Hello from the Road

I've been through a lot since I went home. Any hope of a rest from being feminized went out the window rather quickly. At the same time, I can't completely complain. I know you've heard about the handcuffs, and the ballroom dancing, and the photographs. However, Monday night was probably the biggest night.

Colleen chose Monday to lock me into what amounts to a modern chastity belt. I was tied up and helpless at the time, but she later gave me a choice to have it removed and I didn't. It's going to be part of the price for being with Colleen apparently.

She has told me that come this Fall, removal will require me to earn "Girl Points" and she has started that with me this week. I need 10 points to get it removed and I've earned exactly 3. 1 for going shopping on my own for new shoes, 1 for going out with an old high school friend while wearing my feminine underwear, and 1 for picking up an issue of Cosmo on my own to read. The belt is uncomfortable to wear and requires me to sit down to pee. I was doing that anyway, but I now have no choice. I am getting a bit used to it at least. For the next two weeks, don't expect me to get much chance to post. Obviously, there will be a lot to tell you when I get back.