The Need to be a Wife

i haven't been able to see Jake at all this past week and similarly, Diane hasn't been able to get together with Brian.  The timing of these things has been kind of nice, setting us back several months to the times when we were without other people in our lives.  i've spent the last week focused almost entirely on my role as Diane's submissive wife.  i've enjoyed it very much.

The most difficult part for me this past week has been dealing with the reality that Diane misses being with Brian far more than i miss being with Jake.  At least that is the feeling i get.  i don't think that She misses him from an emotional standpoint, like She's deeply in love with him and can't live without him.  She misses the sex.  The sex with a strong, masculine man who enjoys being in charge.

Yes, she loves the benefits that come with having a submissive husband that She can use any way She wants to.  But by the same token, she loves having a lover that gives Her what i just cannot.

As for me, while i miss Jake i also realized that my bisexuality is something that has peaks and valleys of desire.  There are times when i want Jake's cock and his manly touch as much as anything.  There are other times when that sexual craving just isn't as strong.  Yet with Diane, her "valleys" of desire for Brian and what he provides don't seem to come as often.

Diane has spoken with Brian though and She tells me She's begun to hint about our relationship (telling him about Her dominance over me).  She's seeing him later this week and i'm supposed to see Jake.  i'll be glad to see him but my mind will be on what's taking place with Briand and DIane.  How much will She share with him and how will he react?

Thanks for listening.  As much as i enjoy being with Jake, being Diane's wife is a far greater need of mine.