A Sissy Maid-in-Waiting

i wish (and maybe my readers do too) that i had some very sexy and salacious details to report to you about Diane's meeting with Her lover Paul yesterday afternoon.  Their meeting took place in our home and their sex in our bedroom, all while i stayed in a guest bedroom at the other end of the house while dressed in my maids uniform.

Other than hearing the two of them arrive, Paul express a bit of nervousness to Diane fearing that "someone" would pop by and, his nervousness and anxiety obviously gone after their sex, their amorous embrace as they said their goodbyes, i have very little to report.

i too was a bit nervous at the outset.  i stood by the window waiting for them to arrive and when i saw the two cars make their way up our steep driveway i felt my heart beat a bit faster.  i waited and listened for the door to our garage to open and i could hear Diane's laughter in what i assume was Her attempt to put Paul at ease.  Had they stayed in the great room i would have been able to hear them, but Diane was quick to whisk Paul away into our bedroom. 

Almost ninety minutes later after their final embrace Diane came to the door of our bedroom and greeted me with a big hug and thanked me for being so understanding.  In the same bed that Paul made love to Her, i made love to Her also but in a submissive sort of way.  my mouth and lips were in and on the same places his hands and cock were.  She got pleasure from the two of us but in oh so different ways.  The time i spent pleasing Her while thinking about what had happened put me into a very deep subspace.  We capped off the evening by going out to dinner at one of our favorite places.

my initial reflections were that the whole afternoon was a little anticlimactic.  Both i and Paul were nervous for nothing.  There was no risk of my "discovering" him with my wife, nor was there a risk that Diane would expose me as Her cuckolded sissy husband in front of him.  Other than the time i spent in our bedroom after Paul had been there, i didn't feel much different than i normally do and that surprised me.

The Sissy Maids
However my feelings today have been different and a bit mixed.  Even though i didn't at the time, this morning i felt real silly about being made to sit in a room by myself dressed in a maids uniform.  Diane was the only one that saw me in it and only for a brief period.  i feel silly because i understand that there was no point in my being dressed that way.  No point whatsoever.  Diane made me do it because She could. 

My feelings were mixed because as embarrassed and silly as i feel about it, knowing that She could exercise Her control and power over me in that way makes me love Her even more and want to be even more submissive if that's even possible. 

It's also made me wonder how it's even possible for a "normal" heterosexual male like Paul to understand a cuckold like me.  If Diane's affair with Paul were ever to include me as the submissive cuckold it seems to me that he would somehow have to understand my submissiveness.  As submissive as i've become, i don't think that's likely to happen.


sissy terri