The Kiss

I'm kind of at a loss to explain exactly what happened on Saturday night, but I will do my best. To begin with I have discussed things with Jill and she told me that she has experienced a similar thing though not as embarrassing where you are so desperately trying to convince everybody that you're what you appear to be that you lose yourself in the character. This is not uncommon with actors and what we do is far more personal. Yes, I did get caught up a bit, but that doesn't make me attracted to Tom (Not Sue's boyfriend by the way) or to any other guy.

The kiss itself was an open mouth kiss that he initiated. I was tipsy and he was definitely very drunk by then. It's a very awkward situation to be in because you are trying to flirt and make him think you are a girl and that you are into him. You can't exactly knee him in the balls if he tries to kiss you. I should not have opened my mouth then. We did kiss several times throughout the night, but this was the only open mouth one. He did put his arm around me in the car, but we didn't exactly make out--he would have known if he had gotten too close.

Yes, I did feel his penis when we were dancing. I would guess about 8 inches--definitely bigger than most. I don't know if that's common or not, but I definitely felt it. In answer to questions I've been asked--I use a gaff to keep my penis from causing a bulge, but I was not excited during the evening. Yes there was some bumping and grinding on the dance floor.

I'm no expert on passing, but I would say what helped in that situation more than anything was that we didn't make a ton of real close contact before he had beer goggles. There is a pro and a con to that as while he may get less perceptive, his inhibitions loosen too.

So in answer to the big questions--yes there was tongue and no I was not turned on. I don't deny that I did get carried away and probably did more than I had to or should have. I'm going to have two more dates with him and we've talked on the phone since. I've taken full responsibility for the night apologizing for taking advantage of him with his girlfriend out of town. That should tame things down a bit for later in the week and we've agreed to go out again as friends. I guess he has an understanding with his girlfriend over summer.

I have wondered if Kristine reads the blog since she never posts, but I've received several texts from her totally enjoying it and teasing me about the whole thing. Some of you are way too quick to try and get me in trouble. I had tonight to get my thoughts in order and frankly I needed it.