Bra and Panty Specials

As i mentioned in yesterday's post, we're out of town for the next several days.  No work (well, hopefully) and for Diane, no Paul (sadly).   Sexually, there are ways in which i cannot replace Paul, even if i were allowed to try.  However, there are ways that i can pleasure Diane that he cannot.  That's the way it often is with wives, their lovers and their cuckolds!

So following this week's "sissy fashion" theme, today's post features some of the more unique bra and panty sets (Diane and i love matching bra and panty sets) that i posted on my tumblr site during the month of January.

This first one isn't typical because it features a long line bra and lovely full cut panty.  i love the satin and white lace trim too!

For many, this next set might have too many ruffles.  It depends on what you have in mind for the wearer doesn't it?

A floral print, ruffles and bows....why no lace trim?  Ok...femme enough as is!

Here's another long line bra and full cut panty in what appears to be a shapewear type material.  It shapes this model perfectly!

Bows, little swiss dots, lace and a very pretty pink.  i need it NOW!

Aren't they all nice to look at?


sissy terri