The Stripper

By now many of you have seen the picture of me with the stripper at Sheila's party. For the most part, the party was OK. I was very nervous around the stripper though and not really excited to have a guy wearing barely anything in that kind of proximity. Yeah I've kind of made out with guys before, but never had them that undressed.

I remember a time when I was the hot sissy. Jill said when she saw how I looked all dressed up, she was actually a bit jealous, but first Amber and now Xiu really put me to shame. Xiu's reputation preceded her, but she's just so small and delicate. It is kind of a mind trick I've learned. When I dress as a guy, I don't want to look unisex, I want to look manly. However, when I'm dolled up there is a bit of competitiveness. Especially, having a girlfriend who enjoys me being pretty.

Here's the work photo everybody wanted. I really needed a lot of Fall clothes so the discount is coming in handy. Xiu will be able to take advantage of it too when she needs a wardrobe. The job is a bit embarrassing, especially when a girl drags her boyfriend or husband and they look so bored while I have to ramble on excitedly about our merchandise. I am learning a lot about putting an outfit together and how to shop.