Sissy Prom Season

Prom season is fast approaching and sissies everywhere are both fascinated and fantasizing about how much fun it would be to be the queen of the prom.

There are so many pretty dresses to choose from but among sissies, the most popular color this or any other season would be probably be pink.

Here's one that i like.

Isn't it beautiful?  But more than likely, i'll continue shopping since it's so much fun!


sissy terri
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Wedding Days

"Editor's note:  the posts over the next week have been written and scheduled ahead of time, allowing Diane and i to enjoy a vacation with friends after today's big family event.  Live posts (and cuckolding) should resume when we return.  Love, terri"

My bridal fantasies are pretty well known among my readers.  Most sissies have these fantasies or something pretty similar, but they're mostly focused on wearing a lovely wedding gown for awhile and feeling like a bride.  For real brides so much more goes into that big day.

If they're lucky enough there's often months of planning to make everything turn out perfect, or if not, as close to perfect as possible.

When the big day comes i can just imagine the excitement that goes with it, especially when they get to put on that wedding gown before the ceremony.

A girl never looks as beautiful as she does on her wedding day.


sissy terri
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The Big Event

In recent posts i've been referring to our being busy and a big family event that was coming up.  i've been a little reluctant to share specifically what it was here on the blog.  My sissy sisters have known about it for awhile and they've kept their promise to keep it a secret until i had a chance to talk about it here.

i may be a sissy cuckold but my role as a father to my daughters trumps everything else.  It has always come first and always will.  That being said tomorrow is a very special day for Diane and i.  Our daughter is getting married.

It's been more than a year in the works (i should check back because it may be even two years...lol) and the planning has been extensive and meticulous.  My daughter and Diane have worked very hard to make the day special and so far everything has fallen into place.

Events like these tend to put our lives in perspective.  We reflect upon the past, appreciate the present and are filled with hope for the future.

i have a short post planned for tomorrow.  Pardon the brevity, but i'm going to be a little busy!


sissy terri
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A Little Chastity Among Friends

With two days to go before our big family event, the house is bustling with activity.  The two daughters, their friends along with out-of-town guests arriving makes for a very busy time.   There's barely time for sex of any kind, never mind cuckolding.

i did get to give Diane a pedicure last night (a task that never fails to, at a minimum, at least partially satisfy this submissive's desire for servitude) and when the polish was "dry enough" move my attentions to more intimate regions of Her anatomy.  i was very grateful.  While Diane does enjoy my pedicures, this one was no doubt requested for my benefit, since She's having a professional one done Friday afternoon.

So today provided me with another opportunity to dip into the sissy cuckold mailbag and find one of the many unanswered questions you've asked in some of your comments.

Last Saturday i opened up my blog post with: "We're about to embark on an incredibly busy week that's to be followed by a week's vacation with some close friends."  This prompted Mick Collins, follower, regular reader and fellow cuckold to ask the following:

Sounds like a busy couple of weeks. Will you be caged up during that planned vacation with friends? Will they know your sad fate?
i later typed a hasty (complete with typos) reply to Mick from my iPhone that my chastity status for the vacation had yet to be determined and that if i was, our friends wouldn't be told.

Diane read the post and the comments and surprisingly brought up the subject last night.  She's decided that i'm to remain in chastity "as much as possible throughout the vacation."  The discussion was very brief.  i'll be able to get out of chastity only in "obviously risky situations, and only with permission."

At the risk of sounding argumentative, i did ask Her if She could define "obviously risky" a bit better or give me an example of what She meant.  Clearly not in the mood to enter into a debate with me, She simply said "A situation with a high risk of your chastity being discovered."  There was a pause just long enough to see if i had anything else to say.  i was mulling it over and before i had a chance to say anything else She put an end to the discussion with "And since it's a bit confusing to you don't worry about it.  I'll decide when it comes off."

As you can see, one of the benefits of a Female Led Marriage is efficient time management.   Very little time is wasted on decision making.  My chastity status has been decided.  Like the key, it will be in Diane's hands, where it belongs.

Submission to another requires some level of trust, otherwise it's not going to work.  i have complete trust in Diane.  Though Her dominance and/or my submission has been publicly displayed at times, it's been done in such a way that hasn't 1) offended anybody who might be around and 2) revealed anything that would be damaging to our personal or professional lives.  She's never done anything that would cause me to reduce the level of trust i have in Her judgement.

Our most recent experience with this was on our last ski vacation when, on New Year's Eve, Diane decided to wear the key to my chastity device around Her neck.  It was Her way of putting my chastity on display for all to see without offending anyone. 

We're very close to the friends we'll be vacationing with.  You could say we're best friends.  They're not aware of our lifestyle but by the same token are very familiar with Diane's personality and Her assertiveness at times.  i'm quite sure they don't read anything more than that into it.  On the other hand, Diane's friend Linda is very much aware of our lifestyle but not sexually involved in it.  Diane has a comfort level and trust with Linda that allows this.

i'm sure many submissives fantasize about being made to show devotion to their Dominants or perform some humiliating task in a public setting.   But it's also one of those things that's best fantasized about and not acted upon.  Much of what is fantasized would likely offend innocent bystanders.

i'm quite certain Diane has Her own dominant fantasies that She'd likely enjoy.  She certainly pushes the envelope and that's one of the things that makes Her so sexy.  She just never pushes it so that the contents spill out. 

The shopping trips i have to make to Victoria's Secret with specific instructions from Diane and/or Paul are humiliating enough. 


sissy terri

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The Sissy Cuckold Mailbag - My Period

i mentioned several posts ago that i'd been remiss in responding to questions that are posed in the comments left here.  i've also been remiss in following one of Diane's "older" requirements that i respond to every single comment, whether or not it contained a question. That topic came up last night once again as a result of a question that was posed yesterday, and let to an entirely different discussion before bedtime.

In a comment to yesterday's post, No Cuckolding & No Punishment for Diane - Yet, Anonymous asked:
terri, speaking of schedules, I was wondering if you still are required by Diane to have your monthly 'period', where you have to use tampons and or pads? Is that included on your calender also, for Paul to see?
The short answer to the question is "yes" and i suppose i could leave it at that.  However that would only lead to more questions.  It would be the easy way out.  So let me give you a more complete answer and the reasons for not having brought it up before.

If you recall back in mid-January during my first real private meeting with Paul and Diane (Pondering Paul's Rules) i discovered that Diane had told Paul about the blog.  Her secret revelation to him resulted in a very emotional response.  i was filled with anger, shame and humiliation.  It was a carefully calculated step by Diane which in the end, led to where we are today.  It helped Paul gain an understanding about who we are and what made our relationship work.

There were many things that i was ashamed and embarrassed about in the blog with that revelation, none more so than my requirement to "have a  period" once a month.  That was a major issue and understandably caused a tremendous amount of friction and angst between Diane and i.  We obviously resolved our issue but to some extent, the embarrassment remained and i never brought it up on the blog until now. 

All my comments are moderated, requiring approval before posting.  i only did that because of some absolutely nasty and vulgar comments that were left months and months ago which i had to delete.  Once i started comment moderation, the anonymous commenter went away and hasn't attempted any return.  So yesterday, i could have easily ignored the question that was posed and not posted it, but i just didn't feel right about doing that.  It was a legitimate question that dealt with something i'd written about before, was still a part of our lifestyle but something i hadn't appropriately addressed. 

So yes, i am still required by Diane to have my monthly period and it certainly is part of the Chastity report.  It shows up once every twenty-eight days and it's highlighted in red.   Paul sees it and in the three plus months i've been sending the report, has always made a comment about it.  The comments are not hurtful but rather more teasing in nature. 

i feel a bit better about sharing this with you.  It's something that's been on my mind but i just avoided it.  i've come close a few times because it did have some bearing on what i was writing about at the time but just didn't do it. 

So, whoever the anonymous commenter is who left the question yesterday, thank you for prompting me to get this done.  i'm glad i did it and realize i shouldn't have waited so long.


sissy terri

p.s. - i have many other questions to answer and promise i'll get to as many as i can here in future posts!
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No Cuckolding & No Punishement for Diane....Yet

i had to make my first ever revision to the "Cuckold Calendar" yesterday and it was quite a disappointing one for both Diane and Paul.  Their mostly regular Wednesday afternoon tryst was moved to late Monday afternoon to accommodate Diane's personal schedule for the next two weeks.  i mentioned we have an important family event going on later this week that's to be followed by a week's vacation with friends, so there was an effort to hook up with Paul before all that started.  i suppose it just wasn't meant to be.

Skipping a planned meeting isn't always a big deal, but when the next one is more than two weeks away it does tend to get Diane a little bummed out.  And based upon Paul's note back to me after this morning's Chastity Report, he feels the same way.  He also wrote the following:

"....and Diane's punishment for cumming without permission will be one of the first items on my sexual agenda when you two return.  It's a punishment that's also gathering interest, one that I'll allow you to both see and hear very well.  I cant wait."
Though Diane didn't see Paul yesterday She's "working late" tonight and he plans to stop by Her office before they both head home.  No doubt there will be more than just "heavy petting" going on.  i'm hoping that at least She'll come home wanting a little more.  More of what a sissy cuckold like me has to offer.  Admittedly it's not the same as what a real man has to offer.  But Diane doesn't seem to mind taking advantage of it.  The fact that She does pleases me also.


sissy terri
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For my Listening and Viewing Pleasure

"Of course she's locked" Diane told Paul.

That's how their phone sex session began on Saturday afternoon, Diane affirming my chastity status with Paul while i knelt at the side of the bed kissing the soles of Her feet.

But first, a little about Diane's posting and our trip to Victoria's Secret....

That Diane's posted here yesterday took me completely by surprise and so did the posts content.  We hadn't discussed either subject until moments before She sat down to post yesterday morning.   i don't think it was a spur of the moment decision on Her part.  She plans Her surprises, and is patient enough to keep them a secret until She springs it on me!

Saturday's planned shopping excursion was postponed to yesterday.  Diane didn't want to feel rushed in order to get back home for Her phone sex date with Paul.  It was a good decision.  We were able to take our time shopping on Sunday and hit a few other stores together.  The lingerie we bought at Victoria's Secret with my gift card included items for the both of us.  None of it has been worn yet.  It's being saved for "a special occasion."  Diane has far more patience than i do.

Shopping together at VS was fun though i was a bit self conscious throughout.  Diane went about it so casually that it made me a bit nervous.  She did nothing out of the ordinary that would draw attention to us, but at the same time She didn't suppress Her voice or avoid doing certain things that would lead someone to believe the lingerie we were buying wasn't just for Her.  

But i suppose the biggest giveaways were the fact that the matching lingerie we purchased was in two different sizes and colors and that i paid for it with my own gift card that i had to retrieve from my wallet.  Diane made contact with the sales lady and just smiled.  Naturally i carried the pink VS bag throughout the mall, even at the sporting goods store where i bought some Pro V1 golf balls that were on sale.  Fortunately they don't come in pink!

But on Saturday, my humiliation was very different;  far more private, intimate, creative and loving....

"she's sucking on my toes" Diane told Paul, "and licking the soles of my feet."

Diane didn't put Paul on speaker.  i really couldn't make out what he was saying.  i could hear very few words and his part of the conversation was left to my vivid imagination.  But based upon Diane's actions and reactions to his words, it was easy to discern what he was telling Her.

Diane was laying across the bed on her stomach, her feet dangling in front of my face so that i could pay homage to Her feet.  i then heard Her say "Yes sir" and immediately after She began sucking Her thumb.  She wasn't sucking it like a baby but rather, making the same types of sounds i've heard before when She sucks Paul's cock.  There were some moans, more "yes sir's" and the like until She suddenly withdrew Her feet from the edge of the bed, and got in a doggy style position with Her ass pointed upwards.

There was another "Yes sir" then She spread Her legs, reached between them with Her free hand and began rubbing Her clitoris.  i stayed kneeling at the side of the bed suddenly removed from but yet so close to the action.  i didn't stay that way for long.

"Lick my ass" Diane told me, an obvious order from Paul as She continued to play with Herself.  Closer now, i could hear a bit more of what Paul was telling Her.  More than once he told Diane not to cum but rather to continue sucking His cock.  She appeared and sounded to be doing Her best to replicate the sounds She'd make when taking His cock.  As i buried my tongue in Her bottom, the sounds were realistic in my opinion and very arousing.

i could sense that Diane was close to cumming despite Paul's admonitions and warnings not to.  Eventually, She couldn't help it and climaxed.  Her ass bucked back and forth and up and down before She collapsed flat on the bed.  i fell with Her and continued licking.

She apologized to Paul for cumming too soon.  i heard him say something about Her being punished.  She giggled and seemed an all-too-willing subject for such punishment.

Reflecting on the short session i did have some disappointment since i wasn't allowed to worship Diane like i normally do.  But the more i thought about it i believe my actions still played an important role in Her pleasure.  Paul's words and tone of voice, Diane's own manipulation of Her privates and my oral devotion to Her beautiful bottom may not have each equally contributed Her orgasm.  There was little doubt however that She enjoyed the combination.

As for me, even though i didn't hear everything i loved what i heard.  And the sights were absolutely stunning.


sissy terri

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Sissy terri's Day Off - Holidays and Infidelity

I forbade terri from posting today and told her it was MY turn!  I wanted to share something interesting/bizarre with you on the subject of cuckolding....

The email came from "Member Relations."  Had the sender been "Ashley Madison" like the hundreds (maybe a thousand by now) of others I've received from them, I probably would have ignored it.  That's mostly what I've done since I started seeing Paul.

Every few weeks I do take a peek at the notes from guys who have contacted me and some do provide a few chuckles.  I remain amazed at the number of guys who are looking to hook up with a married women who have no clue what cuckolding is.  I mean really?

But an email from Member Relations?  Had my account be hacked?   Did they find Mr. Right for me?  My curiosity got the best of me.

Read it for yourself...

Hi Diane,

The New York Post is interested in speaking with a female AshleyMadison.com member for a feature article they are writing on how major holidays, like Mother's Day, can often play a role in infidelity.

The Post is interested in speaking with a female member who decided to join AshleyMadison.com immediately following a past Mother's Day, and who would be willing to share her story about how Mother's Day prompted her decision, and her experience using the website.

The Post has guaranteed anonymity for the member, and the interview will take place by phone at a time of your convenience.

If interested, please let us know the following:

a) The name you'd like to be referred to by
b) Your availabilities to do a 30 minute phone interview before or on April 24, 2015
c) A little about your story, including how/why Mother's Day played a part in your decision to join AshleyMadison.com

Thank you,

Member Relations

You're kidding me right?  How Mother's Day prompted my decision to take on another lover and cuckold my submissive?  Is that a stretch or is it just me? 

I don't read The New York Post, but I might make an exception just this once.

Would be interested in comments from Doms, subs, cuckolds, bulls....anyone really!

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Sissy Cuckold Promises

We're about to embark on an incredibly busy week that's to be followed by a week's vacation with some close friends.  That means that this weekend, other than a couple of usual commitments, is going to keep me pretty busy with domestic chores.

One "commitment" is another Saturday afternoon "phone date" for Diane and Paul.  Last Saturday's date was quite pleasant for the two of them.  i on the other hand received a well-deserved punishment from Diane and Her crop, sort of a sexual "appetizer" for Diane before the real fun began.  Once it started, i knelt in the corner with Diane's panties over my head while they frolicked over the phone.

Today Diane's promised me that if i get my sissy chores done in time She'll 1) take me to Victoria's Secret for some shopping and 2) allow me a more active role while She indulges in some kinky conversation with Paul.

i'm ahead of schedule with my housework so i've taken a few minutes to post something here.

But i'm not so far ahead that i can afford to waste much time, hence the brevity of this post :)


sissy terri
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Sissy Lust

i had one of those increasingly rare "male moments" this morning, the ones where i get the sudden urge to have sex with Diane the way a normal man would.  Fortunately i kept the feeling to myself (until now), strained the confines of my chastity device and finished by acting upon it like a good submissive sissy cuckold wife.

It was a very brief incident, lasting no more than a minute at most.  But it's been stuck on my mind all morning, a testament to how powerful everyday routine and even innocuous moments can be.

i was out of bed first this morning, rising to the alarm on Diane's side of the bed which She immediately put on "snooze" after it first went off.  It's Her alarm and is set for the time She wants to get up, but it also serves as notification to me to get my butt out of bed and start the coffee.  That's what I did and climbed back into bed a few minutes later.

Diane usually goes through 2 and sometimes 3 "snoozes" but today She was up after the second one and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.  i stayed in bed just a few more minutes and went down the stairs to bring Her a hot cup of coffee just the way She likes it (first cup of the day with just a splash of skim milk, every other cup just black).  i set the cup on the vanity just as She was turning the shower off and went back into the bedroom to start making the bed.

When i returned to the bathroom, Diane had toweled off and was wearing just a white bra and a pair of white panties.  Her hair was up in a white towel.  That's when the "male moment" hit me.  She looked so sexy i wanted to fuck her right then and there.  The urge was sudden and powerful.  The lust to take Her in my arms, slide into Her and explode couldn't have been greater.

These randy and naughty feelings took place as i stood there wearing a pink babydoll,  pink slippers and caged.   It was then that my submissive instincts took over.  i moved behind Her, kissed Her on the neck, told Her how beautiful She looked, dropped to my knees and kissed Her beautiful bottom.

"Well thank you" She said in a very pleasing and happy voice as I continued to kiss Her.  "Maybe tonight you can get a little treat" She added just as i moved away.

A treat would be nice indeed.  i've only been allowed one orgasm in April (the same number i was allowed in March) and that may be the reason i had the "manly urge" this morning.  Another orgasm would be a treat.  We're going out to dinner with some friends tonight so if the treat is going to happen it's going to be a late one.  We'll see.

On the other hand as Paul mentioned when he was here Tuesday, Diane's had plenty of orgasms this month.  The Chasity Report is loaded with green with one lonely pink square for contrast.

Orgasm equality isn't one of the goals in a Female Led Marriage.


sissy terri
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Dinner for Three - Wife, Lover and Cuckold

The conversation at dinner last night between Diane, Paul and i was very pleasant, lighthearted and enjoyable.  Fortunately, the topic of whether or not the chicken kabobs i prepared had any phallic type resemblance never came up.  i never really thought it would but Mick, one of our loyal followers and frequent commenter seemed to think it might.  See his comment in yesterday's post.

i suppose more than 90 minutes of high octane sex will take the kinky edge of any conversation and let participants enjoy the mellow feeling that usually follows while enjoying a good meal.  Both Diane and Paul enjoyed the kabobs with their compliments dealing strictly with the chicken's taste as opposed to any sexually suggestive characteristics they might have.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere throughout.  We finished a bottle of wine and started on a second and the conversation flowed rather easily.  There was no reference to the sex Diane and Paul had just had but it was evident that the two of them were freshly showered when they came down for dinner.  Diane looked incredibly sexy.  Her hair was still wet and sensually disheveled a bit.  She wore a white blouse that had the top three or four buttons undone, no bra, some pink shorts and white sandals.

i tried not to show my disappointment that Diane had showered after the sex with Paul.  Likely washed away in the shower were the remnants of that sex which She knows i enjoy so much.  She later admitted that She sensed and even shared my disappointment, but the sex while showering with Paul was worth it for Her. 

After opening and pouring the wine i served dinner then removed my apron and joined them.  There seemed to be no expectation that i remain there strictly as a servant.  It wasn't that type of scene.  Again, any heightened sexual edge had been satisfied before dinner.

However, sex wasn't totally absent from the dinner conversation.  Diane injected a bit of kink when she commented on how i was "putting up some pretty impressive chastity numbers this month."  Paul agreed then momentarily surprised both of us when he said "I know.  Everyday I read the report it makes me a little jealous."

"Jealous?  Do we have to order another chastity cage?" She asked.  There was a bit of laughter all the around before Paul explained.

"No.  It's all the fun you've been having that makes me jealous.  All your orgasms when I'm not around" Paul said in reference to the days marked in green that represent Diane's orgasmic days.

"All you have to do is come around more often" Diane said. "i'll let you watch.  terri won't mind."

"Sounds like a plan for next week" Paul laughed.

i immediately thought of their next encounter and how i might be called upon to please Diane while Paul watched.  Would it be before, during or after they had their own sex?  All of the possibilities are good ones and i'm looking forward to it.


sissy terri
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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

And i could also say "guess who's going to cum?"  i know, that's pretty crass and naughty.

i had my first opportunity to make not just one, but two appointments for Paul on "The Cuckold Calendar" Diane wants me to manage.   The first appointment was for a late afternoon date here today for the two of them, followed by an early evening dinner before Paul leaves.

Of course in situations like this there are always some sort of time constraints so while Paul and Diane are cavorting up in the master bedroom, the dutiful cuckold will be preparing dinner.  There's probably not going to be enough time to include me in any of today's sexual activity (that may have to wait until later if Diane requires any follow-up servicing) after dinner.  My time is better spent preparing dinner for the three of us.  i'm sure they will have worked up an appetite.

i've just returned from the grocery store with the provisions i'll need to prepare a Mediterranean rice salad, grilled vegetables and some chicken kabobs.  As made my way through the produce section, i glanced around and noticed what appeared to be a few other housewives doing the same thing i was
doing.  i just happened to be the only male there at the time and certainly wouldn't have appeared unusual to them, but the experience was just one other little thing that i have to do that makes me feel more submissive.

The second appointment is for early next week since Diane is not available on Wednesday.  Right now Paul is on Diane's calendar for Tuesday evening which may present itself for another opportunity for me to serve dinner.

As is the rule, i will be dressed feminine while Paul is here and will also be out on the patio in my apron manning the grill.   Real men often wear one of those grilling aprons, the one's that make sure
to highlight their masculinity and machismo and turn the domesticity of cooking into a manly task.

i won't be wearing anything like that today.  i have plenty of others to choose from, all either pink, flowery or ruffly and all unmistakably feminine.  The manly one's just aren't me.

Besides, i wouldn't be allowed to wear one even if i wanted to.


sissy terri
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The Cuckold Calendar

During the best of times, Diane's calendar is pretty full and so is Paul's.  It's the nature of their jobs and their profession.  i used to be just as busy but now that i'm semi-retired and a sissy wife, my calendar isn't quite as full as theirs.  Diane's schedule being what it is and the responsibilities i have for taking care of everything on the domestic front, reinforces my role as Her "wife."

Of course by maintaining Her sexual relationship with Paul, She reinforces my role as Her submissive cuckold.  Both things go hand in hand and so far seem to have worked pretty well for us.

Keeping an affair of this type going and making sure it doesn't lose it's excitement can be a challenge. Diane's lucky in the sense that She and Paul have been able to play here at our home on a pretty regular basis, carving out some time on late Wednesday afternoons.  Our home provides a nice, safe and clean place that just so happens to have a sissy cuckold husband at their disposal if that's what they want.

There are times however where making the Wednesday afternoon work can be a challenge for either or both of them, often requiring constant communication between the two which takes up way too much time for two such busy people.  The problem has surfaced more so this week than usual because of some commitments Diane and i have over the next two to three weeks.  But of course, Diane always comes up with a solution to problems or at worse, a work-around.

Diane's given me total access to Her online calendar.  She can be quite the techie and uses Her iPhone all the time to manage Her calendar and other things.  Since She feels She has nothing to hide from me, why not use my skills to help manage Her calendar.  Now, when trying to find a time to see Diane and schedule a "date" with Her, Paul won't have to call Her office or even reach Her on Her cell phone.  He can simply call the cuckold.

Now it appears to me that the easiest way for this to work is for Paul and Diane to communicate directly with each other.  i've already lost that argument.  Diane's already made the decision.  i'm going to manage "the cuckold calendar" among other things.   That's the name Diane's given it.

When their regular Wednesday afternoon rendezvous doesn't work, it will be my job to find a time where Paul can make love to my wife.  If you look at it that way, "cuckold calendar" isn't a bad name for what i'll be managing.

First the Chastity Report and now the Cuckold Calendar.

The first can be quite frustrating.  The second?  Let's just say it adds a tiny tinge of humiliation to the whole thing.


sissy terri
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The Simplicity of Submission

Loving submission to another can be beautiful in its simplicity.

When i asked Diane yesterday why i had to set the dinner table so early for some neighbors who were coming over much later for dinner, Her response was short, firm and final.

That ended the discussion.

And since the dinner table was set early there plenty of time to please Her before the guests arrived.


sissy terri
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Punishing the Submissive Sissy

Earlier this week (the exact day escapes me right now) i forgot to send Diane and Paul the daily chasity report.  i was up early as usual, started the coffee, turned my laptop on and completed the report.  i just got sidetracked and never sent it to them. It's the first time since that's happened since this rule was instituted.

Neither Paul and Diane respond to the report every day.  More often then not they don't.  It's strange and counter intuitive to most people how ignoring someone like that is actually tending to their needs in a D/s type of relationship.  The submissive is expected to provide or complete a certain service or task which may or may not be acknowledged.  That's just the way it is.

It was later at night that Diane reminded me that i hadn't submitted the daily report.  i told Her i thought i had and immediately fired up the laptop to check my email's sent folder.  Sure enough, i hadn't.  The report went out immediately.  Diane didn't seem upset but just stated that my forgetfulness was deserving of some sort of punishment.

The punishment took place yesterday afternoon.  i received ten very hard swats from Diane's riding crop across my bare bottom while Paul listened in over the phone.  He may or may not have heard every single blow, but he surely heard my cries.  They were that hard.  i don't recall Diane cropping me that hard before.

As further punishment i was made to kneel in the furthest corner from the bed in our master bedroom while Diane talked and had phone sex with Paul.  i knelt there with Diane's panties over my head.  All day i had been thinking about worshiping Diane while Paul aroused Her over the phone.  The last time we did that was so wonderful.  It was not to be.  Instead all i could do was listen to the fun She was having; her moans, giggles, sexy talk and orgasmic cries leaving no doubt that She was enjoying herself.

Another, but much smaller disappointment took place when we never made it to Victoria's Secret yesterday.  Stopping at the mall would have made Diane late for Her "phone date" with Paul.  It was mostly poor planning on our part and not intentional.  It was a beautiful day and we took some extra time sitting in the shade listening to a small jazz group while we sipped on an iced cafe mocha from some local bean roaster.

Though it was a smaller disappointment than being denied participation in Diane's pleasure yesterday, it was nonetheless a powerfully symbolic event when it comes to my submissive status.  Diane wanted to be home in time for the phone date with Paul and at the time, i was looking forward to it also.  Yet Diane knew all the time that i wouldn't participate.  i'd be kneeling in the corner with Her panties over my head. 

The cancellation of the trip to Victoria's Secret was just the beginning of my punishment yesterday.  It was the first part of a trilogy that included a thrashing and some denial.

Was being on time for Paul more important to Diane than feeding my sissy submissive need for a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret?  Some would view it that way and insist that was Her sole intent.

Yet relationships like ours are complex.  Her actions yesterday, as selfish as they seemed to be, satisfied both Her needs and mine.


sissy terri
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Shopping - It's a Girl Thing

It's a beautiful sunny day here today and after a mid morning trip to the gym and a shower, Diane and i are headed out to do something we haven't done together in quite a while - do some shopping! 

Our first stop is going to be a local farmer's market and art show that sets up every Saturday in a plaza of quaint little shops of all types.  It's called a farmer's market but the variety of goods is pretty eclectic, though i've yet to see any booths offering lingerie!  There's plenty of jewelry and other fem type offerings to keep the both of us interested however.

There's also a "shop local" promotion going on in another section of the city that Diane wants to visit.  That particular location does have a nice lingerie shop and right next door is a boutique that has a variety of retro type clothing.  That should be fun.

We'll probably wrap things up with a light late lunch and head home for what could be a phone hook up between Diane and Paul.  That possibility has me very excited.  Having actively participated (or maybe i should say passively) in that activity between the two of them before, i can attest that it's quite arousing from my perspective.

We may make one last stop on the way home after lunch.  Diane told me to bring along the Victoria's Secret Gift card She and Paul gave me for Christmas.  That's got me quite excited as well!


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The Joy of Cuckolding

Last night as we were lying in bed, a little more than 24 hours removed from a short but intense bout of lovemaking with Her lover Paul followed by some intimacy with me, Diane suddenly blurted out "I should write a book about cuckolding."

The comment surprised me a bit because 1) each of us were seemingly preoccupied with reading a book from our Kindle and 2) Diane's not that committed to writing on this blog, much less take on something as time consuming as a book.

"What makes you say that?" i asked Her.

Why not Joy of Cuckolding?
"Well, you know that set of two paperback books I have that my mother gave me, The Joy of Cooking?  I've seen you use it before for some recipes and the title made me think a book with different recipes for happy cuckolding might be interesting" She explained.  "And for me, it is joyful.  There's far more good things about it than there are bad."

The chances of Diane authoring such a book are slim to none.  Better chance of hitting one of those super lotteries.  Though given the time to do so, i'm sure Diane would put out a marvelous piece of work.  She regularly writes papers for professional journals and has jointly authored a couple of texts, but i'm sure She could alter Her clinical approach to writing so that it would be appealing to the cuckolding crowd.

There's no doubt a large chasm between cuckold fantasy and cuckold reality.  Though  yesterday's "session" and others with Paul have gone quite well, it's not always the case.  Our own success is in large part a result of Diane's careful planning, creativity, patience and persuasiveness, not to mention that She's one very sexy woman! 

Cuckolding isn't cooking either.  You're not going to find a cookbook with disastrous recipes or dishes that taste awful.  Any book about real life cuckolding would be incomplete if it didn't include the pitfalls, failed relationships, awkward moments and other instances where things don't go well.  Thankfully, we believe that in our case, those days are behind us.

When and if Diane starts working on this new book.  i'll let all of you know.


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Cuckold Exctitment = Cuckold Frustration

Yesterday's much anticipated tryst between Diane and Paul didn't go exactly as planned.  And though i was in the master bedroom with them for the entire time they were together sexually, it was still a very sexually frustrating experience for me.

Diane called and told me the two of them would be late, so the waiting game began.  They didn't arrive until just a few minutes before 5 PM.  Their arrival was preceded by the usual phone call letting me know to get into my babydoll and matching thong panty and be waiting in the bedroom.  Paul was running late and wasn't in the mood to be wasting time.  At least that's how I interpreted Diane's instructions.

Talk about feeling silly.  There i was in the babydoll i posted yesterday, standing in the bedroom when they arrived.  Paul was polite and gracious as he usually is but dominant at the same time.  After saying hello and taking off his sport jacket, he lifted the front of my babydoll and pulled the thong out a bit so that he could look at my caged penis.  "Just checking" he said.

Diane was getting undressed in the walk-in closet while Paul was doing so in the bedroom, throwing his clothes on one of the chairs. 

"Why don't you lay down on the rug like you did the first time I was here with you" he said, making reference to my first cuckold date with the two of them.  i lay on the rug in front of our bed, face up as Paul finished folding his clothes.  Diane arrived and straddled over me, looked down at me with a smile, said nothing, and lowered herself onto my mouth.  Paul walked up to Her and She began sucking his cock as i did what i was there to do - get Her ready for Paul.

It was hurried,  but not so much that Diane wasn't able to get fully aroused and on the brink of orgasm before Paul told Her not to "cum just yet."  Surprisingly Diane was able to comply with his request, but only by pulling Herself away from my mouth.  Just a few moments later, She was back smothering me again, but not for long.

"I think you're ready" Paul said.  "On the bed."

Diane got up and as She made Her way to the bed got a hard slap from Paul on the ass (i couldn't see it but the sound of the slap was unmistakable, as was Her yelp) and threw herself down on Her back.  Though i still lay there on my back on the rug my face full of Diane's juices, and couldn't see exactly what was happening, there was no mistaking from the sounds (mostly Diane's moans, groans and cries of passion) that Paul had jumped on top of Her and was madly filling Her with his cock.

So there i lay wondering if i should get up and watch, leave, or just stay there.  i decided to stay there but much later when going over the events in my mind, realized that no matter what i did probably wouldn't have mattered.  The two of them were totally into each other and nothing else.  i turned my head and could see very little of them; the bed is kind of high and they were sprawled sideways towards the front.

Diane came multiple times and from that came from Paul, his orgasm was a strong, powerful and manly one.  They collapsed in what seemed to be total satisfaction.

"That was good" Paul said almost in exhaustion. 

"No it wasn't.  It was great" Diane exclaimed. 

Then they were done.  Paul had to get going.

They got off the bed and hugged as I still lay in front of the bed.  Yes, i was still feeling sissy.  i think they had actually forgotten i was even there. 

Paul started to move towards the chair to get his clothes when Diane said "Ah, excuse me, aren't we forgetting something?"

"Oops.  Sorry.  You're right.  sissy, you have some work to do before I leave, but you have to make it quick" Paul said.

He stood over me again, this time with Diane holding his cock out so there was no mistaken what needed to be done.  i got on my knees and cleaned his cock.

"Aren't you glad i reminded you?" Diane asked him.

"mmmm....yes.  I wish I could stay longer.  Next time for sure" he answered.

He delayed getting dressed long enough for me to feel i had gotten most of Diane's juices off his cock.  There were plenty to be sure.

When fully dressed, he said good bye to me and walked out of the bedroom with Diane.  She accompanied him to the front door totally naked.

A few moments later, She was back and it was Her turn to get my oral attention.  It resulted in another orgasm and some meaningful time together afterwards.

Other than our time relaxing in bed after Her last orgasm, i'm not sure the whole episode with Paul lasted a half hour.  It was kind of a "slam bam thank you ma'am" type of thing, with some consideration given to the cuckold. 

Physically i was a frustrated cuckold having been in chastity and unable to view their entire fun while Paul was there.  Yet i was 100% of the time.  More important than anything i felt it was emotionally fulfilling for me.

Diane was happy also.  That's what counts.


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O/our Nighties

i've been quite busy this week but fortunately not so busy that i can't be here this afternoon when Paul and Diane arrive.  i've followed yesterday's instructions and selected a sexy nighty for Diane to wear and a pair of babydolls for myself.

Diane's nighty isn't the sexiest but it's one of Her favorite colors and one that She hinted at strongly this morning as being a preference.  It's one that i bought for Her years ago, made of lovely satin and a deep red.  She's always loved it.  That just adds to the excitement, eroticism and humiliation now that she'll be wearing it for Paul.

my own selection is a cute pink babydoll with a lace bodice and a flouncy and flared bottom.  It comes with a cute little G-string style panty which, when covering my chastity device will serve absolutely no purpose at all.  Just another tinge of humiliation there.

The two nighties are laid out on the bed and just waiting to be put to use.  Good use i hope, still wondering what my role will be this afternoon. 

After yesterday's post i got a lovely email from a longtime online friend i've mentioned before.  i call him "Big Dave" and well....he's a real man who i've always had a "sissy crush" on.  He teases me as good as, or better than anyone i know, with the exception of Diane of course.  Big Dave is sexy, dominant, romantic, ruggedly handsome and well....well....big.  You know, well hung.

Every time Big Dave writes to me, he sends my sissy head swooning with his sexy little notes.  Yesterday was no different.  Big Dave really enjoyed the lavender babydoll i posted, but had some sissy suggestions for me....

Sweet sissy 

That lavender nightie is darling.  Hope you have some matching waist high panties to match.  I'm not a fan of tiny panties on sissies.  That nightie cries out for some high waisted 60s style sleeping panties, bubble panties? Love the look of a tiny tucked sissy way down in her panties.  Really don't have any reason to work the front of those panties down anyway, do we sissy?

Might have to have you work with a seamstress to get it right... Take the nightie with you so they match.  

Big Dave
 See what i mean?

Wish me luck this afternoon.  i want to be a good sissy cuckold.  
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Clothes for Cuckolding

Paul visits tomorrow.  i'm here too and there seems like little to get in the way this week of his and Diane's regular meeting.  i have lots to do but i will be getting most of it done while at home.  i may not have that much time for longer posts, but Diane has already told me to make myself "totally available between the hours of 3 and 5 PM" on Wednesday.  No telecoms with clients or any other interruptions.

There were other instructions also.  "Pick out a cute negligee for me to wear tomorrow and one for you as well.  Make yours a babydoll" She said.

The simple instructions have raised my excitement level tremendously.  i now can't wait for tomorrow, even though i still feel nervous and anxious about it.  i still don't know what, if anything, they have planned for me.  But just the idea of selecting something pretty for both of us to wear is very arousing to me.

It makes me think about how important clothing and dressing are to a sissy cuckold when it comes to
pleasing the Wife.  It's almost priority number one.  For the wife, at least in Diane's case though She does dress sexy for Paul, i don't think there's nearly as much thought about what to wear when they get together with their lovers.  The sex is far more important to them.

For this cuckold, the sex wouldn't be nearly as exciting if i weren't dressed properly!


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Pretty Babydoll Pajamas

Babydoll pajamas - they're my favorite.  i've always had a thing for them.  It all started at a very early age when i first caught a glimpse of them on my older sister.  Do you think she ever knew that i would sneak them out of her room when no one was around and wear them?

i wear babydoll pajamas to bed almost every night.  And even though our daughters are here for Easter (leaving later today) that didn't stop me from sleeping in some pretty pink babydolls.  There's plenty of privacy in our master bedroom and no risk of being caught.

After all, wouldn't you sleep better in something this pretty?

i know you would :)


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The Sissy Easter Bunny

The two girls and the fiance decided to head into the city last night after dinner, late enough where they knew the parents were ready to call it a night.  The "why don't you join us?" wasn't an invitation they knew we'd accept.

That was fine with me.  And Diane got to enjoy our time alone as well.  Another block of green went on the Chastity Report.  No pink for me though.  It's only April 5th and having enjoyed a sissy orgasm just a few days ago i wonder if it will be my only one for the month again. Such is a life of chastity i suppose. 

But Easter is a day to rejoice and be happy.  So enjoy the day and dress pretty if you can.

Who knows, the Easter Bunny may even pay you a visit!

Don't worry...i won't stay for dinner :)


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Sissy Easter Bunnies

The girls are here for Easter weekend, one of them with the fiance and the other seemingly constantly texting her new beau.  "Work related issues?" i asked her last night, shortly after she'd finished telling us about her exciting new job.  "Nope."  It was a very none-of-your-business type of nope.

While i never stop being Diane's submissive sissy wife (that never changes), our outward demonstration of the lifestyle is altered a bit when the kids are here.  And they're usually around at Easter, leaving me unable to prance around in cute little Easter dresses or dressed like a sissy Easter bunny!

Here's a picture of a simple bunny outfit i find so cute.  Those floppy ears and the pretty pink polka-dotted bow are all you need to make you feel so sissy and feminine!

Then there's this one.  Not only does it have the ears and a sissy collar, it has that cute little bunny tail on the pink panty, a matching bra and those pretty heels.  Fits her well doesn't it?

And of course, a cute little sissy Easter bunny should be made to hop around right?

The sissy Easter parade will continue tomorrow!


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A Sissy Big "O"

"It" finally happened last night, and not at all like i thought it would.

"It" even surprised Diane.  And when it comes to my sex life, particularly since Diane controls it so effectively, little surprises Her.  But this did.

Early last night after She got home from the office, Diane required some special intimate attention. 

"Why don't you get sissied up?  Some ruffled panties, a sissy bra and stockings...you know what I mean" She said.  i knew what She meant.  i love all those things.  i love them even more when She "makes" me wear them.

It was an easy change of clothes.  Just taking off one pair of panties and slipping on another.  Same thing with the bra.  Then i slipped on some white thigh highs.

"Cute" She said of the pink bloomer style panties i chose.  They're the most ruffly ones i have.  Then there was the white bra with pink trim and a cute pink bow on it.  And my favorite thigh highs with white bows at the top.

Diane stripped and climbed onto the bed.  Nothing really needed to be said.  In our relationship i know what's required of me so i took my place between Her lovely thighs and began doing my best to pleasure Her.

It was immediately evident (even before i got close to removing Her panties) that Diane was very aroused.  i could just tell.  There was an immediacy to Her need for pleasure.  When i removed the panties, the crotch was noticeably damp.  i thought immediately that She'd spent a little time with Paul before leaving the office.  Perhaps some heavy petting and some fondling had taken place.  Or maybe there was some hot talk on the phone during their commutes home.  Whatever it was, Diane's pussy was already wet.

The whole scene and my associated thoughts turned me on immensely.  Underneath my soft ruffly pink panties was a sissy's clitty trapped in a pink cage, expanded to the limits of the cage and seemingly unable to do anything about its aroused state.

Diane was equally aroused.  It's easy for me to tell.  The juices were flowing faster and earlier than usual when we do this.  She was also more verbal than usual, teasing me about my sissy cuckold status, my inability to please Her like a real man, Her need for Paul and his superior manly lovemaking skills and more.  All of this put me in a deeper subspace than i'd ever experienced.  Her words were powerful and even though spoken in passion, conveyed a sense of truthful reality.  She meant them.

Her orgasms were equally powerful.  She was loud and wild.  She urged me to suck Her clit over and over, to finger Her bottom, to keep licking.  There was one loud and forceful instruction after the other.  All this made me feel more submissive and more aroused.  Had i not been in chastity i would have wet the ruffled panties very early on in the session!

When She came down from Her orgasmic high i lay next to Her as She was relaxing flat on Her back.  i cuddled by Her side, a little lower than Her so that i softly kissed Her right breast.  She had Her right arm around me and held me softly. 

"Thank You so much" She said, and continued. "I'm so happy I have you to please me this way.  You can't please me like a real man but you're so good at this.  You know you can't do what a real man does right?  But you're such a good wife."

The more She talked, the more aroused i got.  i began to feel a tingling of sorts and felt as if i was on the brink of an orgasm.  Like a silly sissy, i began moving back and forth with my pelvis, as if i was frustratingly humping against Diane as i sucked on the nipple of Her breast.

"Is my sissy wife horny?" She teased.  i nodded and continued to move back and forth.

i finally told Diane that i felt i was actually close to an orgasm.

"Oh really, is my sissy baby ready to wet her ruffled panties?  Go little girl....go ahead.  See if you can wet yourself,"  She continued with Her teasing and i continued with my sissy "humping."

And then i felt it begin to happen.

It began like one would feel when some precum leaks out, then it just continued.  i was having my first ever orgasm while in chastity.

i suppose because of the constraints of the device it seemed to last longer, with the semen slowly leaking out of the cage and onto the panties.  It was a very different feeling than any orgasm i've ever experienced.

It's hard to describe but it felt as if it was a very "controlled" type of orgasm, one that couldn't fully express itself if that makes any sense.  Emotionally however, it was as powerful as any i've ever had.

i never thought my first ever "chastity orgasm" would happen this way.  i always thought it would happen while Diane was making love to me with Her strap-on.  i've had orgasms from that before, just not while i'm in chastity.

"Don't worry.  We'll work on that next" Diane said.  She seemed as happy about my orgasm as i was.  Maybe even more.

i lay next to Her totally content and appreciative of Her love.  i could have stayed there all night but thankfully, Diane brought me back to reality.

"Time to get out of your dreamland and get me a glass of wine before dinner.  But first, make sure to wash those panties and clean out your cage.  I'm sure they're both messy" She laughed.

i hand washed the panties and hung then over the shower handle to dry.  i also let the cage soak in the sink for awhile before putting it back on.

Diane walked into the bathroom saw the panties and said "Those are pretty special panties don't you think?  Maybe I should have you sew a bow on them!"

i'd have to agree.  A big pink one!


sissy terri 

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Erotic Cuckolding

The weather's been rather warm here in the southwest.  We're not native to the area and haven't lived here that long, but we went swimming in our pool earlier this year than ever before.  We were able to swim comfortable in early March, making our friends back east green with envy.

i believe that i've mentioned before that our backyard is rather private.  Because of our property's location and elevation, the closest neighbors can't see into it.  Distant neighbors could catch a glimpse with some powerful binoculars, a telescope, some satellite, surveillance or a drone but it's rather unlikely.  If they happened to do so yesterday around 4 PM, they might have seen Diane lounging topless on the patio with Her lover Paul after taking a relaxing afternoon swim.

Oh, and they might have also caught a glimpse of a sissy in a flirty apron serving them a gin and tonic.  That would have been me. 

The dip and the pool and the late afternoon served by the cuckold took the edge of a busy day for the two of them, relaxing them just enough to enjoy the hour or so of sex that followed in our master bedroom.

The two of them arrived at our house about 15 minutes after Diane had called me to tell me they were on their way and to take the solar cover off the pool.  Once i receive instructions from Diane like this, i can't help but think of what scenario might ensue after they arrive.  Would i be made to wear one of my feminine bathing suits and join them for a swim?  Would they be swimming before or after they made love?  Would they swim nude? Would i be made to serve them as they lounged by the pool?

They ended up in the pool for about 15 minutes.  Not much swimming took place.  Instead, let's just call it some outdoor foreplay in the pool, with Diane often being held by Paul with Her arms and legs wrapped around his muscular torso.  Diane must not have been able to quite convince Paul to go into the pool naked as he opted to wear the bathing suit he'd brought along.  When they got out, the suit did little to hide his excitement.

They didn't finish the drinks i prepared for them, leaving the patio for the master bedroom about 5 minutes after coming out of the pool.  i didn't join them until after 5:30 PM when Diane called me.  Paul had taken a quick shower and was almost fully dressed when i came into the room.  Diane was in a ruby red satin robe i'd bought Her for Valentine's Day many years ago.  It was always one of Her favorites.

Paul was pleasant and even thanked me for the drink, apologizing for not finishing it.  He seemed very comfortable with everything; being in our bedroom, seeing me dressed and the whole situation in general.  i had a sense however that he wanted to say something and i was right.

"Don't worry, it's not always going to be this way.  Diane has plans for you.  See you next week."  He gave Diane a kiss and he left.

Paul was no sooner out the bedroom door when Diane had Her robe off and was ready for me.  She was eager to have me go down on Her.  It was as if She couldn't wait for another orgasm or two.  And i couldn't wait to provide it.  Despite some remnants of Her lover's seed between Her legs, there was never any hesitancy on my part.  Later, She admitted that my lack of inhibition and reluctance about cleaning Her turns Her on.

It was a very productive "orgasm day" for Diane.  She began with one early yesterday morning, had "at least a few" with Paul that afternoon and ended the day with a long and powerful one with me.  She may not have as many as Molly at Under Contract to my Wife, but April was off to a good start.

As for me, i remained chaste all day.  Sure it was challenging...but erotically fulfilling at the same time. 


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Cuckold Wednesday

My last orgasm was a month ago on March 1st.  Diane's was very early this morning.  In a break from Her usual routine, She insisted on some "morning worship" before starting Her work day.   It was a good day to start the month of April when it comes to counting our orgasms.  At least it was for Diane.  

Wednesdays typically mean an early start for Her.  It's usually the day when both She and Paul leave the office around 3 PM and head here for some intimate fun.  But today was much earlier than usual, though She was non-committal about whether or not they would be here any earlier.

i'm getting over the little funk i've been in because of the way i was treated on Sunday when Paul came over; excluded from any intimacy but made to endure some heavy humiliation while modeling my pink thong for them.  

Diane's been upset and frustrated by my childish behavior.  She's right.  my reasons to be upset are selfish.  i'm too concerned with my own feelings and pleasure instead of putting Her feelings and pleasure first.  It's really been the first such "episode" since i've been in chastity.  Overall, my submissivenes, attentiveness and docility has increased and She's happy with me.  However, i learn to be happy with things the way She wants them to be.

When Paul comes over this afternoon i may or may not be part of any intimacy between he and Diane.  That will be up to them and i must accept it. 

It's a hard lesson to learn.  One that's full of frustration.

The frustration stems from the fact that just about everything that will be going on arouses me and there's little to nothing i can do about it.  For instance, here's a quick list of things that drive this sissy cuckold wild....

  • i'll be feminized in front of Diane's lover Paul
  • i'll be locked in my CB-3000
  • They will be making love in our master bedroom 
  • i may be called upon to serve them in some way
  • i may be totally ignored
i've not been given any specific instructions about this afternoon, other than to be here when they arrive.  When i asked Diane if there was anything in particular She wanted me to wear i was just told to put something pretty on.

There's one thing i don't have to ask though.  That's whether or not She wants me in chastity when they arrive.  No need to ask.  That's one of Paul's rules

Chastity and Femininity - the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to sissy cuckolds!


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Cuckolding - Points to Ponder

If you haven't read Ms. Vanessa Chaland's latest post over at Fetish Furniture Factory on Dominant Women and submissive men, then you're really missing some keen insights into FemDom cuckolding.

No one can explain FemDom relationships and cuckolding quite like Ms. Vanessa.  In this short but powerful posts, She brings forth several important points to ponder.  Here are just a few....

You both understand that emotional attachment can not be overlooked or minimized, but jumping into bed with superior men can be dealt with. Sexual betrayal is not the same as emotional betrayal.

 Your wife is talking to men she sleeps with about how to "handle you" and vice versa. As in maybe how to dominate and/or humiliate you....and whether or not you have to "handle" his dick....or more......should either demand it. 

Sexual cruelty does not mean an absence of love.
Ms. Vanessa's posts are all wonderful, but this one is particularly important.  It's been especially helpful to me.  And to Diane.


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Sissy Cuckold Frustration

i hate thongs.  Yes, they look very sexy on many girls but on a sissy (even ones with the tiniest of clitties) i just don't think they look nice.  And since i don't think they look nice, i don't like wearing them.  And since i don't like wearing them....well, so on and so on.

Diane knows all this and after what happened yesterday, it's safe to assume She shared this information with Her lover Paul.  The information along with some plotting on their part made for a very frustrating and humiliating afternoon for me.

It all began when i received a response from Paul to my daily Chastity Report email.  Here it is verbatim:


You'll be happy to hear I'll be over this afternoon at 2 PM sharp.  And you're probably even more excited to know I have another errand for you to run where you will get to spend a little more of your Victoria's Secret gift card.  Like that?  

Today's shopping list is small, just like the things you're going to buy.  You're to buy two lacy thongs.  One for Diane and one for you.  Her thong in black and yours in pink.  Make sure you buy the right sizes, we don't want those pretty things to go to waste right?

I expect you back with the thongs before I get there.


The email came in shortly after 10:00 AM yesterday not long after I had finished yesterday's blog post.  Paul's noting to buy the right size was an obvious reference to that post.  And the requirement to buy each of us a thong?  Certainly Diane must have let him in on my distaste for them. 

I had a couple of other things to do and when I looked at the time, realized that I would have to get going soon if I wanted to be back in time.  I mentioned the email to Diane and She suggested that "you get your pretty little ass in gear and go shopping."  i was gone in about 10 minutes.

i did my other errands first before i went to Victoria's Secret.  i was my regular nervous self but found what i was supposed to buy and got the usual courteous service from the sales personnel at the store.  It was before noon and the store wasn't that crowded.  i'd be home before one in plenty of time before Paul's scheduled arrival.  i even stopped at a Starbuck's drive thru for a coffee.

Wasn't i surprised when i pulled up the driveway around 1 PM to see Paul's car parked in front of Diane's garage door.  My sissy cuckold mind imagined Paul himself pulled up right behind Diane in our bedroom, just like the front of his car had pulled up next to Her's by the garage.  My imagination wasn't that far off.

Paul and Diane were already in bed together.  It was 1:05 PM.  The bedroom door was closed with a note taped to it that read "Do Not Disturb!  We'll call for you P."  i could hear some soft moans and giggling behind the door.  They knew i was there, our security system has small chimes that go off (one of them is in the master bedroom) when certain doors to the outside are opened.  i had entered the house through one of those doors. 

i waited until 1:43 PM before i was called.  Diane opened the door and called down to me to come up and bring the thongs.  When i entered the bedroom both Paul and Diane were nude, She standing near the bed and Paul laying on it relaxing.  "Strip down and join us for a little while" Diane said then gave me a kiss. 

Stripping down to nothing but my CB-3000, even though Paul's seen it before, was more humiliating than ever.  Probably the circumstances of the whole scene made me feel this way.  While i stripped Diane had gone into the bathroom to retrieve some small scissors to cut the tags off the thongs.  She held them each out and inspected them, taking Hers and holding it in front of Herself while doing a little sexy dance while facing Paul.  He liked what he saw and chuckled. 

"Why don't you slip Diane's on for Her?" he suggested.  It was more than a suggestion and i did it.  Diane handed me the thong, i knelt in front of Her and guided the garment up Her lovely thighs so that it fit nice and snug.  She grabbed my head and pressed it against Her crotch.  i kissed it.  She held me there long enough for me to get an appreciation for Her wetness, probably the result of some heavy foreplay but i didn't think Paul had made "full love" to Her yet.

"Sexy! A perfect fit too." Paul said.  "You're turn, put the pink one's on."

i put the pink one's on quickly and felt silly.  The front of the thong didn't cover the CB-3000 real well.  my stiffled erection was a non issue since it was confined in the plastic dungeon and the back of the thong felt uncomfortable as it nestled between my ass cheeks. 

"Cute!" Diane teased.  "Turn around and show us your pretty little butt."

i did and Diane quickly gave me a swat on the ass. 

"Thank you" She said.  "You can go now.  Go check the laundry room.  There's some ironing to do."

That was it.  i was shocked, embarrassed, humiliated and then some.  i went to pick up my clothes and Diane stopped me.

"No no.  Just like you are now.  Scoot."  There was another slap on the ass.

i left the clothes there and hurried out of the room.  i was alone with my thoughts doing some ironing for some 45 minutes.  There was a pile of clothes in a basket that Diane had taken out of Her closet to be ironed.  Tucked in the middle of the pile were a pair of Paul's slacks that I hadn't seen at first.  Ironing his slacks became the most humiliating cuckold task i've done to date.

my ironing was interrupted when i heard Diane call out.  "Did you get to Paul's pants yet?  He has to leave soon."  i replied that i had and Diane told me to bring them up to the bedroom.  i did and when i got up to the bedroom She was at the door  waiting.  She kissed me, took the pants and closed the door.

i was in the laundry room when Paul left.  He didn't say good bye or anything.  Soon after he walked out the door Diane told me to meet Her upstairs.

i was finally physically involved.  Paul was gone, but had left me a reminder of his presence there that afternoon.


sissy terri
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Panty "waste" and Pantywaists

Every sissy remembers their first visit to a Victoria's Secret.  i felt that i'd never been surrounded by so much feminine finery in all of my life.  The lingerie chain will always rank high on the list of my favorite stores.  As often as i've shopped there, i still get butterflies in my stomach when i go in there to buy something for myself or Diane.

But to be honest, i've never had a bad experience there.  The staff is always smiling, pleasant and helpful.  i get the feeling that they even enjoy helping and selling to crossdressers.  It wouldn't surprise me if many of them even enjoy buying panties and other unmentionables for their boyfriends or significant others.  But i digress.

Yesterday i found this interesting article from "Business Insider" magazine about Victoria's Secret.  What Happens To Victoria's Secret Underwear When You Return It  isn't necessarily a shocking revelation, but considering how many sissies out there who are reluctant or too shy to go in and buy panties, it certainly seems like a "panty waste!"

And for you sissy "pantywaists" reading this who might be in the shopping mood, do i have a sale for you!

Zulily is offering a six-pack set of beautifuly bras for only $34.99!!  That's not a misprint.  And the colors and selection are simply to die for.  There's plenty that are very sissy looking too, including my own personal favorites.  At first glance i thought they were polka dots (i have a thing for polka dots) but they're not.  However the houndstooth style is pretty similar and oozing with femininity.  Naturally, the pink one is my favorite!

Sunday is typically my favorite shopping day.  And even though we're not planning on heading to the mall today, i'm definitely going to take advantage of at least on online sale.  With Diane's permission of course.

Her lover Paul may even stop by today.  If he can't, he told Her to be ready for some phone sex.  That would be nice too.  We both really enjoyed it the last time!


sissy terri
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A Sissy Spanking

Diane doesn't use corporal punishment on me that often.  In fact, She's already received many more spankings from Paul as part of their sex play and the mildly submissive role She plays with him than She's given me in years.  Her domination and punishment is usually of a different sort, less physical and more emotional. 

And lately, because of the positive behavioral effects of my chastity, there's really been no instance where my actions have warranted any discipline.  Since i've been in chastity starting January 1, i've been even more docile, obedient and doting on Diane.  Diane's even commented on how i've become a better "sissy wife."  But, i suppose there's no such thing as the "perfect" sissy wife. 

After a rather contentious meeting with a potential client (they're not potential clients any longer) and a drive back into town i wasn't in the best of moods.  My allergies were also kicking in earlier than usual this year and i was just irritable.  i would be getting home a little later than i'd planned and still had to pick up some fresh fish for dinner. 

Once all the preparations for dinner were done i felt a bit better and just settled in and waited for Diane and watched some basketball.  Diane texted me that She would be at least an hour late.  i asked if She were with Paul and She simply responded "No."  Later, another text added another hour to Her estimated time of arrival. 

i suppose She would have also been in a better mood if Her tardiness was a result of spending time with Paul, but it wasn't.  After expressing Her frustrations when She got home, i responded with what in retrospect was a rather snarky remark about my long wait.  That didn't go over very well and before She put an end to the exchange, i had obviously crossed the line.

One of the benefits of a relationship like ours is that little things rarely become big things.  Before they do, Diane immediately calls a "time out" and reestablishes Her authority.  She doesn't really call a time out per se, but She simply says the discussion is over and i get the point.  Then i get the crop.

i went upstairs to retrieve the crop and was ready to bring it back downstairs when Diane met me at the bedroom door.  "We'll do it here" She said.  "Here" meant me bent over the edge of the bed with my ladies shorts and panties down to my ankles while She swatted me with the crop.  There were forty swats, with short breaks after each group of ten.

Diane decided on the number.  i had to count each one, and during the short breaks i had to apologize to Her for being surly.  i don't know whey She decided on forty swats and never asked.  Each one hurt.  And when it was over, my bottom was red, warm and stinging.

We finally ate the grilled fish last night.  It was a lovely night and we ate outdoors. 

It was also a lovely dinner, albeit delayed by Diane's late arrival, my sissy spanking and time spent worshiping my beautiful Dominant Wife. 

And since we're counting, She did have two orgasms as a result of that worship.


sissy terri

p.s. - Coincidentally, my sissy sister Jo got her own comeuppance  yesterday!
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Tallying Orgasms

A few days ago Mick from Under Contract to My Wife left a comment to my post on Orgams Inequality.  The post was about how, as a result of my being locked in chastity, i've only been allowed to have one orgasm this month while Diane up to that point had enjoyed fourteen days on which she had one or more orgasms.

Mick was shocked that Diane had only had four orgasms through twenty-one days.  Here's his comment:

I'm wondering how Diane can only have 14 orgasms in 21 days? Mistress Molly rarely goes a day without 1 or 2. Is Paul restricting her orgasms the way she restricts yours?
i really can't leave Mick's question unanswered, nor could i respond appropriately without talking to Diane about it.  First, i needed to know if i Diane had told me about every orgasm She had (those that She might enjoy with Paul when i'm not present are conveyed to me and i put then on the Chastity Report) and second, i wanted to get Her thoughts on having "only 14 orgasms in 21 days."  And we also talked about Paul and if he'd ever restricted Her orgasms.  It was an interesting discussion.  And lastly, i also did some research over at the Under Contract to my Wife blog to verify Mick's claims.

Let's start with my research.  Admittedly, it wasn't exhaustive (the blog has been around for awhile and probably has more than 1500 posts.  But with few if any exceptions, Mick's claims appear to be quite accurate with little exaggeration.  His Mistress Molly seems to be a sex machine, an-orgasm producing dynamo that puts even very sexually active women like Diane to shame.   "Two-a-days" as they're referred to over there are routine.  Some of the orgasms even take place in Mick's office at lunch time.  Really.

Diane was even impressed but did admit that "there was at least one orgasm" She failed to tell me about "and maybe another."  She also put up a slight defense for Her meager number compared to Molly's:  "I have a very busy full time job and schedule you know.  I think my numbers are pretty good.  And it's not like I have access to Paul every day either."  That last comment kind of hurt a little.

"You do know that i'm always available" i added.  i couldn't let that last comment just hang there.

"Not always.  Sometimes you're gone and the timing with Paul isn't good.  Maybe I should do the solo thing like you used to before we got that under control."  OUCH.  It's true that my masturbatory habit has come to a dead stop since January 1st, but She didn't have to put it that way.

Diane does have plenty of toys to play with (yes, i'm one of them) and could certainly find something to suit Her if neither Paul or i were around.  So why not suggest it?

"That's not a bad idea.  But I still don't think I could match those numbers."  We both laughed which put the conversation in its proper context; sexy, fun and under Her control.

Last night when Diane got home from work i was told to go get a specific toy out of Her closet.  i think it was called a "rabbit vibrator" or something like that.  It has a funny little protrusion at the tip and it can also rotate in circles among other options.  "Just lay it on the bed and I'll be up in a few minutes."

Diane did use the toy for a bit.  But in the end, it was "old reliable" that sent Her swooning.  She tasted so good.  Another green day on the Chastity Report.


sissy terri
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Cuckolding Postponed

The semi-regular Wednesday afternoon tryst between Paul and Diane never materialized yesterday.  A big disappointment for them and likely on a smaller scale, a disappointment for me as well.  i think the longer time span between the meetings between the two of them in which i'm involved, the more my anxiety builds.  If they were to meet more regularly and i was always involved, i would be less nervous and less anxious. 

Diane may have been disappointed but wasn't upset.  She was busy as well and they both have jobs that can be highly stressful at times and yesterday was one of those days for the both of them.  "Why should I be upset" She said, posing a rhetorical question of sorts and before I could provide any response added "when I have my own orgasm-producing machine right here" as She touched my lips with Her pointing finger. 

It was a very dominant statement and gesture and sent a little tingle down between my legs.  The tingle turned into arousal which in turn, given my chastised state, turned into discomfort.  i stayed uncomfortable for a very long time because She immediately went up to the master bedroom.  i followed and used those sensual lips between Her legs. 

It was another greed day for Her on the chastity report.  Again, there was no pink for me despite Diane's best efforts with the strap-on.

At dinner, Diane hinted that Paul might be free this weekend and able to stop by on Saturday or Sunday.  "Would you like that?" She asked me.  "Not as much as You would" was my answer.  "You're right" She said with a chuckle. 

i did get this from Paul in response to my Chastity Report email this morning.


Sorry to disappoint yesterday.  I'll try to make it up to both of you soon.

Another tease, yet nothing set in stone.  That's fine because i haven't made any set plans for this weekend.  Diane makes them for me anyway.


sissy terri
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Cuckold Frustrations

Today is Wednesday, better known as "Cuckold Day" here at our house.  It's the day that barring any scheduling conflicts, excessive workloads or any other of life's distractions, Diane gets to spend some late afternoon time with Her lover Paul here in our home. 

When it comes to their Wednesday afternoon "dates" there's not much that i'm told ahead of time.  Information is fed to me in pieces if at all and as Diane put it once before, it's "on a need to know basis."  Obviously, there's very little need for me to know. 

Now that my cuckolding is out in the open with Paul, the lack of certainty and all the ambiguity about what's going to take place on any given Wednesday can be very frustrating.  i'm beginning to think it's even more frustrating than it was before, when the full aspects of of my submission to Diane was revealed to Paul. 

It's just a little past noon here and i'm not even sure if Paul and Diane are coming over later this afternoon.  Diane wasn't sure this morning when She left, indicating that both She and Paul had very full schedules today but that i should go about my day as usual, planning for them to be here around 3:00 PM or shortly thereafter.

"My day" as Diane puts it is a rather full one.  The list of things to do is longer than usual, even though it doesn't include a trip to Victoria's Secret that Paul alluded to in an email to me a few days ago.  That's another frustration, since he hasn't corresponded since.  i've also got plenty of laundry to do, a pile that includes many of Diane's "summer clothes" that were taken out because of the warming weather.  Much of it has to be ironed as well.  There were errands to run which i completed this morning so that i could change into my maids uniform for the indoor domestic duties. 

And so i wait.  There's still plenty to do and it's unlikely i'll be done by the time they arrive if they come at all.  The workload makes me wonder if Diane planned it that way so that when they were here making love in our bed, Her sissy wife would be busy doing chores in Her maids uniform - a heavy dose of sissy cuckold humiliation.  Or maybe She wanted to keep me busy in case they didn't show up.

i always over-think these things.  It's my personality and it's who i am.  And part of it is my craving for attention.  All submissives need it i suppose.  Diane says it's my poorly-disguised attempts to "top from the bottom."

Whatever it is, She takes full advantage of it.


sissy terri
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