So Sorry....

It's been almost a month since i've blogged and i apologize for that.  Everyone's busy so that's not really an excuse.  As busy as we've been, time could have been found to post.

i also want to apologize to those who posted comments that ended up awaiting moderation.  i'll recheck to make sure my settings are set properly so that they can appear more promptly.  i've made sure they are appearing now.

Emotionally i've been a bit down.  Other than Diane not having found anyone yet as a lover, our situation has remained pretty much the same.  i live full time as her "wife" here at home and our sex life, as active as it is, reflects that type of relationship.

i don't remember the last time i had intercourse with Diane, and i'm not saying that in a bad sort of way.  Diane teased me the other night about that, asking me if i wanted to try to make love to Her like a man, or would i prefer She make love to me like a woman.  The short dialogue got me terribly excited and i know i wouldn't have lasted long in my attempt at intercourse with Her.  She made the decision for me.

Diane got a large number of responses to Her posting looking for a lover.  She's astonished that some people actually think they're going to get somewhere with either one line responses or pictures of their privates.  One might be more impressive than the other but not enough for Her.  She's started some correspondence with three people, but She's not overly excited that even these will work out.  One in particular seems a little too pushy.  It's still way to early to tell.

i only saw Jake one time this month, but am planning to see him next Monday or Tuesday.  We also talked about taking a golfing vacation together this fall or winter.  Thinking about what a whole week would be like being femme for another man when in private sounds thrilling, but again, we'll see.  Diane is okay with it, saying that if she finds a lover, then a similar trip could be on the agenda for the two of them.

Discussing that potential golf trip with Diane got me a little depressed when the discussion was done.  It was just one more thing that demonstrated that even though She loves me, i'm a husband to Her in name only.  In every other aspect, i'm Her submissive wife.   It hurts feeling that way sometimes, but my need for submission and feminization at the hands of a dominant woman like Her is too great.  i just can't walk away from this.

i'll try to post more often, unless Google makes my blog disappear!


sissy terri