Going Home

Tomorrow, I see Wendy. I have no idea what she can do with this hair to make it look masculine or even unisex without losing a lot of length, but she assures me she is a miracle worker.

On Wednesday I go home and I'm so terrified just walking in the door. I don't have to have a bra on for the big hugging, but I will be putting one on soon afterwards and I will have hose and panties on at all time. I really worry that I will be bombarded with questions. Colleen assures me that her presence in things being introduced as my girlfriend will make my parents think it's nothing serious. I hope she's right.

Colleen isn't my girlfriend, but we have some kind of relationship going on. I know she's going to have a lot of fun at my expense when I go home, but I'm still looking forward to seeing her. Kristine and Elizabeth less so, but they will be far nicer to me than they are to Jill.

I'm about 15 miles from Colleen's house and close to 20 to Kristine and Elizabeth, so it isn't like they will be around me all the time, but they will be checking to make sure I'm pantied, hosed, I'm silky smooth, and my toes are painted the whole time I'm home. They will also be arranging excursions as Cindy that will require me to go to their place or some other private area to change. The list of things they want me to bring home is scary and includes handcuffs, a remote control vibrating butt plug, and a lot of lingerie as well as heels and makeup. I'll only be gone for a week, but this is a scary week. It will be nice to see my family again assuming I don't get caught and it will be nice to see Colleen again assuming she doesn't totally destroy me.