Winter Formal

Valentines Day went great and although my present was not something I would have picked out for myself, the time we spent together that evening was incredible. I have agreed to go with Cindy to a Winter Formal Dance her dorm is having. The problem is she doesn't want me to be her date. She's been asked by a guy in her dorm and wants me to go with a guy as well. This relationship is strange, but I can't deny it is exciting at times too.

The snow is just about gone, which is pretty amazing considering how much we have had. There is nothing I dislike more than thigh high snow. Wet pantyhose and cold feet aren't fun for anybody. We never get 3 day weekends, but we do have President's Day off on Monday. I really want to get a good 12 hours sleep and I'll be running like crazy all weekend. 3 parties and some serious maid work for one of the parties. Sunday night I will be sleeping real soundly I think.