The Long Walk

Before we left for class Friday afternoon, Heather spied a bottle of Jill's nail polish on the end table. It was a very soft pink that was barely noticeable. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and then despite my protests she had me spread my fingers out on the coffee table and began to paint. As I blew on my fingers and shook them to dry, I knew I'd be hiding them all class.

As Heather, Amanda, Sheila, and I headed over to our class Heather started commenting on how much she loved my shoes. As these were just simple gym shoes I knew I was in trouble. As we passed a bench she had me sit down and asked me (read that as ordered me) to sit down and switch shoes with her. I tried to put on the women's flats I was given over my socks, but I was soon corrected by Heather who told me, "If you want to wear socks that's fine, but only to fill out your bra." Needless to say, the socks wound up in my book bag and the shoes showed off my pantyhosed feet.

We only walked a few more feet when I was forced to trade belts with her. She got my simple black leather belt and I get her metallic silver one. Being partially feminized is the worst. You have no prayer of passing and at that moment I would have much preferred to be in a little black dress and stilettos than in half male, half female mode.