A Steford Sissy Wife

i've always been fascinated with (and fantasized about) the whole notion of being a "Stepford Wife."  The idea of being a submissive and docile "wife" is no doubt a fantasy of many sissies like me.  The novel by Ira Levin that was published in 1972 has helped to popularize that perfect combination of submissiveness and femininity. 

Yesterday i came across a reference on the web that led me to this link to some of photographer's Christine McConnell's work.  i had some of her stuff but didn't pay much attention most of the time.  However one of the photos that was featured in the piece i saw yesterday was enough to get my undivided attention.  It was this "1950s-style, Stepford Wives-inspired self-portrait."

According to the commentary under the photo, the picture is noteworthy because it "showcased all of her talents: modeling, painting, sewing, baking, styling hair and makeup, and photographing."  No doubt she's certainly a lady who's talented in some very traditional feminine tasks.

Seeing the photo was very timely and coincidental for me.  This week i spent time at Jake's house, doing housework, tidying up and making sure the house was in perfect order when he got home.  Like a good Stepford Wife, i served him his favorite beer and snacks before i knelt by his side ready to pleasure him.

Pictures like this and other 1950's style housewife photos, art and stories help put me in the proper feminine and submissive mindset that make doing housework and pleasing Diane or Jake more enjoyable for me.

Housework and other similar chores that are my responsibility aren't always enjoyable.  In a fantasy world they are, but in reality they aren't.  Dressing properly, getting into the correct frame of mind and accepting and embracing my status makes it easier and femininely fulfilling.


sissy terri