A "Normal" Sissy

i'm certainly not a reader of Esquire magazine.  You're far more likely to catch me reading Vogue :)

But yesterday a follower of mine sent me a link to an article from Esquire entitled "Are You Normal? - An Examination."  The article talks about what's "normal" for men.  It also came with a 20-or-so quiz to take to see just how normal, or weird, you are!

Well, i know there are plenty of CD's, sissies, submissives, etc. out there but it's likely we don't make up the majority of the male population.  So i took the quiz and not surprisingly, here's what i got back:

You're Officially Weird
Or, to put it another way, you exhibit very few of the behaviors or beliefs that are typical among other American men.  Or, to put it in another, another way, Steve Jobs, Carrot Top, and countless other men who do their own thing.

Maybe it was my answer to the question that asked when the last time was i had a manicure?  Or the one that asked if i used a moisturizer?  Come to think of it, there may have been a few others too :)

If any of you care to take the quiz yourself (just click here), i'd love to hear about your results!

i only took the quiz once and didn't bother going back and trying to behave in a more macho manner,
but i'm wondering if i got the same answer everyone else got?

Probably not.  Not too many men enjoy a nice pair of pink panties with a little bow on them :)


sissy terri