"Now Put Something Pink On!"

Our oldest daughter arrived last night and it was great seeing her.  After picking her up at the airport we came home, had a nice dinner and talked until the early hours of the morning!  Our other daughter comes in this afternoon and it's going to be nice to have the both of them here for several days.

In my last post I wrote about our daughters' presence here would necessitate a few minor changes to our lifestyle, especially those things that are visible.  We've done that but it's still a nice feeling to know that despite those little changes in my appearance, what i'm wearing or how we interact with one another in front of our daughters, Diane still is and always will be in charge.  i love that.

Early this morning when we finally said goodnight to our daughter and went to bed, i was the first one upstairs and changed into a pair of shorts and a college T-shirt.  i was in the bathroom flossing when Diane came in gave me one look and asked "What's this all about?" referring to my very non-feminine bedtime attire.  i usually wear a nightgown of some sort.

"i thought i'd be safe with the girls home" I told Her.

"For God's sake.  They're not little kids anymore.  They're not going to be running in here in the middle of the night complaining of a tummy ache or not being able to sleep" She said.  We both

"Now put something pink on" She told me as she patted my ass.

i did.  And i slept like a baby. 


sissy terri
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Signs of Femininity

Our two daughters are going to be here with us for Easter, with one of them arriving on Thursday night and the other Friday afternoon.  They're both here until next Wednesday and Diane will be taking a few days off so we can both spend time with them.

Their presence here demands that we make a few changes in the way we regularly live our lives.  i'm more than happy to make those changes, not because i don't enjoy our lifestyle, but it's always nice to have the both of them back home together.

Last night Diane mentioned that maybe someday we'll be grandparents and when the come over with our grandchildren, we'll have to make sure we "childproof" our home.  For this visit she said, we have to something similar.  She called it "sissyproofing" even though that may not be an accurate description.  We just need to make sure any overt signs of my submission to Diane and my role as Her wife aren't on full display.

In doing so, i'm realizing that there are so many subtle things that we/i have or do that hint at our lifestyle and my femininity.  Some, like my pink toothbrush, don't have to be stashed away because it's not on full display for everyone to see.  Other things, like my pink coffee mug that i use every morning are probably best stashed away until they leave! 

Our daughters' visit and Diane's and Brian's schedule these next two weeks also make it unlikely that they're going to be able to see each other.  Diane doesn't seem to put out about it this time.  She even seems to be in a better mood than usual and even appears to have become more sensually dominant with me over the past few days. 

When She got home from work last night, we enjoyed a nice glass of wine out on the back patio and rather than ask for a second glass, She took me to the bedroom instead so She could make love to me.  She told me that She'd been thinking of "making love to my wife" all afternoon.  i loved the comment and laughed a little when She said it.  She probably thought i didn't believe Her because She said "Seriously.  I have been thinking about it.  You may not think so, but I love fucking you like my wife."  i loved that comment even more.

She took Her time making love to me, which made me feel even more feminine and loved.  There was no rush and i did my best not to have an orgasm too soon.  i could only last so long though.  Knowing that Diane was enjoying what She was doing to me just drove me over the top.  i felt sexy, submissive, feminine and loved.  It was so satisfying.

i wanted to reciprocate and make Her happy, but She told me there was no rush.  "Why don't you get dressed, put on your apron and put a light dinner together.  You can please me later" She said.

i did as i was told and later in the evening, it was my turn to please Her.  i please Her much differently than She pleased me.  The way a submissive sissy pleases her Wife.  It was also very satisfying.


sissy terri
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"Now...Show Me your Panties!"

It's been a real nice, quiet and emotionally productive weekend for me and Diane.  It didn't seem like it was going to start out that way on Friday night when She got home from work.  What followed soon after she walked through the door was about 15 minutes or so of tension between us and plenty of anxiety on my part.  Let me explain.

I was dressed in very casual feminine attire; a pair of black women's slacks, a white women's oxford shirt, white bra and panties, black knee high nylon socks and a pair of black ladies flats.  The outfit wasn't the most feminine and might not even have raised an eyebrow if i were out in public at first glance.  A second look however would have immediately revealed the hint of my bra through the shirt, followed by other noticeable things.

Diane greeted me with a nice kiss (a more sensual one than usual),  put her things down on the island in the kitchen and announced that her friend Linda would be here in just a minute.  She had followed Diane home and needed to pick up a file that Diane had forgotten to bring to the office that morning.  I panicked a little and told Diane that I was going to quickly disappear and change.

"Don't be silly.  you look fine.  Relax" She said dismissing my idea.

"It'll just take me a minute.  Just to be safe" I said ignoring her suggestion.

"What?  Stop being silly" She said once again then with more authority and emphasis in her voice announced "you're NOT going to change!"

Just then, the doorbell rang and Diane looked at me with her hands on her hips.  I knew what the look meant, but hesitated before finally asking her one more time if I could change.  "No.  Now get the door" was what She said.

i opened the door nervously and with trepidation and greeted Linda.  She gave me her usual hug and asked how everything was going, had I been staying busy, etc. We chatted briefly as She came into the house and walked down the hall towards the kitchen where Diane was.  Soon, the two of them were talking and Diane asked me to get the folder that sat on top of the desk in Her home office.  I did and brought it back and handed it to Linda.

"Oh thanks.  I'd love to stay but can't.  My niece has a piano recital tonight and I promised her I'd be there so I've got to run" she said.  After the pleasant good byes, Diane escorted her back to the door and she was on her way.

Diane closed the door, looked back at me from down the hall with that look of Hers and said "Wow, wasn't that real difficult?" 

i sheepishly apologized for acting the way i did.

"I accept your apology" Diane said with a sexy smile on Her face.  "Now, come here, pull down your slacks and show me your panties."

i approached Her and did as i was told.

She looked at the panties and smiled with approval, pulling me closer and giving me another sensual kiss as She caressed my behind.

"Next time, if you act like this I'm going to make you show your panties to Linda" She said teasingly and added "Don't ever be ashamed of being my wife!"

"i won't" i told Her.  "And i'm not."

We made wonderful love on Friday night.  Like two women, with Diane being the aggressor.  It all felt so nice and natural.  It's been a great weekend. 
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Being a Submissive Wife

Diane's not going to be seeing Brian this week and I'm also not going to be seeing Jake.  Her week is a pretty busy one while mine is mostly focused on my housekeeping duties.  i only have a few hours of consulting work to wrap up but other than that, my time will be spent trying my best to be a good housewife for Her.

During the weeks when Diane isn't that busy and She's not able to see Brian, She seems bothered by it.  i've asked Her if She misses him many times and each time Her answer is the same:  "I miss the sex" She says.  The last time i asked Her this i followed up with a question of my own.  "Do you just miss the sex?  Don't you like his company or companionship?" i asked Her.

i was a little surprised by Her answer.  Despite Her many reassurances since She began seeing Brian that She was doing this strictly to fulfill her carnal needs, i couldn't help but think that She'd develop some level of emotional attachment to him.  She didn't answer my question immediately, instead pausing a little before telling me that yes, she did like Brian's company but nothing more than that.  "He's a nice guy and all, handsome, smart, sexy, but like I said, I like the sex." 

Maybe it's the biases i carry with me.  i always found it hard to believe that a woman could get sexually involved with a man without developing some form of emotional attachment.   i have no doubt that Diane likes being with Brian and that the sex they have is something they both seem to enjoy.  They talk on the phone often and when they do, it's obvious She's liking it.  i'm amazed at how She can remain so emotionally detached. 

As for me, i think i'm going through one of those moods that Jake talked about; periods where his bisexual yearnings aren't that strong.  i'm feeling the same way.  We still email each other regularly and he's out of town this week which is just as well.  i'm currently very content just being Diane's submissive wife. 

She'll be home soon and i'll greet Her in one of my frilly aprons.  Whatever happens after that is all up to Her.  i'd be just as content massaging Her feet as She relaxes on Her favorite chair as i would submitting to Her in the bedroom.  i might have my own desires and preferences, but Hers come first. 
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Family Love

Since i've been blogging, i don't think i've ever written about a certain aspect of mine and Diane's personal life, that's our family life beyond the two of us.  i met Diane when i was a year ahead of Her in professional school and we fell in love immediately.  We married a year later and about six months after that, with mounting tuition bills, discovered that Diane was pregnant.  Not long after that, we found it we were going to have twins!

We became the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.  Somehow, we finished our studies and with the help of family and friends who gave us their time and support, made it through the years of schooling and settled into our professions.  As to the girls, we've continued to be proud of them and they've never given us a reason not to.  We've been truly blessed.  One of them finishes graduate school this year while the other is still in medical school.

i only write about this because of a couple of things that popped up this past week.  The first was an email from a "sissy friend" in which she asked about family, and how it was possible to carry on our lifestyle if we had children.  The other was a conversation i had with Diane last night.  i think the fact that we are now almost entirely empty-nesters helps.  When the girls are home we do our best to act like any other couple.  We take every precaution we can to make sure they're not aware of Diane and Brian, other than to think he is just a good friend of ours. 

Diane's assertive personality and take charge approach to things are characteristics the girls are used to.  It's not to say that they view me as someone who has no say in our marriage, but rather as a spouse who is comfortable with a spouse who is their equal and not afraid to let Her make important decisions.  And, when the girls are home my feminine attire is limited to undergarments that are never visible and nothing else. 

There's always the possibility that they know more than we think they do.  That topic came up last night when Diane, out of the clear blue, asked me that very question.  "Do you think they suspect anyting?" She asked.  She reassured me there was no specific reason other than Her own curiosity that prompted Her to ask me.  She just wanted to know what i thought and She shared Her own feelings with me as well. 

Neither one of us think they suspect much of anything.  For starters, the lifestyle we have now didn't fully develop until after they were away at school most of the time. That's when it changed the most.  It's grown from there and as it has, we've both become even more careful. 

By every indication we've both been good parents.  We love them both and always will.  No matter what.  What's the worse that could happen?  That they find out about us?  If so, i would hope that they'd love us just the same.
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Cuckold Disappointments

Diane's had a wonderful evening with Her lover Brian on Wednesday night.  She got home a little earlier than expected and had me run Her bath.  She shaved her legs, did some trimming of Her pubic hair and had me give Her a pedicure (something i'm getting better at.)

For me, the time i spent helping Her prepare for Brian was the highlight of the evening.  To most cuckolds who fantasize and enjoy the humiliation of seeing their wives up close with another man or forced to service the two of them in some sexual way, the evening would have been a major disappointment.  i was disappointed also, but i realize that this is about Diane's pleasure first and foremost, and not mine.

Even though i'm writing about this from a submissive cuckold's point of view, the reality of it is that what happens, or doesn't happen, is all likely to be driven by my Wife's desires and not mine.  Wednesday night proved just that.  And with Brian staying over for the evening and the both of them leaving early enough on Thursday morning, it wasn't until last night that Diane and i had a chance to talk about what transpired.

Basically, when Brian arrived i wasn't dressed in anything pretty or made to look like an effeminate sissy cuckold.  i looked like just any other man with my khaki's and golf shirt.  i offered him a drink which he declined and just had a bottle of water.  Diane had a glass of wine and they sat out on the back patio and talked for about a half hour alone.  Then they made their way upstairs for nearly three hours of lovemaking.  i prepared dinner for them which the three of us enjoyed together.

Most people would expect a tense and awkward dinner conversation after what had just taken place.  i know i did.  But not with Diane.  She drove the conversation and talked about everything from the nation's budget battles to the local weather.  i cleaned up after dinner while they sat in the living room watching a basketball game and just as i was about done, Diane announced that they were headed upstairs and kissed me goodnight.

There was no "surprise" that Diane had alluded to.  i was a little relieved about that but disappointed as well.  The biggest disappointment was that i was not involved at all, other than to help Her prep for Brian and serve dinner.  i felt lonely and left out.

Diane's explanation for what happened was pretty simple.  "Some things take time to develop" She said.  She has Her own fantasies and thoughts on cuckolding me and knows what mine are.  It's tough to accept, and even tougher to hear but my own thoughts and fantasies are secondary to Hers.  "I want to include you in this some, but Brian has to be ready for it also" She said almost clinically, as if She was overseeing a patient's rehabilitation or something similar.

It's at times like this that Diane can come across as being cold, calculating, devious, aloof and self-centered.  When it comes to Her personal sexual gratification, i suppose She's developed into just that type of woman.  i have to learn to live with that.

There's another Diane though.  The one who, after last night's conversation, told me to go upstairs, "pretty yourself up and wait for me."  We made our own special kind of love late into the evening and talked past midnight.

"You're going to be tired tomorrow.  You have to work" I told Her.

"So what" She said, "you're worth staying up late for."

No wonder i love Her so much.


sissy terri
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Cuckold Night

i haven't given up on my plans to transition most of my story over to my tumblr blog, but it is a little more difficult than i thought it would be.  i woke up this morning realizing that today was another big day, a "Cuckold Day" for me.  One where my day would be filled with preparations for Brian staying over tonight.

Diane wants to have a nice dinner served to Brian, but a later one, after they've been through their first bout of lovemaking.  Her plan is to get home by around 4 PM and be ready when Brian gets here about an hour later.  Diane hasn't yet decided how She wants me dressed for the evening, especially to serve dinner.  Sissy Cuckold fantasy and even protocol might suggest that i be in a maids uniform, but Diane said it could be much less formal than that and i will probably be joining them instead of just serving, but She hasn't ruled that out. 

Diane also mentioned She may have a little "surprise" for me this afternoon before Brian arrives.  i can only imagine it's something special for me to wear.  i know better than to press Her for details.  When She says it's going to be a surprise, that's what She means.  She has no intentions of telling me ahead of time. 

As i said, my plans to move to tumblr haven't been abandoned, but i am sheepishly admitting that i am giving it more thought.  i probably just need to relax a little and not feel pressured to post here.  If i can't post for a few days, or a week or so, then so be it.  We'll see.  i've developed a great many readers here and close friends and i don't want to lose that. 

Thank you for your comments of support either way.  They are all special to me.  Just like you are.


sissy terri
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Time For Changes

i've been thinking about making some changes to this blog for the last few weeks.  i hate to admit it, but it's become more difficult to find the time to convey my thoughts the way i have been since i started this endeavor.  i don't want to get rid of the blog altogether, yet i know that i can't post as often as i need to to make it interesting to my readers.

The demands of a of a Dominant Wife are real and take up plenty of my time.  Housework and other domestic duties are much more pleasant and easier in a fantasy setting than in real life.  Believe me when i tell you that cleaning an oven is real servitude, and not very sexy.  But it comes with the lifestyle i've accepted.

My part time consulting job has also taken a bigger chunk of time than i anticipated.  The schedule isn't always regular and neither is the travel, and that makes it difficult to sit down and compose my thoughts the way i'd like to.

i've decided to do something a little different.  i'm going to use this blog as a means to provide others like me, or those with similar interests as a resource for other Female Domination, Cuckold, sissy or similar blogs and websites.  In that way, i'm going to try to make it better in the long run.  There will be updates, but not very many dealing with my thoughts and feelings about the day-to-day relationship i have with Diane.  That's the biggest change.

Instead of relating my story here, i'm going to attempt to do it on my tumblr site of the same name "A Married Sissy."  i know tumblr is primarily a picture and photo sharing site, but it does provide the opportunity to inject some editorial content.  Tumblr's format seems like it will also encourage me to streamline my story and use photos  more to help get my point across.  There may even be a few pictures of yours truly and who knows, maybe even my beautiful wife Diane.

It's an experiment and we all know that many experiments fail.  If you're not familiar with tumblr, let me just say that it's very easy to use and navigate.  You can sign up very easily and become a follower of my tumblr blog.  There you'll see many pictures that i've reblogged and posted that you might enjoy and hopefully, soon, you'll be reading my story there.

This blog isn't going away.  It's just going to change and updates will take on a  new look.

So, please accept my invitation to join me at "A Married Sissy" for what i hope is a fulfilling experience for all of us :)


sissy terri
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Sissy Shopping Online

i think many of us who enjoy the pleasure dressing in pretty clothes brings subscribe to email lists from online lingerie and female apparel sellers.  Sometimes, the emails can become monotonous and annoying, but every so often you find some pretty good deals and things that just jump out at you for their beauty.

i thought i'd share what i got from "Maidenform" i my inbox this morning.  The lingerie manufacturer is selling some of their bras for $10.  That's right, only $10.  The bras have retail prices ranging from $26 to $38.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Maidenform's Charmed® Racerback Push Up Bra

Maidenform's Charmed® Cotton Scoop Neck Demi Bra

Maidenform's Charmed® Holiday Push Up Bra

i loved the polka dots and i loved the lace.  Of course, they have some in pink if you're wondering :)

Happy shopping!


sissy terri
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Her baby cuckold

When my wife's lover Brian cancelled their planned meeting on Wednesday, I thought Diane would be more upset about than She was.  She had rearranged her appointments and schedule on Wednesday afternoon so She could see Brian, and that is no small task; a lot of work for nothing.  Coupled with the disappointment of not having sex with Brian, I thought She'd be in a foul mood. 

i wanted to meet with Jake on Wednesday afternoon if Diane decided to work.  i called Her to ask permission to see Jake and find out what Her plans were.  First She denied me permission then told me She would be home early.  The denial was initially disappointing to me but i figured She was coming home early and that was the reason.  You could say it was part of the reason.

Sometime around two o'clock Diane called and said She was about a half hour away and told me to get dolled up for Her arrival.  "Wear something very pretty, pink and ruffly" She said, "I'll be home soon, I have just one errand to run."  Pretty specific instructions.  i enjoy being told exactly what to do and wear. 

When She arrived i had on a pink babydoll, pink ruffled panties, some white thigh highs (i don't have pink) and some pink slippers.  Diane complimented me on how well i followed instructions.  After some idle chatter about her shortened work day and how nice the house looked, we made our way upstairs for what turned out to be a rather long session of lovemaking.  FemDom lovemaking, the way She likes it. 

The black satin sheets i had put on the bed that morning were still there.  Diane chuckled and said that had She known i was the one "who'd be getting laid this afternoon instead of me" then maybe She would have insisted on pink sheets.  The black was fine with me.  It made me think of Diane and Brian making love.

Instead, i worshiped Diane as best as i could, trying to cover every part of Her lovely body with kisses, paying attention to some parts more than others.  She had several orgasms, the first one was the most powerful with each subsequent one lessening in intensity, although She seemed to enjoy the smaller ones just as much. 

"I think it's time for me to make love to you honey" She said softly as we lay on the bed.  She had me get her strap-on and the lubricant while She went into the closet and came out with a satin black blindfold She put over my eyes.  "Just a little surprise for you" She said.  "No peeking and no touching that little baby clitty of yours."  The ruffled panties were stretching because of my arousal, and i almost came when Diane rubbed me softly through the ruffles.

She had me kneel on the bed while She put the strap-on on Herself, something i usually do for Her.  She got on the bed, laid back, and pulled my head down to the make believe penis between Her legs.  "Show me how you suck Jake's cock" She said, "I want to see the things he makes you do with your mouth."  i began to suck it like i usually do. 

"Come on" Diane said "show me what he likes, there must be some little things that he enjoys and tell you to do."  i could feel myself getting all embarrassed as She urged me on.  i began to suck and play with the strap-on just the way Jake likes it, swirling my tongue in circles around the head, and flicking it over the slit on the top, followed by taking it as deeply as i could.  Diane seemed to enjoy my performance, often telling me that She did the same things to Brian.

Satisfied that i had shown her how i sucked Jake's cock, She had me lay by the side of the bed with my legs up in the air while She stood there ready to make love to me in the diaper position.  It was a fitting position for the exchange that would later take place. 

With the blindfold on, i felt Diane apply the lubricant between my cheeks and could tell She was also putting it on the strap-on.  She always uses plenty of lube, wanting to make sure She slides into me as easily as possible.  She's more into the gentle approach then anything else.   "Are you ready for me?" She asked.  i told Her i couldn't wait.

The initial feeling of Her pressing against me before penetration is a lovely one.  She leaves the head of the strap-on there for awhile and gently moves it around before applying just a little bit of pressure.  It's a tease, but i love it.  When She starts to penetrate it's not very deep and each stroke just goes a wee bit further.  Even though She wasn't going in all the way, i could feel an orgasm building and just a few moments away.  She sensed the same thing and pulled out completely, telling me She wasn't ready for me to cum just yet. 

i could tell She stepped away for a moment but within a few seconds was back between my things, lifting them up and putting them over Her shoulders, a sign She was ready to take me deeply.  The next thing that happened took me totally by surprise.

"Open your mouth" She said.  i obeyed and She inserted what seemed like a rubber pacifier into my mouth.  "Now suck it like a sissy baby."  She slid into me and began thrusting back and forth.  i sucked and in no time, had a huge orgasm while She was deep inside of me.

i went to take the pacifier out of my mouth to thank Her but She shoved it back in and told me to keep it there.  "Let's talk" She said as She climbed onto the bed and took the blindfold off.

"I looked at your tumblr blog last week and saw all the pictures you've posted, including those that you like, which aren't on your public postings.  Seems like you have a thing for baby stuff that you haven't shared with me" She said.

For a minute, it sounded as if She was accusing me of hiding something from Her, which wasn't the case at all.  She has access to all my passwords, accounts, blog postings, etc.  But that wasn't the case.

What had happened was last week, a sissy friend on tumblr asked me if Diane would review her blog and let her know what She thought about it.  i asked Diane and She said She'd do it.  A day or two later Diane reviewed the blog and found it very similar to mine and said She liked it.  She found our taste to be quite similar. 

While reviewing the blog, She also looked at mine.  She discovered some photos that i had marked as "likes" which don't show up on my tumblr postings.  Some of the pictures were of sissy babies or adult babies. 

Still sucking on the pacifier, She asked me if those pictures turned me on, telling me to just nod yes or no.  In some ways they do, but not nearly as much as other things, but i couldn't lie and nodded affirmatively.  "You should have told me.  There's no reason to hide anything like that from me" Diane said.  "I like you sucking a pacifier while I make love to you, it keeps you  nice and quiet" She laughed.  i was aroused all over again.

"You know, my original plans were to have you stand in the corner over there in a maids uniform while I made love to Brian.  I may have to change my plans a little" She said with a smile.  "Maybe we can put our baby on a baby blanket at the foot of the bed with a pacifier while he fucks me.  Would my sissy baby like that?"

"i don't know" i said nervously.

"I know you would" She replied. 
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A Postponement

Just a few minutes ago a very disappointed Diane called me to let me know that Brian wouldn't be coming over this afternoon.  His meeting in town is going to last most of the day and he has to be back home tonight so their next sexual encounter probably won't take place until next week. 

i've been nervous about this so i'm relieved in a way, but it's inevitable that sooner or later, Diane's going to set something up where i'm a "more active cuckold", the term She's used a few times this week.  It's something She definitely wants, and something She insists i want as well. 

i worked real hard to make sure the house looked meticulous and that the master bedroom was just the way Diane wanted it, with some clean black satin sheets on the bed.  i forgot to ask Her if She was still taking the afternoon off and if She wanted me to change the sheets back to the one's we usually use.  i sent Her an email but haven't heard back yet.

Diane was disappointed in Brian's last minute cancellation but seemed to understand.  It pointed how difficult these types of things are to pull off.  It's easier for Diane than it is for Brian.  She doesn't have to sneak around to plan their little trysts.  She's not hiding anything from me and i'm even expected to rearrange my own schedule to accommodate Her's and Brian's. 

With all my housework completed and everything else caught up, i may have a free afternoon if Diane decides to work.  If She does, i may give Jake a call to see if he's still free and available to get together.  He sounded eager and even horny when he called earlier this week.  I hope that hasn't changed.


sissy terri
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A Wifey and Cuckold Week

Unlike last week where i was away most of the time, i'm here all week and back into my housewife routine.  Diane's given me a list of things to do and errands to run and it should keep me pretty busy all week.

There's also a visit from Brian this week, but it's going to be a little different.  He won't be staying overnight but instead, seeing Diane here on Wednesday afternoon.  He has a Wednesday morning meeting and needs to be back home that night.  When Diane found out, she was happy to rearrange her schedule for Wednesday and called her secretary first thing this morning.

The idea of a midweek afternoon meeting between a woman and her lover adds a little naughtiness to the situation in my opinion.  In addition to cheating on their spouses (Diane's not really cheating since She is doing this with my full knowledge) there's also the added element that they should be busy at work.

The meeting is also going to be a pretty important step when it comes to my role as Diane's cuckold.  She seems to think that Brian is ready for more of my active involvement as Diane's submissive, although i'm not really sure what that's going to entail.  i do know that She wants me dressed in full feminine attire when he arrives and to be on my "absolute best submissive behavior."

Oddly enough, Jake called me this morning asking if we could get together some time this week and Wednesday afternoon was one of the options he had open.  i made an appropriate excuse and right now the plan is to meet on Friday.  Normally, i'd be looking forward to the Friday meeting with Jake but right now, the only thing on my mind is Wednesday afternoon.

i'm anxious and a little nervous.  Brian's apparent eagerness to have me present has me uneasy.  Maybe i am reading more into it than what's really happening.  Before, it made me less apprehensive because it seemed like the both of us were nervous.  Now it appears as though i'm the only nervous nellie!


sissy terri
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The Absent Cuckold

Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of updates this past week.  i know it's just a blog and i don't need to provide it's readers with a daily accounting of my whereabouts and goings on (i do for Diane though) but i also don't like to go more than a few days without posting.

We had guests here last weekend and into Monday.  Diane's cousin and her husband stayed with us for a few days.  In every blog i've read that discusses D/s lifestyles, visitors usually put a serious damper on things when they're around.  This was no different when it comes to our own lifestyle.  Fortunately, they are wonderful people and it was nice to see them again.

i also had to leave Tuesday for a longer-than-anticipated business trip.  i didn't return until late yesterday afternoon so in essence, it's been more than a week where i haven't been able to get into my regular "submissive wife and cuckold" routine.  Although, Diane was able to proceed without me.  And from what i can gather, without much trouble.

After about a month without seeing Brian, they finally got together for not just one, but two nights here in our home.  Brian got into town on Wednesday and didn't leave until midday on Friday.  According to Diane, "he made himself right at home here."

They had spoken over the weekend and Diane knew that he was going to be staying two nights.  She was disappointed that i wouldn't be around.  It had been a month or maybe a little more since She'd seen Brian and had me present in our home when they made love and She was pleased with the progress i was making as a cuckold.  As time's gone by since their last time, She's been concerned that my anxiety about the whole thing would return.  So, She would have preferred me to be present.

Diane was also just as concerned about Brian's anxiety with regards to my more active involvement as the submissive sissy cuckold.  But based upon my conversation with Her on Thursday night, shortly after they made love (for the first time), i don't think Brian is as anxious about it as She thought.  "Brian says hello" Diane told me as we talked and then said "He also wishes you were here."  i didn't have a very good response to that and just said "Oh really?  Why is that?"  "Don't be silly.  Why do you think he wants you here?  Probably the same reason I do" She answered.

i followed up on that last night with Diane after i had served dinner and cleaned up around the kitchen.  She told me they had a long conversation on Thursday night (lots of "pillow talk" she called it) much of it to do with my role as a cuckold.  She told me that Brian now has a better understanding of our relationship and is eager to move forward.  "He likes the idea of being the man who's cuckolding you" Diane said.  "It probably feeds his ego.  He also loves how obedient you are to me."

Now i'm the one who's nervous and anxious.  He's supposed to visit again next week!


sissy terri
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