A Chaste New Year

We're being hit with rather heavy snow here, so much so that we're actually taking a day off from skiing and focusing on more indoor activities :)  We're going to a local pub/restaurant tonight to celebrate New Year's Eve and if we're up to it, we'll head outdoors at midnight for the countdown in the city square.  Hope the snow stops.

i want to wish all of my readers a very Happy 2015; one that's filled with happiness and serenity.

Diane wants to discuss some New Year's resolutions later today and one of them is definitely chastity.  She wants to institute a calendar which will log how many hours i spend in chastity each day.  She's yet to decide what the daily/monthly goal will be, but She definitely wants me to keep track of it.

This is a sharp departure from Her previous attitude towards chastity.  She used to feel that the whole lifestyle was way to much work for the keyholder!

There's no doubt that chastity as a lifestyle is becoming more popular with many couples.  Just today i found this interesting post on tumblr, which promotes January 14th as International Male Chastity Day!

i'm not sure i'm a fan of the release date being Valentine's Day, but i think the idea is a cute one.  What better way to express your love for the woman who's your keyholder?

i guess chastity really is catching on!


sissy terri

p.s.  We still haven't exchanged our intimate Christmas gifts yet, which is kind of a bummer.  Diane only does things when She's ready!
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Fascinated with Femininity

By the time this post goes up, Diane and i will hopefully be on our second run of the day up at the Snow Bowl.  This is the busiest week for ski resorts everywhere but for infrequent skiers like us it's just nice to be out there.

my time out of chastity while skiing has necessitated making up for it in other ways.  Diane's insisting i sleep with the CB-3000 and get into it immediately after my shower when we return from the slopes.  That's the difficult part.  Late yesterday afternoon after a fun afternoon in the snow, Diane was looking forward to some extensive body worship...and so was i. It's just that i had to do it while locked up and wearing the new pair of white ruffled panties Diane bought me from Amazon a few weeks ago :)

Both the chastity and the ruffled panties were Her idea. 

"I'm sorry I have to lock you up" She said, "but you're likely to squirt into your new panties and make a mess if I don't."  You can imagine what Her teasing did to me.  She continued....

"I know you're fascinated with feminine things, so consider the ruffled panties a treat" She laughed. 

Yes...i am fascinated with feminine things.  All kinds of feminine things.  As i worshiped Diane, i thought about so many of these things...corsets, petticoats, ruffles, wedding gowns, little girl outfits and more.  The idea of being dressed in such pretty things while locked and pleasing my Dominant Wife only made my imprisoned state that much harder to bare. 

Here are a few "feminine fascinations" that went through my mind last night!

A pretty pink babydoll of course...

And this gorgeous corset dress...

And layer upon layer of crinolines....

And finally, some cute heels, anklet socks and a pretty sissy bow in my hair.....


sissy terri
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A Short Chastity Break

Today's going to be our first day of skiing in a long time.  We used to do it more often with the girls until they were into their late teens but since then, i can't remember the last time Diane and i skied just the two of us.

We did spend a wonderfully romantic Saturday night.  Diane surprised me by saying She had booked a room at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast that had spectacular views of Sedona's beautiful Red Rock Country.  The room also came with a fireplace and a large jacuzzi tub.  It was the perfect setting for a Dominant Woman and Her sissy wife :)

It was very satisfying, sexually and emotionally, for the both of us!

We still haven't exchanged our gifts.  Diane says maybe tomorrow or on New Year's Eve.  i can't wait.  Usually when She makes me wait for things like this it's because there's a very special surprise.  Hope that's the case this time.

i'm out of chastity today because we're going skiing.  Yippee!  But, i've already been told i'll be put back in as soon as we get back!


sissy terri
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Ski & Kink - Hopefully!

i hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We spent some quality time with our daughters and Diane's just dropped the two of them off at the airport and is on Her way to meet Her lover Paul for "coffee" before the two of us leave for a 5 to 7 day ski vacation in the northern part of the state.

Before Christmas, Diane suggested that we exchange our more "intimate" gifts for each other while we were on vacation. So, i've got those packed away along with all the "toys" Diane wants.  The toys aren't just to use on me either...there's some for the both of us!

i'm looking forward to our time together.  Diane seems to be also.  She's been in a very playful and sexy mood the past few days.  This morning She even told me that i'd better be ready to be Her
personal sexy little ski bunny!

Maybe it's because we've had to be a little more restrained because of our daughters' presence and Her libido is on the rise.  Whatever it is, i'm hoping it translates to some sexy and kinky times while we're away.

i'll try to post during our vacation but...Diane might be keeping me too busy!


sissy terri

P.S. -  Note to Christine B:  i haven't forgotten about your question about "the diaper position."  i'll post something about it soon.  Thanks so much for your comment/question!
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A Merry Sissy Christmass

Greetings A/all!

Our party on Saturday night was once again lots of fun.  At least those who attended it seem to have a splendid time.  Those who worked hard on it all week (me) just a little less.  i'm happy that Diane was happy with the outcome and that's what's most important. 

i did keep an eye on things throughout the party but did have a chance to socialize, mingle with everyone and even strike up some interesting (non-sexual) conversations with some people i didn't know that well or haven't even met before. 

Paul (Diane's lover) and his wife were there and everything seemed fine. i only spoke to the two of them very briefly and even though no one would have noticed, i did feel very awkward.  i don't know how else i could feel.  When a cuckold meets his wife's lover in a public setting, it's bound to be awkward. 

There's lots more to write about but it's a busy week. The girls are home and we're looking forward to spending a few days in a traditional family Christmas gathering.  On Saturday, Diane and i leave for a ski vacation.  Just the two of us.   Our plan is to stay for four or five days but Diane has all of next week off so who knows, we may make it a week long vacation.  We're driving up to the mountains so Diane said we can bring "plenty of toys."  Hmmm.  i wonder what She has in mind?

i'll post when i can, but i wanted to wish all of You a very Merry (and sissy) Christmas!  i hope everyone finds whatever they're looking for under the tree on Christmas morning.  But most of all, i hope you all find love.



sissy terri
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For Her Pleasure

Our Christmas Party is going to be in full swing in three or four hours.  i've worked very hard this week to please Diane.  She's been busy at work and i understand but it's been a bit overwhelming and i can't help but feel unappreciated at times like this.  i know i'm not, but most submissives are high maintenance and i'm no different. 

Last night i was really tired and Diane had gone out with a few co-workers after work for a couple of glasses of wine.  She was by no means drunk when She got home, but Her playful and surprisingly Dominant mood was in steep contrast to my own mood.  When Her suggestion that i get prettied up to "pay homage to My pussy" was met with "can we wait until Sunday? i'm really tired" it only served to make Her more Dominant, aggressive and wanting to exert Her authority over me.

"Too bad" She told me.  i was sent to the bedroom to get ready.  It wouldn't take long because She wanted me naked with the exception of my CB-3000.  "Get the strap-on and the lube out.  I want to fuck you."  Her tone was rigid and not sensual at all.

Diane surprised me by stepping into the strap-on immediately, an indication that She wanted to fuck me first.  The harness She wears does allow my mouth access to Her vagina, but it's restricted somewhat.  Same with Her ass.  When She was harnessed up, She wasted not time in lubricating the cock and butt before telling me to get on all fours on the bed. 

She's always gentle when She first penetrates me and She was that way last night.  But the gentleness didn't last long.  She fucked me while on all fours with abandon.  The fact that i was locked made an orgasm on my part difficult.  Coupled with my mood i was there just as Her plaything. 

She took me in several positions.  Doggie style, the diaper position, on my side, on top of me and even with my sitting on top of Her as She lay back and told me to ride Her cock up and down. 

"You love this don't you?" She asked.  i had to admit i did.  Had i not been locked i would have cum several times from Her deft touch with the strap-on.  Instead, i realized that i was hard inside the plastic cage and loving the feeling of helplessness, submission and being used for Her fun. 

i often wonder what fun She gets from doing this to me.  There's no feeling in Her strap-on, it's simply an inanimate object.  She does get some stimulation against Her clitoris from Her harness and how She moves, but i doubt it's a lot.  i suppose Diane's "fun" and "arousal" just comes from being in charge of me, putting me through my paces and using me just because She can.

When i was used to Her satisfaction, She removed the strap-on, set it aside on a towel at the foot of the bed and ordered me between Her legs.  There i stayed until i had provided Her with two orgasms.  The second was a long time coming, perhaps because of the two glasses of wine She'd had, but She said it was even better than the first.

After the orgasms, there was a lengthy ass worship session.  When She'd had enough She simply pushed me away.

"You were real good tonight.  Thanks for being such an accommodating wife" She told me.

As if i had a choice.


sissy terri
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A Sissy Christmas Season

i've been so busy getting ready for the Christmas party we host every year.  The party will be this Saturday evening and it's a little too close to Christmas in my opinion.  But when you're married to a Dominant Wife in a Female Led Relationships, your personal opinion isn't something that's requested very often.

Both daughter's arrive early next week and are here through the 26th, then Diane and i are actually taking a vacation together immediately after that.  So, there's an awful lot to prepare for in the meantime.  It's put a crimp into my limited personal schedule.  Not so much with Diane though.  She spent Her usual Wednesday afternoon with Her lover Paul.  Dommes have their priorities straight don't they?  i suppose their submissives do too!

Saturday night's party, with the exception of my wearing feminine lingerie underneath my clothes, Diane's lover and mine (Jake) being present is a totally vanilla party.  Sure Diane's friend Linda (who knows about my submission to Diane, my dressing and about Paul) will be there but other than that there's no sexual aspect to the party whatsoever.  At least not to my knowledge.

It has me wondering what a kinky holiday party might look like.  There have to be D/s and other kinky groups around the country and the world who celebrate the Christmas season with rather festive parties.  Those parties must be pretty fun to attend.

At least they'd be fun to shop for!

Here's a cute little outfit i'd love to wear to just such a party.

i'd even supply the cuffs.  Or maybe Diane would.

Have to run, there's lots to do!


sissy terri
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A Sissy Serving Two Dom/mes

As Diane's submissive sissy cuckold "wife", my relationship with and my submission to Jake is totally dependent on Her approval.  It also comes with whatever rules or regulations She decides to impose upon it at any given time.  Those terms are also subject to change.  All of us understand that.

It does however at times cause a few minor problems, inconveniences and gets Jake a little annoyed.  None of these are big issues, but it does demonstrate the fact that i am first and foremost Diane's submissive.  As Jake becomes more dominant with me and i find myself in this "complicated middle," i'm also bearing the brunt of the disappointment that ensues.

Today was a good example of what i mean.  i've been doing Jake's housework for awhile now and he'd like to formalize this new responsibility of mine.  He's already made a list of my duties and chores but he also wants me there on a regular schedule.  Up to now i've done it both at my convenience and upon his request if i can. "If i can" often depends upon both Diane's schedule and often Her permission.

Jake is also beginning to enjoy exercising his authority and control over me more and more.  He'll do this when we're together by making me perform some menial or other personal task that he could easily do himself.  He would enjoy extending this authority by having me at his beck and call to come over at any time to perform some task, sexual, personal or otherwise.

A true submissive enjoys relinquishing their time to a Dominant.  It's part of their journey of self-actualization.  Try as a submissive might, they'll never be able to please two Dominants equally.  One Dominant's demands will always be secondary or even subordinate to the other Dominant's.   Diane does and will always have the final word on this.

So today, Jake wanted me at his house by noon to start housework.  He was going to leave work early and meet me there at 3 PM.  The housework was to be done and i was to greet him at the front door in nothing but an apron and high heels.  i told him the earliest i could be there would be 3 PM.  He told me he wasn't happy about it and that he would see me there at 6 PM, opting to work a full day.

"Same dress code" he said, "and the first thing we're going to do is head upstairs for a spanking."  The master bedroom is upstairs and i expect that's where he wants the spanking (and probably more) to take place.

Jake knows i don't enjoy doing housework either totally or semi-nude.  i don't feel as feminine and for whatever reason, it makes doing the work a bit more difficult.  i also believe Jake makes me do it that way only because he knows i don't like it.  Mind games can be such a big part of any D/s type of
relationship.  This one is no different.

And when it comes to being sent upstairs for a spanking, i find it much sexier to be in one of my maids uniforms complete with the apron and very ruffly panties.  But what i'm to wear is also often determined by others.  It's what pleases them with my own pleasure of little consequence. 

Even though i have time to blog and do some other things, my time is definitely not my own any more.  Two other people control much of it, but none more than Diane. 


sissy terri
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A Sissy's Boudoir

bou·doir  noun \ˈbü-ˌdwär, ˈb-, ˌbü-ˈ, ˌb-ˈ\

: a woman's bedroom or private room for dressing or resting

Boudoir - the sound of the word alone carries with it an air of feminine sensuality.  The word is of French origin (surprised?), derived from the verb "bouder" which  means to sulk.  My maternal grandparents were both French and i recall as a child being told that if i was going to sulk, then i'd have to go to my room.  i suppose then a boudoir would also be a private room for one to sulk or be left alone with their sullen or better yet "sissy" thoughts.

Historically boudoirs were the rooms of rather upper class women, separate from their regular bedrooms.  They were a place to sit, relax or spend time in various activities, including the hosting of their lovers.  i'm sure many an aristocrat was cuckolded by the antics of his wife in her private boudoir.  

Today the term is typically used to describe a certain type of sensual and sexually suggestive photography.  In any major city you're going to find many professionals who specialize in this type of photography, marketing their skills primarily to women.  Soon-to-be brides make up a big part of this market, having boudoir photos taken as a gift to their future husbands. They're also popular as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. 

If you Google the term "sissy boudoir" you'll find a treasure trove of boudoir photos along with some photographers or makeover specialists who cater to the crossdressing community.  Years ago while on a business trip to Chicago, i went for a makeover from a wonderful woman who also had a store that sold all types of clothing to TV's and CD's.  There was no sex involved at all and it was an absolutely
beautiful and memorable experience.

i didn't have any boudoir photos taken and it's something i regret.  It's something i still would like to have done though.  i've still got it on my sissy bucket list.

i've included some boudoir shots i find so sexy.  You can find these and other similar, sexy and sensual photos on the tumblr site Boudoir Divas.  Enjoy.


sissy terri
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The Girl in the Picture

They're who you want to be.  They can be what you want to look like, how you want to act, how you want to be treated, what you want done to you, what you want to be doing or what you want to be forced to do.  The list could go on much longer. 

Who are they?  They're the girl you see in a photo or any other type of media.  They catch your attention immediately.  You realize just how much you want to be them.....

You love what she's wearing.  You want the exact same outfit.  You want to be her.

Deadly Baby Dee
You might be yearning for a spanking.  Just the way she's going to receive her's.  You want to be her.

The Uncommon Dominator
She's so submissively beautiful.  Kneeling in front of her Dom in compliant anticipation.  Dressed exactly as he's told her.  Yes, you want to be her.

A Fly on the Walls
Her collar catches your eye.  And the leash.  And her look.  Is

Yes Master, thank You Master

It puts you in your submissive sissy space faster than anything else.  The sight of a beautiful girl being used by her Dom.  She's bound and is there solely for his pleasure.  You're jealous.  You want to be her.

Sir's Playground
The pictures have a little something for everyone.  Every male would find them arousing in some way.  Most women would also.

The Alpha males fantasize about them in the usual way.

Sissies fantasize about them in their unique ways.  We know what we want.


sissy terri
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A Sissy and Her Skirts

It's an unusually rainy morning here in the desert. The sounds of raindrops are an inviting sound to those of us who actually miss the rainy days we experienced on a regular basis back on the east coast!

Diane always loved steady rainy days.  She enjoys them for the tranquility and peacefulness they seem to bring, but also because they seem to increase Her libido!  Rain = indoor activities = sex!

That being said, guess what we did this morning?  Naturally, our roles were reversed from the traditional married couple but it was very enjoyable just the same.  By 8 AM Diane had already had two orgasms and i'd my own feminine desires had be satiated.  It's a very nice way to start the day!

As we were getting ready to head to the gym a few minutes ago, Diane said "Wear something different today when we get back, something pretty?  Surprise me."  i answered that i'd try to surprise her but, unable to restrain Herself from being in total control of everything, Diane added that She'd like to see me in a short skirt today.  "You have skirts don't you?" She asked with a giggle.

Yes, i do have skirts.  and i'm thinking of wearing a pleated navy blue one with white tights and a pink sweater.  i have a few choices but thinking about it a bit, i could use a few more.  Skirts that are nice and short, feature my hosiery, allow easy access to my bottom if Diane is in such a mood and very femme.

i really should buy a few more skirts, especially one's that would work nicely with some type of sissy role play like a cheerleader or school girl. 

i'm pretty sure Diane would enjoy this look...

And Jake would love this one.....

And sissy terri loves pleated skirts....

Hope it's raining again tomorrow morning!


sissy terri
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Beautiful Submissive Sissy Musings

i found something on tumblr the other day and i thought i would share it with all of you because i think it's beautifully written.  It also expresses very well how i feel and i'm sure how many submissives feel but just can't express themselves correctly.

It's written from the female submissive perspective (something i can certainly relate to) with references to a Dom Male, but i think it's gender neutral in that it can apply to anyone with deep yearnings to submit to someone else.

Of course feminine submission really resonates with me.  i've never really had the urge to submit, especially to a man, unless i was feminized in some way.

i guess i feel the same way as Eva does! 

Hope you enjoy....

I crave a relationship in which I can be unapologetically my submissive self.

It would be nice not having to justify my submissive quirks. Not having to defend all of the things I may say or do, all of the little things that add up and make me submissive. It’s exhausting to do that. It’s exhausting when you have to constantly define the whys - why I need to have some decisions made for me, why I need to be punished, why I need control exerted in nearly every aspect of my life. Sometimes there is no definitive reason. It just is. 

It would be a relief, then, to live the lifestyle with someone who already knows. Someone who already knows that I’m not passive simply because I need to be told what time to go to bed. Someone who knows why calling a Dominant counterpart “Sir” or “Daddy” feels more natural than using a name. Wearing a collar would be no big deal, nor would it be out of the ordinary to be taken over a knee and spanked. Having to ask permission for things would feel completely natural, too. It would feel right.

Because that is my idea of “normal”. That is all stuff that comes naturally to me. What is unnatural is having to pretend that those kinks don’t exist - or worse - that those kinks are less of a necessity and more of an option. What is wrong is having to alter those kinks to make your partner more comfortable, or having to explain them in a way that makes them sound okay or acceptable - even though they are okay and acceptable. 

I don’t want to sugarcoat what I need.

I just want to be me.
 I found this on the tumblr site Crimson Uncovered.  Beautiful isn't it?


sissy terri
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Sissy Secretarial Duties

i played nine holes of golf with Jake today.  The late afternoon golf date just happened to be sandwiched between layers of highly erotic and submissively fulfilling sex.  i can't speak for Jake, but it was probably Dominantly fulfilling also.

A day after Paul spent the afternoon with Her Dominant lover Paul, i got to spend the afternoon and early evening with my own Dominant lover Jake.  How fitting.

i met Jake at his office at 12:30 just like he said.  His admin Jackie greeted me by name as if we were old friends.  i'd only met her once before when i picked up Jake on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to give him a ride to the airport.  It was the first time i had sex with him in his office.  Today would be the second.

"You guys playing golf today huh?" Jackie said. 

"Yes.  Great afternoon for it"  said politely, kind of surprised She remembered my name.

"Jake says you're a pretty good golfer" she continued, appearing as if she was more interested than i would have expected.

"Well, i'm better than he is but that doesn't make me very good" i said with a smile.  She just laughed and told me to go right into his office.  "He's on the phone but told me to send you right in when you got here."

i walked in and Jake was sitting back in his leather chair talking to a client.  He pointed to the chair in front of his desk and i sat there.  It was a rather dominant "pointing" if there is such a thing.  He didn't even look at me.  He continued talking for a long time, interrupted only by Jackie who opened the door to say she was going to lunch.  Finally, the phone call was over.

"Are you ready?" he asked. 

"Sure.  Let's go" i answered, as i got up to leave his office.

"I don't mean to play golf.  Before we go, you have something to attend to" he said as he stood up and began to undo the belt of his khakis.  He walked to the door, locked it and by the time he got back to his desk, his belt was undone and the zipper to his pants down.  "Well???" was all he said.  i undid the rest, dropped to my knees, took his big cock out of his jockey shorts and put it into my mouth.

"That's better" he said.  "Let's see how long this takes you."

"This" didn't take me very long.  He got fully erect very quickly and i did my best to take his entire load without spilling a drop.  i wasn't successful.  A few drops dribbled onto the protective acrylic section under his chair to protect it from the carpets.  He made me lick it up.  "Mission accomplished" he laughed.

The golf?  I shot a an impressive 38 for 9 holes.  Very good for me.  Jake was far behind with a 43.  Very good for him also.  "Just imagine if i played from the ladies tees" i teased him.

Later at his house we showered together where i got him rock hard just before we dried off.  i slipped into a pink nightie i brought along with me and we found our way into the bed. 

i knew it wouldn't be an exact repeat performance of our time together in his office.  It wasn't.

i kicked his ass in golf this afternoon.  Tonight, he took care of mine. 

Today was one of the sexiest i've ever had with him.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!


sissy terri
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Sissy Christmas Dresses

As a follow up to yesterday's post, here are some pretty dresses that i'm sure any sissy would love to wear to a Christmas party.   Unfortunately, most of us will be attending rather "vanilla" parties but maybe some of you will be lucky enough to dress in one of these for a special someone.  Or better yet, with a whole group of sissies and their admirers!

This first one is somewhat plain and simple, but i also looks classy and is the perfect color for a festive holiday party.  It's got a nice waist with a  belt that has a pretty little bow and is easy to accessorize.  It's short enough to show off a sissy's legs too and goes great with any type of heel.  Naturally, the  higher the heel the sexier you'll look.  And don't forget a pretty little necklace and bracelet.

What i love about the picture though is that it looks like it's taken near the front door.  Maybe it's just before the guests arrive and she looks a little shy about greeting each one of them as they come in.  Just imagine getting all dolled up in your sissy best and as the hostess welcoming one and all to the party.  And how much will you blush when you greet your wife's lover?

This second one is very, very girly.  i love the wide shiny and glittery silver belt that accentuates here waistline.  Some waist training with the right corset a few months before Christmas might help achieve that look.  And maybe some dieting.  That's what girls do right?

Again the bracelet adds so much to this sexy look as do the earrings.  i love the layers of red chiffon on the dress...so dreamy.  You're sure to get plenty of attention wearing this sexy little piece.

You'll also have to pick up a pretty red halter bra.  Another opportunity for some sissy shopping!

If you want a look that's a little more elegant, this cocktail dress might be just what you're looking for.  One thing i like about this dress is its empire waist.  First, i love dresses with empire waists.  They seem always be a bit more feminine and comfortable too.  Second, i love the design of this particular waist and the cut of the bodice.

This one will also require a halter bra and i think it would look just stunning with a beautiful necklace that falls just about your cleavage.

My fantasy for this dress?  Let's say i have more than one but i'd definitely love to have Jake lead me to one of the more secluded bedrooms in our house and have me please him while in this dress....and in a variety of ways.

We'd have to be careful though.  i wouldn't anyone to suspect what we did when we made our way back to the party!


sissy terri 
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Party Dresses & Party Bras

The Christmas party Diane and i host every year will be on Saturday, December 20th this year.  The invitations went out and the responses have come in with very few regrets.  As a stay-at-home sissy wife, i'm left with most of the planning and preparation.

Diane's lover Paul and his wife will be at the party once again, as will Jake.  Things went very well last year and everyone had a great time.  That, coupled with Diane's natural ability to control such complex interpersonal situations makes me a little less nervous than i probably should be.

Last year, Diane took a very active role in deciding what we should wear for the party as hosts (i guess you could say we were both hostesses).  We wore matching Christmas sweaters and slacks, but Diane was also keenly interested in my undergarments.  She decided that a ruffled panty and a sports bra would be very appropriate.  Since Her lover Paul was there, She wanted me to wear something "cuckoldy."  She felt the bra and panty fit that description well enough.

The sports bra was a compromise of sorts.  i thought a regular bra might be suspected under the sweater, or even felt if i were given a tight hug from someone.  This year, Diane's insisting on a fancy red bra with a panty of the same color.  "Something Christmacy" She said.  "I'll do the same.  We'll be like twins!"

i already have a pretty red bra and some panties of the same color, but this morning in my inbox i discovered that the lingerie site Her Room is running a sale on "party bras."  i thought it was worth the look and i found a few bras that were a little prettier than the red one i have. 

Here's one that i kind of like, but without some breast forms that would make it quite noticeable, i don't think it would fit very comfortably!

On the other hand, it would go well with the panty i'm thinking of wearing.  The lace on the front panel is almost identical to the lace pattern on this bra.

Maybe Diane would like one too.  And we could be wearing matching bras.  i wonder if that would be "cuckoldy" enough for Her??? 

Here's another gorgeous bra that i'm sure Diane would love!  It does seem to be more "fitting" for those gurls or girls with fuller busts, but i do love the look.

i love the detail in the lace and the slightly sheer material of the cup.  While the first bra i featured has more lace, i definitely think this one is more feminine looking.

The best part about this bra is the price.  It's regularly $66.00 and now on sale for less than $40!  In addition, i think that if you spend more than $100 you might also get $20 off.  Sissies love bargains don't we?

And just in case Diane decides She wants me to wear an extra piece or two of feminine finery for the party, i've got this up my sleeve ready to slip under my pants!

This classic lace garter belt is only $17.00! And the matching thigh highs of the same color go for $9.00.   i'm not into thongs, especially now that i'm wearing a CB-3000, but this sexy lace thong is $15 and matches perfectly. 

How's that for a very sissy Christmas under-outfit!  i think it would make any Domme quite pleased to know that her sissy hubby is serving guests looking so pretty underneath. 

Tomorrow - Sissy Christmas Dresses!

That's just in case Diane insists i go all out.  Don't worry.  Even She has limits!


sissy terri

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A Happy Sissy Cuckold

Last night i fell asleep by Diane's side.  All my consternation over whether She was going to spend the night with Her lover Paul was for naught.  Shortly after 8:30 PM Diane sent me a text to let me know She was on Her way home.

i don't know why i get all worked up over situations like these.  i've been a cuckold for awhile now but i guess the anxiety experience never goes away.  You get use to some things but others never cease to bother me.  i suppose every cuckold is different.  My submission, insecurity and the knowledge that Diane has desires for someone more dominant and aggressive all plays into these feelings.

When She arrived,Diane wasted little time in "putting Her cuckold to work."  i knew what She wanted.  The fact that She wanted it was the best feeling in the world.  As i was taking the bed down, She approached me with the key to my CB-3000.  She pulled my panties down and seconds later i heard the lock snap open.  i took it off and was quickly between Her thighs.

As i began to taste the mixture of juices She fed me Diane was a little more verbal than usual.  There was the regular teasing that takes place after She's been with Paul but there was more.  "I wish you could have been there this afternoon" She said.  "You would have enjoyed watching.  It was awesome, but it would have been much better with you there."  The words drove me crazy.  "When Paul spanked me, all I could think of was You watching, then kissing my aching butt."  It was nearly too much.  i almost came without Her permission.

When Diane stopped talking i knew Her orgasm would start soon.  It did, and it lasted a very long time.  When it was over i was finally allowed to masturbate in a sissy fashion and ejaculate onto Her tummy.  Of course, i licked it all up.

"Thanks so much for coming back home tonight" i told Her later as we cuddled.

"I'm glad I did.  That was the best orgasm I've had today" She said.  "I was looking forward to it all afternoon."

Now that was worth it.


sissy terri

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A Sissy Cuckold Sunday

Last night around 7 PM Diane found out that her lover Paul would be free all day Sunday.  He wouldn't just be free, but he'd have the entire house to himself.  His wife was originally supposed to leave Monday morning on a short business trip, but for whatever reason chose to leave this morning.  Paul invited Diane to spend the day with him and if She so chooses, to spend the night.

Diane left about a half hour ago with an overnight bag and clothes for Her to wear to work tomorrow morning.  "Don't wait for me for dinner, but I'll let you know if I'm going to spend the night" She told me.  "I haven't made up my mind yet."

i didn't press Her to find out why She was undecided to spend the night.  Maybe i should have, not that i would have gotten a direct or conclusive answer, but it would be better than the various scenarios that have been going through my mind since She's left.  Since Jake's not available today, i've got plenty of time to myself.  Time to think.  Time to wonder. 

When you're a cuckold, your Wife has a clear preference for Her lover over you when it comes to the type of sex a woman usually has with a man.  You may not always look at it in those terms but it makes things a little easier on you when you admit to it.  I know it and it's evident by the fact that we no longer have regular sex with one another.  So, Diane's going over to Paul to have sex this afternoon is easier for me to accept since i've accepted who i am and what my role is.

However, when i dwell on this i wonder what''s going to be going through Diane's mind if after a full afternoon and early evening of sex, She decides She wants to spend the night with Paul?  More sex? More intimacy?  A preference for Paul over me that goes beyond the "typical" sex?    i readily admit that some of this bothers me.

On the other hand if Diane does decide to spend the evening, it could be just another one of Her ways to play mind games with me, knowing full well that i'm running all these scenarios through my head.  On the one hand She assures me of Her deep love for me, then opts to spend the night in the arms of another man in his bed, likely waking up to another round of sex.

All of this is taking place while i'm locked away in my CB-3000 the entire time.  That's another little piece to this weekend puzzle.  i got locked in after my shower this morning and She has the key.  The spare key is hidden somewhere in the house if needed in an emergency.  "Don't even try looking for it.  It would be a waste of time" She said.  If i need it, i'm to call Her.

If Diane decides to spend the night with Paul.  i'll probably stay locked until tomorrow evening when She gets home from work.

It's a sissy Sunday for me.  i'm dressed fully, have some housework to do and i'm locked in chastity.  i will however be able to watch some football without interruption.

It's also a cuckold Sunday here.  My Wife is at Her lover's house where he's probably enjoying some football also, although i doubt it's going to be without interruption.

Yes, i'm a sissy and a cuckold and have accepted it.  But i really hope She decided to come home tonight.

i would love the opportunity to worship Her after an afternoon of lovemaking with Paul.

i also love to fall asleep next to Her.  It's not the same when She's not there.

i guess i'm a very selfish sissy cuckold too.


sissy terri

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In Search of "The Perfect Panty"

i'll admit it.  Sissies, like many real women, are very hard to please.

The sissy pants that Diane ordered for me arrived on Thursday (see the post my Time is Hers).  From the email She had forwarded me, it appeared the sissy pants would be white in color.  i immediately began thinking how cute they'd look with certain other things i had.  And white ruffled panties are one of the things that always accentuate a traditional "sissy maid" uniform.

When i opened them i was slightly disappointed to find that they weren't white but ivory colored.  Oh well.

i'm sure i'm not the only sissy who's on what is probably a never-ending search for the perfect sissy panty.  When you think you've found it, there something prettier, lacier, daintier or sissier that comes around and strikes your fancy.

And wouldn't you know it, just a few hours ago i fond this little gem on tumblr:

A Married Sissy Cuckold

Yes, i've seen it before but....i think it gets more sissy looking every time!

i still love the sissy pants i got on Thursday and always will.  They're now my favorites.

Why?  Because my beautiful Wife bought them for me.


sissy terri
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A Sissy's Sexy Stockings

Intimacy has a way of unveiling someone's hidden secrets and fantasies.  The more intimate and "steamier" the sex becomes, the fantasies and fetishes are more easily shared.  It's no different with Jake.  He's become more dominant with me and in addition, begun to reveal some of the things that turn him on.

The latest revelation?  Back seamed stockings.  Back seamed thigh highs to be more specific.  "But back seamed stockings with a garter belt would be acceptable also."  i guess i have some shopping to do if i really want to please my man.  And you have to have just the perfect set of heels to wear with these right?  i've got heels, but it wouldn't hurt to have an extra pair or two.

Here are a few that i think he'd enjoy...

i love the heels on this one.  Don't they make the stockings look even sexier?  Got to put those shoes on my list.

i bet he'd love to have two sissies at his beck and call.  No chance.  Even though i'm a cuckold, i'd be too jealous!

Eventually, i'd want to slip out of those heels....unless he wouldn't let me!

Of course they do, but so do real sissies.  

And finally, i'd absolutely have to have a pair in my favorite sissy color!


sissy terri
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WIves Who Cuckold - Domme and Sub?

i'd been thinking of writing on the subject of today's post for a long time.  But after a discussion i had with Diane last night which broached the topic, i thought today might be a good time to share at least a few of my thoughts on it.  There's definitely more to share and i'm looking to expound on it more in the future.

What i'm referring to is what appears to be a common theme that seems to run through most all of the cuckolding blogs i've ever read - the wives who cuckold have a dominant streak with their cuckold husbands, but enjoy some form of submission to their bulls or lovers.  In other words, or in D/s terminology, they're "switches."

My favorite blogs,  some i believe are true classics in the cuckold genre, all have some aspect of this phenomenon.  Here are a few (in alphabetical order):

All Hers - Wish they posted more, but Bev's wife Linda rules the roost, but enjoys giving herself up to real men.

All Mine - i keep my sissy fingers crossed that someday this classic blog will return.  Suzanne might not seem to have a submissive bone in her body, yet it was evident she loved submitting to her lover.

Cuckold Scenes - Here Judy has her chastized cuckold James doing whatever She wants, yet she submits to her "Black Master" Stan.  Last posting though, seems like Stan is out of the picture.  Hot blog.  Hope they find a replacement soon!

The Cuckolder - Marc (The Cuckolder) loves to tease and torment Janice, while she relishes in her teasing and tormenting of her submissive, who always remain kind of nameless.  Marc refers to him as "the cuckold" all the time.  Seems pretty demeaning, yet he does show compassion for him as well.  Again, Janice loves the submission to Marc.

Fetish Furniture Factory - Ms. Vanessa doesn't have a regular lover, and is probably the most dominant of the cuckoldress' you might find on the web, but her exploits with real men appear to help feed an inner hunger of hers to submit.  By the same token, like a real Domme, she's using them too!

Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse - Here's another blog that disappeared totally, but i just have to mention it here even though you can't link to it.  Slave scott was as submissive as can be, and wife Emma used him accordingly.  Likewise, she submitted to her dominant black lover.  i hope they make a return.  

Under Contract to My Wife - Mistress Molly here controls slave Mick's time in and out of chastity and demands daily worship while seeming to enjoy raucous and somewhat submissive sex with her lover Jay.  They're both a lot of fun and certainly seem to have things together. 

Of course there are more blogs, but I think you get my point.  And you can add my own to the list where Diane's submission to Paul has become an increasingly important part of their play together.

Last night Diane happened to mention how similar each of our roles were; She with Paul and i with Jake.  Jake's been more dominant with me and Paul has become enamored with Diane's willingness to be his"secret slutty submissive", an term he used endearingly refers to Her as.

"I do what he wants and you do what Jake wants" She said, "how does that make you feel?"

These are hard words to digest, and they evoke even harder feelings to accept.  It doesn't matter that i'm an accepting submissive sissy cuckold.  Yes i do feel inferior, but thanks to the complexity of a submissive psyche, the humiliation of it all arouses me at the same time.  It's not worth trying to figure it out.  i just accept it. 

O/our shared desires
Diane's regular Wednesday afternoon meeting with Paul was shorter than usual because of other commitments each of them had.  According to Diane, its brevity didn't result in any less intensity.  "I was the recipient of quite the spanking."  There was still some light hints of Paul's work on Her bottom.  "And like you with Jake on Tuesday" She continued, "I knelt in front of him and he used my mouth pretty good."  More stinging words to hear from your spouse.

i view myself as someone who's really as close to being 100% submissive as one can get.  So to me, it's implausible that someone as Dominant as Diane is with me could enjoy being as submissive as She is with Paul.  Again, it's not worth trying to figure it out.

She never was quite this way before.  i told Her that perhaps it's just a passing fancy, a phase She might be going through and maybe She'd eventually lose interest.

"I hope not" She answered, leaving no doubt She enjoys it.

Similarly, i hope She never loses interest in being Dominant as well. There's no doubt i enjoy that.


sissy terri
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Doing my "Maid Thing"

Diane had a meeting last night and wasn't planning on being home until after 8 so She gave me permission to see Jake if i wanted to.  He got in on Monday morning from his long Thanksgiving weekend and i was looking forward to seeing him again.  Our time together in his office last week has been on my mind since he left. 

Diane and i also had tickets to a college basketball game in town last night and She even suggested i ask Jake if he wanted to go in Her place.  "It could be kind of a date" She laughed.  i knew very well that he'd want to go if he could.  My only hesitance in asking him was that even though the game would be fun, i'd still want to have some "private time" with him. 

i was afraid i'd ask him, he'd say yes, he'd really enjoy the game, we wouldn't have our private time, and i'd be far more disappointed about that than he would.  i think you know the feeling; it's like when you're in high school and you like someone or have a crush on them but they don't like you as much as you like them.  Makes me feel like a teenage girl!

My fear of disappointment didn't last long.  Jake jumped at the opportunity to see the game, but asked if i'd be available yesterday afternoon to do some housework at his place before the game.  "There's plenty of laundry and picking up to do" he joked.  "Do your maid thing and I'll meet you there and we can head to the game.  But before we do, there might be something you need to take care of."  Chuckles......

He made a sissies day.  "Do your maid thing..."  Now why did that sound so sexy to me.  "...something you need to take care of."  Guess what i was thinking?  And why was i 100% sure we were on the same wavelength?

i finished what i was doing at home and after putting a few things together hurried to Jake's house to start the housework.  It wasn't nearly as messy as he seemed to suggest so i had plenty of time to make it look as clean as could be.  i did laundry, ironing, made the bed, washed some dishes and even cleaned his refrigerator. 

Jake called me on his way home and i made sure to greet him wearing just a peach colored bra and panty set, white thigh highs, some white heels and a cute little bib apron - it was floral and didn't really match that well, but i liked the feel of it. 

Jake didn't even mention the apron that didn't match, nor was he overly impressed with how clean the house was, all the laundry being done, the dishes washed and put away or any of the other "maid things" i had done.  Like a real man, he just took it for granted.

He was far more interested in having "something taken care of."  And so was i.  So much so that he insisted that i do it not just once, but twice.  i was happy he came home early enough.  We were almost late for the game!

Oh....and i didn't just suck his thumb :)


sissy terri
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my Time is Hers

When you're in the employ of somebody else, your time isn't your own.  It belongs to them.  Granted that dependent upon your job, its level, the amount of responsibility you have and dozens of other factors, you might enjoy more or less freedom.  The same is true when it comes to any type of D/s relationship when you're the "s."  Your time belongs to someone else.

The more Dominant Diane has become, the more of my life She controls.  That includes one of my and any person's most prized possessions - their time.  There was a time when She'd ask "Would you have time to do this for me today?"  Those days are gone.  If i have something that i'd like to do, it's best that i ask Her ahead of time for permission, otherwise it's likely She'll have things i have to get done. 

It can get a bit frustrating at times when it happens alongside as other D/s type situations or dynanics that are at play.  As an example, i was a little frustrated last night that there wasn't any type of intimacy between the two of us after i'd spent quite a bit of time cleaning the house and preparing dinner.  Instead, Diane added to my frustration by telling me i should sleep with my chastity belt on since i hadn't worn it while the girls were around.  i've slept with it on before and admittedly, sometimes it's not that uncomfortable, but it just added to my frustration.  Diane's comment that maybe She'd let me out a little earlier tonight provided little consolation.

Then this morning, Diane surprised me by telling me that i would have to bring Her car into the dealer for an appointment She'd made as part of a recall.  The appointment was at 9 AM, in the city and about 20 miles or so away.  There was also dry cleaning to drop off, an errand, ironing and my other daily duties.  Fortunately, the dealer provided me with a loaner and i was able to come back home and get some of these things done.  All the while, i've been locked up. 

My frustration almost became anger when i got a call from a friend who asked if i was interested in playing a round of golf this afternoon.    i politely declined.  i'm not sure i would have wanted to anyway since it's a little windy today and i'm about as fair weather a golf as you might find, but sometimes it's nice to be able to decide for myself about such things on short notice. 

It's a lesson that a submissive needs to keep reminding themselves - rarely can you have it both ways.  If you want a lifestyle D/s relationship, the Dominant sets the terms.  The submissive abides by
them.  The situation i'm in is the result of my desires (to be a submissive and obedient sissy wife) along with Diane's.  She's trained me well, and enjoyed every minute of the training and its results. 

The situation however does have its good times.  Along with Diane's Dominance and demands, comes an incredibly understanding Woman who can read my feelings and needs like an open book.  Just about a half hour ago, She forwarded an email to me that She'd received from Amazon just moments before.  It read "Just for you.  For being such a good wife.  Love, Diane" and just below that was the message from Amazon that "Your Amazon.com order of "Malco Mode Sissy-Length Pettipants" has shipped.

i can't wait for the sissy panties to arrive!

No wonder i'm such a good wife for Her.


sissy terri

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