Your Sissy Opinion?

i love to look as feminine as possible when i'm with Jake and it seems like he's beginning to enjoy my being that way more and more.  So i'm always looking for a special outfit i could wear for him or surprise him with.

The outfits i particularly enjoy for these type of fantasy get together are pretty varied, but they tend to be the ultra girly type outfits, ones with plenty of lace and ruffles, little girl outfits, sissy maids, etc.  Others might be more retro or plain looking, but just scream "femme" when you look at them.

i saw this particular photo on tumblr today and re-posted it on my own tumblr blog.  When i posted it, i asked if anyone thought it was too "sissyish"?  i'd love to wear something like this for Jake and eventually fall to my knees and make him happy....

i found this on the tumblr blog "La Petite Fille", but couldn't track where it was originally from.

i'd love to hear your opinions.  Either way, i'm on the lookout for a dress like this!


sissy terri
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Primping and Preening for Jake

i'm going to see Jake one day this week, either Thursday or Friday.  Last week we had talked about playing a round of golf together but today, he told he would much rather see me spending time on my knees and pleasing him.  The comment arose some pretty submissive, sexy and feminine feelings within me, and it made me feel special.

i get a very sensual thrill getting ready for these meetings with Jake.  Sometimes i wish he would be a little bit more authoritative and demanding when it comes to how he would like me to dress for him, greet him, etc., maybe even giving me very specific instructions to follow before his arrival.  i've hinted as much and i always ask him if there's anything special he'd like me to wear for him.  Most of the time his response is a simple "surprise me" but once and awhile he does tell me he wants me to wear something he's seen me in before and enjoys. 

i'm hoping we're able to spend at least a couple of hours together this week.  Most likely we will but that can always change.  Since he hasn't given me any specific instructions, i'm going to do my best to get fully dressed and made up for him.  Wig, makeup, and maybe even a touch of a perfume he likes (i do have to be careful to put just a little, trying not to leave a lingering scent on him). 

The preparation i go through each time puts me in a very feminine frame of mind, as much as adopting the femme role in the sex we have.  Perhaps even more. 

Sometimes, the sex that follows is way too quick.  If it's been awhile since we were together, it takes little time for him to put me on my knees and demand that i please him. 

The woman within me would love slow and extended foreplay, but the submissive sissy in me knows that my role is to please my man and do what i'm told.

But even though i may have spent an hour or more to get my makeup just right and it might be a mess in a matter of minutes,  i still get plenty of satisfaction from my submissiveness.


sissy terri
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From Panties to Purses

Most men who crossdress or did so at one time in their lives probably had their first experiences with a pair of panties.  Panties were my first fascination and if they belonged to someone, which in the earliest days of crossdressing they always did, there was a feeling that it made it okay because you were sexually attracted to the girl or woman they belonged to.  Later, those feelings changed and i struggled with the guilt that comes with gender identity issues.

i wear panties 24/7 now, and it's at the insistence of my dominant wife.  It's something i dreamed about years ago, being made to do such a thing.  But now that it's a reality, most of the naughtiness and excitement is gone.  It's routine, and it's mandatory.  i'll probably never wear men's underwear again.

At one tie, there was a humiliation attached to wearing panties, especially when someone else (like Diane's former lover Brian or her friend Linda) became aware of it or actually saw me in panties, but much of that is gone now.  i wear them all the time and for the most part, remain unseen by the people i meet and see every day.

There's something that does cause me quite a bit of embarrassment though.  It's when Diane makes me hold Her purse when we're out shopping.  She does it often because She knows how it makes me feel.  And She chooses to do it at the most conspicuous of times.

Diane did it today when we were in a Nordstrom's, she taking her time looking at dresses, slacks, blouses and yes, lingerie.  I had the purse slung over my shoulder the whole time.  It's the way She wants me to carry it.

The purse wasn't a color that blended real well with what i was wearing.  Instead, it was a very bright, almost neon type color that went perfectly with Diane's summery and sexy outfit.

i became very noticeable with the purse slung over my shoulder for more than an hour.  No doubt part of my self consciousness was because i was also wearing panties and a pair of ladies dockers.  The other, and most contributing part was the fact that Diane was making me carry it, and being Her submissive, i obeyed. 


sissy terri
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Feeling Like a Cuckold

Just before we left for vacation, the consulting work i had been doing came to an end.  My contract with the company i was consulting with expired and much to their surprise i told them i wasn't interested in renewing it.  i agreed to stay on but only on an emergency type basis.  Since then i've done a few small projects but eventually, it will be all over with.

The extra money was good and will pay for our daughter's wedding, but the travel and time commitment and the "interference" it brought to our lifestyle caused a few minor problems.  First, Diane wants a full-time submissive wife.  The increasing dominance She's been displaying that i wrote about in my last post doesn't fit with the many distractions the consulting job created.  "Interference" is what She called it.

The other thing is that it was also difficult for me to weave in and out of these two separate and distinct worlds.  At home, with the exception of when our daughters or other guests visit (other than Diane's best friend Linda), i'm a submissive housewife or sissy to Diane - all the time.  It's who i am now.  When i was working and traveling from home, i would find myself wanting to be back and being myself, not the authoritative expert in my field like i was supposed to be on the job.  It's hard to explain but i hope you understand. 

Last night Diane got a call from Paul, her new romantic interest.  It surprised me a little bit because as far as i knew they'd only had some casual flirtations with one another at work.  He'd never called her before so something had to have happened to prompt this phone call.  She told me later that they had run into each other that afternoon and had coffee in one of the hospital cafeterias.  "There was the usual flirting" Diane said "but I decided to cut to the chase."  Typical Diane.  Now, next week's lunch date might be more than just ceasar salads and ice tea.

The call came pretty late and not long after it was time for bed.  Diane was laying in bed reading when i came out of the bathroom wearing a short pink nighty.  She usually doesn't comment about what i'm wearing to bed because it's become so routine, but last night She gave me an approving look and told me how cute i looked.  "How about a nice licking" She asked me.  There wasn't a dominant tone to her request, but it wasn't anything i could refuse, not that i wanted to.

As i settled between her thighs and began to kiss her privates with my usual devotion, i noticed that She was already quite aroused.  No doubt the call from Paul had caused this.  It caused an erotic stirring within me, knowing that the juices of arousal that i was tasting from my Wife's pussy had been caused by another man.  Paul hasn't even made love to Diane yet, and i already felt like his cuckold. 


sissy terri
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Deeper Submission, Cuckolding & Daddy's Little Girl

This may sound so silly to my readers - if i still have any left after not posting in so long - but i've been a little anxious about posting.  i have so much that i want to share and that's part of the problem.  The length of time between posts causes this, but so do the emotional swings i'm going through.  i'll do my best to get my feelings "out there" and hope you all understand.

Diane has fully embraced Her dominant role in our marriage, something that i never thought would happen when all of this first started.  i can honestly say that She is now far more dominant than i ever imagined She'd be, and it often goes further than i want it to.  She's come to the conclusion that it's what She wants, and knows She can have it. 

Diane's quest to find a lover took a break while we were on vacation for a little more than two weeks.  She continued to correspond a little with the three men She had decided were worth pursuing, but during that correspondence, She realized that only one was the type of man She was looking for.  During this time, She also shared with me that there was another man.  It was someone She worked with and they'd exchanged a few casual flirtatious remarks.  They have a lunch date scheduled next week. 

When we returned from vacation, Diane had a meeting with the lone gentleman from Her initial search and it was a huge disappointment.  He misrepresented his physical description for starters.  Diane wanted someone at least 5'11" or taller.  His claim that he was 6'0" was an obvious lie.  Less obvious was his misstating his professional status.  There was no attraction whatsoever. 

Diane's new potential lover does pose a few minor problems.  For starters, it's never a good idea to mix work with any type of romance.  However, the nature of their profession and the difference in their positions makes it a bit easier.   The other issue is that Diane and I both had the same profession, only in different fields, and I know this man.  He's not a close friend but we do know one another.  He's younger than the both of us, very good looking and masculine and it's obvious why a woman would be attracted to him.  He's also married. 

Diane definitely has a physical attraction to "Paul" and knows that he has one for Her.  Last week She told me that She's not going to insist that Paul agree to full blown cuckolding like She insisted upon with other suitors.  Instead, if he needs reassurance, She's going to tell him about our "arrangement."  Not all of it, but basically that She can have a lover if She wants.  In Her opinion, if Paul is into the whole cuckolding thing, then it's "a bonus."

My ultimate cuckold fantasies of being present when another man makes love to my wife and all the different things that can take place may never be realized.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  i'm having a difficult time accepting some aspects of my increasingly submissive role in my marriage, so i'm sure i'd have a more difficult time with the extreme cuckolding.

i'm also seeing Jake again and that's fulfilling my bisexual and feminine needs.  He's become a bit more aggressive with me and i wonder if that will continue and if so, how far he wants to go.  The last time we were together he really enjoyed calling me "Daddy's little girl" while i sucked him.  i loved it.

i'll try to post more often.  Promise.


sissy terri

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