Freaking Out in the Chair

Not good. We obviously read each other's blogs. I especially read to see what the girls are saying about me so when I read Jill's last post about her hair in Sex and the Sissy, I knew that I would be getting my hair cut in a beauty parlor, but it still didn't prepare me for what was to come today. As I was led to the chair by a trio of giggling girls--I was terrified. Heather, Amanda, and Sheila sat me down in front of Wendy who gave me a big smile and handshake and then observed me really closely.

As Jill has mentioned, Wendy is cool with taking care of our hair and doesn't even care that we're not exactly there willingly, but she doesn't want us to cause any problems for her at work. As she explained that my hair was definitely long enough to do something with I started to panic. I immediately felt Heather's hands on my shoulders. She must have sensed that I didn't feel like staying there. All four girls including Heather made it very clear in a very subtle way that my best option was to relax. I couldn't help, but freak as I saw my hair taking on a feminine appearance. They were all overjoyed with how it turned out and informed me that as my hair grew longer the style would change. I can't figure out how to make it look masculine. I can't even do a pony tail with it.