A Sissy's Slow Week

i didn't get to see Jake this week which was very disappointing.  i had to travel on Tuesday and Wednesday which i didn't think would matter because we were supposed to get together Thursday, but he cancelled.  i also haven't heard from him since which makes it even a little harder to deal with.  i get a little paranoid that something like this could mean that he's losing interest.

When i'm with Jake, there's never any indication that there's a loss of interest, but i keep remembering something that he told me when we first me.  i'm paraphrasing here but what he said was that his bisexual urges came in waves of interest.  They'd peak and he'd become incredibly horny and wanting nothing more than having a man suck his cock and those peaks would be followed by valleys where he wasn't that interested.  i used to be somewhat like that, but now i want it on a more regular basis.  i'm worried that Jake is headed into one of those valleys right now.  i hope not.

Conveniently while i was away, Diane saw Brian here in our home on Tuesday night.  They made love in our bed, and i had to change the sheets when i got home.  Diane left me a note that said "Be a good girl and change the sheets when you get in.  Love, D."  The not was strategically placed near what was clearly a visible spot of their juices on the sheet.

Part of me was glad i was away while their lovemaking took place, but there's still that part of me that wants to be there, my submissive sissy self on full display in front of my wife's lover Brian.

While Diane's teasing of my being her cuckold is relatively routine, it's also taken a different turn.  She's now saying things to me that I'm not sure She's shared with Brian and when i ask Her, i don't always get a straight answer.  She's told him about Her dominance over me, but i'm not sure to what extent.  Here's an example - Last night at dinner She said that when She told Brian that i'd be changing the sheets on the bed when i got home, he got a real kick out of it!  When i asked Her if She really told him that, she just giggled and refused to answer directly.  "You'll just have to wonder and maybe you'll find out soon enough" was all She said.

Later, She got a call from Brian on Her cell phone and moments later, went to sit outside on the patio to finish Her discussion.  That was very unusual.  They talked for nearly a half hour.

Not long after Her phone call, i was made to lick Her to an orgasm.  It wasn't a long licking.  She was already aroused and wet when i began to worship Her.  It must have been an exciting phone call.    When She was pleased, i was allowed to sissy masturbate myself.  That didn't take long either!