A Sissy's Hormones

My wife Diane's involvement in my feminization has always varied over the years.  There were times when it seemed constant, for days or weeks at a time.  At other times, it was as if she could care less about it.  I'm not saying that in a bad way at all.  I'm very understanding of the fact that it shouldn't be a high maintenance thing for her.  There are times when she definitely enjoys it more than others.

I can usually tell when her moods are changing.  She'll make a few comments about what I'm wearing, how I'm acting, my looks and generally just act different.  The little subtle comments she makes in public sometimes in front of friends are those that have the most profound effect on me.  We both know exactly what she means, but our friends don't get the true meaning of her comments.

Last night we got into a very tiny spat over something quite insignificant - coffee filters.  I'll leave the subject at that so as not to bore you with what are ridiculous details.  The discussion we were having didn't make any sense at all and at one point Diane said "I can tell you're getting ready to start your period this week just by the way you've been acting!"  It was a not-so-subtle reminder about my feminine role in this household as well as a warning that come Tuesday, I better be wearing some feminine protection.

The comment stopped the argument dead in its tracks.  She walked towards me, hugged me and gave me a big wet kiss.  Without another word, I finished making the coffee for Sunday morning and met her in our bedroom where she proceeded to make love to me.

When we were done Diane told me how much she loves it when my sissy hormone's kick into high gear just before my period.  I guess she's back in one of those moods!