My Turn

Think I've waited long enough to post here?  I suppose I have but this is really my terri's blog and as a full time housewife of an empty nest household, she has much more time to post than I do.

Sure it's been pretty boring around her lately.  No Brian and no cuckolding. 

I'm hoping that changes soon.  I've posted an ad and we'll see what happens.  Posting an ad has it's advantages.  You can get right to the point and explain exactly what you want.  No need to "train" the guy about cuckolding and all of its related erotica.  Things get get going immediately.

On the other hand, postings attract way too many undesirables.  But it's probably worth a try.

I might also get lucky and find the right man when and where I least expect.  Who knows, maybe by chance there's a masculine, virile, hunky guy out there who stops by this blog once and awhile because he's got a cuckolding fantasy. 

If he's read the blog, he's certainly familiar enough with what I'm looking for.

Wish me luck!