Dance Tonight

Karen's boyfriend Matt has always had an odd relationship with me. At first, I was worried he'd be jealous--afterall his girlfriend had seen me naked and barely dressed on several occasions. However, he seems to get kind of a kick out of his girlfriend and her friends being able to dominate and feminize me. He does not try and dominate me, but when I greet him, Karen and Matt have made it clear that he should get a kiss on the cheek from me. I've also had to do his laundry when it's been left over at her place and I've made a bed knowing that he just slept in it, so there is an obvious pecking order between us.

His Lacrosse club is having a dance tonight and one of his friends had his girlfriend go home for summer and she was unable to make it back. So last night, when I'm just relaxing and watching television, I was a little surprised to find Matt, Karen, and his friend Tom at the door. As they sat down, I served them beer and got one for myself. We keep beer in the fridge, but it is only there for when guests come over. They explained the situation to me and I couldn't really do much. I made a lame comment about not having anything to wear and Karen told me we'd take care of that this morning. I had no choice but to agree.

Today I bought a new dress for tonight. It's soft pink with spaghetti straps and a tiered skirt. I also bought a pair of white strappy sandals with heels. We then went for manicures. The girl who did it suggested that I might try silk wraps next time and Karen said she thought that was a great idea too. The girl who did my nails seemed very nice, but it didn't take her long to figure out Karen was in charge and asked her about polish color instead of me. We went with a pink that matches my dress.