me.  She slid in easily and was soon pumping me back and forth.  When She's buried deep into me, both Her hands are free.  She used on of them to caress me softly.  i lasted only a few moments before i had an orgasm.  It was my first this month.  My moans of pleasure were muffled by Diane's sweaty panties. 

"Happy Valentine's Day" Diane said as She fell on top of me and kissed me deeply. 

Feeling so content i knew i had to reciprocate.  "May i worship You to an orgasm?" i asked.

"No need.  I already had mine today" She chided me with a smile.  "Besides, our guests will be back soon right?  So get back in chastity and get dressed."  i returned Diane's panty to the hamper, got back into chastity and got ready to head out to dinner.

Later in the evening as we headed out to a Valentine's dinner with our guests, Diane looked absolutely stunning but Rita, the female half of the couple commented on how handsome i looked.  Diane just smiled and said "He does doesn't he?"

Little did Rita know i was wearing a matching pink bra and panty set under my black sport coat, burgundy crew neck shirt and black slacks.  And i was in chastity also. 

i felt like a million bucks.


sissy terri
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Pre-Chastity Memories

With guests in the house, Valentine's going to be a very low key and vanilla day for us.  Diane's hinted that i may be in for a treat later tonight if things work out.  That leads me to believe i may even be allowed to have an orgasm.  It would be my first for the month of February.

Other than that, we're going out to dinner with our guests tonight.  Fortunately, we've secured a reservation and it should be a nice time.  So, before i get on to another topic, i want to wish all my readers a very Happy Valentine's Day.  i hope you all get to enjoy it in a special way!

While reading a post on "Robert Anthony's Chastity & FemDom Blog" a couple of nights ago in which he related how excited he was and how close he came to cumming simply by worshiping his wife's pussy, i couldn't help but reminisce about the times i experienced the exact same thing.

Robert, who for various reasons hadn't been intimate with his Dominant Wife for several days, explained the scene this way:

"My cock was throbbing hard by now and being back between her gorgeous thighs felt so good to me, I swear as I finally tasted her delicious pussy I thought my cock was going to explode underneath me. I'm not joking, I seriously thought I was going to cum. Mistress's pussy tastes so amazing and I have missed it so very much.
Thankfully I managed to curtail my impending accident and concentrated on worshiping Mistress's beautiful pussy."
Robert's excitement and near orgasm was also induced by the fact that moments before his Wife pushed his face down between Her thighs, the two of them were engaged in foreplay they'd apparently used before theirs became a FemDome marriage:

"... it seemed very vanilla to me, like the old days, and I half wondered (hoped?) if she would pull me on top of her and tell me to fuck her hard and cum inside her. Okay, maybe hoping to be allowed to cum inside her was a bit optimistic... it's only been nine days after all.

Instead Mistress pushed me gently down between her legs, though I cheekily slid back up her body... partly to carry on kissing her, and just maybe, perhaps, hoping my cock would brush against her pussy and she might... maybe, pull me inside her. One can hope, right?"
Oh how i can relate! i've had similar experiences where, especially after pleasing Diane (She always has an orgasm first unless She feels otherwise) i would hint or make a move as if to penetrate Her like a real man, only to get pushed away.  i've written about it here before like in this post Sex Between a Wife and Her Sissy, and it can be a very humbling experience.

Like Robert, on numerous occasions, i've had to do my best to hold back an orgasm while i was worshiping Diane, my mind in a deep subspace as i became totally lost in my role as existing solely for Her pleasure.  Many times i wasn't successful, unable to control myself and would make a sissy mess!

Even though i'm just as aroused today when i worship Diane as i've ever been, i don't have that problem anymore.  Since January 1, every time i worship Her i'm locked in my CB-3000.

No more sissy messes.  So far it's been a very effective way to cure my "problem."


sissy terri
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Keeping Everybody Happy

Our guests arrived early yesterday afternoon, while both of us were still enjoying the aftermath of a very beautiful afternoon with Paul.  Neither of our pleasures were solely the result of the eroticism of the encounter.  Rather, there were other factors that made us so happy.

For Diane it was the fact that She'd pulled this off and it worked so well.  Her strategy, with all its behind-the-scenes tactics, wasn't without risk, though She'd done Her homework to minimize it.  One such tactic, telling Paul about this blog, seems to have been the key to making this work.

My own pleasure came from knowing, and seeing first hand just how happy and content Diane was.  Sure, there was plenty in it for me, not the least of which was seeing Her happy, but it was evident that this was something She really wanted for Herself.  She wasn't doing it just to keep Her submissive wife happy.  There is something incredibly special when a couple's most intimate fantasies are so closely in sync.

The two of us spent a lot of time talking on Wednesday evening.  Yesterday's post was long enough without going on and on about our discussions.  It's a blog post, not a novel!  Diane reassured me that Paul also enjoyed himself and was looking forward to our next encounter.  i was a little unsure yesterday though.  i sent him a copy of the Daily Chastity Report at which time i also thanked him for Wednesday.  i added that it was helpful for me to see just how happy he made Diane.  i felt both silly and humiliated (two common feelings of mine) telling him that but it just felt right.   

After sending him the report, i expected a response of some kind and was disappointed each time i checked my email and there was nothing from him.  His message didn't arrive until late in the afternoon....


I had my own fun too.  With both of you :)
Looking forward to next time.
Diane was right about you.

Short, but reaffirming what Diane had told me.  Finally, i'm feeling more comfortable.

i showed Diane Paul's note and She just smiled and said "See, I told you.  Now comes the hard part for you.  Keeping the two of us happy!"

On a somewhat related note, i also forgot to mention that earlier last week when i asked Diane about doing some shopping at Victoria's Secret with the gift certificate She and Paul had bought me for Christmas, she told me to "hold off" until She gave me the go ahead.  i asked because i wanted to know if there was anything She wanted me to buy for Wednesday of this week.  So, i still have the gift certificate, waiting for further instructions.


sissy terri
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My Beautiful, Loving and Hot Wife

i hurried home yesterday after meeting an old friend for lunch.  He was visiting in the area and insisted we get together but leaving me very few options for a meeting time.  i arrived early hoping that it would give me a good reason to leave early enough to beat Paul and Diane home.  That came close to working, but not close enough.  They were already there when i arrived, with Paul's car in the driveway and the two of them behind the closed door of our bedroom.  It was then that the butterflies returned along with a bit more anxiety.

Just as Diane had said, there was a not on the island with a few instructions for me.  "There's some panties for you to wear and something to serve sitting on the table upstairs.  It makes for a cute picture.  Change into it.  You can do the serving later.  When you're changed, knock on the bedroom door.  Love, Di"

The table Diane was referring to sits against the wall in the walkway leading to the master bedroom in the upper level of our home.  It's not a huge table so i doubted the outfit She, Paul or the both of them had selected was very complex.  i was correct.

On the table was a pair of my pink ruffled sissy panties, strewn next to a bottle of  2012 "Menage a Trois" California Red Wine.  To the side sat a pair of white thigh high stocking with a little lace around the tops.  More anxiety, as i thought about knocking on the door and facing Paul in this outfit.  i'd have preferred something that would cover me up much more than this.  But this wasn't about my preferences.

i almost forgot about Diane's hint in her note - "It makes for a cute picture" - and ran back down the stairs to get my iPhone and took a picture of what She'd set out.  i slipped out of the clothes i was wearing and into the panty and thigh highs.  i heard a bit of stirring in the bedroom but it wasn't very loud. i took a deep breath and walked into the little alcove leading to our bedroom.

There, hanging sexily and daintily on the door handle, were the black panties Diane had been wearing yesterday morning.  The one's i kissed as i knelt behind Her while She put on Her makeup.  The panties on the door seemed fitting.  There i stood staring at them; panties that symbolized Her nudity while in the arms of another man just on the other side of the door.  Strange, but i decided to take another picture.

Before knocking, i decided to touch the panties just a bit, wondering if they were wet in the crotch. They were a little damp, but far from wet.  Maybe they hadn't been there that long.  Finally, i knocked on the door.

There was a pause of a few seconds, maybe more like 5 to 10, before Diane's voice beckoned me to come in.  "Welcome home, you can come in" She said.  i had my own pause, experiencing a little fear for the first time not knowing what to expect, and finally opened the door.

Diane stood in front of Paul as he held Her in his arms.  She looked beautiful.  Absolutely stunning.  She wore black thigh highs, black heels and a black collar around Her neck.  The collar was simple black leather with a ring on the front.  Unmistakable, it was a collar that was made to have a leash attached to it.  Diane had the most beautiful smile on Her face as Paul held Her.

Paul was totally naked.  My first impression was that he was more muscular than i thought he'd be.  He wasn't overly hairy, but neither was he smooth.  The hair on his body was a sharp contrast to my own smoothness; just another one of the many difference between the two of us.

Paul broke the silence and said "Relax.  We're glad you're here.  We've actually been waiting for you."  i stammered a "Thank you" and Diane immediately corrected me by saying "Thank you what?'  Submissively, i corrected myself and said "Thank you Sir."   "That's better" She said and Paul smiled.

Surprisingly, Paul wasted little if any time in getting down to why he was there.  The idle chatter was over.  "sissy" he said, "I want you to lay on  your back right here" pointing to the southwestern style rug in front of the bed that covered part of our wood floors.  i did as i was told.  Paul then stood over me with his legs straddling my chest as he looked down at me.  Our eyes met briefly before i got a glimpse of his cock.  i couldn't tell you its exact size, but it's bigger than mine.  Longer and thicker.

my line of sight to his crotch was quickly interrupted when Paul said to Diane "your turn."  Diane wasted little time to straddle my face and kneel in front of Paul.  "You both know what to do now I assume" he said.  i began to kiss the lips between Her legs, and i could hear Her doing the same, and more, to Paul's cock.

Though the panties Diane had left on the door handle were merely damp, She was already very wet when i began to kiss Her.  i mean, very, very wet.  Perhaps there had been some foreplay the moments before i arrived, or perhaps She was incredibly turned on by what was happening.  Probably a combination of both.

My face was covered by Diane and though some of my hearing was affected by the same, but there was not mistaking what was happening above me.  Diane was feasting on Paul and enjoying it.  And Paul seemed to be enjoying it even more.  He was very verbal, teasing Diane (and me indirectly) that She'd missed having access to a real cock for awhile.  "You can never get enough when you're with me right?" He ask Her.  i heard Her say "Huh huh" but it was very muffled, not willing to take a break from what She was doing.  Her juices flowed more and more and it was then that She had a smaller orgasm.  His comments turned Her on immensely.

Paul must have sensed how aroused Diane was and abruptly pushed himself away from Her.  "Up on the bed" he told Her, "facing us."  Diane got up, but not before sitting on me just a little heavier than She had been and running herself over my face.  i watched Her strut to the bed, get on all fours with Her butt facing the headboard and Her eyes glued on me.

"Your turn" Paul said.  "On your knees.  Let's see what Diane's taught you, or maybe it was Jake."  Both of the laughed.  i knelt, and submissively took Paul into my mouth.  i thought about a cuckold's role or fluffing duties.  If this was fluffing, it was purely symbolic in nature.  Paul was already fully erect (and bigger than my original impression) and ready for Diane.  The most erotic (and humiliating) part of my doing this was that i could smell and even taste Diane on him.  i could smell Her in his crotch and taste Her on him.  The slight smell of Her perfume and the taste of her oral juices seemed unmistakable.  i was filled with a rush i'd never experienced before.

i continued to do my best to please Paul and when making eye contact with Diane, always noticed a smile on Her face.   Paul was a little less vocal with me, but did compliment me on my oral skills.  "It must run in the family" He laughed.  Impressed by his size, i was happy he didn't force himself down my throat because i certainly would have gagged.

"That's enough" he said pulling out but rubbing the head over my lips before waking towards the bed.  "We don't want to disappoint the Mrs. now do we?  Or make her jealous right?"  Naturally, i responded "Yes Sir."

i felt silly just being left there, kneeling on the rug in front of our bed as Paul climbed behind Diane and began teasing Her.  "Go ahead" he said to Her "You can start."  i wasn't sure what he meant, but clarification came quickly (i would have cum too had i not been locked) as Diane began begging Paul to make love to Her.  This little game continued for a few minutes, Diane's please growing louder and more desperate.  i just watched, feeling humiliated, silly and aroused in my ruffled panties and thigh highs as eventually, Paul yielded to Diane and told Her to back up onto him.

Diane appeared to be in sexual heaven. There was little eye contact between She and i. Instead, She appeared lost in sexual bliss.  The lovemaking became more aggressive as He vigorously moved in and out of Her, grabbing the collar around Her neck and riding Her.  Diane seemed to have at least a couple of orgasms before Paul finally had his and he held Her hips tightly as he climaxed.

To a cuckold, there's quite nothing to describe the beauty of seeing your wife in the arms of another man, sexually fulfilled like you've never seen her before.  It's the most beautiful sight.  Diane looked more beautiful than ever.  

The two collapsed on the king sized bed, each laying back before embracing.  i felt awkward, still kneeling and waiting for the slightest hint that i would or wouldn't be needed.  Finally, Paul said "Well, I guess it's time for you know what" as he looked back towards me.  "Climb on up here and do the cuckold thing" he said "on me first of course."

For many cuckolds this is the moment of truth or the moment they've been waiting for.  Yet for me, it seemed like a very calming moment.  Maybe i hesitated a little but not much.  Diane's escape into Her own little fantasy world seemed to have expired, and She was back smiling at me.  i got onto the bed, knelt in front of Paul and did "the cuckold thing" and tasted Diane in a much more intimate way on him.  He seemed to enjoy it, keeping me there longer than i thought he would.  He started getting hard again.

"Okay, now we'll let you enjoy a real treat" he said.  Diane was waiting and i eagerly buried myself between Her thighs.   i don't recall Diane ever climaxing as quickly as She did.  Her orgasm affirmed that She'd enjoy watching what i did to Paul, and loved what i was doing to Her.  It was as if She was finally able to enjoy the fruits of Her labors; months of planning had come to fruition.

Of course, a cuckold's time with his Wife and Her lover is often abruptly ended.  That's what happened.  "Why don't you go put on a cute bathrobe and give us some time together" Diane suggested.  i took the cue and made my way into our walk in closet and came out with some pink slippers and a pink satin bathrobe with white polka dots.

"You look really cute" Paul teased.  "And you were awesome.  Really great.  Wasn't he?" he asked Diane.

She paused, looked at me and said "Yes, she certainly was.  We'll call you when we want the wine."

i thanked them both and left the room.

They stayed in the room together for about another hour.  There was more lovemaking, but not before the unmistakable sound of a spanking with the riding crop.  With all that had gone on, i'd forgotten about the crop and didn't even notice its absence on the bed when i got in the bedroom.  There were other things that had my attention.

i was called to serve the wine.  They enjoyed the "Menage a Trois."  They should, after all they're the one's who picked it out.

Paul left and said his goodbyes, giving Diane a big kiss and hug on his way out.  When he was outside and Diane had closed the door, She turned to me, gave me a big thumbs up, walked towards me and gave me one of the most passionate kisses i've ever had.

It wasn't the type of "Menage a Trois" that most men dream about.  Just sissy cuckolds.


sissy terri

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Cuckold Day Arrives

No surprise that i didn't sleep very well last night, though most of my sleeplessness was caused by the discomfort of an erection within the cramped confines of my CB-3000 rather than my anxiety about my big "cuckold day" today.  Sure i did have a bit of hard time falling asleep, but it was the erection that woke me up shortly after 3 AM that was most to blame. 

Though i usually don't remember any erotic dreams that might cause my arousal, or if i do it's very vague, this morning when i awoke i was thinking (fantasizing?) about Big Dave, a man who i've been corresponding with and on whom i've developed quite a crush.  A few days ago Dave wrote to me about how jealous he was of Paul.  Dave also wrote this little gem, which naturally stirred my emotions when i read it, and last night became part of my dream....

"Sometimes when I make love with my partner, I think of you in frillies watching me as I service your wife like a real man. I'll spread my legs a bit wider and invite you to lap my heavy balls as I drive in deep to your wife. Might as well be greedy while I'm fantasizing, right?"
Pornographic?  Maybe a bit.  But it certainly hit the bulls eye when it comes to a sissy cuckold's emotions!

Diane didn't seem to have a problem sleeping, though She was in a bit of a testy and Dominant mood this morning.  It was more of a sense i felt rather than anything specific and it didn't take long to soften.  Dressed in some just a lacy black bra and matching panty as She started to apply Her makeup, She invited me to kneel behind Her and kiss Her beautiful bottom softly.  It's something She likes to do sometimes, mostly on those days She's going to see Paul.  It's also a popular photo op you'll find often on cuckold blogs.  Today, it had more significance for both of us.

i was also given a few instructions before She went to work.  i was told to take down the bed before i left to meet my old friend for lunch, just in case She and Paul got her before i was back.  The next instruction was a bit of a surprise - "Take the riding crop out and lay it on the bed after you've taken it down."  When i asked Her if this was Her's or Paul's instruction all i got was a devious grin and a "Does it matter?"  She was right, whose idea or instruction it was is of no significance to me.

Finally, i was told that if they got here first (which now seems more likely) they'd leave me some instructions on the island in our kitchen.  "If you don't see any, just knock on the bedroom door."  Just before She left, there was a very loving and warm embrace and kiss.  She reassured me that things would work out fine and just before heading out into the garage, Diane told me just how much She loved me.

As the hours pass by i'm more nervous now about the lunch with my friend, hoping it doesn't drag on too long, than i am about anything that will happen later this afternoon with Paul and Diane.  The butterflies don't seem to be as bad anymore and i don't feel as anxious.  Diane's calming words this morning had a lot to do with that.

However, i also want to thank you, my readers and followers who have left so many heartfelt and thoughtful comments.  Many of them have little gems of advice that have been incredibly helpful.  Among the many helpful and thoughtful comments was this one left by "Marissa":

"Perhaps if you focus less on your own feelings and more on pleasing Diane and Paul, you'll find your nervousness diminishes and your own pleasure increases."
 Marissa's comment was timely in that just before i read it, i'd been corresponding with lill jo, the artist of the beautiful sketch that appeared a couple of posts ago, and discussing how we sissies tend to crave being the center of attention, or as jo put it "attention whores."  Our behavior misses the whole point of what it means to be submissive to the Woman we love.  Marissa's advice helped get me back on track and lessen my anxiety.

Just the same...wish me luck :)


sissy terri
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Real Men Don't Wear Chastity Belts

Will tomorrow ever come?

i spent much of today doing some administrative volunteer work for a local non-profit organization.  More than anything else i've done over the past few days, it helped take my mind off tomorrow.  But as soon as i got back home, the anxiety started again.

It's also been complicated a bit by a call from an old friend who's in town and insists on having lunch tomorrow.  Diane's told me to relax and "chill out" a bit, accept the invitation to lunch and come home when i'm done.  If She and Paul get here before i do,  "you don't have to worry, we'll just start without you.  We've done it before!" is what She said with a smile.

She's done Her best to help me relax, telling me time and time again that it will work out because it's what we've both wanted for a long time.  As true as that may be, until it happens and is enjoyable, then i don't think the anxiety is going to go away.  i'm more nervous now than i've ever been on any "first date" in my life.

Paul seems quite relaxed about it all and apparently enjoy the role he's in.  He's only sent me a few brief notes via email in response to a Daily Chastity Report i send to both he and Diane.  One such note came earlier today:


I'm quite impressed by the amount time you're spending in chastity.  I could never do it.  Nor would I of course.

And my intrusion into your blog doesn't seem to have affected your openness.  Make sure that continues.

The notes are short but very direct.  As the submissive cuckold, and being who i am, i pore over every word and over-analyze every phrase, searching for any hidden or every possible meaning it contains, along with wondering what he's really trying to convey.

Today's note had two things that immediately jumped out at me.  The compliment about the time i spend in chastity, even when taken alone, emphasizes my submission and his superiority.  Put together with the "Nor would I of course" phrase, it was even more powerful.  The difference between Paul and i is made very clear isn't it.  The "hidden" message?  Real Men Don't Wear Chastity Belts!

Then there's the "Make sure that continues."  i took it as a direct order.  i have been doing my best to continue blogging just the way i did before i found out he knew about it.  So i'm happy at least he thinks i haven't changed.

So i continue to wait for tomorrow.  i'm sure if they have to start without me, Diane will have instructions ready for me when i arrive.  Or maybe they'll be Paul's instruction.


sissy terri

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"Sissy terri Meets Paul"

As Wednesday and my initial "full cuckold" meeting with Paul draws near,  it's on my mind nearly all the time.  You all know about the anxiety i feel and even though two face-to-face meetings with Paul have helped tremendously, i still experience it.

It won't be the first time that i've been dressed in front of a man before, nor will it be the first time that i'm a man's submissive.  i've played that role before.  But this is different.  Very different.  With Jake it was definitely a role i played.  With Paul, it's not just a role.  It's been carefully incorporated into our lifestyle.  i've also never experienced entering into something like this, especially the way it was done with the establishment and acceptance of Paul's rules.

Though we've met and talked, and our second meeting was far more comfortable than the first, Wednesday will be different.  i've got a little more than 48 hours to think about it.  Butterflies in my stomach?  More like angry birds flying around looking for a way out?

My constant reflections about my anxiety and such must be "getting old" to some of you, or maybe even all of you.  i don't blame you.  However at the same time it's elicited some very welcome words of support either through your comments or personal emails to me.  i'm incredibly grateful to everyone, even those of you who just read the blog.

One question that's always on my mind about Wednesday is what Diane and Paul will make me wear, if anything at all?  Exactly how "sissy" will they want me to be?  It ranks right up there with just how much they will want me involved with them.  My only prior experience with Diane and Brian didn't go that great because Brian didn't seem to get the whole cuckolding thing.  Paul, under the fine tutelage of Diane, does. 

What will i be wearing for that first "cuckold meeting" with Paul?  Will Diane make that decision?  Will it be the both of them?  How humiliating will it be?  i feel humiliated yet aroused just thinking about it now.

One of my loyal readers, lill jo or Jo Bradford, who happens to be a very, very talented artist, sent me a beautiful sketch of just what my first cuckold meeting with Paul might look like.  She calls it "Sissy terri meets Paul." 

First, i have to say that i'm incredibly flattered the lill jo would take the time to create this piece for me.  Thank you sooooo much Jo.  You have no idea how much it means to me.

Second, i have to say that i'm amazed and impressed by how well the sketch seems to capture the moment i've been fretting about for so long!  Though we never talked about it, Jo's sketch was created simply by what she read here on these pages. 

The picture illustrates Paul and Diane in casual embrace, apparently pleased by how effectively they've feminized their sissy cuckold.  The cuckold, sissy terri, stands demurely in front of them with her head submissively tilted downward to avoid eye contact.  she's dressed in a pink babydoll dress that's short enough to reveal the bottom of her panties, a pretty bow in her hair and some heels of perfect height.  Everything is in pink, the sissy's favorite color!  Amazingly, Jo captures this sissy's favorite things in this one sketch!

Who knows what i'll be wearing over my chastity belt on Wednesday?  Diane and Paul probably haven't even decided yet.  But whatever it is (or isn't) Jo's art certainly captures the powerful sissy emotions and anxiety i'm feeling now, and will no doubt experience on Wednesday!


sissy terri
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Safe, Sound and Satisfied

Diane arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon a little after 4 o'clock.  Though i'd only been away from Her a couple of days, it felt so much longer.  i was so happy to see Her.  After i pulled up to the curb at the airport to help put Her luggage in the back of our SUV, the first thing She did was kiss me and reach for my crotch to feel for my CB.  The kiss and the groping for my CB were simultaneous.

"You missed a couple of my orgasms on the chastity report" She told me on the way home.

"i did?  When did You have those?" i asked, unaware that She'd actually pleasured Herself over the last two days.

"I had some free time with no one around and took advantage of it.  The last time I was even on the phone with Paul" She said with a big smile as She reached over and put Her hand on my thigh.  "And i missed you too.  Can't way to feel you between my thighs."

There was arousal stirring in my CB-3000.  It didn't hurt now, but i knew it would when i was between Her thighs.  "Feeling" me between her thighs doesn't mean the same thing as it would when another woman would say such a thing to her husband.  She didn't need to clarify it or anything because i knew what She meant.

Since i'm not allowed to penetrate Her, She was obviously referring to my pleasuring Her orally.  My lips and tongue are always welcome between Her thighs, the cheeks of Her beautiful bottom and anywhere else She so desires. 

Diane moved on to a different topic as we drove home.  Yes, i was paying attention to what She said but my mind had flashed back to an email i'd received from Paul earlier Saturday morning.  It was, what i thought at the time, just a short note in response to the Chastity Report i had sent him and Diane just a couple of hours before:


Thanks for the update.  Had a lovely chat with Diane yesterday.  Wished her a safe trip back.

Diane's view
Now i knew just how "lovely" that chat was.  Obviously, he knew how much Diane enjoyed it.  i wonder if he can appreciate the type of perverse enjoyment i was receiving from it as well.

Later in the day, i did find myself between Diane's lovely thighs.  There was plenty of discomfort between my own thighs with all the straining against the restrictive confines of my CB-3000.  Diane had a powerful orgasm, one during which She was far more vocal than usual.  It took awhile for my discomfort to subside and i wasn't allowed any such pleasure for myself.

In the orgasm department i'm still "0 for February."

And Diane is far, far ahead.

"As it should be" She says.


sissy terri
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Sissy's Big Day

Each year around this time, we host some friends who take a week or so to visit us and enjoy the warmer weather our climate here has to offer.  They're good friends but neither of them knows about our lifestyle so their presence tends to put a bit of a damper on things.  The two of them stay with us much of the time they're here but also do some traveling and touristy things while in the region on their own. 

Both of them are golfers and when they're here i always play a few rounds of golf with them and they'll also play quite a few on their own.  They arrive this coming Friday and we've already set a couple of tee times for next Saturday and Monday.  Their presence here will likely cramp both our styles a bit, but particularly Diane's.  With my cuckolding now totally in the "open" with Paul, their trysts here in our home don't have to be as carefully planned.  As Diane so aptly put it to me last week "Our marital bed is his to use whenever we choose." 

That's very true and i've accepted it.  But with vanilla house guests, it's going to be back to some careful planning and maybe even an alternate venue for their lovemaking.  When i talked to Diane last night on the phone (She returns today from the frigid temps of the Northeast) She was quick to tease me and point out that fortunately "....they don't arrive until Friday, so sissy's big day on Wednesday won't be affected."

i am always shocked and embarrassed at how easily and quickly i get aroused by some sarcastic or teasing little comment that Diane might make.  i don't know if other submissives have the same reaction to things like that, but She no sooner had said "sissy's big day" that i could sense some stirring in my CB-3000 along with some slight blushing even though there was no one around to see it.  Visions of this coming Wednesday when i get to meet Paul when he arrives for an afternoon of sex with Diane.  i remained aroused (and continued fantasizing) through the rest of our conversations.  It also helps that Diane referred to me in the third person.  That's another little quirk that turns me on.  Yes, i am indeed a strange sissy.

Had our guests been arriving a few days earlier, my introduction to Paul as a full cuckold and submissive would be delayed even more than it already has.  The anxiety that i bring upon myself as the big day approaches would have an extra week or two to build up.  Instead, i've only got another four days to go. 

i'm glad it's turning out this way.  i can't stand the wait for "sissy's big day."


sissy terri
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Sissy "Hummingbird Panties"

Diane arrives tomorrow and She made it very clear She wants the housework to be all done by the time She gets here.  Even though neither one of us has been around since Sunday morning, She expects all the housework done as usual.  Yes Ma'am.  So, i'm kind of a busy housewife today while wearing one of my favorite aprons.

In the meantime, i wanted to share something with all of you that i found on The Lingerie Addict  blog.  Cora, the blog's author, does an outstanding job of keeping everyone abreast on the latest in lingerie news, sales, trends, etc.  In this post Cora reviews some "hummingbird panties" she received from Tallulah Love, a maker of fine specialty lingerie. 

The panties are pretty enough....

...but they even come in these beautiful boxes!

Don't they make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts?

Don't take the chance that someone might not buy them for you.  i think they're worth getting for yourself!


sissy terri
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Paul's Note, Chastity & Pretty Panties

i received Paul's response to my email accepting his rules which also had the daily chastity report which i send to Diane attached to it.  


I believe you've made the right decision and believe you'll be happy.

I know Diane and I will.  

February chastity % needs improvement.


The short message helped increased my anxiety once again, wondering exactly what he meant by "I know Diane and I will."  Of course they've discussed this before but i wonder just exactly what they have planned to be so confident that they'll enjoy this?  i certainly don't look at this with any guarantees for success, nor do i look at it with gloom and doom either.  i believe it has a good chance to work out, but the confidence i felt when reading the message gave me pause.  As usual, Diane felt i am making too much of it.

The comment on chastity was a bit surprising.  Paul's Rules made it clear that he wanted a copy of the daily chastity report, but he only insisted that I be in chastity when he was around.  Other than those times, it is all up to Diane.  With access to the report, he's going to know how much time i spend in chastity every day and will comment whenever he wants.  In addition, since our (Diane's and mine) orgasms are now included as part of the report, Paul will have access to that information as well.

The time i've spent in chastity this month is low by comparison to January.  It will be even lower after today, since i'll once again be flying cross country.  i've got instructions to get into the chastity belt as soon as i get home, put on a numbered lock, take a picture of it and send it to Diane who won't be back until Saturday.

In some ways i'm disappointed that i didn't fly with my chastity belt.  The risk of going through airport security and having to endure additional scrutiny (much of which i believe would be quite public) isn't something i wanted to go through and Diane thankfully agreed.  While the CB-3000 could pass through the metal detectors with a plastic lock, there's the scanners that could cause a problem. 

Fortunately, i'm able to fly in panties.  "Big boy underwear" (as Diane likes to call it) just doesn't feel natural anymore. 

Unfortunately though, the panties i'll be wearing to fly aren't as pretty as these....

But then again, how many are?


sissy terri
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Accepting Paul's Rules

Last night, much to my surprise Diane suggested that rather than wait until we return home, i let Paul know of my decision to accept the rules he set out for my full cuckold involvement with he and Diane. 

"Include Paul on the daily Chastity Report you send me tomorrow morning" She told me.  "I think it will it would be a very pleasant surprise.  I'm sure you'll make him happy.  Sending him the report was one of his rules right?"

It certainly was and in retrospect it was one that he appeared to emphasize a bit more than some of the others.  Diane believes he has no interest in being my "keyholder" other than at the times he is
there with us.  She also has not intention of relinquishing Her rights as my ultimate keyholder.  

Originally, Diane seemed to want to have some sort of formalized or symbolic event or scene where i would officially accept his terms in front of the two of them.  But always one to spring the element of surprise on me, She's now done the same thing to Paul.  Diane also wanted me to include January's Chasity Report in my email to him, giving him "a greater understanding of how this works."

Diane's "suggestion" fell short of a strict directive but i knew it's what She wanted me to do.  i refer to it as a suggestion because She did ask me what i thought about it.  i was surprised at Her suggestion, believing that all this would have to wait until we got back.  The wait was making me anxious for several reasons, one of course was wondering what Diane had planned and how all this would play out.  By doing it this way, much of that anxiety is gone or at least diminished.  i told Her it was a good idea.

So this morning, i entered yesterday's data on my time in chastity, attached the January and February reports to the email i routinely send to Diane each morning, added Paul's email address to the "To" line, wrote a brief message to both of them, and clicked "Send."

The message to Paul in part read:

"Sir....after careful consideration i've decided to accept the rules you set out at our meeting on January 14th and the subsequent discussion we had on January 23rd.  Beginning today, i will include you on this Daily Chastity Report....i look forward to doing my best to make this work so that it is pleasurable to both you and Diane.


sissy terri
i let Diane read the note before i sent it and She thought it was nice.  i'd originally signed off with "regards" instead of "submissively."  The latter was Her suggestion, saying that it expressed a deeper commitment.  i agreed.

i'm not completely sure when i will get to see Paul with Diane next, but right now it looks like it will be next Wednesday.  i'm sure the anxiety might build up again, but for now at least i feel a bit relieved.


sissy terri

p.s. - A special thanks, hugs and kisses to Candi for the beautiful post about her new maids uniform and the beautiful picture!  Aren't i lucky to have such a sweet and beautiful sissy gurlfriend?

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Clothes maketh the gurl!

Hello, Candi here - and this has been a long time coming, and way overdue. I'm sorry! Life has been getting in the way, and I've been finding it harder and harder to find time to write for terri's fabulous blog. But things are different now, and I'm hoping to be a more regular contributor.

So, we all know how important clothing is to our special interest, and none more so that the perennial maids dress. I had always been reluctant to indulge myself in this, preferring to cultivate a look that was more mainstream feminine, focussing less on the fetish aspect of it, and more on passing as a 'normal' woman. However, after some discussions and thoughts, my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to take the plunge.

The quality of my female clothing is always of upmost importance to me, and I had a hard time finding an outfit that was both to my liking, and well made. I finally decided on an outfit from Birch Place, which has an amazing selection, all of it made to good standards. The one I chose was the Emmanuelle French Maids outfit, in black satin with white lace trim. The great thing about Birch Place is that they will customize your order to your exact size, so I was able to create something that fitted my corseted form just about perfectly, giving me a nice female shape. It also comes with a full net petticoat, and a cute little apron to complete the ensemble. Lovely!

Well, was I in for a surprise. The garment duly came, and I finally got around to trying it on with full makeup, heels and some lovely European nylon stocking. I had thought that it would be a fun thing, a novelty, but not that much different in feeling from the usual gurl-about-town outfits that I normally wear. Oh, was I wrong.

I dressed, made up and finally looked at myself in the mirror. I could not believe the deep feeling of submission that came over me. It was completely unexpected, extremely powerful and  - Oh! - so very, very wonderful! I loved the way I looked, the way I felt, and the deep effect it had on my psych. I had never felt so feminine, so ready to let go, so ready to serve and dedicate myself to pleasing a Master - or Mistress - than ever before. I was completely stunned by how deep, and how quickly a simple addition to my wardrobe could propel me into a state of submission that I had never felt before.

Since then, I have worn it several more times, and each time, the effect has been the same. I have also worn it as part of a play session with another (dominant) CD. It is hard to describe just how powerful it has been to experience this new set of feelings, and how it has helped me to fall deeper into submission.

It just amazes me how a set of clothes with a specific cut, color and design can have such a powerful effect on the psyche. There is something so profoundly symbolic about the outfit: the short, flared skirt trimmed with lace, the flouncy, full net petticoat, the artfully placed bows as trims, the powerful contrast between black and white, the sheer silky stockings, with garters and stocking tops peeking out below the skirt, and the tall high heels, which have you delicately balanced, and set off your long legs encased in beautiful black nylon. The feeling of the satin, silky against your skin, and the delicate exposure of the short skirt. All combine in an overwhelming visual and tactile experience, pushing you deep into a mindset where your only purpose is to serve. I found it a sublime and deeply moving experience, and I am deeply grateful to terri, who was one of the people persuading me to take the plunge. I am so looking forward to exploring more of the sissy maid experience!

You can see some more pictures of the final result (and some other pics too!) on my Flickr page - here. Clothes most definitely do make the gurl!
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"Pack Something Pretty"

i wasn't able to watch the Super Bowl yesterday.  Not because of any disciplinary action that Diane imposed upon me or because of some kinky sissy cuckold deprivation measure that Paul might have imposed.  No, nothing like that.  Instead it was a very vanilla reason.

Diane and i were traveling all day to attend to a family related matter this week that happened suddenly.  We're fine and will be headed back home later this week.  So, as the exciting game was being played we were somewhere up in the skies until we landed at our destination well after the game had ended.

"Sissies shouldn't be allowed to watch Super Bowls" Diane teased me while on one of the flights.  "Instead, they should serve at all the parties on Super Bowl Sunday."  She had a point.

Diane's post on Saturday morning shocked me.  It came out of the blue and was an honest reflection of Her disappointment in me.  She was up early and headed to the office to get some things taken care of before we left yesterday.  i was still in bed when She posted on the blog.  Going to the office also gave Her an opportunity to see Paul before we left.

She returned by mid afternoon in a much better mood.  Later, i found out that Her cheery state was at least in part caused by some time spent with Paul.  She made it a point to announce that She'd enjoyed an orgasm (from his effective digital stimulation) when they were together in his office.  "I'll have to start letting you know about the orgasms I have when you're not around if you're going to keep track of them on the chastity report starting tomorrow."  February 1 is the date She wants me to start counting orgasms for each of us on the report.

Diane remained in a better mood for the remainder of the day.  Later that night after we'd taken out the luggage for our trip Diane reminded me to "pack something pretty to sleep in."  She didn't have to remind me, but it was nice to hear Her say it.

With a little more authority, She also made it clear that the CB-3000 would be coming along for the trip.  "Leave it on tonight, take it off tomorrow and put it in the piece of luggage we're checking" She said.

The CB-3000 arrived safely.  It doesn't appear the TSA officials snooped through the luggage either :)

Perhaps they would have been surprised but maybe not.  i'm sure they've seen all types of sexual devices and toys over the years.

However, they couldn't have helped but fall in love with the pretty babydoll pajamas i packed!


sissy terri
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