I'm Back

The reason that I have not approved questions is because you ask a lot of them and I want to answer them all. I'll approve them tomorrow and answer. I will answer two questions that I got a lot now--It's not a CB. It was a Neo-Stell Shemale device that was designed to make me look extremely flat in front even in a tight skirt. It didn't work so well and it's in Germany now being adjusted. The reason that I gave up my masturbation privileges is because Colleen was considerably more appealing to me than masturbation. She got me extremely horny and then made the deal with me, but even without being driven by my lust, I think it was the better deal.
It has made things with Jill a bit odd with me dating her sister, but at least she knows I'm not mistreating her or taking advantage of her.

Wendy dropped a bombshell on us today. She wants the three of us to be Bridesmaids in her wedding. I guess as a stylist, she had several gay male friends she wanted as groomsmen and wound up with 7 groomsmen when she added her fiance's friends. Meanwhile, she only had 4 friends she really wanted as bridesmaids. She got the bright idea of adding us to the wedding and we don't have a lot of choice. It's a bit odd to me and I'm really nervous about the "real" bridesmaids. It's still a long way off, but our newest sissy Amber seemed really upset about it.