"Marking" a Sissy

This is going to be a very unusual post for me.  With few exceptions, my posts typically avoid graphic sex scenes, explanations or accompanying pictures.  i've always tried to focus on my inner feelings, attempting to express what's going through my mind and how my relationship with Diane affects our lives.

This break from routine is a result of my meeting with Jake yesterday.  We hadn't seen each other in awhile and even thought there wasn't a tremendous amount of pre-meeting planning, it was clear from the time we saw each other that we were both very horny.  i was aching to suck his cock and he was looking to be pleased by me.

i dressed in a short red nightie and some black heels after his phone call that instructed me to wear something sexy.  i told hime that the front door would be unlocked and to come right in and lock it behind him and come upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms where i would be waiting for him.  When i heard the front door open, i decided to stand in what i thought was a seductive pose at the head of the stairs.  My sissy penis was already "tenting" the nightie with excitement.  i also had my dirty blonde wig on and a light touch of makeup.

When Jake got upstairs, he didn't even wait until we got to the bedroom.  Right there in the hallway, he forced me down to my knees and immediately took out his cock, rubbing it all over my face.  i was ordered to keep my mouth closed until he told me otherwise.  He continued to rub his cock all over me as it got bigger and bigger.

Then, he turned very, very dominant.  More dominant than he's ever been with me.

He slapped me with his hard cock.  Hard.  Real hard.  It hurt.

"You're going to suck me like a good girl" he said, "and when I'm ready I'm going to officially mark you as my sissy."

The words almost made me cum.  If i had been stroking myself, i'm sure i would have.  "....officially mark you as my sissy.."  i loved it.

"Now suck me" he ordered, and i obeyed.  i'd never felt more submissive, sexy or feminine.  All i wanted to do was please him.  i felt like his sissy, his slave, his bitch.  i couldn't wait for him to cum.  He talked dirty to me.  He held my head in place.  He pumped back and forth and there were several times that he made me gag.  i loved it all.  Then he slowed down and told me what a good girl i was.

i knew he was going to cum soon and couldn't wait to feel his cum all over my face and to taste it.  He took his cock out of my mouth and told me to close my mouth and eyes.  I looked up at him, closed my eyes and obeyed, waiting for his warm manjuice.  He unloaded on me....big time.

Jake's given me facials before, but this one was the best.  When it was over, he told me not to move and keep my eyes closed.  He wanted to admire his handiwork.  Again, the feeling of his cum on my face, his 'official mark', was a feeling i will never, ever forget.

When i was told to open my eyes, Jake used his fingers to scoop up his sperm and feed it to me.  i licked his fingers eagerly, making sure i got every drop.  He called me "a hungry little girl."  i was, but i was horny as well.  He knew that.  When i was done, he let me masturbate in front of him....like a sissy.

i guess it's official now.  i belong to Diane, but i'm also marked as Jake's sissy.