A Stuffed Sissy

i hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful day here but i did eat a bit too much.

i shouldn't have had desert, since i'm having a hard time lacing my corset as tight as i usually do!

i think i'll just have to wear a girdle today :)

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Giving Thanks

Many sissies (even this one) often complain about their lot in life.  Our desires and fantasies aren't always in line with society's norms.  Oh well.

Let's not complain today.  Instead, let's be thankful for the good things in our lives like...

Having someone to serve, and something to serve them.

The hard work of our pilgrim forefathers.

And of course, having pretty things to wear.


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Girly Stuff

It once was that i, probably unlike many other young men with sissy fantasies, was thrilled just to be able to slip into a pair of my sister's or mom's panties.  Another feminine garment like a bra just put me over the edge!

The passing of time along with a growing comfort level with my sexuality and preferences for all things feminine has led to a growing desire to include more and more feminine garments and accessories.

Yesterday i mentioned wearing a necklace with a white one piece foundation garment and how sexy it would make me feel.  Simply adding jewelry to lingerie makes me feel so much more feminine and submissive.  Submissive in a way that i'm prettying myself up to please my man.  i want to be his pretty little doll.

Here's a cute little halter bra that has some pearls attached to it, built in jewelry for brassieres!  The pink and white floral ruffles along the top make it one of the most sissyish bras i've seen in a long time.  It might not matter to the men we're serving (especially while we're kissing them between their legs!) but i think it would matter to us right?

Do you think the necklace this woman is wearing is a too fancy for a simple sissy session with your boyfriend?

NEVER!  At least that's my opinion.

The only thing missing is a matching set of pendant earings.

i'd love to service Jake wearing a pretty white bra and panty set and a luxurious necklace like this. 

Or do you think just the jewelry and a sexy set of heels would suffice?

Personally, i think some sort of panty is necessary. 

Doesn't a sissy have to hide their sissy clitty?


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Girdles for Sissies

i'm a more mature crossdresser, so the things i like are naturally going to be quite different than a CD or TV in their teens or twenties.  Maybe that's why things like girdles, slips, one-piece bodysuits and petticoats tend to get my attention. 

Lingerie fashion has certainly changed over the last four or five decades, as have so many other things.  But I think when it comes to feminine undergarments, the lingerie of yesteryear, especially that of the 1950's an 1960's, remains quite sexy and attractive to more people than just those of us near or at middle age.

Foundation garments like the one pictured here are difficult to find today, but i'd find it hard to believe that a CD of any age wouldn't love wearing something like this.

Girdles and and other control type garments (including corsets) were worn with the goal of looking of either looking more flattering to the opposite sex or accentuating a woman's curves or assets.  That alone makes the wearer feel a bit more submissive and feminine.

i love that feeling.  Adding some pretty jewelry makes it even sexier.


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Wearing my Bra Again

It's a busy week for housewives (real ones and sissy ones) and some of us just love our domestic responsibilities.

Diane's at work today and i've finished running errands this morning and am ready to start in on my daily chores while dressed en femme.  i'm becoming a bit more risque when i go out in public though, although with the weather turning a bit cooler it does make it much easier.

My last two posts about sissies wearing bras have motivated me to try and wear a bra as much as possible.  i've been wearing a pink bra and panties all day and some navy blue tights but i doubt anyone noticed the tight fitting ladies' jeans i wore while shopping this morning.

i guess that most CD's have an exhibitionist streak in them but most probably back off before they go out in public out of fear.  The closer fantasy gets to reality, the greater the fear. 

i'd love to show off my bra and i wonder if i were a real female how liberal i would be with such things.

For instance, would i be willing to wear a sheer white blouse with a black bra underneath?

Does that make a woman look trashy? slutty?

i'd probably love the attention!


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Sexy in White

Sure, pink is my favorite color but i also have a weakness for a pretty bra and panty set regardless of the color. 

The color white can also be very sexy.  It has virginal hints about it but depending on the style and the wearer it can be worn so seductively.

This bra and panty set is soooo pretty.  And the way the model is wearing it just drives me crazy.  Makes me want to have full and beautiful breasts just like her!

i'm going to wear a bra all day today with some gel breast enhancers.  They're heavy and noticeable enough to give me the feeling of having cute little breasts!

i won't look like the model in the picture, but i'll have a lovely feminine feeling.  i found this picture on the The Dominant BBW.

She may or not be dominant, but she sure is sensual!


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The Sissy Bra

Panties always seem to be the focal point of many forced feminization fantasies.  It's the article of clothing that gets the most attention.  They're probably the first article of female clothing that got a young and budding sissy's attention when they were growing up.

There's also something about being "put in panties" by a dominant or authoritative female figure. The panties also encase your male private parts, providing you with a contrast of what you're supposed to be and what you are being turned into. 

But panties are simply a feminine version of male underwear.  They're the brother and sister of undergarments so to speak.

The bra is an entirely different story.  It has no "male" counterpart.  Because of the female anatomy, it is a uniquely feminine garment.  It's also usually very noticeable when worn, unlike the panty.

A sissy can wear panties 24/7 and not be discovered.  Try that with a bra.  It's not impossible to conceal a bra, but definitely more difficult.

Many of my forced feminization fantasies involved being made to wear a bra, and an extremely feminine one at that.   And whenever i fantasize about being made to wear ultra-femme clothing, my fantasies always include cuckolding.  Specifically, i'm made to wear such things in front of my wife's lover.

Can you imagine having to wear (and model) this bra in front of your wife's lover? 

i can only imagine how much humiliation i would experience if Diane made me wear this in front of Paul!  What a cuckold experience that would be!

Speaking of cuckold experiences, i've added a new link to my blog list and i've also corresponded with the blog owner, James.  Cuckold Scenes is a blog that portrays various cuckold scenes that reflect James' and his wife Judy's experiences over the years.  They seem to be a happily married couple who have navigated the cuckolding waters very effectively.  James also has an accompanying blog The Dominant BBW, that features Dominant Women of size.

i'm not going to be modeling a bra for Paul today, but i am seeing Jake this afternoon. 

i'll be wearing my most feminine bra for him :)


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Sissy Wife Duties

With the holidays just around the corner, sissy husbands and sissy wives are going to be spending more time in the kitchen.

Shouldn't they go about their domestic duties looking as pretty as possible?

So why not pretty yourself up, pick out your favorite dress, slip on some heels and a frilly pink apron and at least enjoy your femininity while toiling in the kitchen?

The picture is from the tumblr blog Eye Catcher, which features beautiful retro-style girly stuff.  i'm quite sure you'll enjoy it.


sissy terri

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Sissy Shopping Tips

If i had more time and if i was technically savvy enough i would either turn this blog into a site where there could be more interaction among the readers.  Another option would be to have a sort of mechanism here where we could post some thoughts, ideas and yes....sissy shopping tips...other than in the comments section.

More than a year ago i wrote a post called Looking For Panties that dealt with my search for panties that had a seam up the backside.  My search for these was prompted by Jake telling me that he found those type very sexy.  Well, a woman has to please her man right?

i got a few suggestions and eventually did find a couple of pairs, but they are hard to find.  But today, i noticed a new comment on that post from a new follower, Jenny Jones.  Jenny referred me to One Hanes Place where they have a wonderful selection of "skimp skamp" briefs and others that have
lovely backseams that accentuate our sissy bottoms!    Guess what i'm buying today?

So don't be afraid to leave a comment, an idea, your thoughts, sissy experiences, etc.  Even if it's in the comment section i'm quite certain readers here will appreciate it.  i know i will.

And of course, sissy shopping tips are always welcome :)

Thanks Jenny!


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A Desire to Please

i believe that at the very core of very submissive's desire is a strong need to please someone else or to be used for their pleasure.  In my own case, and i think in the case of most submissive sissies, crossdressers and transvestites, part of that desire to please includes looking attractive for them. 

i've spent hours getting ready for Diane and now Jake trying to pay attention to every detail.  It's disappointing at times when you spend quite a bit of time or put a lot of effort into doing something like panting your nails or picking out a special outfit or piece of lingerie and they either don't notice or don't even mention it. 

However, i do get satisfaction out of the effort i put into looking pretty for them.  If they say little about my appearance, then i take it as if it is just their expectation that i look as best i can for them.

The other day, i spent a long time giving myself a pedicure.  i'm not that good at it so it takes quite a bit of time.  i felt so feminine doing it and it put me in a very feminine and passive mood before i saw Jake. 

i knew Jake wouldn't be staying long and since i was in stockings and heels it wasn't likely he would see my pretty pink toes.  But i have to say that while i was sucking him and worshiping him between his legs, my fresh pedicure made me feel more like his sissy girl.


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Real Men - Their Needs Cum First

my time with Jake last night but short but it was very intense.    i sucked him to orgasm twice within the span of thirty minutes.  Not that impressive but considering what he made me to to him, i thought it was noteworthy.

i may have mentioned this before but i love facials.  Feeling Jake's cum all over my face puts me in a submissive and femme mood.  The only thing that probably makes me feel more submissive is when he withholds that pleasure from me.  Last night he did just that, at least for a while, telling me that when a real man is with a sissy, the real man's needs come first.

Jake had me take his slacks and underwear off before he sat back in the leather easy chair.  He moved his bottom to the edge of the chair and lifted his legs over each of the arms and told me to lick his balls and his ass.  Simple as that.  It was an order, and i obeyed.

Jake was verbally dominant last night.  More than he's ever been.  He talked to me while i licked his ass, telling me how i was now his sissy, ass licker and cocksucker.  The language turned me on so much.  He knew i wanted to play with myself while he shot a load all over my face.  He would have none of it. 

When he was ready, he stood over me, shoved his cock in my mouth and made me swallow his big load.  "Looks like my sissy was thirsty" he laughed.

After another session of ass licking, he was ready to cum again.  This time, it wasn't nearly as big a load, but it still felt nice on my face.  He smeared it over me with his fingers, and made me lick the fingers clean.

Minutes after he was done with me, he was gone.  i still felt some cum on my face.  i felt like such a slut.  His slut.

i know this is a little more risque than what you usually find on these pages.  Sorry about that....it's just that i'm loving sex like this more and more and felt the need to write about it.


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Sissies & Sports

Diane's away until tomorrow so i've had plenty of free time to play with Jake.  Unfortunately, would couldn't get together until last night when his work day ended. 

His excuse to his wife was that he was going out for a beer with friends to watch a college basketball game at a local sports bar.  It was a very believable excuse.  He's a big college hoops fan and a season ticket holder for the local university team. 

Jake watched the game at our house.  i didn't see much of it at all.  He insisted that i spend most of the time on my knees with my head between his legs, focused on pleasing him. 

It was a submissively heady experience for me.  i've never spent so much time simply focused on and devoted to another man's cock. 

Even between the tree orgasms he had, i knelt there while i kissed, licked and simply worshiped his privates. 

He's stopping by again tonight for more of the same but won't be able to stay as long as last night.

Maybe it will be a quickie, or maybe time for more than one.

Either way, it makes me feel special.  Just knowing he enjoys what i do for him also makes me feel so girly.  Even slutty.

i think i'll wear something more sexy than sissy tonight. 

i feel more womanly than sissyish.

i can't wait to please him again!


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The Bridal Fantasy

Sissies, CD's, TV's and submissive males have many fantasies that deal with feminization and gender play.  i think that one of the more popular ones is the "Bridal Fantasy."  i can't think of any other outfit that expresses femininity, or has the opportunity to put the wearer in an ultra-femme state of mind than the bridal gown.

Diane left yesterday afternoon for a conference that begins today and runs through Wednesday.   She called me this morning to let me know that maybe i should have gone with Her because there was a Bridal Expo being held at the hotel where She's staying.  It was a tease, but one that we both knew was so true.  She's well aware of my bridal fantasies and hinted that some day "we need to act on some of them."

Diane's call has me thinking about how much fun it would be experience everything that comes with being a bride.  The engagement, planning the wedding and of course shopping for a wedding gown!

The honeymoon might be fun too!


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A Submissive Sissy Friday

i got to see Jake yesterday afternoon and even though it was only for a little while, it fulfilled my sissy needs.  Most of them anyway.

What made the afternoon more erotic for me was that while i was doing the best i could to please Jake as he was laying back comfortably on our leather sofa, i knew that Diane was likely doing the same thing (and probably more) with Her lover Paul.

While Diane was in some sexy black lingerie pleasing Paul, i was wearing something similar but only in pink.

i loved getting down on my knees for Jake, and i did it as sexily as i could!

As i paid attention to Jake, i thought about what Diane might be doing with Paul and it was all i could do to stop from wetting my own panties!

Of course, i couldn't share all of my thoughts with Jake.  He doesn't know i'm a cuckold even though he's asked me before if i think Diane suspects anything or if She Herself is "messing around."

The whole afternoon was just "girlie heaven" for me.

And when Diane got home early in the evening, i got to please Her also.  Putting my lips and tongue where Paul had been just hours before put me in another deeply submissive yet satisfying frame of mind.  i guess you could call it 'cuckold heaven."


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A Sissy's Lesbian Desires

i really wish i had a "sissy girlfriend" who lived close by.  Someone with interests that parallel mine, both sexually and emotionally.  Someone to share my femininity with, do girly things, shop, etc.   Maybe even a big sister of sorts. 


i haven't done anything to find that special someone.  With so many outlets to do so on the internet one would think i would have made more of an effort to find a girlfriend.  Shame on me.

My feelings  here are quite sexual and often see myself as having a "lesbian" love affair with another sissy girl or even being a real girl and in love with another woman. 

There's little doubt that if i were a lesbian i would definitely want a more aggressive and somewhat dominant partner.  i don't want to stereotype here and what i'm about to say isn't meant to be disparaging in any way. 

i'd love a partner who was a bit of a tomboy.  i think women like that can still be very feminine.  i wouldn't want someone who was real "dykey" if you know what i mean.  Especially in public.  But in private, she could be as dykey as she wants to be!


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FemDom Sex

Last Tuesday Diane got me all excited when She called me with instructions to be wearing some ruffled panties when She got home from work.

The call had come around 1 o'clock and She didn't get home until after 6:30, a little later than usual.  That left me plenty of time to fantasize about what might happen or what She had in mind.  The call made me very horny and it took all i had not to play with myself.  i wanted the orgasm i would experience at Diane's hands to be powerful; expressing my pent up emotions, feelings and urges that had built up because of Her phone call. 

An hour after She had arrived, Diane seemed quite satisfied after the two orgasms i'd brought her to with my oral attentiveness. 

As for me, i never got to experience one.  It was a huge disappointment and i know Diane knew i was upset, yet She said nothing.  In fact, little, if anything was said for much of the evening.  There was a "that was really nice" after the second orgasm but that was it.  The rest of the evening was simply small talk and my serving dinner and cleaning up afterwards.

All night, and into the next day i battled mixed feelings.  There was the disappointment and the feeling of being used for nothing more than to provide Diane pleasure.  Those same feelings also provided a perverse feeling of arousal, igniting my masochistic and submissive needs and making me feel a bizarre sense of enjoyment at how She treated me.  

The feeling were magnified because i couldn't see Jake on Friday.

The incident only reinforced the reality of living with a Dominant Wife.  Her sexual needs come first.  my own are not just secondary to Her's, but in Her mind, they only exist if She wants them to. 


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