Slips and Petticoats for Sissies

They're fashion statement from a bygone era.  It wasn't really an era i grew up in.  i missed it's heyday by a bit more than i decade i would guess.  But somehow, the feminine mystique of the petticoat and the slip seem to live on.  That's especially true with crossdressers and sissies like me who just happen to be in love with them!

Now and then, they do make an appearance as part of some new-look fashion statement, but for the most part full-length slips and full petticoats are sidelined as costume wear, square dance apparel and outfits for those of us who have such a fetish.

i know my mom wore slips, but i don't recall seeing my sisters in them.  Petticoats?  Only saw those in magazines or at square dances.

Fortunately they're still available to be had from specialty retailers and online stores, an indication that there's still a market for glamorous and feminine elegance.

They're also outstanding contributions to ultra or "ubersissy" outfits!

There's not visible petticoat here, but this dress sure gives the hint that she's got plenty of crinoline under that hem!

Now wouldn't you love to curtsey while wearing this pink petti?

Just look at the fulness of this petticoat!  And the corset just puts this outfit "over-the-top" sissy!

Every sissy should own a full length pink slip.

A pink half-slip and matching bra....just gorgeous!

All pictures courtesy of An Appreciation of Women in Petticoats and Slips.


sissy terri